This story developed from a rather intense bit of cybersex between me and fellow Literotica author Erotic_Angel. I strung it together in story form but she helped me edit it into shape. A true collaborative effort that she graciously allowed me to post. _________________________________________

The door Catherine had so carefully sealed opened as easily as if it had never been locked at all. Dante turned his head to meet her gaze, his eyes as dark and seductive as always.

"Hello, little morsel," he said simply. He stepped easily into the room and the door swung closed behind him as if caught in a sudden gust.

Catherine shivered. Even clad in her thick terrycloth robe, she felt naked under his gaze. All her precautions, her carefully constructed wards had been for nothing. Her resistance and will crumpled like tissue.

"Hello, Sir," was all she could manage. Her eyes flicked away from his stare to a point on the flood midway between them.

Dante walked slowly around her as she stood motionless in the room. His gaze measured her form, his feather light touches against the soft curves of her body sent new chills racing through her body. Even through the robe his touch was ice.

"It has been a while since I had a meal as. . . .succulent"

Catherine swallowed hard at his choice of words, a low moan stirring deep in her throat. Within her soul a tiny voice screamed RUN, girl, RUN, but it was drowned by the coursing power of his will over hers.

"Just the sort of thing I want to. . . .taste. . . .consume," he stepped back and swept his eyes over her again. His measured and easy steps carried him closer to the trembling girl, his shadow coming to fall over her like an omen.

She sobbed wordlessly as the enormity of his words finally hit her. Her eyes flicked to his as he again loomed over her small form "C. . . . con. . . . consume?" she whispered.

Dante shrugged almost carelessly and made a show of examining his suit for imagined lint. "Take. . . . use. . . .devour. . . .leave you when I have. . . .finished." He stepped between her and the door as she took a faltering half step, cutting off her abortive escape with deft, dance-like grace.

She spun to follow his movements across the room, her eyes widening, her heart pounding. She stepped away from him on tiny bare feet, but he closed the distance easily.

"Strip for me," he said simply. His tone was no longer casual. The words hit her like an almost palpable blow and she staggered back a half step. Wordlessly she opened the ties of her robe and let it spill from her shoulders in a single fluid motion, the soft heavy fabric pooling at her feet. Her slim hands made a small motion to conceal her nudity, but a single shake of his head sent them back to clench at her sides in tiny fists.

His hand slid smoothly into the fiery tangle of curls on her head, pulling her to him. She whimpered and resisted the pull of his hand. Her eyes were wide like those of a trapped animal sensing an all-too-near predator. Her feet slipped uselessly on the hardwood as his grip in her hair tightened.

Dante's dark eyes narrowed. "Do not defy me, morsel." With a motion almost too fast to see, cold fingers tightened around the ivory column of Catherine's throat.

The moan that spilled unbidden from her lips was no longer born of fear. This close, his power made her head spin, her knees weak. Her delicate fingers wrapped around his wrist as he held her. Her tiny, whispered "Please. . . ." was more cry than words.

He lifted her easily at arms length. Her toes scrambled for purchase against the smooth wooden floor. Her grip tightened on his wrist until her knuckles were white, her long nails driven into the pale skin, desperate to take pressure from her throat.

"Please what, pet? Please use you? Please taste you?" His free hand caressed her cheek tenderly.

Catherine's breath grew shallow and fast as he held her tighter. Soft, gasping pants trying desperately to suck air into lungs screaming for breath. "Please Sir. . . .I meant not to defy you!"

The evenly manicured nail of Dante's index finger grew to a perfectly sculpted pale talon. He trailed the back of the razor-sharp claw down against her cheek. She cried wordlessly, her cheeks flushed with sudden heat at his touch. He became acutely aware of the scent of her arousal filling his sensitive nose, an exotic, enticing wash of perfume. His fingertips felt a tremor pass through her captive body.

He pressed the point of his talon against the hollow at the base of her throat, pushing until a single perfect ruby welled up around the claw. She moaned at the pinprick of pain piercing her skin, fighting the urge to swallow again. Dante drew her limp form to his mouth, and arched her neck back to expose the line of blood pulsing over her flesh. His cold lips closing tightly on her hot skin, and he drank hungrily.

Catherine's head fell back from his grip. She offered her throat willingly now, completely under his sway. Her eyes closed, and she could feel the hammering of her own pulse as he fed. He broke contact with her long enough to open the thin wound with his claw, shearing the soft skin until a line of crimson marred the silken skin of her throat. He pressed hungry, suckling lips to her again, drawing forth another moan at the mingling of pain and ecstasy.

His power grew as he fed, his presence suddenly even larger in her addled senses. His grip tightened, arching her neck further until her bones and sinews strained with complaints. Dante's suddenly sharp teeth pressed deep into her skin, holding his hungry mouth in place against the flowing slash.

Hot tears flowed over her cheeks as wracking sobs flowed from her throat. Her fingers fell bloodlessly away from his wrist and she sagged in his grip as he warmed against her. His skin was suddenly almost hot where it touched her flesh. Her nipples were hard, aching pebbles upthrust against his chest as her body responded to his assault.

By now her blood was merely an afterthought, an appetizer for his true hunger. His dark soul was linked to hers, he was feeding on her very life. Even as her skin cooled to his touch, his warmed. As she weakened, his power grew. The sudden cry of pain forced him to slacken his grip, lest he snap her neck and end his meal. The cries faded to moans as her form became pliant in his grip, eyes glazed and hands falling to her sides as she hung before him, trembling, inner thighs gleaming with desire.

Dante tore from her throat with an animal growl, ripping her flesh anew as his teeth broke free. His lips and chin were stained crimson from feeding. He pressed his lips to hers, kissing her hard, fast, passionately. As he thrust his tongue against hers, she tasted the hot copper tang of her own life essence and moaned into his kiss.

"Now, my little puppet," he said, breaking the kiss, "on your knees. I have fed. I pulse with life. I desire pleasure."

"Yes Master," she murmured. The words seemed to come from somewhere far away, with a dreamy quality to a voice her fragmented and confused mind could barely be sure was her own. She slipped from his grasp, melting to her knees before him. Unfocussed eyes gazed up at him, lush lips parted, the tip of her tiny pink tongue sliding over the red flesh to make it glisten temptingly.

Dante freed the hard shaft of his cock, felt it pulse in his hand with the preternatural beat of his heart. He slid the head against her throat, smearing her spilling blood up over her face with his precum. Catherine moaned again, arched her head back to feel more of the heated, hard flesh against her skin and parted her lips widely. She drew the thick, veined shaft deep into her mouth in one deft motion, felt it press against her tight throat as she mewled hungrily around him.

He grunted in pleasure as he felt her tight throat around the head. His steady grip on the back of her head pressed her nose into the dark curls at the base of his erection and he shuddered in delight as she swallowed around him. The ecstasy of feeding was rapidly replaced with the all-too-human feeling of pure animal lust. Catherine struggled to accept his thrusting shaft, desperate, eager to please him. The muscles of her tender throat rippled around him as she moaned against his thick shaft. Her hands closed around his hard thighs and she willingly, eagerly buried his cock completely in her mouth. Dante growled and gripped her hair tighter, trying in vain to control the sudden assault on his pulsing cock. The thick shaft gagged her, stealing her breath and driving the wet moans deeper into her throat.

"Yesssssss" He hissed out in pure primal pleasure now, a dark tone in his voice that was tinged with his growing lust. "Feed, little whore. Swallow my cock like a wanton, drooling slut." His voice was a deep, growling purr as he murmured down at her. "My pretty little cocksucker."

Catherine choked around his cock as she felt the head swell in her throat. Her eyes were glazed as she struggled to breath around the invading shaft. His full, swollen balls tightened against the base of his cock, her tiny hand kneading and caressing them, trying to coax the heavy load into her waiting mouth.

Dante's hips bucked hard against her face, and a stream of hot cum pulsed over her tongue. He pushed her head down, letting the hot torrent of his seed throb into her mouth, her throat. The flow bulged her cheeks, leaking from her lips as she pushed her mouth eagerly against him. Catherine whimpered as her throat convulsed trying to swallow it all, feeling his hot cum spill over her chin and splash on her thighs. He held her in place as she drank and suckled, her lips locked just behind the head. A tiny shiver passed through her as she swallowed his hot gift, her heart again pounding in her ears.

He grabbed her arms, his body still singing with the power he had taken from her. Catherine cried out in surprise as he slammed her body face down to the desk with ease, her bare breasts pressed against the cool, unyielding wood. He kicked her legs wide, willed himself erect again and gripped her hips in taloned hands. Catherine sobbed with the sudden pain of his grip, but her thighs dripped with evidence of her own need, her smooth, bared cunt quivering.

With a single, powerful stroke he plunged into her, driving her swollen clit against the hard edge of the desk. Catherine screamed as he impaled her, shudders wracking her body as he ground her against the hard surface. Dante grabbed her hair, jerking her head back to hiss in her ear.

"Cum, or don't cum. I don't care, little whore. I'm not going to stop until I have had my fill of you."

Catherine's fingers grasped the edge of the desk as he hammered into her. Her hips pressed back into each thrust, moaning as he used her. Dante grabbed her shoulders, yanking her back, impaling her with each thrust. Her body crackled with pain and pleasure, the two entangled in her soul until they were one. The desk slid across the smooth floor with the force of his strokes as he took from her what he wished.

With an inarticulate cry of pure lust, her body danced and writhed under his, her cum flowing in hot rivers down over her legs, slicking the hot shaft of his pounding cock as it ravaged her. Orgasm after orgasm wracked her petite form, exploding through her body in rapid waves, leaving her weak. Dante grunted as she spasmed and contracted around him, his clawed fingers piercing her skin where he held her. Her moans grew more and more feral, hot and low, torn from her throat. Her body jerked and thrashed under him as he marked her once more.

His canines grew against his lips, and he tore a jagged rip in the hot skin of his own wrist. The hot mixture of her blood and his own pulsed over his arm. With his free hand he gripped her throat, leveraging her neck back until the bones separated slightly, singing with a single pure note of agony.

"Choose. Eternally mine. . . . or oblivion."

Her answer caught in her throat, words choked off by his grip. Dark eyes flared as the scent of his offering tore down her reason, and Catherine's mouth parted almost of its own volition, seeking the source of the dark, powerful scent filling her head, singing through her soul. He brushed his wrist against her mouth, painting her lips with the coppery tang of their mingled blood. Catherine grasped at his wrist like she was drowning and he was her lifeline. As her lips closed over him and drank deeply of his power, her body pulsed with the energy, the sheer raw excitement and erotic thrill of the moment. He had made her. . . .re-made her as his own.

The sudden, almost electric connection between them caused his cock to erupt within her, searing her sodden cunt with the white hot flow of his thick cum. Catherine cried out around the wound, her tongue alive with the taste of his power, her body shuddering with one final orgasm.

Dante released the death grip on her neck, sagging against her on the desk. She collapsed against the wood, feeling that blood pouring through her like a raging river of molten metal. He slid free of her, the last pulse of his cum splashed against her legs. He stood on shaking legs, and Catherine slid from the desk to the floor at his feet.

"What. . . . what am I now?" she whispered, half afraid of the answer she would get.

"A creature of night and shadow. A predator. A hunter of men. All this and more."

She nodded softly, peering at her own delicate hands as if for the first time. She was different than she was before, of that there was no doubt. She lifted her gaze to him as he towered over her on the floor.

"But what you are most of all, pet, is mine. Forever."

Catherine's lips parted in a dark smile, pointed canines revealed in the glinting moonlight.

"But Master. . . .I always was. . . ."

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