tagBDSMBecoming Her Bitch

Becoming Her Bitch


I am excited. She is staying over tonight. It will be the third time she has slept in my bed and I have woken up with my arms wrapped around her. I have not had a girlfriend in some time. Being the CEO of an international company takes up too much time for me to really have a social life but after meeting her in a hotel bar a month ago I have cleared my schedule to make time.

I look at myself in the mirror of my en-suite bathroom. Not bad, I think. I a 42 years old 6ft 2 inches tall with dark curly hair, blue eyes and a gym toned body. The only thing I don't like about myself is my cock 5 inches when fully erect. I would prefer it to be twice that size. Still she doesn't seem to mind so far. Naked I open the bathroom door.

She is lying naked in the middle of my bed playing with her nipples. I watch her, enjoying the view. She has beautiful tits, a very generous 34DD with big dark nipples that she is busily stroking and pinching in equal measure making them stand to attention like an army recruit in front of a sergeant major. I walk over to the bed and sit down next to her. 'Do you want some help with that?' I ask her.

'No thanks.' She replies, getting off the bed. In fact I don't think you should be allowed to touch me at all. 'Have you ever been tied up before Marcus?' She asks.

'No.' I reply honestly. What I don't tell her is that I have often fantasised about being bound up. I have climbed to the top of my profession by being the dominant male, working hard, stepping over anyone who gets in my way and now I am top dog. Everyone in my business life does exactly what I tell them to do or face my wrath if they do not and I am not known for being a laid back boss. I really enjoy my position in life as the Alpha Male but I have sometimes wondered what it would feel like if someone else took control. I have not shared these thoughts with a sexual partner before as I have not had the courage and I never like to appear weak.

'You can tie me up if you like though.' I say shyly suddenly feeling very vulnerable. She takes a silk scarf from her overnight bag. I lie on the bed and take hold of the metal railings on the headboard expecting her to tie me to this. She shakes her head.

'I want you on all fours with your head towards the foot of the bed.' She says. I oblige and she ties my hands together and attaches the scarf to the metal pole that runs along the foot of the bed. She binds me tightly and with such skill that I know she must have done this before. She then walks behind me and I can feel her tying my ankles together. Kinky. For a man who is used to holding all of the power himself I could get used to this.

She walks back to her overnight bag and says 'I am going to have some fun with you tonight Marcus.'

I look up at her and smile. 'Oh yeah, you can do whatever you want to me baby.'

'I'm going to.' She replies reaching into her bag. She pulls out a large pink vibrator and walks back over to the bed. She puts one leg on the bed next to me and turns the vibrator on. I can hear it buzzing and she lowers it to her pussy and starts to massage her lips. I am getting really turned on by this. It is like being in the front row of a really dirty strip club. I can feel my dick throbbing as I watch her play.

She has moved the vibrator from her pussy lips to her clit and is rubbing the head of it over her nub. 'This is what I like.' She tells me. 'I bet you wish you were this vibrator don't you.' She says.

'Oh yeah.' I reply. 'Come here and put your pussy to my mouth. I want to taste you.' I tell her, expecting her to do just that.

'No way am I letting you touch me tonight.' She answers. 'Tonight is all about me doing exactly what I want with you. Not the other way around.' I am sure she is bluffing. I am naked on the bed for a reason and that is that she wants me to fuck her once she has finished playing with me. I smile up at her. She returns my smile and inserts the vibrator into her waiting hole.

She starts to fuck herself and I can see she is getting very turned on. Her pussy is soaked with her juices and I can hear the wetness as she moves the vibrator in and out moaning as she does so. This is turning me on so much I could almost cum myself just by watching her. I can do nothing else but watch, and listen and smell. The smell is intoxicating, sweet and musky I am longing to touch her. I wriggle against the silk scarf that binds me trying to get free so that I can take her in my arms and put my hard cock in the place of the vibrator making her squeal in delight as I fuck her sweet pussy, desperate to be inside her. She has bound me too well though to allow me my freedom and all my wriggling achieves is to bind me tighter still.

Her breathing has become more ragged now as her orgasm starts to build. I try to help her as much as I can from my position by saying 'That's it baby fuck yourself. Let me see you cum. That looks so good.' I'm not lying. The vision in front of me is amazing. She has got herself so wet with that vibrator that her juices have run all the way down it and on to the hand she is holding it with. Her clit looks engorged and her pussy lips are swollen. I can see she is ready to cum. This I really want to see. She throws her head back and screams as she makes herself cum all over the vibrator. Her knees buckle against the bed as the orgasm takes over her. I can't wait for her to untie me so that I can cum myself. I am so hard it almost hurts.

Her orgasm has subsided and she has regained control of herself. She walks to the foot of the bed. I am looking up at her and she puts her arm around the back of my neck and kneels down to my eye level as she does so. She is going to untie me, I think. My turn now.

She holds the vibrator out to me. 'Lick it clean.' She tells me. I look back at her. Is she kidding me? I think. Does she realise who I am? I am a captain of industry and not about to lick a vibrator clean any time soon. I am absolutely not going to put something shaped like a cock into my mouth. I refuse to be humiliated in this ridiculous way. I open my mouth to tell her this in no uncertain terms and before I can utter any words she has shoved the vibrator into my mouth. I try to spit it out. I can't she had my head held firmly in her hand and I can't move at all. I can do nothing but suck as she slowly fucks my mouth with it.

'Tastes good doesn't it.' She asks me. I can't deny that. At last I am getting to taste her intoxicating juices. Not in the way I wanted to but they still taste good. I concentrate on the taste rather than the feel of the vibrator in my mouth and find myself relaxing against her arm. Once she feels this she takes her arm away from the back of my neck but does not stop fucking my mouth with her vibrator. She reaches down, past my chest to my stomach but her hand does not stop moving until she has wrapped it around my cock. She starts to tug.

I moan. I need this touch so much. She has driven me crazy making me watch her fuck herself with her vibrator and then making me lick it clean. I realise that she will make me cum while I am sucking on a plastic cock and feel utterly humiliated. Strangely though I find this a turn on in itself. It does not take long before I shoot my load all over her hand and the duvet beneath me.

As I recover myself she stands up. 'Can you untie me now please.' I ask.

'No way,' she replies. I have only just started taking what I want from you and I'm going to be doing this all night long.'

'Suit yourself.' I reply. My arms and neck have started to ache a bit from the forced position I am in but it is not too bad. I could certainly enjoy watching her play with a vibrator and my cock all night. I am really getting into the idea of her being in control. She is looking in her overnight bag again and I am excited at the thought of what she might find in there this time. She seems to have come prepared.

She finds what she is looking for and comes back over to me. Holding up a ball gag she asks. 'Do you trust me?'

'Yes.' I answer. I am excited at the prospect of being unable to speak. Ever since I can remember I have always been a brilliant orator. It is one of the main reasons I am at the top of my game now. Since being the CEO I have used this skill exceptionally well to my advantage motivating my minions to do whatever I ask and do it very well. I can talk myself in and out of any situation I want or need to. The thought of not being able to use the skill I am so renowned for thrills me and I feel my cock start to get hard again at the thought of giving her even more power than she has already taken.

She puts the ball into my mouth. It is larger than I expected it to be and fills my mouth. I take deep breaths through my nose trying to get used to the sensation as she buckles the gag behind my head. She puts something behind me on the bed in order to fit the gag. I do not see what it is.

Once I am unable to talk she gets on to the bed behind me and starts to massage the cheeks of my arse. I enjoy this sensation for a while my cock starts to get hard again. I think that she will soon reach her hand between my legs and play with my stiff dick or my tight balls. She does not do this. Instead she removes her hands from my arse and I feel her take something off the bed. I hear a whoosh of air and feel something cold hit the crack of my arse. I feel her fingers move down it pushing the substance towards my virgin hole. I realise what she is about to do and try to kick off the scarf that has tied my feet together. She kneels down heavily on my ankles and I can't move. I try to pull my arms free. The ties bite into my wrists painfully and this only makes them feel tighter. Too late I realise what she intends to do to me but I can do nothing about it. I try to shout but I can't even talk through the gag in my mouth. My arse is totally exposed to her and she will do as she likes with it. In being stupid enough to allow her to tie me up like this I have made myself her fuck toy.

I feel her finger invade my puckered hole and I try to turn my body away from her. I can't. I am unable to do anything but take what I have coming and hope it doesn't hurt too much.

'My my, you're very tight,' she tells me. 'You must be a virgin.' She has guessed right but I am unable to tell her this. 'I'll soon change that,' she says.

She withdraws her finger and I almost sob with relief. This is no longer fun for me and I want it to be over. It seems that it is. I'll throw her out of my house the minute she unties me.

I feel lube hit my arse again and hear the sound of her vibrator being switched on. I brace myself knowing that I am powerless against what is about to happen. There is no longer any point in struggling. I feel the tip against my tight hole and then the vibrator is inside me and I have never felt pain like it. My arse feels like it is on fire and it hurts so much I feel sick. I realise that my face is wet and realise I am crying. It makes me feel ashamed but I can't help myself.

'Relax Marcus,' she tells me. 'It will hurt more if you tense up. If you relax you will enjoy it.' I wonder whom she thinks she is kidding because it certainly isn't me.

She is fucking me with her vibrator. I feel her push it in to my arse as far as she can before easing it back out almost all of the way. She does this for a few minutes. I have stopped crying. There is no point as nobody will hear me. My cheeks burn with the humiliation of being fucked in the arse by a woman and not being able to do anything about it.

Slowly I feel the burning sensation die away an it is replaced by an incredible warmth that seems to spread from my arse to the rest of my body. To my surprise I realise that my cock is rock solid and oozing pre cum over the duvet beneath me. I hear a moan and realise it is coming from me.

'I told you you'd start to enjoy it once you relaxed didn't I.' She tells me. 'I wonder what the guys in your boardroom would say if they saw this. I bet they wouldn't believe that you let me fuck your arse. Maybe I'll give them a little something to help their imaginations.' I feel her get off the bed and she walks around to the side of me. She has left her vibrator in my arse and I feel it pulsing inside me. I am enjoying the sensation now that the pain has subsided and the degradation of having it in my arse is turning me on. I look towards me and see that she is taking a picture of me with her phone. 'Smile for the camera,' she tells me. 'Say Board Meeting.'

I am mortified. It is one thing to realise that I enjoy the feeling of a phallus inside me but quite another to have the whole world know about it. If she wanted to she could put the pictures on the Internet. My entire industry would know about it in minutes and I would never live down the shame. I look at her horror stricken knowing there is nothing I can do to make this situation go away. It is too late to do anything but endure.

'Relax.' She says. 'It's for my eyes only unless you misbehave.'

She puts down her phone and pulls out a strap on cock. 'I'm going to fuck you now,' she tells me. 'There is nothing you can do about it, so you might as well take it like a man.'

I watch her attaching the cock to herself and feel excited. I want to feel her slide herself inside me and mould her body to fit around mine. I want this new sensation to overcome me and know that she is attached to it bringing me to orgasm with her own dick. It makes me feel ashamed of myself to want to be so submissive, this is a side of myself I have fought hard to control and now I am desperate to succumb to her every whim.

She adjusts her strap on and I feel her climb up behind me on the bed. She frees the vibrator from my arse and it feels free and light but I long to be filled again. She obliges plunging herself deep inside me making me moan in delight. She fucks me and I back myself into her wanting to feel as much of her cock inside me as possible. It feels incredible. Like she is fucking me from the inside out. She could almost be right inside my cock. I want this feeling to go on forever but I know it won't as I can already feel my orgasm building. She gives me another couple of thrusts and I feel like my cock has exploded as wave after wave of orgasm crashes over me. My cock pumps out a seemingly endless amount of jiz. I moan her name over and over knowing I will let myself be used as her fuck toy as much and as often as she likes from now on.

My orgasm is over and I am trying to get my breath back. I am smiling as I realise this is the best orgasm I have ever had and she hasn't even touched my dick.

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