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Becoming His


Thanks for all the supportive comments. I've been so busy there's been no time for writing lately, but I managed to squeeze out this short story. I hope you like it.


Lisa's brow crinkled as she picked over the tray of apples. It wasn't the burning issue of which red delicious apple to add to her basket that occupied her thoughts, it was her love life. Or lack of a love life to be more specific.

Attracting men wasn't her problem. Thankfully, she had been blessed with gorgeous looks. She wasn't bitchy about it, but she figured she might as well play up her assets.

With that thought in mind, Lisa had accumulated a closet full of clothes that suited her body. The halter style summer dress she was wearing was a typical example. It lovingly cupped her breasts, hugged her midriff and flowed to mid thigh, showcasing her body to perfection.

Her breasts had always been a major attraction, and encased as they were in delicate mint green silk, they were the epitome of feminine perfection, both generous and firm. The support cups that were sewn into the dress had failed to subdue her nipples, and their outline was clearly visible. When combined with her translucent green eyes, trim waist, curvy hips, well-toned ass and seemingly endless legs, she never failed to turn heads. She wore her shoulder length auburn hair casually pulled up and secured by a clip. The style showed off the delicate lines of her neck and jaw, and the only makeup she wore was a touch of lipstick and a hint of mascara.

With her looks, Lisa was used to all the come-on lines. Want to have dinner sometime? I would love to serve you breakfast in bed. You look like you could use a 'real' man, want to go back to my place? Don't I know you from somewhere? Lisa had heard them all, and she generally responded with a flirty smile and a gentle refusal. She wasn't interested in a fast fling, and she was pretty choosy about her sexual partners.

Her looks were both an asset and a liability. They certainly helped her earn great tips as a waitress, but when it came to romance, they could be a definite hindrance. Some men didn't approach her romantically at all. They assumed that she wouldn't think they were attractive enough for her. The men who did approach her were usually the cocksure, egotistical types that were more interested in their own good looks than in her. That narrowed the field of prospective men considerably.

Not that Lisa had ever lacked for male companionship. She had been in several relationships, but her interest always waned fairly quickly. The men in her life had always left her feeling bored and cold. She wanted a strong man, someone who would take charge, someone who could hold her interest and make her feel...

"Excuse me."

Lisa jumped slightly as she turned to face the man who had spoken to her in such a deep, purring voice. He had short, black hair that made her fingers fairly itch to rake through it. His eyes were dark and brooding, the kind that surveyed everything around him with calm, assessing confidence. At that moment, they were assessing her.

His perfectly apportioned nose, sculpted cheekbones and sensuous lips were the stuff of feminine fantasy. He was lean but muscular, and in his faded jeans and casual shirt, he seemed to dwarf her own five foot seven inch frame. He was mouthwatering.

When she spoke, her voice came out as a breathless whisper. "Yes?"

He made no secret of the fact that he was sizing her up. In fact, her skin fairly tingled everywhere his eyes touched her. She felt her nipples crinkle into even tighter buds beneath his lengthy stare, and when his eyes roamed down the rest of her body, moisture began to seep onto the crotch of her panties. His expression was impassive, and she found herself wondering whether she appealed to him or not.

For some mysterious reason, Lisa blushed. She hoped for an instant that he wouldn't notice, but when he quirked one dark brow, she knew that he had.

"I didn't mean to startle you," he said with a grin. "It's just that I think you would be perfect for a job I have coming up."

Lisa had to suppress a disappointed groan. Why couldn't a man like him try out one of his pickup lines on her rather than offering her a job? Still, she couldn't help but be intrigued.

Lisa cleared her throat. "A job? What kind of job?"

He reached into his back pocket and extracted a business card. When he handed it to her, his fingers barely brushed hers, but it seemed like an electrical current passed between them. Lisa had to stifle a shudder of sexual awareness.

"I'm a photographer, and I have a shoot this weekend. I think you would be perfect for it."

"You want me to model for you?" she asked with amazement.

"Exactly. As you can see from my card, you would be required to do most of the shoot in the nude."

Lisa's eyes widened as her eyes dropped to his card. 'Hot Shots' was printed in bold; 'Specializing in the exotic, erotic and pornographic' was printed in smaller type beneath. There was a silhouette drawing of a nude woman on one edge, and his name, Jake Winters was printed above his phone number.

"I'm going to do an erotic shoot of a submissive woman, and you are exactly the type of woman I have in mind. The images would only be used in a private collection, so you wouldn't have to worry about having your pictures plastered all over the internet or in magazines."

Lisa was stunned. She had never considered modeling, much less doing so in the nude. She searched his face but didn't see any hint of teasing.

"Are you serious? I don't even know you."

"I assure you, my offer is legitimate. You would sign a contract and collect a fee of one thousand dollars, which I think is quite generous for an afternoon of your time."

Lisa had to hide her shock at the amount he had mentioned. As a struggling college student, a thousand dollars was more than she made in a month. "Well I'm not sure. I mean I've never considered doing something like this before."

He subjected her body to another thorough inspection. "Believe me, I can see you have all the attributes I'm looking for. You would be perfect for the job." His eyes returned to meet hers and he gave her another knee-weakening grin. "I tell you what, think about my offer for a couple of days, and if you are interested, give me a call. I need to know by Wednesday, so if I don't hear from you by then, I will find someone else."

"Fine," Lisa said curtly. She felt inexplicably miffed that he wasn't trying very hard to convince her.

"Nice to have met you," he said with a nod. He sauntered away without a backward glance, and Lisa watched him disappear out of the store.

She stood motionless for several minutes, holding his card and replaying their conversation in her mind. She felt both flattered and annoyed. Could she trust him? Did he really just want to take her picture? What if he intended to do much more? She would be pretty much at his mercy if that was the case.

Surprisingly, the thought of being at his mercy didn't frighten her, it thrilled her. Without even trying, he had aroused her interest like no man ever had. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit that she would be receptive to any sexual demands he might have in mind for her, so she really had nothing to lose did she?

Lisa finished her shopping and walked the few blocks to her apartment, while her mind explored the possibilities he had introduced. She ate a quick supper, poured herself a glass of red wine and headed to the bathroom. A good long soak was what she needed. She began filling the tub and dribbled a generous stream of bath foam under the faucet. While the water was running, she lit several candles and popped in a CD with sensuous jazz.

She undressed quickly, but when she caught sight of herself in the mirror, she paused to consider her reflection. Could she really pose in the nude for a total stranger, knowing that her images would be for someone's private enjoyment? The concept seemed even more intimate than posing for some smut magazine. It wasn't that she was a prude, she had just never thought about doing something like that. After all, she wasn't the emaciated model type. Nude modeling had never been a possibility before.

Lisa climbed into the tub and sank beneath the bubbles, using her foot to turn off the taps. She rested one leg along the edge of the tub, and without conscious thought, she slid one hand down between her thighs. She leaned back and closed her eyes as a clear image of Jake Winters crystallized in her mind. She fantasized that he was the one touching her so intimately, as her other hand explored her breasts. In no time at all, she climaxed, and she luxuriated in the steamy water as she felt her tension easing, though it didn't go away entirely.

She glanced at the phone, sitting on the rim of the tub. She already knew that she would accept his offer, but it would be too revealing to call so soon after she had met him. It was only Sunday. She would wait until Wednesday morning. Then, it would seem that she had needed more time to make her decision.


Resisting the urge to call Jake before Wednesday turned out to be maddeningly difficult. Lisa thought about him nearly non-stop. She woke up in the middle of the night feeling restless and aroused. She thought about him on the bus, while sitting in class, when she was at work. She had masturbated more times since Sunday evening than she usually did in an entire month, yet she couldn't completely find relief for her sexual tension. By the time Wednesday morning rolled around, she was a nervous wreck.

She dialed his number with shaking fingers and held her breath as she waited for him to answer. When she heard his velvety, deep voice, her heart began to pound.

"Jake here."

"Uh yes, hello. This is Lisa Parsons. I'm the woman you met in the supermarket."

There was a short pause before he answered. "Yes?" His tone made it evident that he didn't remember her.

He certainly wasn't making this any easier! "You offered me a job, to model for a shoot you have this coming weekend." There was another short pause, during which Lisa felt a blush climbing her cheeks. Surely he must remember her. The thought that he could dismiss her from his mind so completely made her want to screech with indignation.

"Oh yeah, right. If you want the job, it's yours."

"That's why I'm calling. I've decided I would like to do it."

"Fine. I'll need you on Saturday from ten in the morning to about three or four in the afternoon."

"Alright, that would be fine," Lisa replied.

"Jot down this address," he said, waiting for her to say she was ready. He gave her the address, and she read it back to him. "Good. Show up well rested and make sure you shave your legs and armpits the night before. Wear your hair and makeup just like you had it the other day."

"Do I need to shave anywhere else," Lisa asked, feeling her blush deepen. "I mean, I...I don't normally shave my...ah...you know, my privates."

There was a brief pause, during which Lisa could have sworn he was grinning. "You mean your pussy?" he asked with a chuckle. "There's no need to be shy about it, I'll be seeing you in the altogether soon enough. Don't worry about shaving your pussy, Lisa. I'll take a look at it, and if it needs any trimming, I'll let you know."

Lisa had a hard time answering. She was mortified by this casual conversation about her body. "Um, alright. Should I wear anything special?"

"It doesn't matter. I have a wardrobe of things you can wear for the shoot. Any other questions?"

"No, I don't think so. I guess I will see you Saturday."

"Fine. Call me if you have any other questions. If not, I'll see you then."

He hung up, and Lisa stood looking at the receiver. He certainly wasn't like any of the men she had known before. She wasn't used to being dismissed.


The days crawled by until Saturday morning. Lisa arrived at the address Jake had given her. The building was an old factory that had been renovated and turned into several upscale lofts. She climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and arrived breathless and nervous at unit 405.

She rang the bell and ran a hand anxiously over her skirt. She had taken special pains with her appearance that morning, and she hoped she looked casual but appealing. She wore a coral blouse in light cotton that buttoned up the front and a short denim skirt. Beneath, she had donned an expensive white lace bra and matching thong panties. As usual, her nipples insisted on making their presence known, and they pressed blatantly against her blouse.

She was about to knock again when Jake opened the door. He was wearing nothing but a faded pair of jeans, and his wet hair and the towel around his neck made it obvious he had just come out of the shower. He inspected her thoroughly, pausing so long to look at her breasts that she had to stifle the urge to squirm.

"Come in," he said, opening the door wider for her to pass. "Are you early, or am I late?"

Lisa averted her gaze from his muscular chest as she entered and he closed the door behind her. "I'm a few minutes early," she said shrugging. "I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get here. I hope that's alright."

"No problem," he mumbled through a yawn, gesturing for her to follow him into the kitchen. "It will give you a chance to look over the contract while I get me some coffee."

Lisa took in her surroundings as she trailed behind him. The floors were maple hardwood, and one entire wall was large paned windows. The interior walls were red brick. The ceilings were at least twenty feet, and she could see where stairs led up to a loft bedroom. Strategically placed halogen lights hung down from the ceiling, but there was no need for them with the abundant light streaming in from the windows.

The space was beautifully decorated, with elegant flair and a masculine tone. The living spaces were open, and the kitchen, dining room, and living room flowed into each other. Lisa noticed that all the fixtures and appliances were modern and tasteful.

She took a seat on one of the barstools he indicated and set her purse on the counter. Jake went to a filing cabinet that she glimpsed in a nearby office off the kitchen. He rifled through a drawer and pulled out two copies of a two page contract and handed them to her.

"Have a read through these and let me know if you have any questions," he said. He headed for the cupboard and reached for a mug. "Do you want some coffee?" he asked, looking at her from over one muscular shoulder.

"No thanks," Lisa said, dragging her eyes down to the paper. It was hard to concentrate on anything other than his rippling back, but she made the effort.

She scanned the contents of the document, surprised that it was easy to read, with none of the legal mumbo-jumbo she had seen in other contracts. It was very straight forward. By signing, she agreed to pose nude for a fee, the images would become the property of a private collector, and they could not be shown in any public venue. However, one particular paragraph caught her attention.

"What does this mean, exactly?" she asked, pointing to the section in question.

Jake came to stand behind her, resting one hand on either side of her on the counter. His bare chest pressed against her back as he glanced over her shoulder. She felt caged by his muscular arms, and her breasts tingled.

He met her gaze, and his eyes delved into the depths of hers. "My methods are quite unorthodox, Lisa. Most photographers don't physically touch their models. They simply direct them to assume certain poses. I find that to get the effect I want in erotic photography I need freedom to touch and manipulate your body. I need to be able to arouse you, and your arousal will come through in the photos. By signing the contract, you are basically turning your body over to me during the shoot. I intend to touch you as intimately as I see fit in order to accomplish that goal. However, as it states, you won't be forced to do anything against your will. You can say stop at any time. Do you have any objection to those terms?"

Lisa's gaze dropped to his lips mere inches from hers. It was hard to appear calm when her heart was pounding. If he had any idea how intimately she had dreamed about him touching her, he would probably laugh himself silly.

"No, I suppose not," she murmured.

"Good. If you will sign the contract, we can get started." Lisa signed both copies where he indicated, and he handed one to her. She folded hers and put it in her purse but noticed that he left his copy sitting on the bar. "Come on."

He picked up his mug of coffee and led her into another large room that was walled off from the other rooms. There was a sitting area and a large four-poster bed draped with mosquito netting and made up with taupe satin sheets. Several stands holding lights were scattered around the bed, and an assortment of cameras was spread on a large table along one wall. The room looked cozy and sexy. Lisa stood in the middle of the room fiddling nervously with her fingers.

Jake chose a camera and carried it to the sitting area. "I'm going to start with a few photos of you while you undress for me." He came to stand in front of her and cupped her chin in his hand until she met his eye. "Just remember, I am a pro at this. If you just listen and do as I say, you will do fine. The key is for you to forget about the camera."

Lisa gave a nervous laugh. "That's easy for you to say. You're not the one who's going to be naked."

Jake grinned. "Let me make it a bit easier for you. Don't think of this as a photo shoot. Think of it as a play, and you are the star actress. First, you have to get into character, and for that you need some background information. For this shoot, I need a woman who is submissive, willing to do whatever is necessary to please her man."

"That sounds like something a caveman would say," Lisa said with a laugh.

He gave a shrug. "Yes it does, so just for today, pretend that you are a cavewoman. Turn yourself over to me, and pretend that I am your lover, and I expect you to do whatever it takes to please me. You are mine. Your body belongs to me, and everything you do should be designed to bring me pleasure."

He ran a thumb over her bottom lip, and he smiled when she shivered. "Do you understand?" When she gave him a hesitant nod, he continued in a voice that was quiet but commanding. "Imagine that it's just you and me, no camera. You want desperately to please me. My approval is all that matters in the world. Now, take your hair down for me."

Lisa released her hair with trembling fingers, dropping the clip onto a nearby table. She shook the tresses out until they curled around her shoulders in a thick mane.

"That's it," he said, shooting several pictures of her from different angles. "Now your blouse...take it off just for me. Tease me by taking your time with the buttons."

His voice sent tremors of excitement through her body as Lisa slowly unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. The fact that the camera was going nonstop barely registered as she dropped it onto a nearby chair and found that she couldn't meet his eye. From beneath her lashes, she saw him considering her as he circled her.

Her lacy, white underwire bra displayed her generous breasts to perfection. The white satin contrasted against the golden tones of her skin, and her hardened nipples were clearly visible, straining against the lace. She noticed his eyes lingering on the dark hollow of her cleavage, and Lisa tugged her bottom lip with her teeth as she waited for his next instruction.

"Turn around and unzip your skirt. Shimmy out of it slowly. I want a nice view of your ass. Show me with your hands how you want me to caress that ass."

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