tagLesbian SexBecoming Bree Ch. 09

Becoming Bree Ch. 09


Note to the Readers: Some sections of this series involve situations of incest. If this subject is not to your liking, please don't read the entire novel. Situations vary from chapter to chapter, so enter at your own risk. Thanks for the notes & support!

Now that Sabrina was part of her past and "Bree" was the future, she thought long and hard about the things she wanted. Her life had been decided for her up to that point, but the new Bree was going to make her own choices.

Bree had lovers, she had a nice new job, she enjoyed the place she was living. She came and went as she pleased, she had a willing and adept bedmate, she had money in the bank. The sex - hell, the hot & wild fucking - was terrific. But she wasn't 100% satisfied as yet.

There was a part of her who longed for familiarity, however. So she got on the phone and called Heather. She missed her best friend and wanted to share her new life with the person who made her happiest in her old life.

Heather was overjoyed to hear from her best friend and the two girls made plans to meet for lunch. Bree knew that it would be like no lunch her friend had ever enjoyed. She intended to make it one of the most memorable meals Heather'd ever had.

The day of the lunch, Bree dressed to kill. She wore her new black stilettos, stockings with garters. Her top was sheer, gauzy and black. The tight leather mini she wore hugged her like a second skin. She wondered if Heather had ever thought of her sexually - if not, she was damned sure she would now!

The restaurant the girls met at was very informal, casual. Bree barely thought of what she was eating - all she could think of was getting her friend into bed and turning her into her newest playmate. She wanted to think of who she'd be eating instead.

Heather wasn't helping matters much either. The scrumptious little redhead was wearing a snug green dress that ended above her knees - wayyyy above - and knowing Heather, she doubted if she was wearing much underwear. Her legs were rocking back and forth as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. There was a sparkle in her friend's blue-green eyes and her voice was animated as she spoke.

"Mannn, Sabrina, you sure have changed! It's a nice change, don't get me wrong - but wow, you knocked me for a loop!" her friend intoned. "It's, like, you came from a parallel universe or something!"

"First of all Heather hun, it's Bree now ..." Bree told her "... and second, well, it was about fucking time I changed! I love it here - the people are nice, there's lots to do and people to fuck!"

Heather just about choked on her drink. Laughing, she said " I don't think I've ever heard you use that word, and knowing you actually enjoyed it - well, good for you hun! About damn time!" Heather clinked her glass with Bree's in a mock toast.

The girls finished their meal and Bree and Heather went shopping. Bree left her friend for a few minutes, saying there was an errand she wanted to do and promised to meet her in about 30 minutes.

If Heather knew the surprise Bree had in store for her, she'd have fainted. She ran to the store, made her pre-arranged purchases and met up with Heather at the appointed time.

Heading back to her home, truly naughty thoughts were running through Bree's mind. Heather was about to get her world rocked!

Bree showed her friend her new home, her friend was suitably impressed. "You should see my bedroom hon!" Bree said, barely able to keep the lust out of her voice.

The two young women headed up the stairs, Bree could feel Heather's eyes on her swaying little ass. "Good!" Bree thought lustily, "she noticed!" She giggled to herself, there was soon going to be much more to see.

Heather was impressed by Bree's lavish new digs and told her so. "Hang on hun - wait'll you see the surprise I have for you!"

She went into the bathroom, trembling from excitement and a little bit of nerves. "I am really going to do this!" she thought. She emerged from the bathroom and Heather's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

Bree was in a light blue teddy, with sheer blue lace at the sides and breasts and satin everywhere else. It hugged her tight, her blonde hair was wild and tousled. She'd been tanning a lot lately and left her legs bare, but wore a truly trashy pair of clear, plastic "fuck me" pumps. She walked over to Heather, who stared admiringly.

"Wow!" was all that Heather could manage to say. "That is sensational, who is that outfit for?"

Bree leaned in towards Heather and planted a sensual, tongue-licking kiss on her friend's soft lips,holding her face gently in her hands. "Three guesses darling!" she purred as suggestively as she could.

Heather's eyes widened, a combination of disbelief, delight and arousal. "I definitely like this new you baby!" Heather cooed, returning the kiss. "This has certainly been an afternoon of surprises!"

"Go into the bathroom love, there's another one waiting!" Bree smiled, swatting her friend's rump as she wiggled by. The butterflies in her tummy were going away, this was working out so well!

Heather emerged from the bathroom, looking truly breathtaking. Bree was in awe at her friend's raw sensuality. Now, her newest lover-to-be was attired in the black bustier / teddy that Bree'd bought for her, lace trimmed and sheer in spots, with her own pair of black stockings and hot. "fuck me" pumps of her own. She was stunning. There was no other word for it. Heather's body and personality was an invitation to kinky sex!

Heather sashayed over to the bed and took Bree's face in her hands, kissing her softly. "I've wanted you for so long hun, and now I have you!"

Bree pulled Heather on the bed and rolled on top of her. "No, now I have you!" she smiled, kissing her lover passionately.

She ran her hand's all over Heather's tiny, adorable body. She pulled the bustier to the side and tasted Heather's cotton-candy nipples, wondering how anyone could be so sweet. Her tongue swirled and licked and plucked at the nipples, eliciting "oohs" and "aahhsss" from her longtime friend & newest lover. From this second on, their relationship had changed, and Bree could not have been happier about that.

She'd become an adept female-lover in the last little while and Heather was receiving the full benefit of her skills. As she licked the petite redhead's sexy body, Heather squirmed against her, Bree's hands ran over the satin-covered curves and aroused Heather even more. Bree used her manicured nails to trail up and down her lover's creamy flesh, stroking her gently and blowing gusts of air all over the little goosebumps that arose on Heather's skin.

Heather couldn't believe the changes in her friend, but she wasn't complaining. Her pussy was already soaked and she screamed out to Bree "Eat my cunt, you hot little bitch!" The lewd words from her childhood friend brought Bree to new heights of arousal.

Bree complied again, pulling the panty of the garment aside and plunging into the depths of Heather's fiery red snatch. She licked and gobbled, eating with the adept skills of a true lesbian, Heather thrashing and writhing underneath her. "Oh Bree, oh baby, that's so fucking good, eat me, eat me and don't stop!" she yelled out.

Bree had no intention of stopping, she was elated in her new-found lezzie lover and was happily licking her for all she was worth. Her own pussy ached for attention and she wiggled her body at her lover and said, quietly "69?"

That was certainly okay with Heather and the two lovers wiggled into the time-honored position for hot loving. Heather pulled the panty of Bree's garment to the side and began licking at her, surprised / delighted to find her girlfriend had shaved her pussy, bald. She resolved to eat a lot of this pussy in the future! That would have been fine with Bree, she liked having her pussy licked almost as much as she liked being fucked!

The two girls licked and lapped, sucked, fondled, squeezed, like the two lezzie lovers they now were. They moaned, screamed and bounced on the bed, sharing a passion that had been denied far too long. When Bree began to shake with orgasm, Heather was not far behind, squealing loudly as she came! Even past her friend's orgasm, Bree continued to lick at her, until Heather practically begged her to stop.

Their bodies shiny with lust and no small amount of sweat from their erotic exertions, they cuddled together, whispering words of love each was truly pleased to hear. "I have one more surprise hun!" Bree cooed in her lover's ear, nibbling it as she did so.

Bree went into the bathroom and came out wearing a large, 9-inch strap-on dildo, which caused Heather to gasp and clap her hands in delight. "Want it bitch?" Bree hissed naughtily.

"Goddd, yesss!" Heather moaned in return. Bree positioned herself behind her girl and began to fuck the dildo in and out of her lover's tight cunt, harder and harder, the natural wetness of Heather's pussy making it go in and out with ease. She screwed harder than many men had fucked her, but Heather took all of the fake rubber cock and cried out for more! Harder and harder Bree fucked, Heather's body twisting and turning to take every inch of the big cock within her. Heather felt like her friend had been born to be a slut, she was so good at arousing her sexually.

She changed positions later and Bree got to watch her now-naked ("Don't want to ruin this nice lingerie baby!") friend bounce her ass up and down on the play-dick, while Bree played with Heather's sweet tits, pinching and nibbling the hard nipples.

When it was Bree's turn to take the artificial rod, she stripped as well and got her blonde body pounded by her wild lesbian lover. She took it deep within her, excited by the fact just a short while ago she'd been a virgin, now she was one of the hottest fucksluts around. Bree's body shook with delight as she realized that she'd achieved her goal, she was truly wild and loving every minute of it. In that second, her climax hit her hard and Heather followed suit. They clung together, panting, yet not wanting to stop these wonderful sensations.

The two girlfriends cuddled up again, feeling closer and far more intimate than ever before, both knowing they would continue this affair in the years to come. Neither girl would stop being the lover of the other, their bodies and minds were too in synch. Like her precious Tera, Heather was now Bree's lover-for-life.

Heather giggled and Bree asked her what was so funny.

"High School reunions are gonna be a lot more fun now!" Heather laughed.

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