Becoming a Lesbian Slave


Nicole looked at me apologetically, "Amber let them go."

"What?" I gasped.

"She said they didn't fit into the new White Wedding image," Nicole explained.

"Why, because they aren't a size zero?" I said, suddenly angry again.

Nicole stood up and walked towards me, "I am not saying Amber's decisions are always fair, but they are always successful. Plus, both were given very good severance packages."

"I could be sued for wrongful dismissal," I said.

"Amber made sure they signed non-disclosure agreements before they received their severance packages," Nicole said, putting her hand on my arm.

Strangely, her touch sent a spark inside me. Nicole was easily one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in person and my week of self-discovery had made me reconsider my sexuality. I stammered, "W-w-well, I will talk to Amber about this on Monday."

Nicole squeezed my arm gently, "You are welcome to do as you wish, but I suggest you let Amber do what Amber does."

"I don't know," I sighed.

"Well think about it," Nicole said, returning to my desk. "But the girls downstairs could really use another body."

I left my office and noticed that Sophia was not there which was odd. Did she go with Amber? That seemed unlikely, but the more I learned about Amber the more the unlikely seemed likely. The next three hours flew by as I assisted customers, met my three new employees I didn't hire (each seemingly very nice) and watched my merchandise fly off the racks.

Exhausted, I went home and texted Sophia.

Where are u?

The reply came three hours later while I was in the bath tub right before bed. Getting out, I gasped when I saw the answer.

In Paris with Ms. Amber

I instantly texted back.

What? Why?

I got in my pajamas and flipped on the television waiting for a reply.

Amber wanted me to come with her as her personal assistant as she met with fashion designers this weekend.

I couldn't believe what I read. Was I paying for this sojourn to Paris for the weekend?

What? What about Jack and the kids?

She responded almost immediately.

The kids are with Mom and Jack is thrilled to have the house to himself for a weekend. Sorry, the taxi has arrived I have to go.

Deciding I had no control over the situation and it seemed Sophia had decided to go with Amber on her own cognition. Although I was worried about her, Amber seemed to be manipulating her; I pretended to support her decision.

Have fun! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

She didn't respond back.

That night, even though back in my own bed, I had another wet dream.

Amber's legs were wide open and propped on my desk and I was under the desk between her legs licking her pussy; then I was licking Nicole's pussy; back and forth like a yo-yo as I pleased them both, a collar around my neck with an attached leash being held by Amber.

Amber explained, speaking as if I wasn't there, "You see Nicole, women like Cassie here are all the same. They think they are feminists, they think they are in control, and they don't even realize what they are missing out on until someone like me puts them in their place."

"Which is?" Nicole asked.

"On their knees eating cunt, of course," Amber laughed, "Isn't that right, Cassie?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, while I continued licking Nicole's pussy.

"What are you, Cassie?" Amber questioned, testing me.

"A slut, your slut, Mistress," I answered without hesitation.

"And what do slut's do?" Amber added.

"Obey," I answered.

Waking up, I kept repeating the word obey over and over again. My panties were drenched as I tried to understand my mental obsession with Amber, a woman I detested. Yet, there was something about her that had drawn my subconscious into a new world, one that I couldn't quite get my head around yet.

The rest of the weekend flew by as I went to work on Saturday and worked on the floor all day and actually had a night where I didn't have a wet dream. Sunday I went in and tried to go through the weekly receipts, only to find they were all gone. I texted Sophia to have her ask Amber where the receipts were.

She replied:

Ms. Amber told me to tell you that Nicole is in charge of the store in her absence.

Although frustrated, there was nothing I could do about it until I spoke with Amber on Monday. So I enjoyed a leisurely Sunday as I prepared for Monday's meeting...a conversation I played in my mind again and again.

I went to bed thinking of Amber and what was sure to be another power struggle and not surprisingly I had another frustrating wet dream.

This time it was me massaging Amber's stocking-clad feet.

"You look good on your knees, Cassie," Amber complimented.

"Thank you," I replied, her comment meant to humiliate, yet somehow making me proud.

"You want to fuck yourself with my foot, don't you, slut?" Amber asked, moving her stocking-clad foot to my face.

"What?" I asked, not sure I heard the question.

"You want to get off on my foot, say it, Cassie," Amber ordered.

The thought had not even remotely popped into my head, yet now that it was there, the idea was all I could think of. "Yes, Mistress," I admitted.

"Straddle my foot, slut," Amber offered, moving her foot straight up, her nylon toes standing up.

Embarrassed, but horny, I awkwardly straddled her leg and foot and hesitated not sure what to do.

"Well fuck yourself, dummy," Amber said, condescendingly.

I lowered my pussy directly onto her foot, the scene absurd, and used her toes as tiny cocks. I began to slowly buck back and forth, my wet pussy, opening up wanting more.

"Shit, your cunt is soaked, slut. You love being a little submissive slave, don't you," Amber smirked.

"Yes, Mistress, I love being your whooooore," I moaned, as more of her toes slipped between my pussy lips.

"Get all my foot in," she demanded.

"Yeeeees, Mistress," I whimpered, wiggling back and forth like a slutty porn star as all five toes disappeared inside me.

"Now ride my foot cock," she ordered, the smirk on her face one of utter amusement at just how desperate I was to obey, to come.

"Fuuuuuuck," I moaned, as I began to fuck myself with her foot. It was utterly humiliating and doubly satisfying.

A couple of minutes of fucking myself, Amber finally demanded, "Come my pet, my whore, my slave, my pussy pleaser, my slut."

Each derogatory name triggered a sensational pulsation of pleasure in my body and my orgasm exploded through me.

I woke up sweating and my pussy again leaking from a very vivid wet dream. What the hell? What was happening to me? Why was I continually having such stupid, yet authentic feeling dreams? I concluded whether it was good for business or not, Amber had to go.


I arrived early for my so-called meeting with Amber. I wasn't the least bit shocked that neither her or Sophia were there. Around 9:30, I texted Sophia.

Where are you?

I got no answer and sighed as I continued waiting. Nicole showed up around ten and I asked, my tone clearly annoyed, "Do you know where Amber is?"

"No, but Amber lives on Amber time," Nicole shrugged, as if Amber usually did this.

"Well, I can't have such unreliability at my store," I said frustrated. "Plus, where is Sophia. She has never just not showed up before."

"I imagine she is still with Amber," Nicole said.

"None of this makes sense," I said, flabbergasted.

"I agree. Amber has an unorthodox style. But she has never anything," Nicole explained, before adding, her tone unreadable, "She always gets what she wants."

"No one always gets what they want," I replied, the statement rather extreme.

"Well," Nicole chuckled, "There is an exception to every rule and Amber is definitely the exception to the rules."

Nicole's phone buzzed and she answered it. "Oh hi, Amber how was Paris...Two o'clock...Ok, I will send her out...I imagine so...Sunday was pretty busy as well...ok, see you this afternoon...bye." Once off the phone, "They missed their flight last night and are on their way back as we speak."

"Figures," I said, again wondering if I was paying for this trip.

"She also asked me to send you on an errand," Nicole added.

"I am not her assistant," I said, coldly.

"She wants you to deliver the dress to Ms. Wilson," Nicole explained.

"Oh," I replied, suddenly no longer defensive. Amber was sending me to meet the celebrity who had obviously had a big part in White Wedding's overnight resurrection. "Well, I guess I can do that."

Nicole gave me the dress and the address and I headed to the hotel she was staying at, just a few blocks away. As I made the brief walk, in my five-inch heels which I had finally got used to, I pondered that maybe Amber was not so bad. She could have sent Nicole to do this, or did it herself when she returned, but sending me clearly made a statement that she still understood it was my store.

I had to pass security to get up to the penthouse and then had to wait over three hours before I was allowed up. Hungry and crabby, not a good mix, I headed up the elevator to meet one of the most famous women in the world. I was surprised when Ms. Wilson answered the door herself in a robe. "Excellent, I have been expecting you," she smiled.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Wilson," I said.

"I am sure it is," she replied, as she said, "Follow me."

I followed her into the penthouse suite which was nice, but much to my chagrin not as impressive as my suite at Relaxation Sensation.

We were in the bedroom when she took off her robe, now in only white panties and bra and said, "Grab the stockings from the bed."

"Um, ok," I said, laying the dress on the bed as I picked up the white stockings.

Sitting on a chair, she ordered, as if I was her servant, "Put my stockings on."

"Pardon?" I asked, completely taken aback by her expectations.

"I don't have all day," she sighed.

Mortified by being treated like a servant, yet not wanting to upset my star client, I walked to her, dropped to my knees and slowly rolled the first stocking up her leg. I couldn't believe what I was doing, nor could I believe that my mind stared at her panty covered pussy as I finished putting the first stocking on.

Noticing I was staring, Ms. Wilson laughed, "Hungry are we?"

"W-w-what? No, I was just distracted by your beauty," I admitted, which was true but hopefully hid my brief naughty thought.

"Sure, sure," she waved, clearly not buying my reply. I put the other stocking on her before standing up. "The dress," she said.

I returned to the bed, grabbed the dress and took it out of its protective wrap. Once out, I returned to Ms. Wilson and assisted her with putting the dress on.

Once on, she went to the mirror and looked at herself. Her cheeks went red and she smiled for the first time since my arrival. "Perfect, Ms. Amber, really knows what she is doing."

Even Taylor Wilson one of the biggest celebrities in the world called her Ms. Amber. Only Nicole didn't, which was curious. "You look beautiful, Ms. Wilson," I complimented.

"You are still here?" she asked.

"Sorry, ma'am," I apologized, cut down to size in just four words.

She didn't respond or turn around and I took that as her way of telling me I was to go. I was almost out of the room when she said, not turning around, "Have fun with your training."

I had nothing to say to that, so I left her room, her penthouse suite and the hotel. It was almost two, but decided I couldn't meet Amber until I had eaten as I am a total bitch when I am hungry...and I was starving. I grabbed a bite to eat and returned to the store a quarter after two.

I was surprised that Sophia was still not at her desk. I walked into my office and Amber was at my desk typing on the computer.

"You are late," she said, not looking up.

I defended myself. "I had to wait for three hours before seeing Ms. Wilson."

"I just talked to Taylor. She said you left a little after 1:30," she countered, still not looking up. "It doesn't take forty-five minutes to walk a few blocks."

Her tone was like my mother's when I came home past curfew, I explained, "I was starving, so I got a bite to eat."

"Well, lucky you have me to run your store while you have lunch," she said, finally looking at me.

"I don't have to defend myself to you," I retorted, my anger again beginning to bubble as she clearly knew exactly how to push my buttons.

"Sit down, Cassie," Amber ordered, her tone firm.

"I will not," I said, standing my ground.

"Sit the fuck down this very second," Amber demanded.

I don't know why but I obeyed, suddenly scared of her.

"Now was that so fucking difficult?" Amber questioned like I was a child.

I wanted to snap, but held in my anger, as I ignored the question and asked, "So what now?"

Looking down, I suddenly noticed something I hadn't until now. I gasped as I noticed a pair of heels, of course five inches, poking out from underneath the desk. I said, each word dripping with venom, "There is someone under MY desk."

Her tone not changing, as if such an observation was obvious, "Yes, it is Sophia, she is actually a pretty good FULL service employee, although it took a fair amount of training."

I didn't know what to say as I sat there speechless from the revelation that my best friend and secretary was under my desk assumedly pleasuring Amber's vagina.

"Would you like Sophia to lick you?" Amber asked, her smile so frustrating I wanted to slap it right off your face.

"This has got to stop," I said, before adding, "Now."

"I agree," she replied.

"Good," I said thinking she understood the conviction in my tone.

"Let's make something perfectly clear, Cassie. I am in charge here, not you. You do as I say. You signed away your rights to decision making when you signed the papers last week," she informed me.

"That is ludicrous," I replied, suddenly petrified she may not be bluffing.

"No what is ludicrous is you almost ran this store into the ground with your ineptitude," she retorted, suddenly letting out a moan. She smiled while she mocked an apology, "Sophia has gotten quite good at this since I added it to her employment duties during your weekend getaway."

"Sophia come out from under that desk this very second," I ordered.

Amber smiled, staring at me, "Yes, go ahead Sophia do whatever you wish. You can crawl out from under the desk and you will never have the privilege of tasting me again or you can stay under MY desk where you belong as my personal cunt licker."

I assumed Sophia would leave, yet I should have known better. Amber had a power I couldn't quite understand, but it seemed to work on many women.

Yet Sophia didn't crawl out from under the desk.

Amber continued staring at me as she asked, "Sophia, where do you belong?"

There was a brief pause before I heard the unmistakable voice of my best friend, "Between your legs, Mistress."

The word 'Mistress' shocked me even more than the rest of the answer, my mind suddenly recalling the recurring dreams of Amber being my Mistress. Sophia was happily married, she had never even considered being with a woman before, like myself, and yet there she was under my desk pleasing a relative stranger, it just made no sense.

"Will you lick Cassie's cunt if I tell you to?" Amber asked, her smug smile driving me mad.

"Yes, Mistress," Sophia replied, without hesitation.

"Now back to the three keys of success I was telling you about on Friday," Amber continued.

I stared at her in a daze, still unable to comprehend what was really happening, it was so surreal.

"Number one is dress for success, number two is control your own destiny," she continued.

"I have done that for years," I retorted, proud of being the sole owner for all these years.

"Yes, you did," she said, implying past tense.

"What are you saying?" I asked, annoyed.

"Well you gave up your destiny and created a new one once you gave me control," she explained.

"I did not," I said.

"Really?" she asked, rolling the chair back. "Sophia, go grab the contract."

"Yes, Ms. Amber," Sophia replied, from under the desk. A moment later she emerged her face clearly wet as she avoided eye contact with me.

As Sophia left the office, my head spinning with confusion, Amber continued, "And then there is number three. Employees must know who is boss and obey without hesitation."

"But you have made Sophia a sex slave," I said, the words out of my mouth unbelievable.

"That is one way to look at it, I look at it another way," the bitch shrugged.

"And what would that be?" I asked sarcastically.

Ignoring my sarcasm, she explained, "I just redefined her job description."

"Are you serious?" I laughed the response so absurd.

"I understand people, Cassie," she continued, "and I knew as soon as I met Sophia that she was submissive and needed someone to guide her in her journey to self-discovery."

"By making her pleasure you?" I scoffed.

Again ignoring my response, "Just like I know what you need."

"Is that so?" I again replied sarcastically.

Before she could reveal her brilliant psychological assessment of me, Sophia returned with the contract.

"Page 12, section 9, subsection 3b," Amber said as I flipped through the contract.

I glanced up to see Sophia, without instruction, return to her knees and crawl back under the desk. I instantly wondered how it happened, and a chill went up my spine as I felt a tingle in my pussy. I shook my head as I flipped to the page.

"Good girl," Amber purred, as she rolled the chair back in position.

I read the contract piece and gasped.

9.3.b. All business decisions from now hereafter must be decided by Ms. Amber.

"You can't be serious," I said, wondering how I missed that during my quick scan of the document last week.

"Of course I am serious. When I am hired, I take control of every aspect of the business," she explained.

"But I am the owner," I said.

"Yes, I let you keep that title," she smiled, before adding, "Now Cassie, go to Sophia's desk and answer the phones while I continue to run your business," Amber ordered.

"Excuse me?" I questioned, stunned by her expectations yet again.

"Unless you want to replace Sophia under my desk," she smirked, before adding, "Although I assume that is where you will end up since you are submissive just like her."

"I'm submissive now?" I retorted, knowing of all the things I was, submissive wasn't one of them.

"You are the prototype of a submissive," she assessed.

"How so?" I asked, curious to hear her absurd logic to this absurd conversation.

"You have spent your whole life using your business as a facade to hide what you really need," Amber explained.

"Are you kidding..." I began, but was shot down.

"Don't interrupt me when I am talking, Cassie," she snapped. "Now as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Cassie you hide behind your work, you spend so much time and energy in making it successful that you need your brain to be allowed to go into neutral when not at work. You NEED to be told what to do."

I waited to make sure she was done, which I suppose was a submissive act, before saying, "I disagree completely."

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