Beauty and the Geek Ch. 09


Charlie stopped walking, standing in front of a store, "Wait a minute, that's it? You've made up your mind just like that? You're not even going to consider any other schools?"

"Charlie... don't you want us to be together?"

"Well yeah, but college is a really important decision..."

Miley squinted at him. "No it's not. It's just a school. I want to be with you Charlie, that's the most important thing to me." She scowled suddenly, "And if you think I'm going to let you ditch me so you can go sow your wild oats with a bunch of college sorority bimbos you've got another thing..."

"Okay! Okay!" Charlie laughed.

Miley smiled prettily at him, having gotten her way, but she saw that Charlie wasn't even looking at her anymore, but over her shoulder. "Charlie, what are you looking at...?" She turned around to see the front display of a sex shop with a window revealing sexy lingerie and various naughty items.

"Check it out, want to go in here?" Charlie looked curious.

"You perv..." Miley teased, squeezing Charlie's hand. "I'd love to."

The store wasn't one of those grimy red light type places, billing itself more as a 'romance retailer', but there were still plenty of risqué items to be found. Racks of various magazines were near the door where Charlie and Miley entered; they were mostly personals ads and stroke books. Directly beyond was a bored looking female cashier; she was engrossed in a book, sitting behind a counter of knick-knacks (like wind-up jumping penises and the like). To the right were several shelves of porno videos catering to all tastes, and to the left rows and rows of various sex toys could be found.

Miley's eyes lit up like a little kid in a chocolate store. "Oh my god, this place is so cool!" She hurried towards some mannequins displaying several female outfits; they ranged from leather BDSM-type articles, to skimpy see-through lingerie.

Charlie smirked at Miley, following after her.

"Look at these!" Miley bubbled, "Crotchless... you could eat my cootchie and I wouldn't even have to take them off."

Charlie's cheeks colored and he looked over his shoulder at the cashier, but she wasn't even paying attention.

"Oh my god..." Charlie heard Miley say. He turned back around to see her wandering towards a wall of dildos.

"Charlie!" Miley hissed, "Look!"

Charlie approached to see what Miley was looking at. It was a big rubber vibrating dildo called the 'Long Johnson'. The package proclaimed the thing to be ten inches in length.

"It's your cock!" Miley proclaimed, taking the package off the wall.

"I don't think I'm quite that big..." Charlie squinted at it.

Miley snickered, "Well, you're not this veiny, but it's pretty close to the same size. I'm totally getting it."


"Yeah." Miley lifted a smooch to Charlie's cheek. "You know, for those lonely nights when I don't have the real thing."

"Great." Charlie joked. "I'm getting replaced by a rubber boyfriend."

"Don't be silly." Miley chided. "Whenever I use it I'll call you and we can have phone sex. Oh! I better get some more lube too..."

Charlie took one last look at the wall of dildos, then followed Miley towards the cashier.

Miley placed the 'Long Johnson' on the counter and started digging through her purse. "Can you give me a bottle of lube too? The strawberry flavored stuff."

The cashier reached under the glass counter and grabbed the bottle Miley was pointing at. "Smart move, that's a lot of... well, that's our biggest model."

"Oh, it's the same size as my boyfriend." Miley stated, removing some cash.

The cashier looked at Charlie. "Yeah right." she said.

Miley giggled as Charlie blushed.


Miley clutched the bag containing her new sex toy as she and Charlie continued to wander about the streets of downtown. "I don't think that girl believed me when I told her you were as big as my new Long Johnson."

"I'm just glad you didn't make me pull it out and prove it to her." Charlie replied.

Miley laughed, then noticed Charlie had stopped walking. She turned to see what he was looking at. "Oh no... forget it Charlie! You promised..."

"Please?" Charlie asked sweetly, looking longingly towards the comic book store. "Just five minutes?"

Miley let out a sigh. She couldn't deny him anything. "Okay... but if you call Brian and start talking about that comic book of yours..." Charlie was already headed for the store before Miley could finish. She just shook her head and smiled, following after.

There was a rather obese man behind the cash register who leered at Miley as she came in. She gave him a seductive wink as she passed by, and the man looked ready to drool at any moment.

Catching up with Charlie, Miley saw him staring up at the wall where the more valuable back-issues hung. "What'cha looking at big guy?"

Charlie turned to Miley, "Oh, nothing really. Just an old comic from the sixties." He moved on and started browsing the racks of new comics.

Miley sensed immediately that Charlie downplayed his desire for the comic he was looking at. She looked up again, and saw the one he clearly wanted; it had a price of two hundred dollars. Charlie and his family didn't have a lot of extra money, Miley knew. In fact, Charlie's dad really went overboard when he helped Charlie pay for a limo and a hotel room for prom, though it was under the condition that Charlie would pay him back once Charlie got a summer job. Miley never really worried about money, not like Charlie often did. Her parents were extremely well off, and she wouldn't have to work at all over the summer; her dad would pay her way through college.

"Okay, I'm ready." Charlie said. He glanced once more at the comic on the wall as he walked with Miley out of the store.

Once outside, Miley stopped. "You know what? I have to pee. I'm going to go back and see if they have a bathroom I can use, wait here for me?"

Charlie nodded, "Yeah okay."

Once back in the store, Miley hurried to the fat guy at the counter. "I want that one up on the wall... the one that's two hundred."

The man turned, then walked over to fetch the comic in question. "The Brave and the Bold #54...." he said. "For such a pretty girl, you know your comics. This is the first appearance of the Teen Titans."

"Whatever." Miley said, fishing some of the money her father gave out of her purse. "It's for my boyfriend."

The rotund cashier rang up the purchase and accepted Miley's money. "That skinny fella your boyfriend? Why don't you ditch him and try a real man...?"

Miley looked at the man like he was a piece of moldy cheese. "Ew, you're like... forty."

"Thirty-nine." the man corrected in an insulted tone.

"I'd give you my mother's number, but I wouldn't wish her on anyone..." Miley took the comic and trotted towards the door, hiding her purchase in the sex shop bag.


Once back at the hotel, Miley began unwrapping her new sex toy from its package. She sat next to Charlie on the couch, legs crossed, as he worked the TV remote in search of something worth watching. "We forgot to get batteries."

Charlie chuckled, "Were you planning on using that thing tonight?"

Miley's eyes twinkled. "Maybe..."

"Guess you'll just have to settle for the real thing."

"I do need a good fucking." Miley commented in all seriousness.

Charlie glanced aside as Miley ran her fingers over the veiny surface of her dildo. "Like, right now?"

Miley turned to look back at Charlie. "Would that be okay?"

Charlie laughed at the frankness of it all. "Yeah... yeah, that would be okay."

Miley grinned and set her Long Johnson toy aside as she stood up. "We can fuck here if you want, you don't even have to turn the TV off."

Charlie watched as Miley pulled her panties down from beneath her denim skirt, and pulled them off right over her boots. He quickly unfastened his pants and lifted his ass from the couch to push them off. She helped by pulling his shoes off, then pulling his pants the rest of the way off his feet.

Miley straddled Charlie's lap and sat back on his knees, still wearing her tank top, skirt, and cowboy boots. She took Charlie's limp penis into her hand and fondled it gently, "Do you like our sex life?"

Charlie gave Miley a confused look, "What kind of question is that? Of course I do."

"Are you sure?" Miley wondered. "Today, with Stacy, that wasn't too crazy?"

Charlie shook his head. "No, I guess not. She seemed fine with it so... where's this coming from?"

"I just want you to be satisfied." Miley replied. "I read in 'Cosmo' that relationships in which the men feel satisfied sexually have a much greater chance of succeeding."

"You read that in a magazine?"

Miley nodded, using both of her petite hands on Charlie's penis, which was slowly hardening. "I'd do anything to satisfy you baby. Any kinky thing you think of... I want you to tell me, okay? I want our relationship to last."

"Is that why you were so cool about fooling around with Stacy? You're afraid we'll break up?"

"Actually I did that for her." Miley tossed her head so a curly length of her hair would leave her brow. "She had a bad night with Adrian and needed... well, she needed something fun to play with, to cheer her up. Like your 'Long Johnson' here..."

"Well, you don't have to worry about satisfying me, regardless of what 'Cosmo' says." Charlie assured her. "I am one fully satisfied guy."

Miley smiled, "Of course I have to worry, Charlie. You're my man. It's my job to take care of your needs."

"I swear to god Miley... every day with you I have about ten 'pinch-me' moments where I wonder if it's all a dream."

"Then I must be doing something right." Miley said, lifting herself to her knees to that Charlie's boner was sticking straight up beneath her skirt.

"You're like a dream come true..."

Miley beamed a smile, then lowered herself. She tucked a hand under the hem of her skirt to help guide Charlie's shaft. "Let's fuck like this for a while, then I want you to do me doggy, okay? I need a good pounding but this will loosen me up..."

"Sounds like you got it all planned... oh shit, that feels good, you're already wet..."

Miley nodded with a suddenly lusty expression. "Soaked. I always get like this when I think about fucking your big cock."

Charlie slid his hands up Miley's bare thighs, her skin warm and smooth. "Wow... damn Miley, you've already taken almost my whole..."

Miley suddenly sunk onto Charlie's cock, letting his entire length penetrate deep into her innards. She let out a loud moan in doing so, and remained still.

"Holy shit!" Charlie gasped at the sudden pleasure of being fully surrounded by her tight warmth.

"I like this position." Miley told him, "It's easy to take you nice and deep this way... plus, we've been stretching my pussy good with regular fuckings."

"It feels incredible." Charlie lifted his arms as Miley yanked his tee shirt off over his head.

"My pussy is where your cock belongs, Charlie." Miley pulled her own tank top off next, revealing her smallish breasts and taut pink nipples. "It's your cock's home, where it will always be warm and safe."

Charlie put his arms around Miley and leaned forward, nuzzling the side of his face against her chest.

"My pussy is the first and only one your cock has had." Miley wrapped her arms around Charlie, holding him against her bosom and running fingers through his messy brown hair. "It's like to a hatchling drawn to the first thing it sees... so my pussy is like a mother to your cock, comfortable and familiar."

"That's such a sexy way to put it." Charlie said, letting his tongue slip out to taste one of Miley's nipples.

"I will always be here to take care of you baby." Miley said, hugging Charlie tightly against herself as she started to move her hips up and down slowly. "My pussy will take good care of you whenever you need somewhere warm and nice... after a long day maybe, when you need somewhere wet and inviting to shoot a big load."

Charlie closed his eyes and began sucking on Miley's breast like a hungry newborn might. Miley encouraged him with a hand on the back of his head.

"That's it baby, suck on mama's tit... too bad I don't have any milk for you, hmm?"

Charlie issued a muffled moan against Miley's breast as she continued to slowly move up and down his shaft, gripping him tightly in her cunt.

"Some day, when I'm plump with your child, you'll have to drink from me regularly to relive the milky pressure from my boobs."

Charlie groaned loudly and began suckling firmly on Miley's nipple, nibbling it and flicking his tongue against its erect surface.

"Will you do that Charlie? Will you drink my milk so my titties aren't so swollen and leaky?"

Charlie nodded against Miley's chest, unable to speak with a mouthful of her flesh.

"Then afterwards, you can spoon-fuck me, your cock inside me along with your baby... your hands all over my plump tummy..."

"Oh god..." Charlie breathed out a gasp, "It turns me on so much when you talk like that."

"I know sweetie." Miley replied, just as aroused as he. "And I know how badly your cock wants to impregnate me. I can feel it every time you cum in me... I can feel your seeds swimming around in my womb looking for my defenseless little egg..."

Charlie lifted his lips to Miley's and slid his hands under Miley's thighs until they reached her butt. They kissed with heated passion, dancing with their tongues, totally engrossed with their embrace. It was the type of kiss that defines a relationship, and aptly for Charlie and Miley, they couldn't pull their mouths away from each other.

Eventually, Miley gasped. "Oh god Charlie... I need you to fuck me..."

"O-okay..." Charlie breathed heavily, then winced in abandonment as Miley lifted herself from his erection.

"I need a good hard fucking baby." Miley said, slipping to the floor and getting on her hands and knees. "Be rough me with me okay? Fuck me really good Charlie?"

Charlie nodded, still dazed from their kiss, and slid to the floor behind her. He pushed Miley's skirt up until it bunched over her hips, exposing her ass.

"Don't worry about tearing me with your big cock..." Miley continued her instructions. "My pussy can handle you now, and I'm good and wet. I need a raw hard fuck."

Charlie slid into her sheathe easily and Miley moaned with craving need.

"Oh Charlie... spank me too. I want you to spank my ass while you fuck me."

Charlie squeezed Miley's ass cheek, then lifted a hand to slap her soft flesh, which elicited a pleased squeal from Miley.

"Harder... spank me harder..."

Charlie timed his next swat with a thrust of his hips.

"Oh!" Miley shivered. "Harder baby... spank my ass real good..."

Charlie left a pink palm print with his next blow and Miley's entire ass jiggled. "Are you a naughty girl?"

"I'm so naughty." Miley whimpered. "I'm a naughty girl, the way I'm on my hands and knees and begging for cock..."

Charlie spanked her one more time before he started humping into Miley with earnest, driving his cock swiftly.

"Oh fuck yes!" Miley screamed, "Fuck your big cock into me... fuck me Charlie... fuck me real good..."

Reaching around her, Charlie grabbed two fistfuls of Miley's breasts and fucked into her backside with hard firm strokes.

Miley whimpered and gasped with each thrust, her voice mingling with whatever random show was on the TV as well as the slapping sounds of Charlie's hips against Miley's butt. "Oh my god...! Oh my god...! You fucking big-dicked god... oh fuck...!"

An orgasm started to overtake Miley and Charlie had to grab hold of her hips as she started to quake and go limp. Her body was like a moaning rag doll as Charlie continued to pound himself into her.

"Oh! Oh! Don't stop...! Charlie... fuck me...!" Miley laid on the floor with only her ass lifted up on Charlie's thrusting cock; her voice turning into non-verbal shrieks of pleasure.

"Oh fuck Miley!" Charlie yelled urgently, "Oh shit... I'm going to cum... I'm going to fucking cum...!"

Miley felt Charlie bury his length deep within her and weakly reached a hand beneath herself, between her legs, and found his hanging scrotum. She squeezed, coaxing Charlie's semen out of him, milking his balls so they'd empty deep within her sex. "Fertilize me..."

Charlie clutched Miley around her waist as his hips bucked. Miley's squeezing hand on his tender sack caused him to twitch and quiver as he emptied his orgasm within her sex. "Oh shit..." he gasped. "Holy fucking shit..."

Both of them rutted against each other as Charlie's sperm spilled out, gasping and moaning, until finally they regained control of themselves.

"Don't leave me Charlie..." Miley begged when their orgasms has passed, "Don't pull out of me."

"O-okay.." Charlie's chest heaved with his exhausted breath. "Okay baby."

"I want to feel it go limp inside me." Miley's voice was soft. "I want to hold your cock until it relaxes."

"I won't leave you." Charlie promised, still kneeling behind her.

"That was such a good fuck sweetie." Miley praised. "I needed some hard cock... god damn."

"Do you need some more?" Charlie asked, "I could go get your toy?"

Miley looked over her shoulder, "Are you kidding me? You'll be hard again in another five minutes. Let's see if we really can empty your balls..."

"This is going to be a long night." Charlie grinned.

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