tagInterracial LoveBee and David Ch. 02

Bee and David Ch. 02


*I want to thank everyone for their kind feedback and comments. I made the first chapter relatively short because I wasn't quite sure which direction I was going with this story. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy chapter 2-CoCo*


"I need direct deposit," she muttered leaving work.

Rushing, she didn't notice the tall figure coming her way until they almost collided.

"Sorry," his accent flushed her cheeks,"Bianca, is it?" he gazed down at her.

She looked up into concrete eyes that steadied her.

"Hello!" she greeted, smiling warmly.

Dressed every bit of a hot shot attorney, he wore a navy pinstripe suit with a crisp white button-up and navy tie, his salt and pepper hair ruffled in the breeze while his black Gucci loafers shined.

There was something about his eyes that made her feel content.

He stared down at her out of uniform.

Dark skinny jeans clung to her waist, while a "Bob Marley" graphic tee gave him a better view of her bountiful bust. She shifted in her rainbow colored sneakers.

"Back so soon?" she joked.

She hadn't seen him in over a month.

He had his reasons but just looking into that gorgeous face made his cock twitch.

"Been busy around the office," he smiled, "Not working today?"


"Awww, that's a shame," he tsked, "I was looking forward to being serviced by you."

She gasped lightly at his sexually saturated joke. Thinking he had made her uncomfortable, he opened his mouth to apologize.

"Not today," she laughed innocently.

Before he could stop himself he invited her to lunch. She accepted on the terms that she could pick the place.

They walked down the street towards a quaint cafe. A soft autumn breeze blew, pushing them closer together.

They entered the establishment and were instantly seated.

"I don't even know your name, sir" she inquired as the waiter left.

"Its David, and please no more "sirs", I beg of you" he said, his delicious British accent making her melt.

"Sorry," she muttered, "How old are you, David? "

He ran a hand through his hair.


She nodded, her teeth grazed her bottom lip.

"Such a mature age" she cooed.

He laughed, "If that's a kind way of saying, "you're old", then thank you love."

She joined him in a chuckle.

"You've got a young spirit, if that helps" she teased.

"How can you tell?" he inquired.

She crinkled her nose and squinted her eyes.

"Its in your eyes. You've got youthful eyes, sir. Um, I mean David" she giggled.

His smile deepened, exposing light dimples and a faint blush appeared across his face.

"Thank you" he replied staring into her almond shaped eyes.

Not one to be intimidated, she stared deeper. Relaxing her shoulders and cocking her head to one side, she gave off an innocent school girl look.

He readjusted his posture, trying to get the immense boner under control.

She dropped her megawatt smile just as the waiter approached, turning him red.

"Can I help you?" a thin, middle-aged black man asked.

Bianca shifted her gaze back to the menu.

"I'll have the vegan platter with extra mushrooms" she ordered.

"And for you, sir?" flustered, he tugged at his tie and scanned the menu.

"Um, the special please."

"Chicken pot pie, it is."

He collected the menus and left to place their order.

She leaned forward, puckering her lips and looking in his firey grey eyes.

"Uncomfortable?" she questioned.

He bit his lip, but smiled.

Breathing an air of clarity, he spoke softly and with conviction.

"Not at all. Why, its quite the contrary, I find myself more at ease in your presence."

He reached across the table and grasped her silky dark hands.

An electrical current fused between them and the second they touched, it intensified sending a spark down both their spines.

"Wow!" She let out a huge breathe of air.

His hands were rather large and warm. The warmth intensified when he squeezed hers in his.

"You feel it too?" he asked in a whisper.

She nodded, solemnly and grasped his hands tighter. Her eyes glazed over and she inhaled a smokey mint aroma.

David leaned forward and raised their meshed hands to his face. A light coconut smell overtook his nostrils.

He stuck out his lips and kissed her hands. Letting his stubble graze the back of her hand, he looked into lovely dark half hooded eyes.

Someone roughly cleared their throat.

They looked up into the stern eyes of their waiter.

David raised a brow in confusion.

He placed Bianca's platter in front of her with a warm smile and David's in front of him with thin lips.

"Anything else?"

"No, sir. Thank you" she flashed that smile again.

The waiter smiled, a little too wide for David's liking and left.

She reached for her fork and hovered above her plate, a wonderfully deep voice stopped her half way. "How do you do that?"

She looked up into majestically fierce eyes. Furrowing her brow, she lowered the fork.

"Do what?"

He rolled his eyes.

"How do you make men completely lose their cool around you?" he reiterated the question.

Her eyes widened as she assessed the seriousness in his voice.

"I don't. I'm completely oblivious to it.The guys I chase usually hold my full attention" she said.

He grinned, "You chase?"

She smiled, lightly.

"I'm used to going after what I want. But lately, I've been the prey" she shrugged her shoulders then proceeded to rub her finger in a circular motion around the top of her glass of water.

He stared at her through hooded eyes, his eyebrow raised in intrigue and his lips a thin line.

*I'd never prey on you, baby* he found himself thinking.

She raised her fork once again and scooped up a piece of asparagus. Looking into his eyes she dipped the tip in her mouth, sucked then bit with a single snap before chewing. Her dark brown eyes lightened and that whimsical look appeared on her face again.

"Not hungry?" she challenged.

He leaned over and grabbed her hand, positioning the rest of the asparagus at the tip of his lips he bit down and engulfed the remainder between his lips.

*Not for food * another thought ran through his mind.

She didn't notice her breathing stopped until a little wafer of air escaped her.

"Very" he answered in a whisper staring her down.

He leaned back and fixed his tie before digging in.

Looking up between bites, he saw her smile and resumed her meal.

She really digged into her plate, nibbling on broccoli and offering him bits of it.

"I'm really more of a meat and potatoes man" he earnestly replied, shoving a fork full of chicken into his mouth.

"You're right about one thing. You are a man" she looked him over once more.

Broad shoulders, rippling biceps, chiseled features.

"And a big one at that. You must eat some types of veggies. I mean being a growing man and all" she smirked.

David looked up and chuckled, "First, I'm old and now I'm fat? You really know how to break a man's heart" he feigned sadness.

Bianca laughed. "I'm sorry. I tend to be a bit abrasive, especially to strangers."

"Strangers? Here we are enjoying a nice lunch, with an occasional quirk from you and my sensitive soul being bared" he sized her up.

Thick curly hair flowing past her delicate shoulders, soft, steady breathing made her firm double D's gently rise then fall. The angelic look she held as he spoke was what really got him hot. Her full cheeks rising into that smile he loved, and button nose crinkling as she concentrated on what he said.

Why couldn't he have met her when he was a lad? These feelings for someone he just met weren't natural.

"Sensitive, are we?" she teased.

He took a final bite of his pie.

"Very," he grinned, wiping his mouth.

Her eyes traveled to his.

A callous look passed through her.

She cocked her head to one side, "How old do I look, David?"

Noticing a quick change in her attitude, he leaned in closer.

"19?" he guessed.

She shook her head and leaned forward.

"Twenty-two" she said with a glorified smile.

He nodded, "Such a mature age."

She erupted in laughter. It started as a low chuckle then escalated into a high pitched giggle. He loved it and soon felt himself joining her.

She looked down at his hand and for the first time noticed a wedding band.

"You're married?" she cocked an eyebrow and stared deeper.

His face dropped, lips thinned and eyes dulled.

"Yes, I am," he sadly answered. "Separated actually, but legally still married."

They stared at each other for a few moments before Bianca spoke.

"Why do you still wear a wedding band?" she muttered.

"Mostly to ward away unwanted attention," he played with the gold band on his finger, his eyes never left hers. "A reminder, as well, so that next time I won't give my heart away so quickly."

"I'm sorry" she apologized.

He stilled, "Its fine."

"Do you still love her?"

His jaw clenched.

"No," he hoarsely replied. "Once upon a time I thought I did but now, I know I never really even knew what love was" he confessed.

"Do any of us really?" she joked.

He gave her a tight smile.

"I've never really talked to anyone about us and our marital hardships. I'm sorry for unloading on you."

"I'm a good listener," she replied. "And besides, I love your accent. I could listen to you all day."

He laughed, a hearty youthful one.

"I mean if I had your number, then you could listen to it all day" he proposed, eyes still twinkling.

She crinkled her nose as they exchanged numbers. A triumphant smile lay etched on his lips.

"I'll be right back" she said leaving the table.

His phone rang.

"Crete" he answered.

"Dave," Trevor's voice rang out. "Man, where are you? You're gonna miss the meeting with Sonic Tech."

David quickly glanced at his watch. he'd been gone for almost 2 hours.

"Damn," he grimaced standing up. "I'll be there in 10. Stall them."

Grabbing his suit jacket, he tossed a bill on the table just as Bianca came back.

"Something wrong?"

He leaned over, their faces inches from each other.

"Late for a meeting. I'm sorry, I've gotta rush."

He reached for her hand and laid a soft kiss upon her knuckles.

"Until next time, Bee" he growled with a smile.

Not waiting for an answer, he gave her a wink and glided out the cafe.

She watched him sprint across the street and hail a cab.

A look of pure adorement crossed her face as she passed their waiter, collecting the bill.

Pulling her cream hoodie on, she thanked him and strolled out.

A second man walked up.

"Another of our women, stolen by them" their waiter told his friend.

"Why can't they just leave our gals alone?" he exasperated, shaking his head.

They watched her leave the cafe and casually strut across the street.

A look of disappointment and years of prejudice mirrored in their eyes.


Bianca lied in her bed staring at the darkness. She shifted her arm and moved onto her stomach.

Raising her head, she looked over at the glowing alarm clock. 2 am on a Saturday.

"Ohhh! Yes! Harder!" loud moans echoed from her roommate.

"Ugh!" she groaned, pulling a pillow over her face.

The loud thumping and screams of pleasure coming from across her apartment didn't help with her sleeplessness.

She sat up and shrugged her shoulders, "At least someone is getting some."

The incessive throbbing between her legs was getting worse. Even if she had a way to combat the horniness she was experiencing lately, she wouldn't know what to do. Sex had always been a foreign concept to her.

Her thoughts soon traveled to David.

His manly physique and orgiastic smokey eyes, ignited a fire in her belly.

Finding herself getting moist just thinking about him, she picked up her phone and sent a quick text.

He replied back within seconds.

*Up so late, love?*

She smiled.

*Insomnia.* she replied.

*Ahhh the "genius" disorder. LOL.*

*LMAO, I think that's the nicest way anyone's ever described my late night nuttiness.*

She rose and headed to the kitchen.

*A fan of nuts, are we?*

She giggled.

*You're a nut :)*

*Touchè, while you're up pondering the intensity of my nuttiness, you should make an executive decision on joining me for lunch Friday? *

She took her time responding back.

*I'd love to. Is 3 okay? You can pick the place.*

A warming sensation surrounded his heart, his spirits soared at the prospect of seeing her again.

*Wonderful, just meet me outside of your workplace exactly at 3. Its a surprise.*

*A surprise? I like surprises.*

*Do you now? What else do you like?*

*You. Goodnight.*

She turned her phone on vibrate then climbed back under the covers.

Sleep came easy and soundlessly, as she dreamed of sparkling grey eyes, intertwined fingertips and a smoky mint that made her stomach flutter.


His mind drifted all morning on Friday, he was eerily quiet and checked his phone periodically.

After his last conference meeting, he packed his brief case and got ready to join his beauty for lunch.

"Hey man, where's the fire?" Trevor joked running behind him.

They stepped into the empty elevator and David jabbed at the lobby button.

"I don't know what you mean" he chuckled.

"Dude, you've been out of it all day. And now you're running off all of a sudden?"

David stopped and looked over at his friend.

He was used to telling him everything but still seemingly unsure of how things were going with Bianca, he withheld.

He tipped his head and patted him on the shoulder just as the elevator opened.

"I'll give you a call later, okay?"

With that he raced out and down the lobby stairs.


Fluffing her hair out, she stood on the top steps outside of her work building.

She adorned a light pink blouse, those light hip hugging jeans and black wedges.

An all black Lincoln pulled up and out stepped David, cell phone glued to his ear. He appeared to be in a sour mood as he scowled at whoever was on the other line. He looked around, not even noticing her walk up.

"Fine" he bit out through clenched teeth, hanging up.

He faced the car and lowered his head until it rested on the roof.

A huge breathe of air escaped his lungs.

"Hey" a calm voice called out.

He spun around in a frantic state.

Weary ash eyes met loving chocolate ones.

"You okay?" she asked with a concerned look.

He visibly relaxed and straightened up. Fixing his tie, he cleared his throat.

"Yes. Just tired. Long morning" he gave her a tight smile.

She slowly nodded her head.

Walking over, she stood next to him and leaned on the car.

He watched her every move.


"Yeah, its just---" he put his face in his hands again to calm himself.

Hesitant on how to comfort him, she placed a warm hand on his shoulder.

"..Nuts?" she finished, a smile on her face.

He couldn't help the smile that peeked out then covered his face. He howled with laughter.

She gave him a playful push then joined in.

After a few minutes, she felt her stomach grumble. Moving to stand in front of him, she reached out her hand.

"I bet you're hungry."

He gave her his hand.

"Starving, love" he said standing.

They stood inches from each other.

He drank her in.

Her gaze steadily impassive, while she twirled her hair.

Looking through his gleaming steel eyes, she leaned forward.

"I believe you owe me lunch, Mr--? " she pondered.

"Crete," he divulged. "David Gabriel Crete."

"Gabriel?" she snickered.

"What's so funny about Gabriel?" he asked, a bemused expression crossed his face.

"Nothing, it's just that I'm gonna start calling you Gabby."

He threw his head back in laughter.

"Don't you dare" he lightly warned.

Still holding hands, she took a step back and looked up at him.

"Take me to lunch and maybe I'll forget about it."

Flashing his loveable dimples yet again, he stepped away from her and used a free hand to open the side door.

She took a step forward only to be pulled back and swept off her feet.

He slammed the door shut as he wrapped his arms around her waist and got a better whiff of her scent.

Coconut and hibiscus flooded his nostrils; his heart beat faster as her aroma surrounded his senses.

He continued to hold her to his chest as the pounding of her heart matched his on.

He peered into wide eyes as he stroked her chin and let a smile slip.

"Thanks" he said.

She looked confused, "For what?"

He inhaled deeply, "For centering me."

He cocked his head to the side, his expression serious and a light frown appeared on his face.

"I'm not the most normal person and I tend to get dealt a less than pleasant hand which tends to make those around me quite, uncomfortable."

She stared on, "I've always hated normalcy" she declared, through a whisper.

He felt a fire creep through his chest as she pulled herself closer to him.

She could feel the heat from their bodies warm her soul.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as a cold breeze made her shiver.

He sighed then dove down. Giving it a chance and taking her by surprise, he kissed her plump and soft lips.

Rough at first, he smoothed out the bumps of their embrace by tilting her head up. She stilled but didn't pull away as his lips claimed hers in a gentle lashing.

He tasted of vanilla and a spicy mint as she parted her lips. Her hands somehow found a way to his hips and she clutched them.

Moving up his sides, she trailed a hand across his waist and loved the feel of his thick body. His mountain of muscle hugged her curves as his tongue slipped through her and snugly explored her mouth.

The warm welcoming confounds of her proved to be more than he expected.

A soft growl escaped him as he sucked on her tongue then bit her bottom lip with force and kissed it better when he heard her whimper.

She was lost in his complex world. A world of electric feelings, the smell of coconut and breathlessness.

He opened his eyes and found her staring, with a celestial gaze. Lust etched on her face.

He pulled back, still holding her waist and grasping her chin, and leaned his forehead on hers as they both caught their breath.

"Wow" she huffed out.

His icey grey gaze froze her in place as his arm tightened around her waist.

Nuzzling her hair, he whispered near her ear, "I really want to get to know you. "

Feeling possessive, she snaked both arms around his waist and smiled, nearly making him blush.

"Well," she began, "That was an amazing way to break the ice."

His stare warmed as he felt his shoulders heave in laughter. Pulling away from their embraced, he noticed watchful eyes.

It wouldn't be wise for talk of an impending romance to already have started for a him.

"Get in" he commanded.

She pulled back even further and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Please?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Please, get in love. So that I may feed you?" he begged through a pouty lower lip.

She rolled her eyes and giggled, "You're lucky I'm a sucker for a pretty face", as she eased into the Lincoln and onto the exquisitely lavish leather.

He shut the door and walked around to the other side, climbing in, he gave instructions to the driver.

Turning his full attention to her, he spoke softly, "So you think I have a pretty face huh, Ms.-----?"

She looked over and noticed a predatory gaze in his eye.

He placed his forefinger on his bottom lip and gingerly ran it across; his eyes glazed over as he took in her intoxicating smell.

She stared ahead, not acknowledging him.

"Wilson and yes, although I'm sure you prefer "handsome", huh?"

A million thoughts ran through her head at the moment. She couldn't hear herself think around him. The way those grey globes followed her every breath.

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