tagBDSMBeauty in the Breakdown

Beauty in the Breakdown


"Don't be afraid. I am going to take care of you." He spoke gently but with a tone of assertiveness. He took both her hands in his and led her into the room. She bit her bottom lip, her anxiety obvious. It wasn't that she was fearful, especially not of him; it was just that she was not accustomed to surrendering control. She wasn't sure if she could but there was a very deep part of her that was ready to try. She trusted him to help her discover something new about herself. He smiled and then chuckled softly, his hands still holding hers. This eased her anxiety a little and she smiled back.

"I don't want you to speak unless I tell you too, at least for right now. "He commanded. He lifted her chin so he could look directly into her eyes. She nodded and let out her breath. He tenderly touched her face and then moved her hair away from her eyes. "I am going to tell you exactly what I need you to do and you must comply immediately, no hesitations. Yes?" She nodded again.

"Good girl." He praised. "I know that this is hard for you, but you are doing great." He kissed her gently on her mouth and he felt her instantly relax for him. He liked that. He looked her up and down, assessing her outfit. She was wearing a soft white silk blouse and a gray skirt that fell just below the tops of her black boots. She looked very polished and he felt his body responding to her. He took a step back and inhaled sharply. He had to maintain control. She depended on him. She stood in front of him, arms at her sides, waiting for his instruction. He slowly walked around her and stopped behind her. He did not speak but instead put his hand on the small of her back and gently urged her forward. She allowed him to guide her towards the four poster bed. He asked her to sit on the edge, knees apart; and she quickly obeyed. He nodded his approval as he pulled a silk scarf from the pocket of his slacks. She sighed deeply in wonder and anticipation.

"Place your hands behind your back." He urged. She nodded and did as he asked. He stepped between her legs and wrapped his arms around her body and proceeded to bind the scarf around her wrists. Her perfume scented the air between them and he inhaled deeply, her fragrance motivating him further. He could hear her breaths quickening and enjoyed watching her chest rise up and down in soft exertion. He found her anxiety arousing. He kissed the top of her head and pulled himself away. She kept her knees apart, he noticed, pleased with her compliance.

"You are doing well." He smiled. She looked up into his face, her eyes resting on his.

"Trust me." He said, more as a statement than a question. She nodded but did not speak; respecting his earlier instructions.

"Good, because I am going to push you to the very edge of your comfort zone and then beyond that. I am going to make you feel things you have never felt before. You are going to be afraid at times but you have to trust that I will not allow any harm to come to you. Your tears won't stop me. Your moans won't stop me. Your begging will not stop me. Emotionally I am going to take you further than you ever thought you could go and you are going to want me to stop, but I won't. The only thing that will make me stop is our safe word. Do you remember it?" She nodded, recalling their earlier conversations.

"Good. Please, tell me what it is." He insisted. She started to speak but her voice caught in her throat, a nod to her nervousness. She cleared her throat and started again.

"Chocolate." She whispered. He smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Just remember that you need to use the word wisely, Sweet One. Once you utter it, everything will be over...make sure that is what you really want." She nodded again, fearful of what was to come; but honestly more afraid of the thought of not being able to summon the courage to let it happen. She shuddered and took a deep cleansing breath. She was a strong, independent woman. She was always in control. Letting go was just not something she could easily do. She pulled against the scarf that bound her wrists together, as if testing her resolve. He sensed her discomfort and allowed her a moment to draw her own conclusions. He did not need to speak; he engaged her stare and wordlessly communicated his need to her. She calmed for him.

He approached her slowly and placed his hands on her arms and lifted her, forcing her to her feet.

"Open your legs for me." He ordered. She slid her feet apart, opening up for him. He lifted her skirt, exposing her black garter and hot pink panties. She stayed perfectly still. His took his hand slowly up her thigh and then rested it on her mound. The moisture of her panties demonstrated her arousal. He raised his eyebrows to her and smiled. She looked down, unable to meet his eyes. He slipped his hand under the material and quickly found her clit. He massaged her gently and she began to rock herself against him. Her wetness coated his fingers allowing him to slip easily into her opening. She gasped at his forwardness but still did not speak. He fucked her gently with his hand until her breathing quickened. She felt herself rapidly closing in on an orgasm and moaned her approval. When he sensed that she was seconds away from release, he pulled his fingers out of her and stepped back. She moaned quietly, disappointed and wanting.

"No, you are not ready yet. I will tell you when it is time to cum." He brought his fingers to her lips. "Now, open your mouth and clean your cum off my fingers." She raised her eyebrows in disbelief and hesitated. With his free hand he reached up and pulled her hair at the nape of her neck, forcing her head back. She gasped in shock but quickly opened her lips for him. He placed his wet fingers in her mouth and she suckled on them gently, secretly enjoying the exotic flavor of her sex. He smiled and released her hair and then gently ran his hand down the side of her face. Her perfect mouth sucked his fingers like they were a cock and he shuddered in excitement. He pulled them away from her to ease his arousal. He looked deep into her glassy green eyes and could see her need. He leaned in and gently kissed her. She parted her lips for him but he denied her his tongue. She moaned softly as he pulled back. In an instant he had her blouse ripped open, and sunk his teeth into the tissue of her neck. She gasped from the surprise as well as from the sharp pull of his teeth on her flesh. He proceeded to bite the flesh around her neck all the way down to the tops of her breasts. The pain was both wicked and exquisite and she felt a rush of warmth surging through her center. He blended his bites with soft delicious kisses, confusing her body's response to the pain. He stopped suddenly to allow her to catch her breath. He pulled her into his embrace as she tried to slow down her breathing.

"I am impressed, Sweet One. You accept pain so beautifully." He spoke as he softly ran his fingers through her hair. She rested her head on his shoulder, happy that she pleased him.

"Come with me," he requested a moment later. He put a hand between her shoulder blades and led her towards the small bench at the bottom of the bed. She stood in front of it waiting for instruction. He undid the scarf that bound her wrist together and she let her hands drop to her sides.

"I want you to undress for me, Love." He encouraged. "Leave on only your pretty pink bra and panties and then lie down on the bench, face up." She nodded and slowly began remove her clothing. Although she was attractive, he knew she was shy about her body and he also knew that emotionally she would have to dig deep to obey him. She took her time and he patiently waited until she was finally exposed. She sat on the bench, unable to meet his eye.

"Look at me." He gently demanded. She raised her eyes to meet his and he could see how uncertain she felt. "You are lovely and your vulnerability makes me desperately want you." She smiled sweetly at him, grateful for his reassurance. "Now lie back for me." She did exactly as he asked. He took a moment to look at her; really take her in. She waited, taking in slow, deep breaths, her eyes closed. He went over to the counter where his implements were and thought carefully about where he wanted to take her. He chose a blindfold, the leather wrist restraints, and a thick flogger and then approached her. She opened her eyes when she heard his footfalls. He knelt in front of her.

"Sit up for me." He ordered and she obeyed. He placed everything in front of him with the exception of the blindfold. She opened her mouth to speak but then thought better of it. He privately acknowledged her control and smiled. He sensed that she was nervous about the blindfold. She did not take her eyes off of it. "Lean forward for me." He said, gently placing a hand behind her head. She hesitated slightly.

"Don't make this more difficult on yourself." He warned. She sighed and tentatively leaned towards him but stiffened as he covered her eyes with the mask, taking away her sight. She leaned into him, for comfort, her body slightly shaking. The warmth of her skin tempted him. He wanted to hold her, to reassure her, but also knew that the time would come for that later. He needed to focus on breaking her down before he could build her back up. He pulled away from her and she quietly moaned her displeasure.

"I am going to have you stand so that I can move the bench away from the end of the bed. I need you to stand between the posts, Sweetness, facing the bed. Ok?" She stood up and he moved the bench and then arranged her where he needed her. He applied the wrist restraints and then attached her to each post with silk scarves. When she was secured to the posts he ran his fingers up her arms gently, sensually. His touch was deliberate and seductive. He tenderly touched her body, his hands mapping out her curves, his breath against her skin. She shivered with pleasure.

Suddenly he brought his hand down heavily on the cheek of her bottom. She gasped and let out a shocked cry. Her reaction gave him a secret thrill and he smiled. He slapped the other butt cheek with equal force and was rewarded with the same reaction. She pulled in her breath sharply and mumbled something he couldn't quite make out. He held in a chuckle.

"What did you say?" He whispered unsympathetically. She shook her head, forgetting her place for a moment. "No, I insist you tell me." He urged. She licked her lips and a slight smile crossed them. She hesitated again, not sure whether to speak.

"Tell me what you said." He demanded.

"I said, mother-fucker," She admitted in a whisper. He suppressed the urge to laugh and instead knit his fingers in her hair, pulling slightly. He turned her face towards him and kissed her lips lightly to contrast the bite that was to follow.

"Did I give you permission to speak?" He asked with a smile she could not see. She shook her head no.

"Dirty little girl. You know that there are consequences to speaking out of turn, especially using such foul language." He mocked. She smirked and tested her restraints. She knew he meant to torture her. Her head gave a slight nod. He ran his hands down her sensitive sides towards her panties. He meant to slip them down but at the last moment he pulled hard on the light fabric and tore them away from her. The cool air assaulted the warm wetness she felt between her legs and she suddenly felt very vulnerable and exposed. She pulled her knees together to preserve her dignity. He could see she felt uncomfortable and he meant to shake her of it. He pulled his own body in very close to hers, his erection pressing against her bottom. She relaxed against him and he felt his body respond with a surge of heat. He wrapped his arms around her waist and then used the palm of his hand and his long fingers to once again explore her pussy. She found that without her sight the sensations he gave her were even more intense and her passion rose very quickly. She slowly opened up for him, allowing him greater access. He stifled a moan and slid his fingers deep inside of her. She responded with a beautiful sigh and he could sense that her orgasm was near. He worked her even harder and felt her body begin to spasm. At that moment he pulled his hand away and she bucked hard against her restraints, her pleasure riding on the edge of insanity. She wanted to cry out for him to not stop but she knew that this was her lesson. Defeated she let out a soft groan. This time he did chuckle. His own arousal was dangerously close to causing him to lose his own control and he pulled back from her to regain his wits.

"Your orgasm belongs to me." He whispered. "I will be the one to decide when or IF it happens." He ran his hand from her neck down to her cleavage and paused for a moment, letting his hand stroke a breast. He watched as her tongue slowly traced the outline of her beautiful full lips. He ached for her. He unclasped her bra; unhooked the straps and let it fall to the floor. She was exquisite in her nakedness; raw, exposed and helpless.

He picked up the flogger and let it fall firmly across her ass, the smell of leather permeating the air. She jumped, more from surprise than pain. In fact, as he continued to flog her she found it almost comforting; focusing on the sensations he gave her. Her bottom soon became pink and warm. He ran his hand over her heated flesh and she moaned. She was very sensitive to his touch. He took the opportunity to spank her ass hard several times. She sucked her breath in loudly but did not cry out. She really did manage pain well, he observed. He felt compelled to tell her so and was gifted with her smile. He embraced her for a moment and whispered to her how beautiful she was; how much she pleased him. She leaned her back against him and he kissed and then gently bit her neck. His hands fondled her breasts and he rolled her nipples between his finger tips, increasing the pressure until it was very uncomfortable for her. She squirmed under his touch. Enjoying her response, he pushed her even farther taking the discomfort to a more painful level. She cried out and struggled to pull away from him. This only succeeded in causing more agony. She wanted to scream out, to beg him to stop, but she did not want to disobey him; to disappoint him. She felt her tears well up under the blindfold and she bit at her bottom lip to stifle her sobs. He slowly eased off the pressure but did not let go of her nipples. She sighed deeply, grateful for his kindness. In spite of the pain, she felt a longing deep within her core. Her body was on edge with anticipation and this intensity fuelled her need.

As soon as he sensed she was ready he let go. A quick flow of blood rushed to her nipples causing her a quick sting of pain. She squealed and then giggled in spite of herself. He laughed along with her and landed a kiss on her cheek.

"That's it." He encouraged. "Embrace the pain, don't fight it." She nodded in agreement. He left her side to acquire his favorite weapon. He approached her slowly, letting her anticipation build. He ran the tool over her body, over every part of her flesh, and then slowly slid it between her folds. She gasped with the sudden pleasure it gave her. She tried to imagine what the implement was. It wasn't until he brought it swiftly down on her backside that she realized it was a cane. The pain it caused was like nothing she ever felt before. It was like a thousand little bee stings. This time she did cry out and pulled her body away from him. He put an arm around her waist and held her against him.

"Shhhhh..." He whispered soothingly. "You will be fine." She trembled in his arms, for the first time truly afraid that she would say chocolate. He comforted her for a moment longer and then let her go. She took in a deep breath and nodded, ever so slightly. He brought the cane down on her backside again, this time a little softer. Again. Again. Again. He gradually increased the intensity of the play. She journeyed to a place deep inside herself, allowing the suffering to teach her. She embraced her anguish, surrendered to the pain, and blossomed under his sweet brutality; until finally she felt a peace overtake her. She experienced a hushed calmness, as though she was submerged underwater and all of her senses were muted; profoundly quieted.

She let out a soft primal moan, deep from her center. He knew, at that moment that she had unknowingly crossed a threshold that would forever haunt her, drive her; define her. She would eternally strive to reach that intimate level of nirvana. He was to blame for both healing her and cursing her. This would be his legacy.

He finished by tenderly caressing and kissing her body and gently soothing her welts. He released her restraints and then finally took off her blindfold. She kept her eyes closed for a moment, enjoying the pleasure of the endorphins coursing through her veins; her flesh tingling. She smiled sweetly and then slowly opened her pretty eyes for him. She looked angelic. She felt orgasmic. He laughed kindly and took her face in his hands and softly kissed her mouth. She responded with a shiver and he knew that she would soon need warmth. He pulled a blanket off the bed and wrapped it protectively around her.

"Come and lay beside me." He said. "Let me now bring you pleasure." She nodded and allowed him to lead her to his bed. She welcomed it.

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