Becoming a Lesbian Slave


She chuckled, opening her legs to allow me a clear view of her perfectly shaved pussy, "Beg, to please your Mistress."

Her pussy so tantalizing close to me, her scent lingering teasingly, I answered, giving in yet again unconditionally, "Please Mistress Amber, may I eat your cunt."

"And are we going to have any more of these silly disobediences," she asked.

"No, Mistress Amber," I answered, suddenly feeling guilty for disobeying.

"Look closely at my cunt, slave," she ordered.

I obeyed, my mouth watering.

"How bad do you want it?" she asked, rolling her chair away again.

"Soooooo bad," I whimpered, my pussy tingling.

"Go fuck yourself on your new toy, my pet," Amber ordered.

I looked up and saw her devilish smile.

I knew this was just another level of humiliation, I also knew that the camera would film me fucking myself like some two-bit whore, yet I crawled out from under the desk and over to the wall with the six-inch dildo.

"Back up slowly, my pet," she instructed, as she put her legs on the desk and watched amused at my complete submission to her.

I could feel my pussy leak as I anticipated the cock in me. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see Amber watching me, as I slowly backed up. I felt the head of the cock hit my dog tail. I lifted my legs up a bit and the cock easily slipped inside my wanton pussy.

"Ohhhhh," I moaned, the pleasure instantly tingling inside me.

"Now fuck yourself, slut," Amber instructed.

I didn't need any further instructions as I began bouncing back and forth on the plastic toy.

"Don't you come without permission, Cassie," Amber demanded, her voice closer.

I opened my eyes and saw she had walked over to me.

"Who owns you?" she asked, grabbing a chair.

"You doooooo," I whimpered in admission.

"And who is in charge of this company?" she questioned, putting the chair directly in front of me.

"You arrrrrre, Ms. Amber," I admitted, knowing I had lost and she had won.

Lifting up her skirt and sitting down on the chair, her pussy again so close to me, she asked, "What are you?"

I didn't even hesitate, my desire to come overriding any last remnants of dignity or common sense, "Your slave, your pet, your slut."

"You can come when I do, Cassie Williams," she said, sliding down the chair until her pussy was in my face.

Hearing my name was one last reminder of who I was and how quickly I had fell, yet I didn't care. I began licking eagerly wanting to get her off so I too could get off. I slowed down fucking myself, desperate to obey and not come yet as I continued licking. I licked for what seemed like an eternity of surreal near orgasmic bliss until her moans increased again and I did the same head turning clit tease I had with Nicole.

"Oh shit, slut, you are soooo good at this," Amber moaned, before adding, "faster, faster, fuck, fuck, come with me, slut, come with me."

I let go, began fucking myself furiously while my face bounced into her cunt with each forward movement and in seconds my orgasm shot through me with erotic precision just as Amber's cascaded through her. My face was coated with cum as I continued to bounce back and forth onto the dildo and into her quivering pussy.

Finally spent, I fell forward into Amber's pussy as the cock slipped out of my pussy and juices leaked out liberally.

Amber patted my head like a dog as she said, "You will make a very good pet, Cassie, a very good pet indeed."

The words which would have been ludicrous and offensive a week ago were suddenly comforting. I looked up and woofed.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/27/17

Another Great Stimulating Story

Loved this story and wish you would add more chapters as this theme has a life of its own. Great Job as usual.

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by Anonymous09/24/17


it was really interesting i wish if you could add another part into it
very awesome

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by Anonymous09/20/17

Not believable

Sorry...this was a load of crap. No believable.

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