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Beauty And All Her Beasts


This story is told in the first person by two voices. The first voice is that of Professor Tate, a horny college professor who takes advantage of his pretty young students. The second voice is Elsie’s; you can guess who she is.

Part 1: Dr. Tate

Sonia Kim, my beautiful Korean secretary brought me a fresh drink and sat down opposite me. Her short skirt rode up her thigh giving me an excellent look at her prominently exposed white skin. Her smooth legs were long and lean. Her jet black hair was shoulder length and framed her narrow brown eyes that slanted in the Asian style just enough to give away her origin, but not so over powering to make her look cheap. Her small breasts were free and bobbed slightly beneath the sheer blouse. Her rose colored nipples winked at me with their large areoles. Sonia smiled acknowledging the affect she was having on me… the affect she always had on me.

“Are you sure Jack is bringing her?”

“Yes, Professor Tate. He said he may be a few minutes late but that he would have her with him.” There was no detecting an accent despite her being raised by a full-blooded Korean mother and an American GI stepfather.

“It’s very important that we convince Elsie to do this. Mr. Alberto insists we get her and he promises to be very generous with his payment this time if we can procure her to do the film.”

“We will do our best Professor, stop worrying. We have never failed you before.”

“Yes, Sonia, that is true. But there is always a first time.”

For a certain number of years now I had supplemented my salary with a growing hobby of mine-pornographic videos. Through a variety of rich connections that paid handsomely for these private “fuck films” I had financed a nice house with a video lab and many rooms furnished with hidden cameras, which could work even in the dark. I added Ms. Kim two years ago to my staff. She held a degree in business applications as well as being trained by her Korean mother in the ancient Asian arts of lovemaking and kinky sex. Jack came to us last year. He was an assigned and accepted graduate assistant who appealed to some of the younger coeds looking to fulfill that gap between high school sweethearts and the man the were going to marry. Jack was 6’2” of pumped muscle and great hair. Jack Ward was intelligent, blue-eyed, and chiseled beyond compare. Many of the female faculty had been seduced by his charms and openly bragged about his prowess with his tongue, fingers, and cock. I may have had full bragging rights on my full size- twelve extremely thick inches - but Jack had youth and good looks on his side where as I relied on age and experience. Although I was fit for my age, I was past my prime for endurance, but the “old dog” still had a number of tricks to make the young girls swoon.

The doorbell rang and Sonia flashed a shot of her shaved kitty in my direction as she got up to go and let our guests in. Ms. Kim escorted Elsie and Jack into the living area and gestured toward the large leather couch. Elsie was dressed casually in a tight t-shirt that accentuated her small yet firm breasts. Her dirty blond mop was tied up in something I’d heard girls call a “Pebbles” style. Her flared jeans were of the hip hugger cut and rested extremely low on her boyish hips. Her face was always well scrubbed and she wore little make-up. Her eyes were those of an innocent next door that every high school boy’s dream of boffing in the back seat of dad’s car one day; or taking home to show off to mom and then marrying to live happily ever after.

“Thanks for inviting me Professor Tate.” Her voice was musically light on the ear. When she spoke it was obvious how young she was. Elsie, it seems, was a child prodigy on the violin and was attending our fair university on a Carnegie scholarship. Having graduated from her high school early, it was easy to forget how young and naïve she really must be. Her beauty was a distraction from her intelligence that she had demonstrated time and time again on her English essays in my class. She showed extreme maturity with style, mechanics, and opinion. Her research was impeccable and her literary support was first rate. I found my self at times getting a raging hard on just thinking about how good it would feel to fuck this young lady while possibly discussing Dante’s Inferno, or the Sexual Allusions in The Canterbury Tales.

“You’re very welcome dear child. I must say what a delight it was to read your essay on Madame Bovary and your comparison of the antagonist to Lady Chatterley. Although I must say I do disagree with your thesis.”

“Why is that Professor?” she asked. She took a drink from Sonia who handed glasses to both she and Jack who was now seated beside Elsie and had an arm around her back but sitting on the couch not her shoulder.

“Unlike Madame Bovary, Lady Chatterley proved my own opinion that deep at heart all women are sluts. Please excuse my choice of words, I do not use the term in a detrimental manner, but as a descriptive of the desires that secretly control all women if they’re willing to let the ‘genie out of the bottle’.” Elsie was staring into my eyes; there had been a slight twinkle when I used the word “slut”, but she quickly changed back to the stolid, innocent.

“Why Professor, that is just not true. Women are not so easily seduced to barbarism or such base activity. Only loose morals could make a woman do such things. Don’t you agree Jack?”

Jack paused and looked about. Then he smiled, shook his head, and spoke. “Afraid not Elsie, I happen to agree with Dr. Tate on this one. In my own experience I haven’t found any woman who, under the right circumstances didn’t crave it, beg for it even.”

“Ms. Kim…. Surely you agree with me.”

“Sorry. But the Professor has proven to me that what he says is the truth. There isn’t a woman out there that wouldn’t do anything, and I do mean anything, to please her man just to feel the ultimate orgasm again and again.”

Elsie looked back at me. One eyebrow rose slightly and she took a sip of her wine. She looked around at everyone, set her drink down and defended her opinion.

“Well, I for one don’t believe that women can be so base and allow themselves to be used in such a manner.”

“Are you willing to bet on it Ms. Williams?”

“Bet on it? What do you mean Dr. Tate?”

“Are you willing to bet that a woman, such as, say, yourself, couldn’t be persuaded to be on her knees begging for her lovers cock… or more? In, say, twenty minutes.”

“Twenty minutes? Impossible. No way.”

“I can. I can have you begging me to fuck you in twenty minutes.” Elsie visibly looked shocked at the suggestion, disgusted even.

“I… I can’t believe… I… I don’t know what…” she was sputtering for words. Her mind couldn’t seem to get a grasp on what was happening.

“May I Dr. Tate?” Sonia interrupted. I gestured for her to continue. “Maybe if I had a few minutes alone with Ms. Williams.”

“By all means.” I said. “Mr. Ward, how about we retire to the smoking room with our drinks.” Jack rose, patted Elsie on the shoulder, and smiled at her and the two of us departed, leaving the ladies to discuss the situation.

End part 1

Part 2: Elsie

I kept myself from crying until Professor Tate and Jack left the room, then I burst into tears. Kim came over to me.

“Don’t cry, honey,” she said, stroking my hair. “Men. They are all the same.”

I pushed Kim’s hand away and wiped my eyes.

“You agreed with them!”

“I had to. Professor Tate would fire me if I ever disagreed with him. He hates it when females do that. It’s all right with him for males to disagree with his ideas but not females.”

“Oh my God! He is the worst sexist in the world.”


I explained to Kim that I was so upset because I had thought Professor Tate was wonderful, so brilliant and handsome and charming, and he knew everything about poetry. I even had a huge crush on him and when he invited me to his house I thought it was going to be like an intellectual tea party he was having, and I was so proud that he asked me to come, and it turns out he is just a disgusting sexist. And Jack was just as bad.

“I know it is terrible. I have to live with it every day,” Kim said, sadly. “He thinks we are all sluts at heart and that men accomplish everything that is worthwhile.”

I got angry then.

“Really? What would he say about Martha Washington?”


“What about Mrs. Lincoln?”

“Double well on that one, honey.”

“Okay, how about Emily Dickinson?”

“I know what he would say about her. He has said it a hundred times. He thinks she never got to be a slut because she had to stay in her room all the time and so she channeled all her slut energy into writing.”

“Oh, my God! I don’t believe this. All right, what about Joan of Arc?”

“That’s a good one, sweetie. I think you have him there. Here, Elsie, have a little more of this wine. I think you can use it.”

I took the glass from Kim and drank it down. I don’t like wine at all, to be honest, and it burned going down my throat, but I did like the buzzing feeling it gave me. I felt a little better somehow but just as mad at Professor Tate.

“I’d like to wring his neck.”

“Hmmmm,” Kim said, thoughtfully. “Well, you can’t ring his neck but there is something that you could do.”


“Oh nothing, just a thought. Forget it.”

“No tell me.”

“Well, suppose you took his bluff. He wants you to do sexy poses, like a slut would do, for twenty minutes and he thinks if you do that it will bring out the real slut in you and that when the twenty minutes are up you will beg him to fuck you. That’s his big theory.”

Kim’s description made my cheeks hot. “Yes, I know. The dope.”

“Right, and you can prove he is a dope. I mean if you did those poses who do you think would be begging for sex? Let’s face it, honey, you are a piece of ass. You would make them so hot they would be begging you and you would laugh at them. You would make them look like fools and then you would walk right out of here and leave them panting with their frustration. And by doing that you would prove that females are stronger than males when the chips are down.”

I could hardly breathe.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am serious.”

“You are serious?”

“Yes, honey.”

“Kim, I couldn’t do that in a million years,” I said, feeling all shaky inside.

I noticed that Kim was taking glances at my breasts. I looked myself and saw the reason. My nipples were hard and they were poking out in my top like two little badboys. That happens to me sometimes when I get mad and it is very annoying, I mean having your nipples get hard and tingly when you are being angry about something and need to think.

“Of course you couldn’t do it. Sorry, I was just thinking about how great it would be to put Professor Tate is in his place, you know, prove to him that he is wrong about females and that he is just a bigot and a sexist. I would get such satisfaction from that after the way he has treated me. Would you like some more wine, honey?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Kim filled my glass up again and I drank half of it. I could understand her point of view completely. I would love to make Professor Tate pay for his sexism myself, I thought.

“What would I have to exactly do you think?”, I said.

“Oh let’s not even get into that,” Kim said.

“No really, tell me.”

“Well, you would have to pose. That’s what he is talking about. You know, posing like a sex model right here on the floor. No one would be able to touch you or anything.”

“So I would have to, like, take off my clothes.”

“I think that’s the idea, honey.”

“My panties, too?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.”

I shivered at the thought. It was soooo disgusting. But my stupid nipples liked the idea.

“And you might have to talk.”


“You know, he might want you to say naughty things, like ‘gosh, Professor Tate, I am dying to suck your cock’. His idea would be that if you talk like a slut that will help bring out your sluttiness. Do you like to suck cocks? Just curious.”

I turned red at that question and looked at the floor.

“I’ve never done it,” I mumbled. “The only person I ever had sex with was my dentist.”

“You don’t say.”

It was true. I told Kim how it had happened. My dentist kept making these appointments for me to get my braces adjusted, but it wasn’t my braces that got all of his attention. He would put me out with anesthesia and then screw me in the dentist chair and I never knew about it at all until one day I woke up in the middle of being screwed. At least I found out that it wasn’t the anesthesia that had made me tingle all over on bus rides home from my appointments. Plus I had really straight teeth now.

“I guess I could talk if I had to,” I said, but Kim could see that I was worried.

“It would be for the cause, Elsie. You would be a heroine for females everywhere if you could put a sexist like Professor Tate is his place. He even writes articles about women being inferior and unable to stand up for themselves, did you know that?”

“Oh, my God. He is so awful. Hmmmm, do you think Joan of Arc would do it if she were here, in my place I mean.”

“Well, she was brave enough to do it, that’s for sure. I don’t know, honey, are you brave enough, do you think?”

“I’m brave, Kim. I really am. But...but suppose I did weaken. I have had all this wine to drink. No, no, I would never weaken that far, but, I don’t know, the idea makes me very nervous, Kim. I mean I am totally nervous now.”

“I tell you what, if you feel you are weakening, just think about Joan and your strength will return to you. Gosh, honey, I would respect you so much if you could do it.”

Suddenly, I felt calmer. I looked at Kim and our eyes met.

“Okay, I’ll do it, for the cause,” I said.

“For the cause,” Kim said.

Before we brought the men back in, I changed my clothes. Kim pointed out that what I was wearing wasn’t suitable for posing, so she got some of her things from a bedroom and told me to put them on.

“If you’re wondering why I have some of my clothes here it is because the professor makes me have sex with him if I want to keep my job,” Kim said, giving me a sad look.

“Oh, he is the worst. I just hate him. Don’t worry, Kim, I will teach him a lesson he won’t forget!”

I had to admit that the clothes were cute. I stripped down to my panties and bra and put on a tan skirt that fit snugly on my bottom and flared out, hemming several inches above my knees, a white blouse with a scooped neck and three buttons down the front and little ruffles sleeves that ended just below my shoulders, and a pair of black and tan heels that I wore barefoot. Kim and I were standing side by side when the men returned. Professor Tate merely glanced at me, as if he wasn’t at all surprised that I was dressed up for his immoral poses. It made me mad as anything! Kim told the men that I had accepted Professor Tate’s challenge. I didn’t say anything. I just nodded that yes, I would do it. Then I gave Professor Tate a glare to let him know what I thought of him. I gave Jack a glare, too.

The professor took a black timer out of a cabinet and put it on the coffee table.

“I’ll set the timer for twenty minutes, Elise. You will pose according to my directions. No one may touch you. You will not be required to touch yourself, only posing and perhaps a few choice lines I may have you say.

When the timer rings after twenty minutes, you will have two choices. You may turn the timer over on its face, meaning you have no interest in being fucked, or you will reset the timer for two hours, meaning Jack and I will have non stop sex with you at our pleasure until the timer rings again, and Kim may join in if she chooses. Is that clear?”

I was red with anger. “Yes,” I said, coldly.

End part 2

Part 3: Dr. Tate

Kim gave Elsie a refilled glass and I watched as Elsie defiantly kicked in back in one long surge. I pulled out my 35mm Nikon from the entertainment center and placed in around my neck. Jack and Kim moved the coffee table opening the living area up into a large white fantasy arena of shag carpeting- soft and inviting. I had Elsie stand in the middle while Jack and Kim retired to an area not far from “the action.” They both sipped from their drinks. Kim rested her head upon Jacks shoulder. He turned to her and they kissed – long and hard. When their mouths parted they watched as I began to put Elsie through her paces.

I had Elsie stand in the middle of the living area and told her to stare directly into the lens. The hatred on her face was obvious and made for such a sexy look on the young blond. I had her unbutton the blouse and hold it open. Unhook the bar and push it aside and hold the shirt in a manner making it obvious that her tits were inches from being seen. I had her turn around and drop the skirt ever so slowly while still looking back toward the camera. The skirt came down slowly until she let it hit the floor and I had her kick it away. The shirt was long enough that we could do the same with the panties. The skin of her buttocks was smooth and line free. Her ass was well shaped and defined. Her thighs strong and supple.

Elsie was starting to crumble under the pressure and was hugging the shirt close to her body. Kim saw this and went to her. She handed her another glass of wine and whispered something in her ear. Elsie slammed back the wine in her throat, stared me down, and handed the empty glass back to Kim. With the determination of a martyr she looked me square in the face and with defiance said. “Well, Dr. Tate? Is this all there is?”

I smiled at my young naïve charge.

“No, my sweet child, we are just warming up. Please remove your remaining clothes and stand with your hands at your side.” The look on her face changed to one of a deer caught in headlights- terrified.

She pulled the shirt off and allowed the bra to fall to the floor behind her.

“Close your eyes please.” She did so but was visibly shaking out of fear of what was about to happen. Her breasts were small yet pert and firm. Her stomach was flat and her boyish hips didn’t swell much. However, her legs were toned and taunt and her pubic hair was well maintained clipped short. I changed the tone of my voice and began to whisper to her as I moved closer to her and started to walk around her beautiful naked figure.

“How does it feel, my dear lovely Elsie? How does it feel to be standing in a room, naked as the day you came into this world. Your lovely breasts free to the air and the sight of people you have grown to know and respect. How does it feel to know that your nude body is being looked at, admired and desired by every person in the room. Yes, even Sonia… even Ms. Kim herself. You did not imagine your young confidant might find you physically attractive did you? And why not? You are most gorgeous. Most beautiful. You are youth and innocence personified. Every human being wants to love and be love, desire and to be desired… as you are now.”

“Feel the air on your skin. Feel my breath on your neck as I speak to you. Feel their eyes piercing your darkness as they admire what they see. Feel the warmth as your body defies you and you feel something stirring in your nipples that are already now hard, your chest as your breasts begin to swell from your breathing, the moisture between your legs which you even now are trying to keep from penetrating the muscles of your cunt.

“Keep your eyes closed and drop down to your knees sweet child.“ I began to snap pictures of her. “Place your hands on the floor… keeping your eyes closed.” I motioned to Jack and Kim. They immediately came out of their clothes and came over to Elsie. They lay down next to her and immediately began kissing, touching each other, moaning to the touch of the other.

“Do you hear that? Do you hear the sounds of sex? Do you hear the sounds of desire… and the fulfillment of desire? You want to see don’t you? You want to see what they are doing. You want to feel them. Feel their desire, their fulfillment. But you are in darkness. Like what you think of sex- darkness. Spread your legs apart… wider.” Click! The camera whirred as I took pictures. “See, your body is telling your true story. Your sweet pussy is wet with need. Your clitoris is hard and distended. You want so badly to touch it… or have someone touch it… suck it… fuck it. You want to feel their cock in your hand. Feel their hardness and stick it against your hot clit. You want to stick it in your mouth to show your hunger… your need. You want it so bad that you can hear it next to you.

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