tagInterracial LoveBee and David Ch. 01

Bee and David Ch. 01


She nervously looked up at him but his height was what attracted her.

6'2, thick sturdy build, grey porcelain eyes, pale alabaster skin with a hue of red. Salt and pepper hair cut short, thin dark lips, and an array of tattoos spreading from his left shoulder to his wrist.

He smiled, looking over her again.

His fantasy was finally about to be fulfilled.

Coming from an extremely prejudice family, he had rebelled and developed an attraction to black women. Always afraid that someone would find out he kept his hands to himself and jerked off to "ebony" porn in his spare time.

At 32 years old and unhappily married, he concocted a plan to fulfill his aching "need" months ago.

"Come here, Bee" he commanded in a light British accent.

Her dark brown eyes fluttered as she smoothed the turquoise dress out.

She flashed that virginal smile that made his cock twitch before taking a step forward.

Absent-mindedly bit her lower lip and making him groan, she stepped between his legs.

The lavish hotel suite he rented was fit for royalty.

He sat on a cream Davenport, watching her through wide relaxed eyes.

Her expression remained impassive.

His, loving.

She held her hands behind her back, her stance the same as the day he met her.


He and his best friend were on lunch break and weighed their options of greasy fast food or a new chain that opened down the street from his law firm.

"I heard Oodles is really good, Dave" his right hand guy, Trevor told him.

They walked into the festive establishment and were greeted by a short dark-skinned beauty.

Her perfectly plump pink lips spread apart in the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen and exposed exceptionally white teeth.

She looked young, no more than 18, with thick curly raven hair that spouted from underneath a black cap.

The attraction was instant. Standing only a few feet away, he could feel the glow of her aura. The heat radiating from her body cause him to loosen his tie.

His heart fluttered then skipped a beat as his vision blurred.

"Hello, gentlemen!" she welcomed with a heartfelt expression.

"Afternoon" Trevor responded reaching for one of the menus she held close to her chest.

A chest David couldn't keep his eyes off of.

"Here you go," she handed Trevor a menu. "Would you like one as well, sir?" She gestured to David.

He didn't respond, he just stared at her glowing aura.

Her dark chocolate skin glittered while she frowned but took a step towards him.

"Excuse me" she asked, looking up.

He shook his head, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

She smiled politely, "Did you need a menu, sir?"

"Yes, please!"

She handed him one, aware that he was indeed staring.

It didn't bother her, most customers who came in, male especially always stared longer than they thought. She chalked it up to them rarely seeing black people.

She tucked a curl behind her ear and continued with her duties as a greeter; explaining the menu in great detail and with a vast appreciation of diverse food.

"While you gentlemen take a look at the menu, if you see anything that looks good, let me know and I can give you some insight as to how it tastes" she finished.

David's eyes never left her presence. Just a minute ago he was starving and now he felt himself hungry for only her.

Checking her out, his eyes grew even bigger.

She was about 5'2, but the confidence she exuded gave a grander stature. Her skin seemed flawless, except for the faint dark marks under her eyes.

Cute button nose, light laugh lines, and sultry, almond shaped pecan colored eyes that squinted when she talked.

Even under the black uniform he could tell her tits were big and plump.

He licked his lips.

She swung around to point at a bigger menu further into the restaurant.

Both he and Trevor noticed how tight and plump her derrière protruded.

Trevor gave him an appreciative nod.

David's eyes traveeld to what he knew would be his new favorite play toy: her ass. It sat high and curved; her waist was narrow but hips were wide and perfect. It gave her the perfect hourglass figure, something he'd never before seen. The light denim jeans hung onto every part of her bottom for dear life.

She turned back around, still smiling and awaited their questions.

"The Truffle Mac looks delicious " David said.

"It's actually one of my favorite dishes," she confessed. "Its really rich and decadent and I love it with a side roll."

"Sold" he admonished, handing her back the menu.

"I like the Pad Thai" Trevor said.

"Awesome, you can just head straight towards an available cashier and place your order."

Trevor handed his menu to David and walked ahead.

He handed it to the beautiful greeter.

"We didn't get your name?"

She smiled and shook her head as if chastising herself.

"Sorry, my name's Bianca. Thanks so much for coming in sir" she brightly said.

He laughed, "You are too adorable."

She blushed, "Thank you."

"See you later" he said before joining his friend.

Trevor practically eye fucked the platinum blonde who took their orders.

"We'll get all that right to your table, guys."

Trevor took their cups and walked to the soda machine.

"Can you do me a favor?" David asked, leaning over the counter towards her.

She turned bright as an apple, "I'll try."

He pointed to a cheery Bianca, explaining the menu to an elderly couple.

"Can you have that delightful young lady bring our food?" he asked, dropping his megawatt smile and batting his long lashes at her.

She spun around and then turned back to him with a smile, "Sure, as soon as its ready I'll have Bee bring it."


He liked the nickname. It was short and cute, just like her.

He thanked the cashier and went in search of his best mate.

With their briefings spread along the table, they were deep in conversation when she came juggling their food.

"Hello again, gentlemen" she cooed.

Trevor rubbed his hands together and gladly accepted the plates.

As she leaned forward to grab their table number, a light coconut smell invaded his nostrils.

"This looks great, thanks!" Both men said.

"Anytime gentlemen, did you need anything else? Extra napkins, chopsticks or chili paste?"

Stuffing his mouth, Trevor shook his head.

"Chili paste, you say? David asked.

"I'll grab it for you" she voluntarily replied, heading towards the dispensary station.

His mouth nearly dropped when he saw her switch away by his command.

Returning with his chili paste, she wished them a lovely lunch and returned to greeting.

They enjoyed it and talked about how the court precedings would go.

Upon leaving, David shook Bianca's hand and thanked her for an amazing experience

"Oh, you're welcome, sir! Hope to see you again, soon" she replied.

He gave her a less than formal smile and his eyes twinkled.

"You can count on it, darling" he winked.


He couldn't escape her smile, not even in his dreams. She would sashay past him in those hip hugging light blue jeans, every curve being flaunted.

Her perky breasts, bouncing with each step and that naive smile plastered on her face.

Her face, bright and full of wonder as her brown eyes danced.

He imagined her hair was even thicker without the cap, draping along her delicate shoulders.

On one occasion, when Debra was too tired to please him, he jerked off to the image of him fucking her ripe ass. He came in his hand while silently saying her name. He needed her and soon.

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