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Beautiful Violation


My wife had got me a pair of new shorts for rugby for Christmas. They looked fine, so I didn't even bother trying them on. I put them in my gear bag last night, and headed off to training. When I got there we were one man short. Outside the changing rooms someone got wind of this and offered to make up the numbers. He came in and introduced himself. He was a tall, well built Caribbean guy, dark skinned and extremely muscular. He was very friendly, and we immediately struck up a good chat as we changed. We ended up being a bit slower than everyone else because of this. his name was Leroy.

As Leroy pulled off his tight fitting jeans to put his football shorts on he unleashed what can only be described as a beast of a cock. I have never been particularly interested in other mens bits & pieces. I'm a straight man, 25 years old, married, and happily so. But this was a thing of beauty, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was thick and long, and completely clean shaven. Inadvertently, I stopped what I was doing and just stared. I was hardening up just looking at it. I'm not gay, but it was just so amazingly good looking I wanted to hold it, to squeeze it to see how it would look fully erect. For the first time in my life, I craved a cock. And the cock I craved was right in front of me....and the owner was staring back at me with a quizzical look on his face, and a bit of a smile too!

Leroy broke the silence, asking me if I liked what I saw. I snapped out of it immediately. I apologised, and said something like - "fair play, that's a big one", and tried to laugh it off. He said it's ok man, its not the first time a guy stared at it and was turned on. I told him no, I wasn't turned on, I am married, and just thought it was a credit to him. He let it go. I then put my own shorts on, turning my back so he couldn't see my average size cock, that was still at half mast. I cursed as I realised my new shorts were quite a bit too small. He asked me what was wrong. I turned around and he said that they looked fine from where he was standing. He walked up to me and squeezed my package, and told me he liked a man whose package was squeezed into his shorts, he said it was very sexy. He squeezed again as I just stood there looking at his own big package. I said I'd never be able to play in them. He told me to turn around. I did. As I was facing away from him, he put his large hand over my ass, with his big middle finger stretched under my ass grabbing my ball sack, and then gently rubbing his finger all the way back up through the crack of my ass. I reacted without thinking, I arched my back, spread my legs a little, and let out a little moan. He laughed a little, and told me that we were going to get to know each other a lot better.

We were dead late at this stage, so headed out for the warm up. the rest of the lads had headed off on the warm up run, so we had to do it by ourselves. When we started running around the perimiter, I started getting a bit sore - the shorts were so tight that they were chaffing around the bottom of my ball sack. Leroy asked me what was wrong when I started tutting and running slower. I told him and he told me to stop up for a while, that he has something that might help. There was a log a few yards off the track in the shadows. It was about hip height. He asked me to put one leg up on it. He said he had some lip balm in his pocket, and that it might help the chaffing - I was prepared to try anything, as I would not be able to continue running the way I was. When I put my leg up on the log I realised how exposed it made me feel, and I started to get both anxious and a bit aroused. I put my hand out for the balm, but he said he'd do it. He loosened my shorts a little, and started to rub the balm into the really sensitive area behind my ball sack. It felt amazing. He was applying just enough pressure to really stimulate me, and was increasing the pressure all the time. And moving the area of stimulation closer to my ass bud all the time. He finally arrived at my puckered little ass hole, and worked the cream all round it. At this stage I was so turned on. I was writhing around to his every stimulation. My back was completely arched, my ass was completely exposed to him at this stage. I was dying for him to work his fat long fingers into my ass and take my anal virginity, and there was no mistaking that this was exactly what I wanted.

Leroy looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and then worked his middle finger into me. I thought it would hurt, but it just felt amazing. He started pumping his finger in and out of me. The shorts were so tight that my cock, though still in the shorts, was getting a fair bit of stimulation. Before I knew it, I realised that Leroy was fingering me to orgasm. I came heavily in my shorts. I was completely spent, I still had Leroy's finger in my ass, and there was no way in the world I was training or running that night.

Leroy gently slipped his finger out, and I felt empty. I looked down, there was a massive wet patch on the front of my shorts. There was no way I could turn up to the lads looking like that. Leroy saw my concern and said lets forget the training. I said ok, but that I was getting a lift home from one of the lads, and had to get showered etc after training, that I could not go home like this. Leroy said not to worry, that we'd head back to the car park, he'd give me a ride home. I agreed, I had no other choice. When we got to his car, he suggested that I take a shower in his house so that I did not arrive home in come stained shorts. I reluctantly agreed. He told me he really enjoyed what had happened, and that I was just his type. I didn't know what to say. Then he said that he'd like us to get to know each other a bit better, but that he wasn't sure we were compatible. I was surprised at this, and asked him why. He said that he'd love to fuck me, that he loves fucking tight white asses, but that he wasn't sure that I could take him. Before I realised what I was saying, I told him that we could try. I couldn't believe what I had said. There was no way I could ever get that huge cock inside me. Besides, I wasn't gay - I wasn't about to get fucked by a guy. My head was in a spin, but I knew the real truth - I would try anything to make that cock happy. If that meant splitting me in two trying to get it into my ass then that's exactly what I was going to do.

Leroy said he had an idea. He reached into the back of his truck and took out a gear bag. In it he removed something that looked like a big ice cream cone upside down, and a tube of something. He saw my confused face, and explained that this was called a butt plug, and that it might help to loosen me up a little. He told me the drive to his place was about 20 minutes, it was up in the hills. He said he could lube it up for me and insert it now, and it could slowly and gently work itself into me while we drove. I was a bit sceptical. But when he saw that I was doubtful, he pulled my hand onto his crotch. I noticed two things - the heat coming from his shorts, and a fucking huge weapon, twitching and growing. I didn't have to think twice. I slipped off my shorts and exposed my ass to allow him to lube me up. He didn't need a second invitation. He lubed me with the same softness as before, working his way gently into my ass. I went hard immediately. He lubed up the butt plug with his other hand, and worked the very tip into my ass, as he withdrew his finger. He worked the plug in as far as he could without applying any sort of real pressure. It felt absolutely lovely, a nice snug fit!

I was delighted with myself, and told him: see, you can fuck me. Again, I couldn't believe what I was saying. He laughed, he told me that I had about 2 inches of the thinnest section in me. I'd need to get the whole thing into me if I was to be in a position to fuck him. I told him I love a challenge, but secretly I was concerned. I never imagined when I saw the butt plug that I'd have to get much of it inside, let alone the whole thing. There was about another 6 inches to go, and at the widest part it was about 3.5 inches wide, maybe more.

So I sat down gently on the plug, holding most of my weight off the plug & the seat. As Leroy drove, maybe to give me encouragement, he worked his cock out of his shorts, and played with it. He put my own hand on it and guided it up and down the length of it. It felt amazing. I could just about get my hand around it. And I noticed that as I was doing this, I was leaning a little forward, and pressing the plug deeper and deeper into my ass. It felt great. Each time I worked it in a little deeper, it stretched me wider. Initially it was painful, and the pain replaced the pleasure I had been feeling. But after a while in the same position the pleasure would overtake the pain. When it was all pleasure I would work it in a little more. And so on.

I was a man on a mission, on a mission to get fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen! Soon enough I was grinding my ass onto the plug, letting it fuck me, and each time I was pushing it in further. Leroy was amazed at the progress I was making, but I still had the widest part to go, and progress had slowed almost to a stand still. It was about 50/50 pleasure/pain at this stage. I felt really stretched, but really turned on by the whole situation, which encouraged me to keep going.

Leroy took an unmarked exit off the main road, onto some sort of dirt track, explaining that this took us up to his cabin. As we went on, the road got darker and narrower. And bumpier. Pretty soon the bumps were getting quite big. By now I had pretty much all my weight on the plug. It felt great, but it wasn't going in any more. I was enjoying it too much to worry about what that would mean later on.

I soon realised there might not be a problem. With every big bump I would be thrown into the air a little, and come down hard on the plug with a big grunt and moan. It was amazing, with the help of the car, the plug was fucking itself into me. There was no more pain, it was all pleasure. With one final massive pot hole, the plug literally nearly split me in two. It was fully in, all my weight was equally on my ass cheeks & the plug was stretching wider than I would have thought possible. Leroy looked over and realised I had got it all in, I was sitting there writhing on the plug, grinding it into me, moving gently forward and backward, with the road helping it to fuck me. I had a triumphant face on myself. Leroy's face had changed too. He looked like the horniest man alive, he was dripping precum by the cap full, and looked like he was in a trance.

He pulled into his drive. He told me to sit still. I couldn't have walked anyway. I had nearly a foot long plug in my ass, it was over three inches wide, and all I could do was rock back and forth, giving myself the most amazing anal stimulation ever. I was in heaven. Leroy came round to my side of the truck and picked me up and carried me into his cabin. We went straight to the bedroom.

There was a 7 foot bed there. He placed me down gently on my hands and knees, and stood in front of me with his enormous cock bobbing inches from my face. I didn't need to be invited. I took hold of his beautiful cock with both my hands and stroked it from base to tip. I licked the underside of it with my tongue, and then tried to take as much of it into my mouth. There was no way I was getting much of it into my mouth, but it was a fantastic feeling to have this thick hard cock pumping in and out of my mouth.

Leroy started playing with the butt plug as I sucked him. He started to apply some pressure to pull it out. I kind of recoiled - I didn't want it going anywhere. He looked at me and said - I'm going to fuck you now. I couldn't believe it. I nearly came right then and there.

Leroy went behind me, as he slowly withdrew the butt plug, we was rubbing lube all over his own cock. The last half of the butt plug he pulled out very quickly, and without warning he plunged his cock into the gaping hole that an hour before hand been my tight little virgin hole. His cock was another story completely from the butt plug. For a start it was alive, warm, thick all the way down. And pulsing. It was literally like it had its own hart beat, and was pulsing against my prostate. It felt like it was licking and rubbing my prostate. I was so stretched that I couldn't try to squeeze back against it, so instead I changed the angle of my ass. I had been on all fours, knees and hands holding me up, but I dropped onto my elbows, and then a little lower still, so Leroy had me completely exposed and I was 100% at his mercy. My ass was pointing pretty much straight up in the air, Leroy was holding me by the hips, squatting slightly above me, and working the last few inches of his divine cock into me.

I couldn't believe the beauty of what I was feeling. I felt so full I could explode. It was just incredible. I started whispering to him to work his cock into me. He whispered back words of encouragement I could barely hear. My ears were ablaze with white sound, a gushing intensity filled them, sent my had spinning. The more he worked himself into me, the louder I whispered, the more I told him to fill me up, to make me his. He started to tell me that I would be his fuck doll, his cock toy, his property to violate. I told him I was his, he had broken me, turned me. I told him that his cock being inside me was the sexiest, horniest, most fulfilling erotic experience I'd ever had and that I never wanted him to take his beautiful cock out of me. He told me that as soon as I had taken all of him inside, and as soon as he had filled me with his seed then I would be his. I pushed back, I wanted him deeper, harder, fuller. I wanted him to fuck me like he craved me like none before.

Soon I felt his balls gently nestle against my balls. I let out a massive gasp of relief and delight. I had taken my lover in fully. I turned slightly. I couldn't really see him, my eyes were blurred with all the powerful sensations throughout my body. My own cock had been hard for nearly an hour, but I had no thoughts of playing with it. My whole focus was on letting Leroy violate me, fuck me full and long and hard, and leave him with no option but to fill me with his seed. I told him that it was time, that he was to fuck me fully and properly.

Leroy needed no second invitation. he put one hand on my shoulder, the other on the opposite hip, gave one final little push, then pulled most of the way out. then gently and slowly fucked his entire cock back into me, filling me up to the core. He did this about 20 times, all slowly, with the same comfortable rhythm. My ass was now twitching with horniness. I had never felt anything like it. Each time he was fully in, he gave a little nudge, and we both let out a deep sexual grunt.

He then started picking up the pace, thrusting in and out of me. It was like having a massive pneumatic drill literally filling me up and stretching me to near breaking point. Faster and harder he fucked me. I couldn't get enough of it. I moved back into his every thrust. Every thrust got firmer, and deeper. The slap of his abdomen and balls against my ass got louder and louder. I was no longer aware of any of my senses. I could smell nothing, feel nothing, see nothing. My whole being was concentrated on the sex in my ass, the pummelling I was taking. I was nothing but an ass for Leroy to violate, to stretch, to fuck and to fill. Leroy was now fucking me to within an inch of sanity, I was barely conscious with arousal, stimulation, desire.

Leroy grunted something. I have no idea what he said, but his cock had told me anyway. It was starting to spasm. It was actually getting bigger and wider as it did so. I could hear distant screaming, and was vaguely aware it was the two of us as Leroy approached climax. Leroy put both hands on my hips and savagely pulled me to him. It's lucky he did it just then, because I think the force of his jet of seed would have blown me right off his cock. Instead, I could feel rope after rope of his hot thick come streaming out inside of me, filling me up further, making his cock glide in and out of my ass beautifully. His orgasm lasted more than a minute, his cock continued to spasm and twitch. When it finally subsided I realised I had not come, but it didn't matter at all. Strangely enough I could feel no softening of Leroy inside me.

Leroy picked me up just off the bed, and with me in his arms, he sat me up so I was facing away from him, sitting on his cock, he then turned me round to face him. He lay back. I was sitting astride him, legs splayed. This was roughly the position I had been in when he rubbed the lip balm into me, and when he worked the butt plug into me. It seemed so long ago now. So much had changed. He was starting to work himself in and out of me as my mind wandered back to what was happening. He took hold of my cock and started squeezing it in rhythm with his thrusts into me. I leaned forward, giving him deeper access to my ass, for both our pleasure. He told me to come. I pushed harder against him, and he against me. Pretty soon I was bouncing up and down on him like some sort of little teenage slut on a cheap porn movie. I was in ecstasy. I told him that I would have to come. He just smiled, and told me to come now. As I came I passed out with the sheer intensity of the orgasm, but not before I realised he was again shooting ream after ream of his man-seed into me. I would never leave this man. I would never go back to fucking my wife. I was not straight, I was not gay, I was the play thing for this beautiful cock, and I always would be.

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