tagBDSMBecoming Jack's Fuck Toy Ch. 03

Becoming Jack's Fuck Toy Ch. 03


As Cher walks out to her car, she is started to see her neighbor turn the corner. She is wearing a fishnet dress with nothing underneath. Mr. Smith lives down the hall from her and is about 60 years old. He's always quite friendly but she has seen him stare when she's at the pool so the fact that she's practically naked definitely gets his attention. He stops her to try to chat about the weather, but mainly so he can stare at her tits and bare pussy. She is mortified, but trying to converse like everything is normal. She tells him she is kind of in a hurry and struts off down the hall. She knows he is standing there just watching her walk away but doesn't turn around to verify.

When she gets to her car, she starts wondering if Jack has done this before? Does he have any other pets? What will life serving him be like?

It takes her about 15 minutes to get to his house. She takes a minute to get a better look of the bungalow she will soon call home. It's not huge but very well maintained and right on the beach. She noticed from her first visit that Jack is meticulous and everything is clean and in it's place. She is excited and anxious at the same time.

Cher is walking up to the house when she hears music and voices. Now she's getting even more anxious as she knocks on the door.

A short, bald man answers the door and smiles at her. "You must be Cher" he says. I'm Frank, your masters friend from down the beach. Cher smiles, says hello as he motions her to enter.

As she walks inside, she sees a couple other men talking to Jack. Jack immediately walks over to Cher and holds her hand. He says, "Guys, I'd like for you to meet my new pet". He points to the other two men and says this is John and this is Tom. Both men look her up and down and say "Nice job Jack".

Jack tells Cher to go into the bedroom and put on the items he has laid out for her on the bed. She walks down the hall to the bedroom to find very few items on the bed. As she pulls off her dress, she sees there are arm cuffs, so she pulls them open, slides her wrists in and pulls them closed tight around her wrists. Next are the ankle cuffs, which she puts on as well. Lastly there is a mouth gag. Not the ball gag type, but the kind that forces her mouth to stay open, with metal bars. She struggles to latch it tight enough around the back of her head so it doesn't fall off. She looks down at the bed and realizes, that's it, so she walks back into the living room. As she's walking she can feel her pussy getting so wet it starts dripping down her thighs. Jack and his friends look her over and nod their approval.

Jack grabs a leash and attaches it to the choker he gave her. Then he snapped "On your knees bitch" and Cher gets down on her hands and knees. He leads her down the hall to a room she hasn't seen before. She lifts her head a little to get a better look. It appears to be a "play room" with all the equipment and props any Dom would love. There is a canopy bed in the middle of the room where the sub can be either suspended or just restrained. There is a couple fucking machines in separate corners. There is a chair, a cross, and so many whips, dildo's paddles, butt plugs and other assorted items it made her head start to spin.

Jack looks at his friends and asks, "Who's first?" Frank, says he won the coin toss so he's up first. He tells Jack he would like to see her on the bench. So Jack walks Cher to the bench and tells her to stand up. The bench is a black leather contraption that has her lean over on her stomach so her ass is available and ready. He ankles are spread wide and cuffed to each side of the bench. Then her wrists are cuffed to each side at the top. It's not super comfortable but she's guessing it's not really meant to be.

Jack says to his friends, remember the rules, you can have her mouth and her asshole but no one fucks her cunt. Then Jack walks over to a section of the room that has plugs, selects a rather large one, comes back and slides it into Cher's wet cunt. As he's doing that Frank has pulled out his cock and he walks over to Cher and slaps her across the cheek with it.

Cher would have never expected that a short man could have such a huge cock. It was at least 11 inches and quite thick. Frank looks down at Cher and says, suck it whore. She starts to wonder if he is going to be able to get his thick cock into the opening of the gag, but somehow he does.

In the meantime, one of the other men has grabbed a paddle and is smacking Cher's ass with it as she is trying not to gag on Franks huge cock. She can see Jack sitting on a chair watching as she preforms. So, wanting to please him, she desperately tries to swallow as much of Franks cock as she can but with the gag in her mouth she is drooling down her chin and down to Franks balls.

Frank pulls his dripping cock out of her mouth and walks back to her ass. The bench puts her at the perfect height for men to stand behind her and fuck her and Frank wastes no time sliding he huge, wet cock into her asshole. He is kind enough to go slowly at first, letting her ass relax enough to take more and more of it in.

John is now standing in front of her with his cock near her face. He is not as big and thick as Frank, but still impressive. He's about 8 inches, and not quite as thick so she easily takes his cock down her throat to the base of it. John holds her head down for a few seconds, making her gag and drool a little. In the meantime, Frank is now fucking her ass harder and harder. Cher can tell he's about to cum as he unloads his load into her ass. She can feel his cock twitch as he continues to unload his balls into her ass. When he's done he slides out and Cher can feel the cum dripping out her ass down her cheek.

She gasped when a couple seconds later, Tom slides his cock into her cum filled asshole. She hadn't even seen his cock yet but could feel it was good size as well. He wasted no time and began fucking her hard and deep. As he was, John was still assaulting her mouth and throat. John quickly pulled out and shot a load all over her face and lips. Because she still had the gag on, there was nothing she could do but try to lick the cum off her lips, which was not easy.

But she didn't have long, because Frank walked over and shoved his cock back into her mouth. She could tell he didn't clean it off after fucking her ass because she could taste his cum. For some strange reason, she found herself even more turned on at what a dirty whore they were making her. She would have never allowed anyone to do that before.

She could feel Tom getting close to orgasm and a few seconds later he was filling her ass with another load of cum. He pulled out when he was done shooting his load and immediately came over to her mouth. Frank moved aside and let Tom slide his cock into her mouth. Tom unhooked the gag so that he could feel her lips around his cock. He told her to lick it clean and so she did.

She noticed that Jack was no longer sitting in the chair watching. She didn't know where he went. But as she was sucking Tom's cock, she felt a tongue on her ass. The tongue was licking all the cum off her, down her thighs, even into her asshole, lapping it all up. Cher didn't know who it was doing it. Was it one of the men?

When the cum was cleaned off her ass she could hear Jack say, "Now let her return the favor".

Tom pulled his cock out of Cher's mouth and stepped aside as someone walked over and stood in front of Cher. But this time it wasn't a cock in her face it was a pussy. Cher couldn't move her head enough to see the rest of the woman, just her pussy that was now against her lips. She had never been with a woman before other than a little kissing. But she knew Jack expected her to lick and suck pussy now, so she did her best to comply.

As she was doing it, the woman said to Jack. This one has never sucked pussy before. She needs to be taught. Jack was slightly displeased and smacked Cher hard on the ass. Jack said, "then that will be part of her training this week. Are you free?" The woman replies, "For you Jack, of course".

The woman then walked over to the chair that Jack had been sitting on. Jack sat back down, this time he was naked and his glorious cock was hard and standing straight up. The woman had her back to Cher, straddled Jack and slid her pussy down his cock. Cher could feel her own pussy start to gush wishing it was her who was fucking Jack. She was jealous and turned on at the same time.

Cher watched as the woman fucked Jack. She wondered who this woman was, a friend, girlfriend, wife? She didn't appear to be a pet. At least Jack wasn't treating her like one.

Jack looks over at Cher and then asks Frank to remove her restraints so she can go home. Then he focuses his attention back on the woman. As she is being released, Cher watches Jack stand up with his cock still inside the woman and carry her over to the bed. Frank slowly removes the plug from Cher's cunt and lays it on a towel. She wants so badly to go over and join Jack but knows she had better not since she wasn't invited.

Cher then walks out of the room as Frank follows behind her. She puts her dress back on and heads to her car. Frank says, "Thanks for the fuck Cher, I hope to see you again soon". As he closes the door behind her.

As Cher is driving home she wonders again who the woman. She wonders why Jack won't fuck her pussy. Is this some type of punishment?

As she's walking down the hall she walks past another neighbor whom she has not met yet. She almost forgot that she is almost naked as the man stares at her.

As she's letting herself in, she realizes that she will need to masturbate and give herself a few orgasms before she will be able to sleep.

What does Jack have in store for her tomorrow?

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