tagFetishBedroom Surprise Ch. 02

Bedroom Surprise Ch. 02


I endured several more bedroom cleaning sessions; each time I wore my sissy pink dress and panties but I think Mandy and Beth had become bored with this routine. I had a definite feeling that they were cooking up something for me. I still wore the chastity devise but had received no more release from my pent up sexuality. A good solid hard on was not a luxury that I was allowed to enjoy.

Late one Saturday afternoon I was summoned to report to Mandy. Although it was a bit late in the day I still expected to perform my menial cleaning tasks and was ready to don my pretty pink panties. However this was not to be the order of the day. Between them Beth and Mandy dressed me up in everyday clothes; knickers and bra as usual but now things took a different turn. Mandy had me dress in a pair of her jeans and a sloppy jumper. I wore flat shoes and my lovely brunette wig. A little make up was applied and that was it, I was finished.

The girls were pleased with what they had achieved but I was not so impressed. Maybe I was missing the point. I just looked like your average girl on the street; I could have been mistaken for a boy except for the shoes and the hair.

"Perfect," said Mandy. "Felicity, you look like the quiet girl that never gets the boy; the shy one; the ones the boys ignore while they are chasing the likes of me and Beth."

Beth looked at Mandy excitedly, "I think this could work Mandy. I think Felicity is going to love our little game." Beth passed a small handbag to me, "Here you are Felicity; you very own girlie handbag. You need a little bit of makeup, a nice little mirror, a comb and lots of tissues."

"Felicity," exclaimed Mandy, "You're coming out with us."

My heart skipped a beat. My mind went into overdrive. Out! What do they mean out? It's one thing to fool around here in the bedroom as a prissy girl but I can't possibly go out. The girls saw the dismay on my face and giggled. I tried to put my fear into words.

"I can't go out. Everyone will know I'm a guy. I can't pull this sort of thing of. I'll be found out, I'll be ridiculed."

Mandy had it all figured out, "You'll be our quiet shy sister who's so shy she never speaks. We'll say we are only taking you out because your Mom's worried you never meet any boys. There's some boys down at the Vic who keep pestering Beth and me for sex but as you know Felicity we're not that keen on boys."

I didn't want to hear any more. Enough was enough. I was really worried about what they had in mind for me. "No way," I said. "Whatever you want me to do it's no. No. No. No."

Beth's response was insistently firm. "Felicity. We own you. We've got pictures that will embarrass you beyond belief. We've got video of you in your pretty pink dress; we've got videos of you showing your prissy pink knickers for all the world to see. Pretty little sister you've got no choice"

I was flushed with rage but I had to suppress it. Beth and Mandy were right, I had no option but to go along with their plans.

"Now," continued Mandy, "Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was trying to explain to you Felicity that we have a plan. We take the boys, one at a time, out the back. For a small charge we offer them sex with all three of us. While Beth and I are kissing and distracting the guy you simply give him a blow job. Once we get the guys hooked on the routine, we up the price. All quite simple, really."

"No time like the present Felicity. Let's go." Saying this Mandy grabbed my hand and off we all went to the Vic.

Boy I was frightened. My legs were trembling, my mind was in turmoil; every time we saw someone I was convinced they could tell I was a man. By the time we got to the Vic I was relieved but also somewhat aggrieved. The public seemed quite happy to view me as a girl and to accept me as a female. My male persona seemed to diminish quite a lot.

The bar area was quite dim and the lighting was poor. Beth and Mandy were greeted by several young men and I realised that they must be regular customers here. The place had a bad reputation.

We three sat in a corner and enjoyed a leisurely drink; Mandy suggested I had a gin and tonic rather than the pint of beer I had hoped for. After a while we were joined by a guy who appeared to be in his late twenties. Polite conversation was made and Mandy did most of the talking. I kept my head down and concentrated on my mobile.

The guy stumped up for a second round of drinks and then he and Mandy seemed to get into a deep whispered conversation. I picked up small snippets of what was being said but it didn't make a lot of sense. I saw Mandy slip some notes into her purse and then the guy left.

"We got us a customer," Mandy declared in a stage whisper. "I told him it was the three of us or none of us. Let's go." As she said this Mandy stood up and beckoned Beth and I to follow.

We made for a nearby park. It should have been shut after dark but it seemed that if you were in the know you could get in. We made a bee line for a bench in a secluded corner of the park. As we approached I saw that the client was already there.

"Felicity, welcome to the real world," said Mandy as she tossed me a pack of condoms. "Once Beth and me have got him good and excited it'll be time for you to go to work. When I give you the word get his trousers down round his knees, get his cock out and get to work. It's your choice if you use the condom or not."

Beth and Mandy sat one each side off him and I just stood and watched as they started to work on him. It was quite exciting to watch as they turned his head one way then the other, each one taking turns to kiss him. They seemed to be quite violent kisses and I'm sure the guy was pleased with his lot. Beth clawed the front of his shirt open and went to work on his nipples.

I glanced nervously round the park to make sure we weren't being watched; it seemed we were alone. Looking back to the action I saw that Mandy had the front of his trousers open; I was a little shocked to see the size of the bulge in his underpants and my eyes became riveted to the spectacle. I suddenly felt a kick to the shins. Mandy was trying to shake me out of my trancelike state. "Now," she hissed, "Get on your knees and blow him."

I was powerless to resist Mandy's instructions; I sank to my knees and grabbed the waist of his trousers and yanked them down. I wanted them out of the way so pulled of one of his shoes off and pulled the jeans right off. I pushed his legs apart and went right to the action; I didn't bother to take of his pants I just rammed my hand in and pulled his cock out of the side of his pants. Boy it was big and oh boy was it hard.

My only thought was to get this over with; I was terrified in case anyone caught us; I was petrified in case the guy should realise I was a man; I was ashamed that I was handling a man's cock. I wanted to get it covered so that it wasn't quite so personal. I rammed the condom on and then started to rub his cock; up and down, up and down; he started to buck and squirm as I applied pressure to the sensitive end of his prick.

The girls were doing a great job and the client was getting ever more excited. Suddenly I received a clip to the ear; I looked up at Mandy to see what the problem was. She was pointing at her lips and mouthing the words "Use your fucking lips. Suck him Felicity."

I hesitated no longer; I took that prick and guided it into my mouth. My head bobbed up and down; the cock slammed into the back of my mouth and I sucked. I worked that cock like my life depended on it. I was rewarded a few seconds later when his whole body went stiff and he forced his cock deep into my mouth. What a strange sensation; I could feel the spunk being pushed into the end of the condom; I could feel the warmth of it; I was frightened in case I should taste it but the condom held well and I was spared the ultimate humiliation.

The girls stood up immediately and pulled me to my feet. We left him with trousers round the ankles, shirt open and a cock that looked like it wouldn't be ready for action again for a while. I felt guilty about abandoning him but he did look well satisfied.

We cleared the park and were back on the sidewalk. "Felicity," said Mandy "You're one of us now. You're a pretty little girl who's had a big cock in her mouth. Did you use the condom?"

"Oh yes," I replied "I might have choked otherwise."

We made our way to a more respectable bar and spent our ill-gotten gains on a few drinks. I even got to go into the ladies loo for a sit down pee; all very exciting and all very new for me. I wondered what the next few days might have in store for me.

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