tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBirthday Present Pt. 01

Birthday Present Pt. 01


Birthday Present or (I've Looked at Love from Both Sides Now)

Chapter 1

"What would you like for your birthday?" my wife asked.

"An unforgettable sex session" I answered, jesting.

"Is that right? Well, we'll see" came the reply.

I forgot all about the exchange and nothing else was said about my birthday. The day arrived and I got home from work expecting a good meal and new shirt as that was somewhat the custom. As I came in I noticed the shades drawn and candles lit around the place. My wife came up to me and snuggled against me, breathing in my ear and running her hand across my dick.

"Why don't you take a shower" she said, and went to the door and locked it.

I went to the bedroom to strip and saw the white negligee that I had bought her laid out on the bed. She has several, but that is the one I like her to wear the most. My dick got a little harder. I took my clothes off and got in the shower. As I turned on and adjusted the water I heard the door slide open and my wife got into the shower with me.

"I thought I'd help you get ready" she said, and started washing me all over. After soaping me up she reached up to the holder and got her razor.

"I like my lover as smooth as silk" she said, and started shaving my chest hair.

My dick got harder and started throbbing as she removed my chest and stomach hair. She then had me raise my arms and shaved my armpits. She turned me around and shaved what little hair I had on my back and then went down to my butt and shaved it. Then she shaved the back of my legs and turned me around and shaved the front. She then looked up, smiling, and gently shaved my crotch and balls. Except for the hair on my head, I was completely smooth. It didn't occur to me at the time how long it was going to take to grow back. I was completely in a sexual euphoria. After rinsing me, she picked up the clog of hair that had collected at the drain and threw it the waste can. Handing me one of the two towels that she had picked up we dried off, me having to do it around my hard on, which had not receded a bit.

"You need to smell good, too" she said and sprayed some of her perfume on my chest and crotch area, getting some on my dick, which began to burn with the feel of the alcohol, drawing my attention even more to my hard on. She sprayed some between her breasts and some more below her waist. Then, turning out the bathroom light she led me into the bedroom where I couldn't wait for her to put on the white negligee.

She picked up the tiny pair of see through panties and knelt in front of me. She had rubbed them on my dick before, when teasing me, so I knew what she was about to do. Instead, she reached down and had me to step into the panties, which she proceeded to draw slowly up my shaved legs, sending shivers up and down my spine. The feeling was so sensual that I almost collapsed onto the bed. She snugged them around my hips and ran her hands over my buttocks and around to my front, sliding them over my turgid dick and pushing firmly down towards my balls, forcing my dick to strain outward against the transparent panties. I was so hot that I almost came into her panties right then. I think that this was the most turned on I had ever been. I almost felt like I would pass out.

"Don't fall out on me" she grinned, as she felt me tremble, "We're not done yet" and reached for the sheer white nylons I had bought her to go with the outfit. "Lift up your leg and point your toes toward the floor" she said as she gathered one of the nylons and slowly slid it up my leg, tugging and smoothing it as she went, until it was halfway up my thigh. The feeling of the nylon sliding up my smooth legs was indescribable.

"Now the other" and slid it into place, letting her hand come on up my thigh and stroke my dick through the panties. She then took the white satin garter belt, trimmed in lace, and hooked it around my waist, sliding it around until the hook was in the center of my back, the four straps riding on my hips and thighs. Then, gently pulling out the tops of the nylons, she pushed the little rubber tabs against the fabric of the nylons and pushed the metal clips into place on the rubber tabs and then pulled the clips up, which locked the nylons into place.

With the pressure from the nylons pulling up and gently squeezing my legs and the white, lacy, garter belt pulling down on my hips and the nylon panties stroking my hips and balls and dick, I was in such a euphoria that I felt like I was stoned. The blood was pulsing through my face, my chest was tight and I could hardly breath for the feeling of sensuality. Never had I felt this much intensity during our love making and she had barely even stroked me. It was as though I was entering into my wife's body and feeling the things that she feels instead of what I normally feel.

She picked up the little, transparent bra and had me put my arms through the straps, stepping around to fasten it behind me and reaching around me to push up my chest into the cups. The feel of the satin material on my nipples made them strain outward. She pinched my nipples with both hands through the sheer fabric, sending a deliciously hot feeling straight to my brain. As she snuggled against my panty covered rear, she released one of my nipples and slid her hand down my stomach and stroked my satin encased hard on. She then picked up the top to the baby doll negligee and had me put my arms up in the air and pulled it down over my shoulders and across my nipples, which had become extremely sensitive and were sticking straight out. As she smoothed it into place, it suddenly dawned on me that my wife's clothes did not feel tight on me and seemed to fit me everywhere. As she slid the filmy outer cover over my arms and let it fall down across the baby doll top the truth of the matter started dawning on me. And when she reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of thin strapped, 4 inch high, spiked heels and slid one onto my right foot and it fit, I fully realized what she had done. Putting the other shoe on my left foot and fastening both she asked "How do you like the first part of your birthday present?"

I was so dumbfounded I could hardly speak. It didn't occur to me immediately that she had said "first part" and I answered that I had never been more turned on in my life and what had given her this idea. She answered that the couple of times that we had made love watching a lesbian scene in one of our movies had given it to her. We both had been very turned on by the sight of two beautiful women making love and had great climaxes. Knowing how much I liked the outfit that I had bought her, she went out and bought an identical one in a larger size and had bought both of us a pair of sexy shoes to complete it. Here I was in panties, garter belt and nylons, teddy, and the barest of shoes and my wife proceeding to dress in the same clothes. I, again, had to try and control myself, I was so hard and so excited.

After my wife had dressed and slipped on and fastened her shoes, she led me into the dressing room where she sat me down with my back to the mirror and proceeded to apply her make up to my face. Base and light rouge, eyebrow liner, mascara and color to the eyes, bright pink lipstick, and a light coat of powder were all applied. Then she reached into the closet and brought out a brilliant blonde wig and gently slid it onto my head and brushed a stray strand out of my eyes. The golden hair fell down across my nipples, which I might as well call breasts, for the way I was feeling and I felt them pulse through the satin bra.

"Shake your head" she said "and see what that feels like."

I shook my head and had the delightfully feminine feeling of long hair brushing my skin.

"How do you feel?" she asked, grinning.

"Like a woman, I think" I said in a trembling voice.

She spun me around to the mirror and there, to my utter amazement, sat an extremely attractive blonde looking back at me in awe.

"Now, honey, you have some duties to perform" she said as she led me into the bedroom and turned on the television and tape player.

The movie she had refered to was cued up to the lesbian scene. As it started to play, she shut our bedroom door, which had a full length mirror on it, and faced the bed. Snuggling back up to me she began to nibble and suck on my nipples through the layers of silky fabric, again almost making my knees buckle.

"Don't you agree that breasts are one of women's most sensitive areas?" she grinned. Then she pulled my head down to her breast and had me do the same to her. As I slightly turned my head to see the mirror, I was stunned to see the image of two beautiful women, one sucking and kissing the breast of the other. I looked back at her breasts and noticed pink lipstick on the fabric covering them. Looking down at my nipples, I saw the same lipstick imprint.

"It's now time to put that pretty tongue of yours to work" she said, as she turned sideways to the mirror and pushed me down on my knees in front of her, all the time watching the love scene on TV and the one in the mirror. I took my cue from the blonde on her knees in the movie and started nuzzling my wife's pubic area through her sheer panties. She placed her hands on the back of my blonde head and ground my face into her crotch, getting pink lipstick on her panties. Seeing that she was ready, I slid aside her panties and slipped my tongue into her vagina, probing and finding her clitoris and massaging it with my tongue, up and down gently. She almost fell, as I had earlier, and stopped me after a couple of minutes of ministrations. Pulling me gently to my feet she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my head down into a deep french kiss, probing my mouth in the same way I had just probed her and licking up the taste of her own juices.

The women in the movie had moved onto the bed and she led me likewise, positioning me so that my head was in approximately the center of the bed. She then walked around the bed and laid down so that we were in the 69 position on the bed. "Back to work" she ordered, observing the women doing the same in the movie. As I again leaned into her and started tonging and licking her, she curled around and took my hard dick into her mouth, sucking deeply and taking me as far into her mouth as she could. As she did this I started sucking and tonging harder and deeper, burying my face into her vagina, hardly being able to breath. She started thrusting her mound into my mouth, and I, in response, started thrusting my dick into her mouth, something I had never done before, usually letting her take what she wanted. She slightly gagged and somehow open her throat and I slid into her mouth all the way to the hilt. She bobbed her head up and down in rhythmic strokes, all the while sucking and scraping her teeth on the sensitive skin of my penis and thrusting her pelvis into my mouth and onto my probing tongue. She reached behind me and started rubbing against my anus, pushing her finger in and out to the same rythm as her sucking. I reached around and gently did the same to her. As we listened to the cries of ecstasy coming from the TV, we both started moaning and breathing as though we were running a race.

At exactly the same moment that the women in the movie started coming, my wife and I did the same. I could taste my wife's fluids and sense them filling my mouth as I drank deeply. My wife shoved her finger deeply into my rosebud and I pushed mine firmly into her. I erupted into my wife's mouth and felt her pulling back a little and sucking and swallowing my eruption as wave after wave of tumultuous climax exploded across my brain, sucking every breath out of my body and every thought out of my mind. My wife continued to suck every drop out of my dick as it began to slowly soften. I did the same to her as my body began to relax from the explosion of sexual tension.

Shifting positions, my wife disengaged her finger as did I, snuggled into my arms and deeply kissed me, letting the taste of my juices and hers mingle in the kiss. Pulling her head back slightly, she smiled and said "Will that do, birthday girl?"

Her Side

As my husband and I lay in each others arms, our pink, lipsticked lips brushing each other, our white, see through bra encased breasts gently touching, his panty encased dick snuggled against my panty encased pubic mound, I could hardly believe what had taken place. I had experienced the best, most sensual, sexual experience that I had ever had, and, in a real sense, had experienced it as a woman would with another woman. My head was still spinning as I gazed at my husband's feminine face, framed by the beautiful blonde wig I had put on him. It was hard to believe, but with the make up, hair, and the white see-through negligee, he was actually beautiful.

I could not, in my wildest dreams, have ever believed he could be so beautiful. It was like I fell in love with him all over again, but as a woman this time. I could not believe how I was feeling about that, either. I had always been able to appreciate the beauty of other women but had never found myself attracted to them sexually. But, lying here next to my feminine lover, I had the strongest feelings of love, and they were totally feminine in nature. I had always been attracted to my husband's manliness and sense of masculine strength and when we made love had always felt and enjoyed the contrast of male to female, of his hardness to my softness, his hard on to my soft womb, and the sense of being filled up inside by him, both when he was penetrating my vagina or my mouth. As I lay here mulling over these things, I began to think about some of the possibilities that tonight's adventure had opened, possibilities in the exploration of our relationship with each other and of the sexual delights that we might be able to experience.

I looked into Vic's beautifully colored eyes and observed the glazed, contented look that they contained.

"Honey," I said, "How do you feel about what happened tonight?"

"Well," he replied, "I definitely feel that I got what I asked for, for my birthday, an unforgettable sex session."

"How did you feel while I was shaving you and feminizing you with perfume and lingerie and everything?"

"To tell the truth, it was the most erotic experience that I have ever had. I was on the verge of coming the whole time, especially when you started pinching my nipples through this bra. I've never even thought of the sexual act from your perspective. I know that you seem to enjoy the things I do to you and I enjoy doing them because they feel good to me, too. But the feelings of being a woman and experiencing the act from a woman's perspective was just overwhelming. I honestly felt like I was in a woman's body instead of my own, and at the same time was on the point of bursting from my own need to climax. It couldn't have been any better if I had planned this myself, and I couldn't have because something like this has never even crossed my mind. I think the one thing that was the most incredible was the sense of being on the receiving end of the sex act. I always feel as if I am the one doing something to you, but tonight I felt like the wife, and like I was the one being penetrated. It was an incredible experience."

He leaned in and kissed me and I could feel the soft slickness of our lipstick coated lips as they pressed together. I ran my hand up his nylon encased legs and felt him slightly tremble.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing," he said "it's just that your touch feels incredible on my legs through these nylons. I've always known that your legs in nylons felt great to my touch but I had no idea what it felt like to you."

I smiled and ran my hand across his chest, pinching a nipple. It started to harden again as they had earlier when I had done the same. An idea started forming in my mind. I wondered if I dared and whether he would go for it or not. Deciding not to share what I was thinking with him, I kissed his pink lips again and said "Let's get some sleep, shall we?"

He started to get out of bed and I asked him where he was going.

"To get out of these things and wash my face" he replied.

"Why don't you just leave them on tonight? I said. "They are comfortable enough, aren't they?"

"It's not that they aren't comfortable," he said "but that I don't know if I can get any sleep with them on." and with that he looked down at his panty encased dick, which had gotten completely hard again."

"Oh, I think we can take care of that, don't you?" I asked, and pulled her, I mean him, back onto the bed. "But it's going to cost you" and pushing her down, I walked my way up her negligee covered chest on my nylon encased knees, until my panty encased mound was over her mouth. "Eat up now, it's getting on time to close" I joked, as I pushed my mound into his lipsticked mouth. He started licking my panty encased slit as I rocked gently back and forth. I reached back and ran my hand along her panty encased dick, and smoothed the shear fabric over it. I felt her tremble under me and knew that we were back into our muse.

She reached up and slid my panties to the side and once again began servicing me, making her tongue hard and reaching far up into me, curling the tip and massaging my clitoris. I took it as long as I could stand it and then slid back until my vagina was rubbing his engorged penis. Sliding his panties to the side, I gently and slowly slid him into me. I looked into his face. Her beautiful eyes were glazed over and her pink mouth was open and she was breathing in short gasps. I got him into me and looked down. What I saw sent shivers coursing over me.

I told her to look, and when she did she got the funniest expression on her face. You could not see her dick, only the upper portions of two beautiful women, joined at the pubic area. I could see her beautiful blonde hair, her perfectly framed faced enhanced by the make up and lipstick, her pink tongue sticking ever so slightly out of her perfect, pink lips, her gently uplifted, but small, breasts, encased in the see through bra and shimmering under the flimsy baby doll and outer see through shell. This sight culminated in the sight of our panty clad pelvic areas locked together in a love embrace.

I said "If you don't mind, I don't want to forget this sight." and I reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed our digital camera.

"Oh, I don't know" he said, "I wouldn't want anyone to see this."

"Don't worry, no one but us will" I said, teasingly "but even if they did, they would just see two beautiful lesbians making gorgeous love,"

I turned the movie mode on and turned on the camera, pointing it at her beautiful face and panning it down slowly to our panty encased midsections. I had her lick her lips seductively while I filmed her and slowly gyrated on her.

"Now, I want you to imagine that I am the one with the dick and that I am penetrating you" I said. "Can you feel that?" and I moved up and down on her.

She closed her eyes and moaned "Oh yes" and pushed her dick farther up into me. I pictured us on each end of a two ended dildo and moaned myself.

"Do you feel my dick shoving up into your vagina, sliding in and out, in and out?" I moaned as we shoved into each other.

"Take it all, take it in your vagina and take it in your mouth." and with that I set the camera, still running, on the nightstand, pointed at our nylon covered bodies, and laid down on her, kissing her beautiful lips and, making my tongue as hard and round as I could, I started thrusting it into his mouth as far as I possibly could. He received my hard, round, tongue and started sucking it for all he was worth, at the same time thrusting his hips up into mine. I pictured him as being me and me him and I met every thrust with a counter thrust. I reached under us and started pushing my middle finger as far up his rectum as I could reach. Just as I started fingering him, he reached up and started doing the same to me, pushing as far in as he could, and then pulling back out part way and then back in, penetrating my ass with his digit. I returned the favor and just as I realized that I couldn't take it any more, he arched his back and cried out, thrusting his pelvis off the bed, lifting us both into the air, his butt cheeks and anus clenching my finger. I felt the fluids from her penis flooding my womb and I released just then, filling her up with my cum, feeling my penis bursting inside of him, her, and I screamed "Oh yes!!!" as I gasped for breath, and dove back into his mouth with my tongue, trying to reach his tonsils. He sucked, and quivered and whimpered like a little girl, my little girl, and started to collapse back onto the bed. I gave his mouth a quick swab with my tongue, pulling out and licking his pink lips and pushing lovingly with my pelvis against his now spent dick.

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