tagBDSMBecoming Her Bitch

Becoming Her Bitch


"Take it like a man you sissy bitch," Jennifer said as she thrust her big strap on into my ass.

"Yes mistress," I groaned as the long life like dick pounded my prostate.

"I'm not your fucking mistress you sissy pig," my wife yelled as she slapped my ass hard leaving it stinging and red. "A mistress wouldn't have her cock inside your sissy ass. From now on you will refer to me as Master. Do you understand," she said sternly as she pulled hard on my black leather studded leash. The leash was clipped to a matching collar that was buckled tightly around my thick muscular neck.

"Yes master," I panted as she continued to ferociously fuck my ass. "I understand and you are right as always."

My cock throbbed hard and I ached to stroke it but that was against the rules.

Outside of our house no one would have ever expected the BDSM aspect of our sexual relationship and they certainly wouldn't expect me to be submissive to my petite sexy wife.

I was a 6'3" tall rugged looking 40 year old guy with a short military haircut, a closely trimmed goatee and a muscular athletic body. Jennifer was a small 5'3" tall 33 year old woman with a fantastically curvy body highlighted by big d cup tits, a narrow waist and the most beautiful round ass ever to grace gods green earth.

We had been married for a year and together for three when Jennifer really took her dominance to a new level. She began with strap-on play but that was only the beginning.

Jennifer pulled her strap-on from my ass and rolled me onto my back. "This way you can watch your master fuck you," she chided as she rubbed her cock across my gaping well fucked asshole. "Do you want it?" She teased.

"Yes master," I groaned as she pushed the thick head inside me.

"Beg for it you sissy pig," she demanded as she pulled her cock out.

"Please fuck me master," I pleaded. She rubbed her slick cock against mine as I continued to beg. The long thick 8" strap-on dwarfed my 6" tool.

"Okay sissy," she said disgustedly, "I will fuck you like the little bitch that you are." She eased her big cock into my ass until her hips touched my ass. "How do you want it piggy?"

"I want it hard and fast master," I replied needily.

"Of course you do," she grinned as she thrust her big cock into my stretched ass.

Her cock pounded my prostate relentlessly as sweat ran down her beautiful face. Her expression was a combination of amusement, lust and distain and it made my cock harder than it had ever been.

"You love my cock in your sissy ass don't you piggy?" My wife chided.

"Yes Master," I panted. I was a wanton slut who needed to cum and Jennifer knew it.

"You are such a sissy little bitch. I bet you wish there was a cock here for you to suck while I fuck your ass," Jennifer said dismissively.

I groaned at the mental image as she continued to mercilessly fuck me.

"You like that don't you piggy?" She continued. "You like the idea of sucking a real cock while I fuck your sissy ass don't you piggy?"

Despite my excitement at the mental image, or perhaps because of it, I couldn't answer. I had never thought of sucking a dick. The truth was that I wasn't at all attracted to men but the idea of sucking a big hard dick as my wife fucked my ass was incredibly arousing.

"Admit it piggy," my wife teased as she continued to mercilessly fuck my ass. "Admit you want to suck cock and I will let you cum."

"Yes master," I moaned. "I want it." My face flushed with a combination of excitement and embarrassment.

"You want what piggy," Jennifer asked sternly as she put my legs up against her shoulders and thrust her cock into me.

"I want to suck a cock Master." I answered honestly. It was at that moment that I had an epiphany of sorts. I realized that my sexuality was a sliding scale. I wasn't gay and maybe not even bi but under the right circumstances I would try almost anything once and above everything I was submissive.

"Good answer piggy. Now stroke your little dick and cum for me," she said loudly as she continued to pound my ass. Her big tits bounced as she thrust her cock into me.

I grabbed my dick and stroked it in time with my wife's thrusts.

"You want cock don't you piggy?" She asked.

"Yes," I moaned softly.

"Yes what."

"Yes master, I want cock," I replied as my climax approached like a run away train.

"I bet you want to swallow a thick load of cum too, don't you piggy?" Jennifer teased.

"Oh god, yes," I cried out as an enormous load of cream shot from my dick. It splashed on my chest and stomach as I groaned from the ecstasy of my release.

Jennifer continued to pound my ass as my cock spasmed in my hand. She scooped up my seed and pushed her cum coated hands into my mouth.

"Eat your cum," she ordered as she continued to pump her cock into my ass. "You like it don't you piggy?"

"Yes master," I replied as I sucked, licked and swallowed my seed from her hands.

"Are you a cum slut?" Jennifer teased.

"Yes master, I am your cum slut," I replied. Amazingly my cock was still achingly hard.

Jennifer pulled her strap-on from my ass and dropped the harness to the ground. She mounted my cock and rode me hard until her body shook from her first climax. She slowed her pace and I watched her gorgeous body move in fluid languid motions as my cock glided effortlessly in her soaking wet pussy.

She quickened her pace again. Her big beautiful tits bouncing as she rode my hard cock.

"Piggy," she began, "I want to watch you suck a cock. A nice big hard cock and when you get it nice and hard I want to ride it."

Her head was thrown back as her body slammed hard against mine. I could feel my climax building as my sexy wife described the scenario she envisioned.

"I want to ride a big hard cock and when I look down I want to see your handsome face licking my pussy, his cock and his balls. Oh god," she panted. "Just thinking about it gets me fucking wet."

I passed the point of no return and my cock spasmed inside my wife's soaking wet pussy as her own climax washed over her body.

Jennifer collapsed on top of me and our mouths met in a torrid wet kiss.

"I love you baby," my wife said to me between kisses.

"I love you too," I replied honestly. I had never felt closer to her than I did at that moment.

"Would you really do that baby?" Jennifer asked pensively as the endorphins left our bodies and our libidos returned to normal.

"Baby," I said, "I don't honestly know. Before today I had never even thought about it, but if it makes you happy I will certainly try."

-To Be Continued-

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