tagBDSMBecky Ch. 08

Becky Ch. 08

byMany Feathers©

William stood re-reading the note that Becky had left for him. "What the hell?" He thought, reaching for his cell phone, but then putting it down again. Though her message was cryptic, it had come with a warning. "Come to Grace's place, two o'clock. Come to the sliding glass doors around back. There's a surprise waiting for you, so don't call or you'll spoil it. Becky. P.S. Don't be early, and don't be late either." William looked at his watch again too. It was one fifteen. Since it was only a twenty minute drive over to Grace's place, he had a few minutes left before he had to leave. He thought about calling Mellissa, but then decided against that as well. Whatever was going on, he doubted Mellissa would know anything. She and Becky had never met. He had purposely kept her identity unknown to Becky for the time being. Though that would no doubt change soon enough if their relationship did indeed continue in the direction he was hoping it would. He recalled how Becky had worked closely with Grace in the past, and had actually began to trust the teacher, one of the few people she ever had. Most likely it had something to do with her going to school in the fall, so perhaps with Grace's help and direction, Becky had reached some sort of a decision regarding that. But why would that be such a surprise? William was half suspecting that Becky had already decided on a different University. But then again, maybe she had changed her mind. So maybe that was it.



"What have you got to drink?" Becky asked rolling out of bed where she'd just enjoyed a small, but satisfying orgasm at the hands of the two women. "You have any orange juice?"

"Yes, there's some in the fridge," Grace responded still looking a bit frazzled herself. She was emotionally torn which wasn't helping. Becky's threat held over her head, coercing her into doing all this was bad enough. But with Mellissa totally unaware of anything, she had quite naturally assumed this was something that Grace truly had wanted to enjoy and experience with her. Once she had relaxed and gotten into it, she had done her level best to pleasure and please Grace, and her new lover, in every way that she could. Grace rolled over onto her back, still trying to collect herself, still trying to catch her breath. Moments after Becky had left the room, Mellissa rolled over onto her side, facing Grace, the tip of one finger gently and lightly tracing a small circle around one of her still hard nipples.

"So tell me, how did you two meet anyway?"


As she had hoped, Becky spotted Mellissa's purse sitting on the kitchen table when she had entered. It took only a moment more to find what she was hoping to. Finding her cell phone, she smiled upon seeing Jessica's number at the top of her list. She quickly input a text, and then sent it. Turning off the woman's phone altogether. Even if Jessica didn't respond, it mattered not. If she showed up, it would be all the sweeter, but either way...Jessica would eventually learn everything she was meant to. She just would have preferred seeing the look on the bitches face in person when she did. She put Mellissa's phone back, walked over to the fridge and soon poured herself a glass of orange juice, she glanced at the kitchen clock on the wall, smiling. It was one fifteen. With luck, in about forty-five minutes she'd have her revenge on everyone, all at once. Becky strolled into the den, ensuring that the sliding glass doors weren't locked, and then sat down on the couch, spreading her legs, toying with herself. She was surprised how arousing she found all this, the excitement of what was to come. She could already imagine the shocked, stunned expressions on everyone's faces as the realization of what she had accomplished here and why, came to the surface. Oh sure, there'd no doubt be recriminations and consequences afterwards because of it, but she didn't really care. By then, the damage would have been done, and whatever her father could or even would do to her because of it, wouldn't mean diddly-squat. "And on top of all that, her father hadn't shown much of a spine in the past, so why would he bother having one now?" She mused excitedly. No...regardless of how angry and hurt he might be because of all this, he wouldn't react. At least not in such a way that he would actually do or say much of anything. "After all, what could he do really?" They all deserved what they were about to get, and she was really looking forward to that.

One again as she suspected, her absence caused both Grace and Mellissa to eventually come looking for her, finding her sitting there on the couch in the den, legs spread obscenely, grinning at the two of them as they walked into the room.

"I was wondering when you'd come looking for me," she smiled seductively. "I like this room, it's warm, sexy...and this couch is way comfortable. How about we pick up where we left off...here?" She said inviting them over. The time on the DVD player showed it was 1:30, just time enough to get everyone involved with one another again, hopefully so much involved that they wouldn't see or discover her father's appearance until the surprise was complete. And better still, if Jessica showed up as well. Even if she walked in on the after math, her mere presence would make the party complete. She could just imagine the look in her eyes when she walked in and saw everyone. She was suddenly very wet again just thinking about it. "I need a good fucking," she told Grace. "I don't suppose you've got a strap on handy do you?" She also suggested.

"As a matter of fact, I do. I'll go back and get it," Grace turned heading back up the stairs again.

"Grace?" Mellissa called out. "Why don't you also grab those furry handcuffs you've got too. You know how much I love being restrained when I'm being fucked like that," she laughed. Grace tossed her a concerned look.

"Yeah, grab those too!" Becky agreed, already laughing inside. "How perfect would that be? Her father walking in, seeing Mellissa restrained, with Becky fucking her while she was. It couldn't get any better. "But hurry back! I'm really horny now, just thinking about that."


William pulled into the drive right behind Mellissa's car. He was just getting out when he looked over and saw Jessica's VW Bug pulling in up front. He stepped out, waiting as she got out herself, looking at him inquisitively.

"What's going on? Why are you here?" She asked.

"Same as you I think. Come on, lets' head around towards the back. I'm assuming you were told to do the same thing as well yes?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact...I was," she said trailing behind him as they headed around the side yard through the gate, approaching the patio area. They walked up to the sliding glass doors together, looking in before opening the doors.

"What the hell?" William asked upon doing so, stepping in. "Someone want to tell me exactly what the hell IS going on here?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'd like to know that too," Jessica added following, glancing towards her mother. Grace and Mellissa stood, and though they had robes on, it was evident that's all they had on. Jessica had known about her mother and Grace for quite some time now, their relationship hadn't been any secret. There were in fact very few secrets between them, something Jessica had always appreciated. But why Becky's father was here too, so far remained unexplained.

"Where IS Becky anyway?" William asked taking a seat now as Grace had asked them both to do.

"We'll show you in a minute," she explained. "But before we do that, there's a few things you need to hear about first," she went on. "Starting with, why you're both no doubt here in the first place."

Things were already odd enough. He was just turning the corner onto Grace's street when he got the phone call from Mellissa, asking him if he could hurry on over. He told her he was in fact just then, turning into the drive.

"And I have a feeling, you got some sort of message from me too yes?" Mellissa asked turning towards her daughter, "telling you to be here as well?"

"Yeah, I got a text from you. Which I knew was strange in and of itself," she replied, explaining to William and Grace both. "Mom NEVER text's me. She hates doing that, and when I tried calling her back to ask her what the hell was going on, all I got was her voice mail. And then I knew something weird was taking place here. Pulling up and seeing William just arriving, more or less confirmed that. And then walking in here, seeing the two of you wearing nothing more than the robes you have on, well...what more can I say? Someone mind filling us in on the rest of everything?"

Mellissa handed William Becky's camera. "In a minute, you'll want to watch that," she informed him. But before you do that, Grace wants to tell you both exactly what was happening here...and why we're in the position that we are. I didn't know about all the details myself until a short time ago."

"I told her what I suspected was going on, and then told her about your daughter's attempt into blackmailing me, and very possibly you too," she told William. Becky had come downstairs for a drink, which is when I informed Mellissa as to what was really taking place, and why. We decided to do something about it before things got any worse, and now glad that we did. Though I'm not sure how you're going to want to handle all this after we show you what we did," Grace informed him. "What I do know is this William, we're going to have to do something now, while we still can, and before it's too late...for everyone, including Becky."

Grace went on to tell him the entire story, ending with him watching the short video that Becky had taken, ending with her sitting there in bed, flipping the bird and mouthing the words, "Fuck you bitch!" He now knew what that was all about too, and why Jessica was here, though he had already guessed this wasn't something Jessica really needed to see. She could pretty much guess at the rest of it.

"So what did you do to her anyway?" William asked curiously now.

"I'll show you," Grace stood. "But keep in mind, I think we're going to have to come up with something to teach her a lesson here. And more importantly, something that will force her to reveal the password she downloaded into my computer system before she can activate the command that will send out those files to all the board members at the high school, and your office very possibly," she added, though she was only guessing at that. Though William had to agree with her there, he couldn't afford to take the chance that she wasn't setting him up as well, not to mention Mellissa. "Ok, just try and not get too upset, or very possibly mad at us," Grace told him stepping towards the bookcase. "She didn't really give us too much of a choice." Grace actually blushed just a little looking somewhat sheepishly as she pulled out a book from the shelf. There was a small click, and then she pushed, the bookshelf suddenly swinging inwards, revealing that it was in a fact a small doorway into the room beyond. "Welcome to my parlor..."

"Said the spider to the fly," William finished for her, and then followed Grace and Mellissa into the room, Jessica coming in behind him. What he saw, truly blew him away, and for a moment, he could only stand there, his mouth agape, eyes wide. "Fucking A!" He exclaimed. "Becky?"

"At the moment, she can't hear or see you," Grace told everyone. "So we can stand here and talk, and decide what we're ALL going to do about this. And I mean ALL of us too," she added. This ends here today...and now, before anyone does anything else. We first have to agree on what we're going to do about this, and then do it. Agreed?"

William stood looking at his very naked daughter as she hung there. Suspended entirely off the floor, there was a length of rope securing her already handcuffed wrists. Her legs were likewise bound, with another length of rope securing them, pulling her up into a not quite vertical position. Becky had what appeared to be some kind of leather hood on over her head, and though her nose and mouth were all that could be seen, she had a ball-gag currently stuffed in her mouth.

"She's been fitted with ear plugs and the mask is also padded, so at the moment, she can't hear a thing," Grace explained. "And now is not the time to try and explain this room to you," she added, to either one of you," she included Jessica. "I will answer any of those questions later for you, but now is not the time. Suffice it to say, this little dungeon area of mine as I call it, came in more than a bit handy for this, once Mellissa and I figured out what she was really up to here. The question again remains...what are we going to do about it?"

William honestly didn't know. He was surprised at the level and depth that Becky could take something like this. He knew she had held resentment towards him, but to the obvious extent that she did, came as a total surprise. He wasn't even sure they could repair their relationship after this at all. Not after what she had done, or was about to do anyway. Grace and Mellissa were correct, Becky needed to be taught a lesson for trying to do this, regardless of the consequences. She needed to learn she couldn't get away with something like this in the first place. But more importantly, they really needed that password trigger code, no matter what it took in order for them to get it.

"I have no idea," he honestly told them both. "But I will tell you this, if anyone else does, I'll support it one hundred percent. We need to get that code, and we need to teach my daughter a lesson, even if she hates me the rest of my life for it. I feel sorry for her, and for what she feels she's gone through most of her life, but to take it out on everyone like this, there's no excuse for it. Her problems, anger...hate should have been directed solely towards me, not towards any of you. So let me be the one to deal with the consequences of that once we're done here."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," Grace told him. "Because I do have an idea, but it's one in which we're all going to have to agree to do together for one thing. ALL of us," she added turning towards Jessica, which might mean, doing certain things you might not have considered ever doing before. But there's a reason for doing that, and one that I think eventually...will get her to give up, and give in to us, as strange as what I'm about to tell you, may sound."

With Becky hanging there suspended, unable to see or hear a thing, they stood listening to Grace's idea and reasoning. And though William listened in disbelief at first, he began to come to grips and understanding with it as Grace began.

"I know this is apt to sound a bit twisted and sick at first, but having spent some time with Becky in the past, getting her to open up to me about certain, previously confidential things, I think that is part of what's behind all this. She doesn't hate you as much as she's been jealous of you William, and especially now. Since you've starting seeing someone again, like Mellissa here. And then her anger turned to vengeance upon learning who she was, the mother of the daughter with whom she'd once had a run in with at school."

"I told you that would come back to bite you one day," Mellissa added looking at her daughter. "Did you ever go back and try to apologize to her like I asked you?"

"I did mother. I really did. I felt bad because I'd been goaded into going along with the teasing that the other girls were putting her through. But when I approached her to tell her that, that's when she hit me, and all but knocked me out. When I finally regained my senses, others had jumped in, someone taking her off, so I didn't have a chance then to try and explain to her that I really was sorry for what had happened. And then I figured, I had actually gotten from her what I deserved for it. I figured if I left her alone, and didn't say or do anything else to her, the matter would be dropped, and that would be that. Obviously...it wasn't."

"Obviously. And now, here we all are, forced to deal with this," she said looking at William. "And I too am sorry William, especially if this ruins the relationship you and I were just starting to enjoy. But this is one time that I have to side with Grace on her idea. We can't have any of this ruining anyone else's lives or careers, regardless of what it takes in order to do that. So if Grace thinks this idea of hers will work, and for the reasons she's already told us it would, then I for one, am willing to do that. The question is, are you?" She asked as William thought about it, and finally shook his head.

"Yes. I am. So...what do we do next then?"

"The first thing we ALL do, is take our clothes off, and then after that, we..."

William was frankly surprised when Jessica agreed to do so, and for the reasons that Grace had outlines, as awkward as it was most likely going to be for everyone initially. And yet, she did it. Just as he did...soon to be standing there naked, with an erection, in front of his very own daughter. As bizarre as it had indeed sounded at first, Grace's thoughts weren't that far out or outlandish. Her reasoning, and beliefs behind that reasoning, were sound. If this was indeed the only way they could get through to her, and get her to listen to reasoning, and eventually...hopefully, give up the password to protect everyone's reputation and careers, then he would do whatever it took in order to do that. And do it, regardless of how embarrassed, or uncomfortable he felt.

"So first off, we get her mad, make her feel embarrassed and humiliated? Right?"

"Right. That will be a form of punishment to her, yes. But it will make her vulnerable as well, seeing that, getting angry, and most likely, not thinking very straight in the beginning because of it. But knowing what I now believe to be correct about a few other things, now that I have all the puzzle pieces, we also need to play against those other emotions of hers, get her to open up and confess to them. Once we've done that, once we've gotten her to surrender to them, then I believe, she'll give us the answers we need. So...one last time, everyone here agree to do this?"

They all did. And though it could turn sour and disastrous if it didn't work, there really wasn't any other alternative either. In moments, all four of them were naked, and in position. Jessica for the time being, hidden and waiting behind a small partition. Mellissa, now sitting in Williams lap, his hard stiff cock, which had taken a bit of doing to get there at first, now comfortably resting inside her as Grace walked over to the still hanging Becky, removing the hood along with the ear plugs she was wearing, though keeping the ball-gag in place.

William had been warned. Grace had already told him what to expect once the hood came off. When Becky's eyes adjusted, and she saw her own father sitting there in the room with her, fucking the very same woman who she had likewise come to hate and despise, her expression said it all. If looks could kill. Becky thrashed, even though it was useless for her to do so as Grace took a small riding crop and gave Becky's ass a quick switch with it.

"Enough!" Grace warned. "Now unless you want another one, even harder than that, you're going to calm down, listen to what I have to tell you, and watch. After all Becky, you're in no position to do anything other than that, now are you?" Stubborn as she was however, as Grace had likewise warned everyone she was apt to be, she trying cursing around the gag in her mouth, hanging there wild-eyed, face beet red, and once more thrashing about, for all the good it did her. But, just as she had been warned, Grace once again laid the crop across her back-side, this time noticeably firmer and harder, the sound of the whip striking flesh, reverberating easily within the small sound-proofed room.

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