tagRomanceBecoming Veronica Ch. 04

Becoming Veronica Ch. 04


I awoke not to the scent of my fabulous new lover but rather to the scent of coffee brewing and bacon frying. Shimmering rays of sunlight were reflecting off the wisps of smoke that brought the scent to my nostrils. It was mid-morning and I had slept in instead of awakening before Angelo and preparing his breakfast for him.

I slipped from beneath the warmth of his bedding and sat on the edge of the bed. Un-doing the clasps that held my stockings and peeling the silk fabric over my long sexy legs I tossed them and my lacy garter on top of the neatly folded pile of clothes I'd stripped from and discarded in the heat of passion the night before. Apparently Angelo had taken the time to pick up my clothing and carefully placed them on a chair. I slipped my black silk panties on and walked to his closet.

Dozens of suits hung perfectly spaced along the length of the closet rod arranged by color lightest to the right. Beneath on the floor again perfectly spaced there was at least two dozen pair of shoes all spit shined with the laces carefully folded inside each shoe. Hanging on the inside of the door on a padded hanger was a black satin half robe exactly what I was looking for. I slipped it on and twisted the belt in front to hold the garment closed over my breasts. The longer length covered my panties completely and in fact came to mid thigh. I grabbed my small clutch and slipped from the room headed for his bath room.

Surveying my reflection in the mirror I was happy I'd not slept until Angelo woke me. My mascara was smudged and my lips no longer had the shimmer of the previous night. On top of that I'd slept my hair up into some kind of bouffant style that made me look ridiculous. This was not the way I wanted Angelo to see me the morning after our first time making love.

A few minutes later I was satisfied that my look wouldn't send him screaming in horror from the suite. A gentle twist of my nipples a spritz of perfume and I was ready to present my self to my wonderful Italian lover.

"Morning Angelo." I said as I entered the kitchen.

Angelo turned to face me a broad smile on his lips. "Morning sleepy head." He replied.

Angelo was wearing the matching pants to the satin robe I'd found. His strong muscular chest exposed to my eyes.

"I hope you don't mind baby but I borrowed your robe?" I questioned him with a smile on my lips.

"Not at all Veronica in fact you look very sexy in MY robe." Angelo said accentuating the word my.

I loved the idea that he found me sexy but I got the impression that he wasn't all that keen on the idea of me wearing his garments.

Angelo was leaning against the kitchen counter his eyes fixed on my tits as I moved toward him.

"Baby I love the way this feels against my naked tits." I whispered as I slid my hands up to cup both swaying orbs and pinch the taut nipples through the satin fabric of his robe.

He smiled as I came to a stop directly in front of him. His eyes still fixed on the tiny bumps pressing against the material. His hands came to rest on either side of my waist before he said, "Yes Veronica very sexy indeed."

I moved one delicate hand between us and slid it down to softly massage his cock. "I love the way this feels too baby. You were awesome last night Angelo" I whispered.

Angelo's hands slid behind and up my back as he drew me tightly against him. My taut nipples crushed against his hard chest separated only by the wispy fabric of his satin robe. He tilted his head and leaned down to kiss me deeply but gently on the mouth.

His sensual kiss elicited a soft moan from me as I let him explore my mouth with his tongue. Angelo's hands slid up and down my back then down onto my ass. He pulled my loins toward him pressing my mound against his.

Our lips parted and he whispered, "Veronica we better not continue or my bacon will burn."

I smiled and giggled before replying, "Baby I'd rather have some hot Italian sausage with my breakfast but I wouldn't want your bacon to burn."

As I started to move away I gave his hot Italian sausage a gentle squeeze confirming exactly what sausage I was referring to.

"How do you take your coffee Veronica?" Angelo asked as he poured each of us a cup.

"Cream and sugar baby." I replied.

Angelo placed my coffee cup in front of me and leaned down for a quick kiss.

"Scrambled eggs okay babe?" He asked as he straightened up.

"Sure Angelo that's great. I've never had a man cook for me before." I replied.

"I don't get many opportunities to cook for a classy lady Veronica. Most of the women I've had here go home long before breakfast time." He said.

I assumed Angelo was talking about all the women he was testing sexually to see if they could work for him in one of his bordellos. I found it intriguing that he would bother to try them all out and tried to direct our conversation toward his call girls.

I spoke rather bluntly, "So baby when you fuck your perspective call girls you don't let them sleep over?"

Angelo turned to me with a frown on his face, "No Veronica they never sleep over in fact I fuck most of them in the middle of the afternoon so they can start making me money that night."

I could tell he was somewhat perturbed with me for being so blunt and bringing up the subject of his business. I decided not to pursue the subject any further for now.

For the next several minutes it was deafly silent as Angelo finished making our breakfast. I had discovered that he didn't want me questioning him about his business and how he hires his new girls. Even though we had incredible sex the night before one great fuck doesn't earn his trust.

After placing my plate in front of me Angelo sat beside me and began eating his breakfast with out saying a word. I wanted to break the uncomfortable silence without making him angrier.

"Delicious eggs baby." I said almost tentatively.

Angelo just smiled and took a sip from his coffee cup. I wondered it I had completely ruined the possibility of our relationship becoming a steady thing and if after finishing my meal he would dispense with me like one of his perspective whores.

Without a word he finished his breakfast and slid his chair back. As he stood to take his dirty plate to the kitchen he finally broke the silence. "When you're finished Veronica... I expect him to tell me to get the fuck out but he continued...join me in the living room."

Angelo refreshed his coffee and walked into the living room taking a seat in the overstuffed chair next to a long leather couch. I ate as quickly as I could and after carrying my dish to the kitchen I slowly walked toward where he was seated with his back to me.

As I approached him I thought. "Well Veronica you've blown your chance with him. He's going to send you packing."

As I walked around his chair I let my fingernails slide across his back and strong shoulder hoping that wouldn't be the last time I got to touch him.

"Have a seat." Angelo said motioning toward the leather couch.

I sat down without making eye contact timidly keeping my knees together and my hands folded in my lap. I fully expected Angelo to tell me that our romance was going no where and that even though we had a wonderful time together the night before he could not have someone nosing around in his family business.

"Veronica" He said pausing until I raised my eyes to look at him. "I want you to know that last night was the most romantic evening I can ever remember. And when we got back here and you danced with me and asked me to make love with you..." He paused again. "Well lets just say it'll be a night I'll remember always; but."

Oh my god the "but" word I thought. This is where Angelo begins the explanation of why our relationship isn't going any further.

Angelo continued, "Veronica for your safety it's best that you know very little about my family's business. That way you can't testify about it and more importantly you won't be asked to give up any information to any of our competitors."

His tone of voice was stern but at the same time somewhat apologetic almost as if he was apologizing to me for being involved in what society viewed as unlawful activities.

I smiled at him knowing my reply would make or break my chances of becoming Angelo's main squeeze.

"Angelo I'll never again bring up anything to do with your family business affairs." I replied.

His wide smile acknowledged that I had said exactly what he wanted to hear.

"Perfect Veronica that's a relief for me to know you feel that way." He said adding "I was afraid that you wouldn't want to continue with me unless I told you all about our business."

With that I slid off the couch and moved to settle in his lap his arm supporting my back while his free hand came to rest on my thigh just above the knee. "God Angelo I though you were going to send me packing because I mentioned the business earlier."

As his hand slid up and down softly caressing my thigh he said, "Here's what I'd like Veronica. Go tell your room mate that she'll need to find another woman to share the rent. Tomorrow I want you to give notice at Mamma's if you want to give them two weeks notice that's fine, but I'd rather you just give them till the end of the week. You can move in here as soon as you like. I'll give you some cash so you can go shopping for your own pajamas and anything else you'd like. How's that sound baby?"

I instantly replied, "Angelo that sounds wonderful."

"Very good Veronica I only ask two things of you one that you never ask me about my business or mention it in public and second that you be here for me when ever I need you. He explained.

I sat up and turned to face him my knees straddling his thighs. "Baby you have my word." I said.

"Oh one more thing Veronica." Angelo said.

"What's that baby?" I asked.

He smiled widely at me and said, "You won't need any of my girls to teach you how to swallow cock. I'll teach you just like I teach all the others."

"You will Angelo!" I exclaimed batting my eye lashes at him. "How will I ever thank you baby?" I added.

"Lets start with this." Angelo answered as his hands move to pull the front of the robe I was wearing open exposing my tits.

His hands instantly move to caress each soft mound of tit flesh thumbs roughly rubbing the erect nipples. I slid my hands down and pulled the belt completely apart and let the garment slid off my shoulders swaying my body from side to side and leaning hard against his groping hands.

"Ouuuuuuuuu baby I like that." I said as he squeezed my tits hard and pinched the taut flesh of my nipples.

My hips instinctively started rocking against his loins doing their best to awaken the flaccid cock at the center.

I leaned forward letting my blonde locks canopy around our faces as I stared into his dark passionate eyes.

"You're so beautiful Veronica." Angelo whispered.

I parted my lips and offered him the tip of my tongue to suckle on which Angelo quickly accepted. I could feel his cock swelling and I pressed my pussy down on it humping his erection through the material between us.

Angelo slid his hands down my back onto my ass spreading his fingers and pulling my hips toward him.

"Ouuuuuuu yeah Angelo grab that sweet ass." I remarked.

I planted sensual kisses along his jaw finally reaching his ear. After running the tip of my tongue around the outside of his ear I whispered, "Baby fuck me please. Fuck me here and NOW!"

Angelo replied, "YES VERONICA!"

His hand grasped my panties in the crotch and as he pulled them aside he sat up straighter. His pulsing rock hard erection slipped out of the gap between buttons on the front of his satin pajama pants.

"Oh yeah baby that's what I want gimme that sweet cock!" I exclaimed

I ached to feel him inside me again craving the wonderful sensation of his throbbing cock buried in my dripping wet pussy. Sliding my wet lips along the length of his rock hard cock to lubricate it I lifted my hips and reached between my thighs guiding him to my steamy entrance.

"Oh god Veronica." Angelo exclaimed when the searing heat of my wet lips slipped over the tip of his cock head.

"YES" We screamed in unison as I stabbed my self with his incredible cock engulfing it with the sensual warmth of my pussy.

I pressed my loins back and as I lifted off him rubbing my swollen clit along the length of his shaft. Instantly my clit began to tingle.

"Oh god Angelo I love how perfectly you fit inside me!" I said just before I impaled my self on him a second time.

I leaned forward and pressed my sensitive nipples against his chest. Our mouths crushed together as we began building a slow rhythm of love making. I'd lift slowly off his rock hard cock and Angelo would then thrust up into my soaking wet pussy as I descended on him again.

Coupled together at our loins and mouths Angelo and I rode each other slowly and sensually both enjoying the awesome sensations of our union. Our moans of pleasure the only barely audible sounds other than the occasional slap of wet flesh.

His beautiful way of making love had already started my entire pelvic zone to tingle and as we continued I started feeling that incredible numbing sensation of my first approaching orgasm.

I broke our kiss to whisper in his ear. "Baby you're gonna make me cum please don't stop fucking me like this."

I curled my arms through his arm pits and up over his shoulders clinging to his now sweaty body as his hands slid down my equally wet flesh to rest on my hips. Angelo whispered, "Veronica you're so good I love how wet you get when we're fucking. I love going slow like this baby."

I knew that our slow rhythm wouldn't last much longer because that sweet tingling in my loins was beginning to send spears of orgasmic pleasure shooting up my spine to my brain. I was about to loose total control and knew my orgasm would be intense.

"Ohgodbaby!" I squealed running the words together as the first climax crashed into me. Angelo instinctively knew exactly what to do. His hands clamped down hard on my hips and each time I plunged onto his thrusting cock he pressed my pelvis down hard slamming his cock head past my g-spot and into my cervix.

My orgasm swirled around us both. "YES YES YES CUMINGGGGGGGG" I screamed as my beautiful lover held on enduring the pounding I was giving him with my hot fuck flesh.

"Ohhhhhh baby" I exclaimed as my climax peaked. I pulled my hands from under him and pressed them against his shoulders straightening up with his pulsing cock buried inside me. His bulging cock head bumping my cervix and the beautiful flaring corona pressing against my g-spot. Angelo's hands slipped from my hips and came to rest on the arms of our overstuffed chair of passion.

As my orgasm slowly subsided I extended the wonderful feeling by rocking my hips and massaging my pussy with his still rock hard cock.

I stared at Angelo. Tiny beads of sweat covered his face and his chest had a slippery coating of our combined sweat. He smiled and said, "How was that baby?"

I bent my arms and nuzzled into his neck whispering in his ear I replied. "Fuckin incredible."

Angelo circled my back with his strong arms holding me against him our slippery naked chests suctioned together. My hands slid off his shoulders and I just draped my arms over the back of our love chair.

We stayed coupled together his rock hard erection soaking in my flooded pussy and our warm bodies pressed tightly together for the longest time.

Finally I lifted my lips to his ear again and said, "Your turn Angelo." I wanted his awesome cock slamming into me again. I wanted him to fill me with that beautiful hard cock. And more than anything I wanted him to explode sending his hot cum shooting inside me.

"Oh yeah Veronica!" Angelo replied knowing I meant it was his turn to climax.

My lips still touching his ear, I again whispered, "Fuck me doggie style baby."

"Yeah babe doggie." Angelo said.

I straightened up and lifted my pussy off his pulsing cock. As I slid off my lover's lap I leaned down and licked along the length of his swollen shaft tasting the fuck juices coating him.

Standing between his thighs I reached for his hands and helped him from our love chair. His bulging erection sticking out of the gap in his satin pajama pants glistening with my pussy juice look so inviting. It took every ounce of will power not to kneel before him and take his cock between my lips.

Instead I moved around him and knelt on the chair one arm extended to the back rest. As I turned my head to look behind me Angelo was moving between my feet his throbbing cock held tightly in one hand.

I slid my free hand over my ass and pulled the flimsy wet fabric of my panties aside exposing my ass and wet swollen pussy to his lustful eyes and that wonderful throbbing cock.

I smiled and said, "Do me baby fast and hard!" My voice reflecting the wanton passion I had for him to take me.

As he moved forward Angelo un-did the button that held his pajamas to his waist. The satin garment wet at the crotch with our sex fluids slid down his legs. His cock stretched out from his loins. His balls were drawn tightly up in his scrotum almost bursting with cum. Angelo's expression was one of a man possessed with pleasuring himself. I knew from his look that he would do exactly as I asked fuck me fast and hard.

A moment later I found out how fast and hard Angelo could fuck me. His throbbing cock head barely touched the moist outer lips of my pussy when he thrust his cock deep into my searing hot slit.

"YEAH ANG" I squealed his deep thrust cutting off my voice as the head slammed into my cervix.

"God baby its so fucking hot and wet!" He exclaimed as he withdrew and again impaled me from behind.

Angelo's strong hands grasped my hips and pulled me back to meet every thrust inward. Moist pussy farts sounded each time his pulsing cock invaded my sopping wet pussy.

"Fuck me baby just like that!" I pleaded not wanting him to change anything about how he was pounding me with his awesome hard cock.

His strong hands firmly holding my hips Angelo slammed his pulsing cock into me again and again. "Yes baby gimme that big cock!" I squealed as his assault from behind raged on. My tits swaying back and forth with each thrust.

"Fuck me Angelo, fuck that hot pussy like a stud stallion." I exclaimed.

Even with his hands holding me firmly in place his repeated thrusts into me caused my torso to press into the back of our chair of lust. I felt his death grip on my hips relax and his right hand move away.

An instant later as he again slammed his cock into me I felt the searing pain of a resounding slab on my ass cheek. My ass cheek burned but the sensation my brain received was completely opposite registering awesome pleasure.

"OH GOD ANG!" I screamed. "YES" I added as his hand again slapped my soft ass.

"Like that?" Angelo replied.

"I love it!" I responded just before the crack of yet another spank hit my ass cheek.

I thrust my hips back at him every time he slammed his beautiful cock into me and then only had to wait an instant to feel the pleasurable burning sensation of his hand against my ass.

My pussy flooded with juices and I knew my ass cheek was ruby red with his hand print.

"Oh yes baby fuck that hot cunt. Tattoo my ass with your hand print Angelo!" I squealed.

No sooner had I begged him to spank me I felt his left hand crack down on my other cheek. He was urging me on the same way a jockey urges his mount and I responded by giving him a winner's circle ride. My hips thrusting back to meet every assault of his rock hard cock.

Each time Angelo pulled back one hand came down hard on one cheek followed by another deep thrust into me and then as he withdrew the other hand slapped against the other cheek. My ass burned from his spanking and my pussy throbbed and pulsed from his cocks incredible assault.

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