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Becky's Doctor


Copyright© 2006 to Bliss

For my regular readers, this story will be quite a departure from my usual stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

This story describes action that the author in no way recommends or approves.

This story is meant for fantasy only.


"Becky," said June swatting her on the arm, "Pay attention!" Becky snapped out her day dream and focused on the professor again. God she had to pay more attention. She'd been having trouble concentrating ever since she broke up with her boyfriend Brian. It wasn't like he'd broken her heart, it was just time to end it, but she missed him and still thought about him when she went to bed.

She could have found another boyfriend; she knew she was certainly pretty enough. At twenty years old, she had the traditional Japanese figure; 32B-22-32, 5'3, less than a hundred pounds, and long black hair. Sometimes wished her breasts were bigger, she wondered if she was built more like her cousin Terri then maybe she and Brian would still be...

"We'll be looking into that tomorrow," said the professor shutting off her PowerPoint display.

'Shit!' thought Becky, 'It happened again.'

When the class was over Becky saw that she had half as many notes as June. June noticed this as well and signed.

"I suppose you'd like to go over this lesson tonight too."

"Thanks, that'd be great." Becky relaxed a little.

"It'd be easy if you just paid more attention."

"Easier said than done. It's not like I can just flip a switch."

"Maybe it is."

"What do you mean?" Asked Becky sounding a little confused.

"Well when I quit smoking I went to see this hypnotist, Dr. Lewis Kinsore. He really helped me."

"I always thought of that as a little like acupuncture."

"Then it should appeal to someone named Rebecca Yan."

"I mean," said Becky giving June a playful shove, "I've never been convinced it works. Beside, I'm not Japanese, I'm American."

"I know, I know," said June, "Anyways it's amazing. It's like slipping to a fantasy world and when you wake up you're a different person. After a session with him I when from a pack a day to none. After a few sessions with him I didn't even want a cigarette."

"Come on?" asked Becky sceptically. She'd never smoked herself but had friends who tried everything to quit.

"I'm serious. He's a little unorthodox but he works. Oh and he only sees people by recommendation. Shall I give him a call?"

So less than a week later Becky sat in Dr. Kinsore's waiting room wearing a light blue pullover short sleeve blouse, white Capri pants, and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was starting to feel very nervous about this... Even now she found it hard to focus on one thing.

'Won't be long now, ' she thought, but in her heart she didn't believe this would work. 'Oh well, what do I have to lose?'

A very tall man entered the room in a conservative dark suit, he wore plain glasses and his hair was styled but short. Everything about seemed non-descript except his size. He was at least 6'6". He didn't smile but this seemed more to represent a very serious demeanour rather than a sense of unfriendliness.

"Becky Yan?" he asked.

"Uh yes," She said standing and realizing she only came halfway up his chest. ""Yes... that's right. Nice to meet you, Doctor..."

"Lewis. Please. My office is this way." He lead her down one of the halls "May I call you Becky?"

"Um... well... sure... I just want you to know that I'm very nervous about this, I've never been hypnotized before."

Kinsore opened a heavy door to an office with walls lined in dark oak. The curtains were drawn and the lights dimmed. Thick plants were bunched in one corner. A very comfortable looking leather sofa sat in the middle of the room, it was the sort of thing the stereotypical therapist had his patients lay on while talking about their childhood. Becky also noticed a green thumb tack on the ceiling directly over the sofa. The room was humid and warm.

"A lot of people are nervous their first time. But just relax and everything will be fine. Now please lie on the couch and look at the spot on the ceiling."

"Oh... I was wondering about the thumbtack." She laughed and took a deep breath. "Is this a long process?" She asked setting into the sofa, it was surprisingly comfortable.

Kinsore turned on some soft new age music; it was so faint that Becky could barely hear it.

"It will take a few hours but you won't notice, it will be a little like going to sleep. When you wake up you'll feel like a different person. Now I want you to imagine that you're standing at the top of long staircase looking at the bottom..."

Becky nodded her head, picturing the staircase. She took another deep breath, and wondered what being hypnotized would feel like... if she'd remember any of it.

"As you move down the steps you feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. You feel lighter and lighter Becky. You're now half way down the steps." Becky felt herself descending... going lower and lower... deeper and deeper...

"At the bottom of the steps is warm pool of water. You notice that you're not wearing anything Becky and you slip into the warm water you feel all your cares and concerns slip away from you. You're totally relaxed..." Easing into the water... oh, so warm and inviting... so wonderful... so relaxing...

"3... 2... 1... Wake up Becky. How do you feel?" Becky opened her eyes, shook her head. "Oh... oh, my goodness... is... is it over? Was I really out? Amazing..." she sat up, rubbing my head. The lights were still dim but turned up a little more. Kinsore smiled her.

"Yes. You've been out for almost two hours. Now I need to tell you something. You can't tell anyone what we do here. Do you understand?"

"What are you talking about? Can't tell anyone? Why?" Confused.

"Becky," said Kinsore ignoring the question, "do you understand that you must never tell anyone about what we do together?"

"Yes, I understand that I can't tell, but I don't know why... what are you talking about?" It was as thought Kinsore couldn't hear any of Becky's questions

"Becky, do you like to masturbate?"

Becky's mouth opened wide in shock at such a brazen, rude, awful question. In her mind she imagined telling him off, and threatening to report him to the authorities, but what comes out was, "Well, I'm not a chronic masturbator, but I do think it feels good."

Becky's eyes opened wider. 'Why did I say that?' Kinsore smiled even more; Pleased by your answer. "How often do you masturbate?"

Becky tried hard to stop herself from talking, this couldn't be happening. She couldn't talk about things like that with some strange man, NO!

"Not terribly often. Usually it's when I can't get to sleep at night, or something. It helps me to relax..."

"I see. What do you like to think about when you do this?" Kinsore sounded so maddening clinical about this, as though asking about insurance.

Becky felt like an animal in a trap, 'No, oh, no... I... can't... mustn't... answer... must... fight it... '

What she said was, "Different things... sometimes it's really great sex I had. Sometimes, I imagine that a bunch of young boys are peeking through my window watching me, or even... for some reason... my cousin Terri's breasts pop into my mind. Isn't that strange?"

'OH, MY GOD, NO, THIS HAS TO STOP, I CAN'T TALK ABOUT ALL THIS, NOOOO!!!' she couldn't believe it, she'd never told anyone about that.

"Well its a little taboo but I think it's rather common. Have you seen your cousin Terri's breasts often?

"Once in a while," said Becky "We were born only 5 days apart, so we've always been close... we slept over at each other's houses a lot. I've seen her change clothes many times..." Oh, god, oh, god... this wasn't fair... how was he doing this?

"Have you ever touched her while she was asleep? Have you ever wanted to or thought about it?" Kinsore didn't seem particularly interested in the her answer, as though this were some sort of interview.

Becky shook her head. "No, it's not really occurred to me to sneak and do it, but I have wondered from time to time what they might feel like..." Becky felt like her face was on fire. No one... in the whole world... knew any of these things. A girl is supposed to have her own private thoughts... this was like mind rape.

"What about your immediate family. Have you seen them naked?"

'No, no, leave my family out of this, you bastard.'

"I've seen my sisters naked lots of times. I've only seen my mother completely naked once that I can remember."

"Now what size are their tits would you say?" Kinsore did smile at the way his profanity made her even more uncomfortable. Becky got a disgusted look on her face from the vulgar reference, she knew he could see the struggle to keep her my mouth shut, but she went on talking as if discussing ordinary things with a friend.

"Oh, we're all pretty small breasted on our side of the family. Denise, who's 16, is just a B cup like me, and Sharon who is 14, is just an A. My mother is only a B, too..."

"From now on Becky I want you to say tits instead of breasts, especially when men are around. Tell me if you understand."

"I understand" She couldn't believe her voice sounded so matter-of-factly. Oh, god, she couldn't believe the torment.

'I can't talk like that... I've never talked like that.'

"Now take off your blouse and tell about your father and your brother Daniel. Have you seen their cocks?"

'My blouse? NO, I CAN'T JUST TAKE IT OFF IN FRONT OF YOU, NOOOOO!!!' thought Becky, but her hands begin pulling the blouse up and over her head as if she were alone in her bedroom, revealing a plain white cotton bra which supported her small breasts.

"I would see Daniel's from time to time when he was little, but never my father's..." Oh, my god, how disgusting. Becky tried hard to cover her bra, but her arms wouldn't move.

"Do you think that your mother and father have an active sex life? Of course you can't know for sure, but what do you think? "

How could he make her talk about something like this?

"Well, I imagine so... I mean, they had four kids... well, Daniel and Denise are twins, so I guess that's only three births... but... I would think so... I guess."

"Do you ever hear them? Do you think your mother likes to suck on his cock?"

"I can remember being young and hearing a noise or two coming from their bedroom from time to time... nothing terribly explicit, though..." Becky wanted to scream at him and ask him how he can dare to disrespect my mother by asking me a question like that about her. "They've been married a long time. It's probably happened... I don't know how much she likes it."

"I'll bet he'd like a lot though." Kinsore smirked in a knowing way. "Take off your shorts Becky and tell me about the first time you let a boy touch your tits."


Becky casually lifted up her bottom and undid her Capri's, slid them off, to revealing the white cotton French cut panties she put on this morning.

"The first boy to ever" (that word, oh, god, that word) "touch my tits was a boy named Keith. I was 16 years old. He had taken me to eat and just walk around the mall, and when he was kissing me goodnight in the car, his hands sort of wandered up to my chest. I was intrigued by it, but at the same time I didn't want it... I was a little scared. It was strangely exciting, though."

"I see. Did he make you a little wet?"

Becky blushed at the question. "Not really... he didn't have his hands there, very long."

"I see. When was the first time you instigated something? When was the first time you slide a boys hand inside your shirt?"

"Oh, that would be my first real boyfriend in college. His name was Brian. God, he was so hot. I remember guiding his hands over my tits many times."

'Oh, god, please, please, please, someone help me.'

"Take off your bra and tell me something you're deeply ashamed of, something no one knows about."

'Oh, god, no, no, no... I... I can't... this man... not in front of this man... no... he has no right to see my... NO!' but her hands reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She slide it off, to expose her small but perky round breasts with their tiny pink nipples. Becky knew her face was burning as she saw Kinsore look at them.

"The only thing that comes to mind really is that I used to steal money out of my Mom's purse when I was in high school..."

"I see. In fact I see very well. You have very nice tits Becky, has anyone ever told you that?"

"Yes, boyfriends have told me that."

'Oh, god, please, I have to cover myself, this man has no right.'

"Tell me more about Brian. Did you suck his cock? Oh and play with your nipples while you tell me Becky."

"Yes, from time to time, but I don't care much for it. I mean it did nothing for me, but it turned him on, so I did it."

Becky fought her hands, trying to stop them, but it was no use. They went right to her breasts and her fingers begin to rub and pull at her nipples, her body twitched from the stimulation but Becky was beside herself with embarrassment at doing it in front of Kinsore.

"Was he the first boy you let finger your cunt?"

'You crude, sick bastard!' "Yes... well, he was the first guy that made that move"

"Becky I want you to say, He was the first boy to finger my cunt."

'Oh, my god, I can't say that... you bastard, sick, sick animal.'

"He was the first boy to finger my cunt...", in her sweet little Japanese voice. 'My god... please... this isn't fair.'

"In fact I want you to use the word cunt from now on, along with ass. Never use any other term. Even with your family."

Becky wanted to cry and scream at him, 'now you're going to make me humiliate myself in front of my family?' But, all I say is, "Okay..."

"Was Brian the first boy to fuck your sweet little cunt?"

Becky wanted to scratch his eyes out. "No, he was the second. The first was the boy I dated in my senior year in high school."

"How old were you when you fucked for the first time?"

"I was seventeen years old... a few days short of eighteen, in fact..."

'This is none, none, none of your business!'

"Becky, take off you panties and show me how you play with yourself. I'm going to take a few pictures."

'TAKE OFF MY PANTIES? PLAY WITH MYSELF? PICTURES? NO, NO, NO, NO!!!' Kinsore took out a digital camera and began snapping pictures of her without waiting for your response.

"Okay...", and she lifted her butt again to slide her panties down, revealing her naked little pussy with just one thin line of black pussy hair going from it to a couple of inches from her waistline. She opened her thighs, creating an excellent view of it, and began to rub her fingers back and forth across her clit. She started to breathe faster as she felt like she was dying of shame. She was naked and masturbating in front of the man she hated most in all the world. The most private of acts was going to be enjoyed and photographed by a pervert.

Becky noticed that a video camera had been sitting in the corner with the plants and had been running the whole time. Everything she'd said and done here has been recorded.

'My god, a video camera?!? What is he going to do with this? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME.'

To her shame and horror, her fingers continued to stimulate her clitoris, and her body responded naturally, as an orgasm began to build. Becky fought to keep a moan from escaping my lips, but it was no use.

"Say how much you love playing with yourself Becky."

'No, oh please, no, ' "I love playing with myself, it feels SO good."

'That video camera, ' thought Becky, "filming me masturbating and saying how much I love it. I could be ruined."

"Do you like touching your pussy?"

Becky was talking between pants now, "I... I... I love... love touching my... my pussy..." No... she couldn't have an orgasm in front of him and his camera... he has no right to see that...

"Tell me what a slut you are Becky."

"I... I am... such... such a slut..." Oh, god, no, no. Her back began to arch on it's own as the orgasm got closer. Kinsore continued to snap pictures of her. He still seem detached and professional.

"Wouldn't you like having Terri's tits to suck while you do this?"

That image, placed in her head, pushed her right to the edge. Becky moaned very loudly, crying out, as her free hand began to pull at her right nipple. "Oh, god, I want to find out how Terri's tits would feel in my hands so BAD...", not in front of him, please, no... just... something about her tits..." In a few seconds, the orgasm would happen and there was be nothing she could do to stop it.

"Cum for me like a slut Becky"

"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOaaaaauuuuugggghhhhhh...!!!", Becky actually got the word no out, but it was lost in the scream as she begin to cum, a powerful wave rushed over her as the orgasm took her me. Then she felt ashamed... so ashamed that like some whore there was a man watching her... filming her.

After she cooled off a bit Kinsore said, "Very good Becky. I think we made excellent progress today." He handed her a clipboard with Release for Photographic Rights written at the top. "Please sign that and then you can go. You'll need to return thought."

Becky found her my hand signing the release form, hating him, wishing she could kill him and then die herself. What was she going to do?

"Return? When?" She asked.

"I'll be in touch." He handed her a blank pad and pen. "Write down your home number, cell number, all your email address and any other way I might get in touch with you. Always leave your cell phone turned on now. You never know when I'll need you."

'Oh my God!' thought Becky, as she began writing, 'I'm in so much trouble.'

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