tagErotic CouplingsBeauty and the Geek Ch. 09

Beauty and the Geek Ch. 09


PART 1 - Three's Company


Charlie's eyes fluttered open and he wondered where he was. It wasn't his bedroom, he knew, blinking at the unfamiliar environs. Then Charlie remembered he was in a hotel room at the Four Seasons; soon after that memory came to him, Charlie realized what awoke him and he looked down towards his legs. Miley was there, suckling on his erect penis, swirling her tongue around his circumcised crown. She was curled up beside him on the bed, naked, and had her neatly-manicured fingers around the base of Charlie's shaft as she licked on it and fondled him ever-so gently with her lips.

"Miley?" Charlie's voice was groggy.

Glancing up to Charlie's regard, Miley smiled. "Good morning." Her dark curly tendrils were a twisted mess; not that it detracted from her beauty in any way, at least not to Charlie.

"What are you doing?" Charlie wondered the obvious; not that he minded.

"Saying good morning to your cock." Miley gave Charlie's length several slow strokes, "You were sleeping, but it was already hard and poking me in the hip."

"Huh." Charlie couldn't remember if he was having a sexy dream or not; it wasn't unusual for him to wake up with an erection, regardless.

Miley teased Charlie's soft underside with her long red-painted nails, making his penis twitch as she cooed at it, "Isn't that right baby? Even though Charlie was asleep you wanted me to wake up and pay attention to you..."

Charlie loved it when Miley talked to his penis, as though it had a mind of its own (which sometimes seemed to be the case). It aroused him, as all her dirty talk did.

Miley licked at the little cleft of Charlie's cock head, on its underside, where it was real sensitive. She teased that spot with the tip of her tongue before going to back to slowly stroking her grip up and down his entire length. "Miley's here sweetie, mama will play with you..." She glanced back up to Charlie, "You don't mind do you baby?"

Charlie shook his head, "No, of course not, by all means." He propped himself up on his elbows to watch.

Her ocean-colored eyes twinkled at Charlie before Miley turned back to his penis, pushing a wad of saliva out of her mouth. It hung on her lower lip for a few brief moments before falling onto Charlie's erection, and Miley promptly coated the slick spit over the entire length of Charlie's member. "Your cock likes it when you sleep with me, Charlie. I felt it poking into me a couple times last night... like it was saying hello."

Charlie watched as Miley took his head between her lips again, and exhaled a quick breath when he felt her tongue flick against the slit at the top of his penis. Her mouth felt warm and divine.

Miley had a certain way of jerking Charlie off, where her grip was tight and would bump into the ridge of Charlie's crown on the upstroke, then move all the way back down to the base of his shaft and give it a firm extra squeeze before repeating the motion. It drove Charlie wild as Miley seemed to know exactly how to coax an orgasm out of him in short order.

"I'm going to play with you all day." Miley told Charlie's cock as she continued to masturbate him with agonizingly slow strokes. "I'll give you lots of attention, and we'll get all that nasty hot goo out of your balls..."

Charlie groaned a little as Miley let go of him. She watched while his cock throbbed in the air, fascinated by the way his pee slit gaped open and leaked its clear pre-cum. It seemed to grow even more firm and needy when free of her hand.

"Look at the way your cock gets all hard and throbby when I'm not touching it..." Miley said, staring. "It's like a peacock, puffing itself up to attract the attention of its mate."

Charlie would have laughed if he wasn't so turned on.

Miley dragged a finger tip against the top of Charlie's cock, then drew a strand of his pre-cum to her mouth. She licked the sticky fluid off her lips, then gathered some more to taste. "Look at it Charlie, your cock is desperate for me. It wants me to give it regular milkings, so its balls aren't so burdened by all your cum."

"Trust me sweetie..." Charlie's voice was raspy with need. "I'm well aware."

Miley grinned at him, then wrapped her fingers around Charlie once more. "It's like a stick of solid steel." she said, squeezing and resuming her masturbation. "It's fucking amazing. Every girl should have at least one opportunity in their lives to get their hands on a cock this magnificent."

"You can have it whenever you like..." Charlie said.

"Mmm, I'm so lucky." Miley pushed out another mouthful of saliva, spreading it over Charlie's cock until it glistened. She regarded his penis fondly while stroking it with slender fingers, "I get to have this big thing servicing me for the rest of my life."

Charlie blinked. That was the first time either of them had ever mentioned 'the rest of their lives'.

"It's a shame for me to be so selfish." Miley continued to talk. "But I know your cock adores me. It loves the way I'm always rubbing it and kissing it..."

Charlie groaned lightly when Miley leaned forward and drew him back into her lips, this time swallowing several inches while squeezing the base of his shaft. Her tongue swathed back and forth against Charlie's tender underside, caressing his cock within her mouth.

Miley bobbed her head up and down, letting the texture of her lips tease the skin of Charlie's erection, then spit him out and began to jack him off much faster than before. "Your balls are getting puffy... I wonder if I jacked you off all day if we could ever get them empty?"

"Oh god..." Charlie moaned, taking his weight off his elbows and laying back down on the bed.

"All that thick creamy goo, erupting out of you like a volcano." Miley made no secret of her obsession over watching Charlie orgasm. "I bet if I kept jerking you off you wouldn't ever get soft... I could just keep pumping loads out of you until your balls were completely drained."

"Oh my god... Miley." Charlie's hips started bucking as Miley increased her stroking motion, masturbating him vigorously.

"What a mess that would be Charlie, your sticky sperm shooting out over and over. You cum so much baby, we'd have it everywhere..."

Charlie gasped as Miley quite suddenly let go of his penis, letting it bob in the air with the absolute need to cum. "Miley...!?"

Miley watched with rapt fascination as Charlie's cock twitched and throbbed, pre-cum pouring out of its tip like tree sap. "Jesus Charlie... look at how thick you get when you're this aroused. It like a fucking shampoo bottle."

"Miley... please..." Charlie begged.

Miley dragged her fingernails down the underside of his pulsing length, causing Charlie's entire body to shiver. "You're right on the edge, aren't you baby?"

Charlie nodded swiftly, his mouth agape.

"What does that feel like?" Miley asked curiously, cradling his taut balls into her hand and giving them a squeeze.

"It's... it's like..."

"Tell me Charlie, I want to know what you're feeling."

"It's like... the inside of my cock is on fire..."

Miley grinned wickedly, "That's your cock wanting to show me how powerful it is, by giving me it's hot load of seed. Your cock is always trying to impress me, Charlie, by showing me how much it can cum. I know it wants to impregnate me, to fill my womb with your little baby-making spermies. If I wasn't on the pill I'd be with your child already..."

"Jesus... Miley... please... I want to cum so bad."

Miley curled her fingers around Charlie's shaft once more and squeezed. She started to stroke him agonizingly slow, her hand barely moving. "Come on sweetie..." she said to the cock. "It's okay, you can shoot for me now. Show me how much you love me by spitting up your messy."

Charlie was gasping and moaning. He could feel his orgasm right there, ready to flow out, but Miley was stroking him so slowly that it seemed to just simmer at the base of his cock.

"Come on..." Miley was talking to Charlie's member like it were a newborn child. "Come on baby... I know you can do it. Give me your cum... show me how many of your little baby-making seeds you can shoot out at once..."

Grunting, Charlie convulsed. The first rope of his cum shot almost all the way to his neck, leaving a long bead of pearly semen across his chest. Miley finally started masturbating him with authority, milking his pumping cock as several more eruptions of seed shot out across Charlie's torso. His face was a twisted agony of pleasure as Charlie's orgasm consumed his entire awareness, only subsiding as the last of his sperm dribbled out the tip of his cock to mingle into a puddle amidst his pubic hair.

Miley smiled as Charlie's entire body slumped into a relaxed position on the bed. She crawled up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning lover."

"I think I need a shower..." was all Charlie could say.


Miley was slipping on one of the hotel robes, a comfy white cotton thing, when she heard her cell phone ring. She padded over to the dresser where it lay and saw that it was Stacy calling.

"Hey girlfriend." Miley answered.

"Hey babe, what are you doing?" came Stacy's voice.

"Nothing." Miley replied. "Charlie's in the shower and I was thinking about room service."

"I'm coming up." Stacy declared.

"Cool." Miley agreed.

Stacy and her prom date, Adrian, had gotten a room at the same hotel and were only two floors down so it came as no surprise that Stacy wanted to come say hi. Miley walked into the sitting-room portion of the suite and opened the door out into the hallway just enough that it wouldn't lock, then sat on the couch and reached for the television remote to channel surf while waiting for her best friend.

Stacy rapped on the door moments later and let herself in as Miley was flipping through channels. Stacy looked completely casual, her blonde hair tied into a pony tail; she was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. As soon as she saw Miley, Stacy blurted "You are not going to believe the night I had..."

Miley lowered the volume on the television and looked to her best friend. "So you and Adrian hit it off, huh?"

"Hardly." Stacy leveled a frank look at Miley.

"What? What happened? You two were getting along so great at the dance?"

"Everything was going fine." Stacy explained, sitting right next to Miley on the couch. "Right up until the point he took his pants off."

Miley looked insanely curious, her eyes wide with the prospect of gossip.

"Have you ever wondered why Adrian never has a girlfriend?" Stacy asked. "Despite being one of the cutest guys at school?"

"He's never even dated anyone from our class, has he?" Miley wondered. "I figured he went out with college girls or something."

Stacy shook her head knowingly.

Miley breathed in sharply and lifted a hand to cover her mouth, "No way..."

Stacy nodded slowly.

Miley repeated "No way!" in disbelief.

"Miley, he's hung like a flea." Stacy confirmed.

"You can't be serious!"

"It gets worse." Stacy promised. "I laughed."

Miley gasped, "You didn't..."

"I did. I couldn't help myself. Miley, it was absolutely puny."

"What happened?"

"Nothing. I spent the next two hours listening to Adrian whine about how small his dick is, and how he's so ashamed of showing it to anyone. He won't even date." Stacy sounded irritated. "He's still a virgin."

"That's awful! Oh honey, I'm sorry your night went so terribly." Miley put her arm around Stacy's shoulders and hugged her. "Where's Adrian now?"

"He left late last night. I tried to tell him we could still... you know, but he was too embarrassed." Stacy sighed. "God, I'm so horny."

"You're starting to sound like me." Miley bit her lower lip and considered for a moment, then gave Stacy a curious glance.

Stacy looked back, "What?"

"Are you going to tell me?" Miley asked.

"Tell you what?"

"How small are we talking?" Miley half-whispered.

"I shouldn't..." Stacy sounded hesitant.

"Stacy!" Miley pleaded.

"You won't tell anyone? Not even Charlie?"

"I promise." Miley swore.

"Okay... like, not even four inches?"

Miley's jaw fell open. "Erect?"

"Erect." Stacy confirmed.


Charlie climbed out of the shower and reached for one of the hotel towels and wrapped it around his waist. Pushing a brush through his brown hair, he glanced down to the floor and saw Miley's panties from last night. They were red and see-through lacy. Charlie picked them up and smiled, remembering how hot their anal sex had been the night previous. It was making him horny, and erect.

With a devilish grin, Charlie opened the bathroom door and heard the television coming from the sitting room. He opened his towel and displayed his naked body. "Hey Miley, check it out. I'm already hard again... oh shit!"

Both girls turned to look, and then erupted into a fit of giggles as Charlie exposed himself to them, his massive erection on full display.

"Stacy??? Jeez!" Charlie quickly closed his towel and dashed into the bedroom of their suite, disappearing.

Miley was beside herself with laughter.

"Oh my god." Stacy said in amazement, as soon as Charlie vanished.

"I know." Miley was still giggling.

Stacy turned an stunned expression onto Miley and repeated. "Oh my god!"

Miley nodded at her, confirming for Stacy that she didn't imagine what she saw.

"Miley... his thing... it's fucking huge!" Stacy hissed quietly.

"I told you it was big." Miley reminded.

"Yeah but I had no idea. I mean, how do you...?"

"I stretch." Miley explained simply.

"I don't believe it." Stacy sounded exasperated. "It just figures. You've got a geek with a foot long cannon, and I end up with a prom king that has a three-inch French fry."

"Stay here." Miley urged, getting up. "I better make sure my man is okay, he can be kind of shy."

Stacy nodded, still amazed at the sight she had seen.


"Why didn't you warn me?" Charlie complained, slipping on a pair of boxer shorts.

"Well, I didn't know you were planning on jumping out of the bathroom and flashing your high hard one..." Miley was grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm so embarrassed..."

"Why? Believe me Charlie; you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Stacy was totally impressed."

"Impressed?" Charlie was unable to fathom what Miley was talking about. "She saw me naked!"

"So? You've got nothing to hide baby. You have to trust me; you don't have anything Stacy hasn't seen before." Miley placed a calming hand on Charlie's shoulder. "Well, except that you're a bit bigger than most girls are used to seeing..."

Charlie pulled a tee shirt over his head, "Are you sure it won't be weird?"

Miley grabbed Charlie's hand and tugged towards the bedroom door. "I promise."

Stacy was clicking the TV remote when Charlie and Miley came back out. Miley was still in her robe, while Charlie had his boxers and a tee shirt on. Stacy smirked their way, "Nice show you put on earlier, Charlie. A little quick, but very entertaining."

Charlie blushed, "Sorry about that..."

"It's okay..." Stacy said. Her eyes went right to the crotch of Charlie's boxer shorts.

Charlie shifted a little uncomfortably under Stacy's obvious scrutiny.

"Stacy!" Miley smirked.

Stacy snapped her gaze to Miley, "Yeah hon?"

"You got x-ray vision or something?" Miley inquired.

"I'm... oh my god." Stacy looked embarrassed. "Sorry."

Miley bit her lip, considering. She remembered what she told Charlie, about every girl having a chance at a gigantic co at least once in their lives. And while Miley certainly wasn't ready to share Charlie with just anyone, Stacy was different.

Standing beside Charlie, Miley took his arm and looked up at his face. "You trust me right?" she whispered.

"Yeah...?" Charlie answered.

Miley turned to Stacy, "Do you want to see it again?"

"What!?" Charlie and Stacy asked in unison.

"Don't freak out, Charlie..." Miley pleaded. "I just thought we could, you know, show it to her."

"I-I don't know..." Charlie stammered. "I'm sure Stacy wouldn't be comfortable with..."

"I'd love to see it again." Stacy blurted with an eager edge to her voice.

Miley grinned.

"Hang on..." Charlie hesitated. "This is a little weird..."

"It's okay Charlie. Stacy is my best friend, which practically makes her your best friend. I just want to show it to her... I'm proud of your big thingy."

"Brian is my best friend too." Charlie countered. "But that doesn't mean we show each other our dicks!"

"That's different." Miley giggled. "He's a boy. We're a couple of pretty girls...?"

Stacy nodded in agreement with Miley, hoping to get another peek at Charlie's big package.

"I don't know..."

"I won't do anything that makes you uncomfortable Charlie." Stacy assured gently, "All I want to do is... see it."

Charlie took a heavy breath and glanced at Miley.

"It's okay baby." Miley smiled. "Nothing is going to happen, and this'll stay just between us three. I want her to see it."

"All right, I guess it's not that big of deal." Charlie finally agreed. "As long as you're okay with it..."

Miley kissed his cheek, then hurried over to the couch and sat next to Stacy, whose eyes were glued on Charlie's crotch.

Charlie hooked his thumbs under the elastic band of his boxers and slowly pushed them down his thighs. Stacy was holding her breath in anticipation, and Miley was bubbling with pride. Charlie lifted one leg out of his boxers, then the other, straightening to stand naked from the waist down in front of the women. His penis hung limply, but even in the flaccid state it was bigger than anything Stacy had seen before.

"Jesus." Stacy said, staring.

"Isn't it awesome?" Miley asked rhetorically.

Stacy was in awe, "Can you make it... you know, erect again?"

"I don't know..." Charlie seemed shy and hesitant. "It's kind of weird standing here while you two stare at me."

"It's okay baby, we're just looking." Miley said. "You want me to help you?"

"You want to...?"

"Yeah." Miley nodded, "Come over here and stand closer."

Charlie walked over to Miley and stood next to the couch beside her, worry in his eyes.

"Don't get freaked out Charlie, it's cool." Stacy said in a soft voice. "I mean, you have a really nice cock, you have absolutely nothing to be shy about."

"This isn't even a little weird for you?" Charlie asked.

Stacy shook her head. "It's kind of cool, really. I've never seen a cock like yours."

Miley took Charlie's length into her hand, "I'm just going to rub you a little, okay Charlie? That way Stacy can see it when you're hard."

"This reminds me of the time Miley first came over to my house." Charlie said, growing a little more at ease with how calm the girls seemed. "She said she just wanted to look at it..."

Stacy grinned at Charlie, "Is that when she first jerked you off?"

"How did you know that?" Charlie wondered.

"I tell her everything." Miley said, caressing her hand up and down Charlie's length. He was starting to stiffen.

"Sometimes too much." Stacy added, her eyes back on Charlie's penis. "But not in this case... damn that thing is impressive."

"Charlie's cock always stands up real tall for me." Miley proudly said as she stroked him a few times, coaxing Charlie's penis to life.

"It's unreal." Stacy couldn't look away. "It's fucking huge. Damn Charlie, are all the guys in your family hung like you?"

"Um, I have no idea." Charlie replied. He was starting to grow more comfortable with the situation. Both girls seemed totally at ease with staring at his erection like it were a museum exhibit, and he had to admit to himself that it was a bit of a turn on to be showing himself to two females at the same time. But he was surprised Miley was so cool with it, as she had always seemed very possessive about his cock in the past.

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