tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBecoming My Wife's Wife

Becoming My Wife's Wife


"Baby, you know how much I love you. There's just something missing that I feel like I need in my sex life."

My stomach turned as soon as I heard Sherry say those words. I remember it like it was five minutes ago. We had just finished having unbelievable sex and she was sitting naked on our bed in front of me.

Her long red hair curled down her pale skin and flowed softly down to her perky breasts. She was looking at me sweetly with her bright green eyes, a trail of thick cum was still on her rosey cheek.

She noticed me staring at her cheek and softly touched it with her finger. Feeling the sticky goo on her face she smiled and put her finger up to my lips. Acting on instinct I pursed my lips together tightly and shook my head no. She climbed up on my lap, her swollen pussy lips, still freshly warm from the thrash fucking, craddled my softening cock.

"I'm trying to be open and honest and tell you what I want, you should be greatful that I'm not out looking for it somewhere else." Then she pushed her finger harder at my lips. Her face a stern fixation of want.

I was slowly getting the idea of what she wanted and I locked my eyes on hers and opened my mouth. I rolled my tongue around her finger and sucked her in. Her face lit up instantly with gratification.

"Good boy! Now your getting the picture. See baby, what I need is a nice, sweet, sexy girlfriend. And I have to say you have such a pretty face and feminine body, I've been wanting this for a long time."

My dick twitched and spasmed beneath her pussy and she giggled. She leaned in smiling and turned her cheek toward my mouth.

"Now, show me that my little whore can clean up her own messes." Her breath was hot against the side of my face.

I slowly began licking at my own trail of sperm from my wifes face. As I licked and kissed she slowly began grinding herself down onto my now hardening cock. Her hard nipples were brushing against mine as she ground down on me. She reached beneath us and guided my semi erect cock into her. I took one long last lick at her face and gathered up all the cum. She turned her face to me, her eyes glazed over with a lust a had never seen before. She grabbed both sides of my face and shoved her tongue into my mouth. We shared a soulful cum filled kiss that was full of heavy panting.

She rode me hard and fast, calling me a slut and a whore. She sucked and bit my nipples telling me how my new goal in life was to please her in any way she asked. When I didn't answer her right away she grabbed my hair in the back and pulled my head back and bit down on my neck.

"Answer me bitch! Is my little cum whore going to do whatever I say from now on?"

I had never seen her like this and I have to admit it was the biggest turn on I had ever imagined.

"Of course I will baby, anytime, anywhere, I'm your cum whore." As the words rolled out of my mouth I heard that voice in my head telling me I went to far.

She let go of my hair and locked eyes with me. "If you ever deny me, I'm going to find someone that will and I wont be back. I love you and want to make this work, that's why I'm giving you the opportunity."

My heart dropped and I looked at her scared. She smiled, knowing she had me now.

"So we are in agreement? Your my whore no matter what?" Her pussy clinched down on my dick, her muscles working me over while she stared at me.

"God yes, no matter what!" I replied with lust.

Funny thing, right after I said that, I could have sworn I heard that little voice in my head again. This time he said, "I'm outta here," then footsteps followed by a door shutting. Then my wife brought me back to reality.

"Cum in my fucking pussy! I want to feel your hot cum explode into me!"

I didn't need any more encouragement. I tensed and shot out what felt like a gallon of cum into her steamy little pussy.

Her muscles worked me again, milking everything out of me. She quickly stood up on the bed and shoved her pussy in my face.

She looked down at me with her hands tangled in my long hair. She looked so strong and dominant to me now.

"Suck the cum out of my used pussy, you fucking gutter whore!" Then she shoved my face into her pussy and pushed down on me.

I had never known Sherry's pussy to be so hot. When she put herself on my mouth it felt like she was melting onto me. The first drop of semen dripped out and hit my tongue. I had never stated cum before tonight and now it seemed like I couldn't get enough.

"Oh fuck yes! I love my little slut whore! Eat his cum out me slut!" She was pushing her stomach muscles milking her pussy to get all the cum into my mouth.

"His Cum," I know I heard her right, but it was confusing. I only hoped she was still playing her game.

After she was satisfied I had cleaned her out well enough we lay side by side. Sherry then got a smile on her face making me alert again.

"You know what you need baby? You need a new name, something cute and feminine. How about Crystal? You look like a cute Crystal." She said brushing my hair out of my face.

I loved it, it matched my name and I had always thought if I was a girl that would be it. I agreed and she had me lay on my side, facing away from her. She told me to close my eyes and not to move. She got off the bed and went to the closet and her nightstand then softly nestled up against me.

"Do you love me Crystal? Do you trust me?" Her hot breath burned my earlobe.

Without waiting on an answer she ran her finger along my ass crack, making me jump.

"Woe girl! You have a touchy little pussy dont ya sweety?" Her finger teasing the entrance of my ass.

As soon as she said I had a pussy I thought I was going to cum. I sighed and pushed my hips back against her wet finger.

"Mmm that's a good girl! Ever had anything in your little pussy before Crystal?" Her fingertip pressed in.

"No, I haven't Sherry. I have thought about it, I love it when I fuck your ass."

"Oh hell yes! I get to take your sweet little cherry!" She cooed and pushed her finger in roughly to the middle nuckle and twitched her finger around.

After a minute she eased in another finger. She was slamming into me now as fast and as hard as she could. I was panting and gasping for breath, hearing high moans and squeels escaping me from somewhere. My "clit" was limp as could be but I could feel a massive orgasm building.

"Yes Crystal, enjoy it." She quickly withdrew her fingers from me with a loud audible plop. My head spun around quickly wanting to know why I was being left empty.

Then I saw it, with one last clasp of a buckly Sherry put her harness on. It had a vibrator that went inside her and an egg that massaged her clit. She told me that while she pushed the cock into me it would push the vibrator in and out of her, that way we could do a real role reversal.

As I examined the massive black dildo I was quite intimidated. It was huge compared to my clit, at least 10 inches long and so wide I could barely fit my hand around it. The black foreskin moved along the veiny shaft and the thick mushroom head was a realistic velvety soft. She poured some lube on it and told me to lie back down and relax.

She instructed me to relax and take long deep breaths no matter what, until I was used to the size. I had to bite my lip as the thick head slipped into me. It felt like she was all the way in but I was wrong, once the head broke past the opening I felt my tiny hole expand then contract as it clamped down on the shaft, embedding the thick black head in me.

My clit was oozing precum as she slid slowly in and out of me. She reached over me and pulled me toward her. Her hand went to my slick clit and moaned when she felt all my juices.

"My whore loves a big black cock in her pussy doesn't she?" She grabbed my little tit in her hand and squeezed and put her hot mouth around my nipple and started sucking and biting.

I was too far gone for words. My mouth was open as I panted and my eyes had to have been glazed over with lost. Her fingers were slowly gliding along the head of my cock, the slick juices making it better. She thrust into me with everything she had and as fast as she could. I felt like I was being dominated in the best of ways. I felt so small and fragile as her huge cock pounded into me.

She withdrew again and rolled me the rest of the way onto my back and brought my legs up and mounted me missionary style. I wrapped my legs around her and put my hands on her tight bubble ass, pushing her in and out of me. Without even realizing it I heard myself begging her to fuck my pussy with her big black cock.

The vibrator in her must have been doing more than it's share as she tensed and screamed, her mouth devouring mine with her tongue. She shuddered through her orgasm and raised up. She began giving me the fucking of a lifetime while she played with my cock and nipples. Just as I was ready to cum she reached down and squeezed the huge ball sack of her dildo and I felt a sticky substance flood into my hot ass, making everything glide with ease. My legs began shaking uncontrollably in the air and she jerked my cock hard making my cum shoot of me and land on my chest.

Sherry pulled out of me and began licking all the cum off of me then shared another long kiss before we fell asleep in each others arms. I had never slept so hard before, I awoke in the same position I had fallen asleep in, with me on my side and Sherry nestled up behind me. As I stretched and arched my back toward her my ass glided along the long black dildo.

"Mmm, my little whore's up and early this morning. What do you say little girly, want be the early bird and catch my worm?" She asked giggling as she pushed the hard cold dildo against my still sore ass.

I laughed but before I could answer she was rubbing lube onto her cock. I laid still with a silent smile on my face as I felt the now familiar feel of something slide into me.

As she pumped her vibrator was working her and she picked up the pace and began moaning. Her hand reached over me and she grabbed my "clit" and began roughly rubbing just the head with her slick palm. I quickly began moaning and pushing back to her, that quaking returned to my legs and my eyes closed.

I came hard and quick as did Sherry. She caught all my cum in her hand and pulled out of me and rolled me over to my back. She sexily spread my own cum over my nipples and sucked it all off. When she was done she closely examined my body.

"Something wrong baby?" I asked as she stared down at me.

"Something? How about everything I see?" She said with her bottom lip poked out.

"I'm not that bad am I?" I asked feeling very self conscious.

She slowly and softly glided her hands along my body. "Well, you do have a very small and curvy frame for a guy and your long hair will be ultra sexy when I'm done, but..." then she trailed off as she looked me over again.

"But what honey?" I felt like an alien in a jar being looked over.

"Ok, here it goes. What we did last night and this morning is exactly what I wanted and you are so sweet for giving it to me." She stood up on the bed and took of her dildo harness. The vibrator slipped out of her juicy pussy and glistened with juices.

She stood above me with her feet on either side of me. Her shaved pussy called out to me with those full swolled fresh fucked looking lips.

"This, is what I want." She said as she ran her hands along her curvy hips then pushed her perky tits together and pulled on her nipples. She then plopped down right on my growing clit and slid back and forth until it went inside her.

"See how hot and tight my pussy is?" She flexed her inside muscles making her vagina walls carress my clit. She then took my hands in hers and put them on her breasts and made me squeeze and pull them.

"I want you to have a hot sexy body like mine Crystal. We played our game and I had the time of my life. I'm sorry but this is what I want and I don't see any reason I should live my life having something that's not right. I love you and you know it, I just want to improve what we have.

I stopped grinding into her, my face had to be a total look of shock. She reached over and grabbed the dildo lying on the bed next to us and put it behind her and put it between my legs. With alot of manuvering she worked it into my ass as she rode me.

"Your such a whore Crystal, please be my tranny husband?" She looked down at me with all seriousness and took her pretty wedding ring off and slid it onto my pinky. "I promise Crystal, you'll love being a girl. You proved last night that she's inside you and you can choose to put her away forever, or you can bring her out into the open and we can have one helluva ride." She was rocking faster, I could hear her juicy pussy sloshing around my cock. Her wetness dripping down to my balls.

Everything quickly flashed through my mind. I didn't have any close family and since we moved here, neither of us had any real friends we'd have to answer to. We moved here because Sherry had an excellent job offer at a health clinic and I had just been taking care of the house instead of working.

I looked into her eyes and saw that familiar glaze cloud over them as she shuddered in a climax. She reached behind her and squeesed the balls on her dildo filling me with sticky goo. Two more pumps and I shot my load into her.

She placed her hands in mine and entertwined her fingers with mine and put my pinky down to my face with her wedding band on it. "I'm not asking again baby, I'm so sorry to give you this ultimatum but like I said, I know what I want."

I smiled at her and kissed the wedding band. "I can think of nothing I'd rather do Sherry than to be your wife."

Her face instantly lit up into an emoitional ecstasy of relief and she screamed into the air. She smothered me in kisses then jumped off the bed and dragged me into the shower where we made slow passionate love under the hot streams. After cumming in her mouth then her feeding it to me again she picked up a razor and smiled.

"Starting now, you shave everything whenever there begins to be stuble. We'll go set up electrolosis in a little while and do some shopping and have a wonderful girls day out." She left the shower for me to shave and I was glad my body hair was really light.

When I walked out of the bathroom she had an outfit laid on the bed complete with high heels, pantyhose, panties, a gel filled bra, blue plaid skirt with a black leather belt and a sexy white lace blouse. She dressed me and sat me down and taught me all about make-up and hair styling. I felt like I was her little doll that she was making over and found it hard to keep my clit in check the entire time.

Afterward she stood me up and had me close my eyes. She led me around the room as I stumbled in the high heels and then had me open them. I looked into the full length mirror and saw this drop dead sexy looking girl looking back at me. Her curves were very prominant and her long red hair waved and curled it's way past her shoulders. Behind her stood Sherry, with a very proud smile on her face.

Her hands came around me as I watched in the mirror. Her long red nails cupped my breasts as she licked my earlobe. I closed my eyes and whimpered as her other hand went under my skirt and caressed my ass.

"You're so fucking hot Crystal, you have no idea how happy you have made me." She came around the front of me and played with my hair as she looked me in the eyes. "Jesus baby, it's going to be so hot watching guys checking you out, wishing they could get under this skirt to your hot little pussy."

Her breath was hot and fast and without warning she dropped to her knees and pulled my pantyhose and panties down with lust and took my throbbing clit in her mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off the mirror as I watched Sherry sucking the cock of a very sexy girl.

I came quick and she swallowed every drop then pulled everything back up and smoothed my skirt down. She went to her jewelry box and got a cute necklace and charm bracelet and put them on me, informing me to remind her that we had to pierce my ears today.

She got me one of her extra purses and put some feminine stuff in it and we left the house for a first day as wife and wife.

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Oh Yes

I have practically begged my wife to let me be her girlfriend. She has not let me put my clit into her for a few years and only lets me rub it on hers of I am good. Usually she masturbates her littlemore...

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My wife

Wow great story you are both so lucky.

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