tagToys & MasturbationBefore Cable, There Were Neighbors

Before Cable, There Were Neighbors


All characters are 18years of age or above.


Bill grew up in the 1950s and 60s- one of millions of boys whose sex education was slow and involved more effort than required now. Looser societal standards and technology such as cable TV and the Internet have accelerated the maturation process.

Before the age of freely available nudity on the Internet and late night cable TV, young men's sexual exploration was a slow evolution. There was no sex shown on TV; in fact, dialogue didn't even mention the word 'sex'. In general, topless photos were limited to select men's magazines- offered for sale to adults only and stored on the newsstand's high shelves or in covers so that children wouldn't be scandalized. True porn was shown to adults only in seedy movie theaters and on amateurish movie reels that weren't easy for a young man to buy or view.

There was no sex education in school beyond a rudimentary health class. Some parents gave their children a basic 'talk' but Bill's parents were very conservative. They felt ignorance was best and that a young man should concentrate of his studies and not think about girls. In fact, they sent him to an all-boys high school to keep him away from distractions.

That was the world in which Bill was to grow from boy to man. As a result he reached the age of 18 wholly ignorant about sexual matters. He was most eager to learn about women and to start dating but was very embarrassed by his lack of knowledge and experience.

In October of his senior year Bill turned 18. He decided it was time that he learned about women. The available resources were modest.

He started looking at magazine ads for bras and then discovered the bra section of the Sear's 500 page Catalog which provided several pages of fascinating study. The pictures weren't erotic but he knew what he was doing was 'dirty' and had to be done in private. The catalog pictures offered the opportunity for an unhurried view of dozens of female chests clad in bras and slips. The models were of different body types and bra sizes and posed in different ways to show off the offered products.

His exploration of the Sears catalog made him curious about his mother's bra size so he secretly explored her lingerie drawer and found tags showing she was a 34C. He didn't know much of what that meant but the catalog gave measurement instructions so he soon had a basic understanding. In simple terms he thought his mother's breasts were nicely sized- not huge but certainly at or above the average size. Her size became his benchmark; anyone with smaller breasts was of no interest as being 'flat chested' and anyone bigger was appealing.

He bought his first Playboy magazine. He loved the sexy nude models and couldn't wait to meet a girl with a body like those shown. The pictures showed beautiful young women with naked breasts. Some photos showed pubic hair but no sexual organs were visible. The pictured breasts were all large and each model was extremely tall and fit. Bill figured he'd find these girls when he went to college; they certainly weren't in his small hometown.

To his delight fate brought Bill an unexpected educational path when a young couple, Tom and Becky, moved into the house next door. He guessed they were in their late twenties or just over 30. On their move in day Becky wore a plain long sleeve shirt over a tee shirt. Late in the day she'd apparently gotten too hot so she removed the outer shirt. Bill was speechless when he saw his new neighbor's chest. She was wearing a bra but he could see her large breasts and prominent nipples pushing against her very snug tee shirt. Becky had an incredible figure with what Bill guessed were D cup or larger tits with a very slim body.

Bill spent an hour helping carry in some of the couple's boxes and enjoyed checking out Becky's tee shirt covered breasts, skin tight shorts and long legs. She was warm and friendly with the 18 year old which made him feel great. He tried hard not to blatantly stare at her tits each time they passed each other but he looked as often and intensely as he could. She spoke to him about his college plans and said she expected there would be odd jobs for which she might like to hire him in the weeks ahead. Bill was more than eager for the chance to spend time at Becky's house so he said he'd be happy to help with anything she needed.

Becky apparently didn't know there was a clear line of sight from Bill's 2nd floor bedroom window to hers. Each bedroom had large side by side double hung windows. The houses were only about 10 feet apart- separated by a sidewalk and some shrubs. The front edge of Bill's bedroom windows sat a foot or two to the rear of the back edge of Becky's windows so if Becky looked straight out from her window she would only see a blank wall on Bill's house. Bill guessed that was why she didn't worry about privacy. Her window had long curtains on each edge but they left a large gap that exposed a section of the room in plain view to him. With the two homes so close Bill could see into her room quite well. His view didn't include the half of the room with couple's bed but he quickly discovered that it did frame an area that Becky used for changing before bed.

Each night Becky would enter her room at 11PM. If her hair had been in a ponytail or hair clip she'll stand in front of the mirror on her dresser, loosen her hair tie and brush her hair for several minutes. She'd then strip to her panties and retrieve a nightgown from the top drawer. Gathering the nightgown in her hands she'd insert her hands under the hem, lift the gown while finding the arm holes and slide the gown over her head. A little body shake and some hand guidance and smoothing would then cause the gown to slip down. Sometimes it would catch on her breasts which would require a little extra finger work and give Bill an extra second or two of jiggling breast. The gown would then drop like a stage curtain- enveloping her nakedness to mid-thigh.

From the first week Bill would sit in the dark in his room and enjoy watching her undress for bed almost every night. He missed her some nights and on some others her husband was in the room and the lights went off before she undressed. Bill guessed they were having sex on those nights but he couldn't see.

Most nights offered a quick side view of Becky almost naked as she stripped to her panties and donned her nightgown. Depending on how she turned or where she stood Bill got varying views of her body for perhaps 15 seconds before she'd be covered or walk out of view. His glimpses of her body confirmed that her tits were very large and her body had a beautiful hourglass shape. The scenes were tantalizingly brief but frequently the high point of Bill's day.

Becky's tits were the first Bill had seen in person. On her trim frame they looked spectacular. They were beautifully shaped and changed shape as she moved and raised her arms to slip into her modest nightgown. They seemed even bigger than he'd visualized. He concluded that they were definitely 'D' or 'DD' cups. In fact he wondered if they might even be bigger.

The notion of secretly finding one of her bras and checking the tag came to mind. Bill quickly dismissed this idea as highly unlikely and then amused himself by thinking the better fantasy would be burying his face in her soft mounds. Neither scenario was going to happen but physical contact was much better food for thought than just reading numbers on a label. In his mind the soft embrace of her big tits against his cheeks seemed almost real.

Bill noted that Becky seemed to always wear bikini panties. She had several colors; he liked the darker ones the best since they contrasted with her fair skin and really showcased her ass. He'd never seen a woman's ass in just panties. He'd seen pictures of women in thongs and he'd seen his mother's granny pants in the laundry. The bikini style wasn't too skimpy but still on Becky the panties looked very sexy. They were skin tight-hugging her hips and ass. With their high cut leg openings her legs looked incredibly long and sexy. Becky's hips and legs became a whole new area of interest. He'd never focused on a woman's legs before. She was a very sexy woman; Bill couldn't get over the good fortune of being able to see Becky almost nude.

Bill's surveillance went on for weeks with some nights of disappointment and others that made it all worthwhile. Sometimes Becky wasn't in plain sight and on other nights he saw only her back but there were a few special nights when he saw her facing the window- fully naked above the waist. She was by far the sexiest woman Bill had ever seen- clothed or naked. She was definitely in the 'Playboy' league.

After several weeks there was one set of back to back nights that burned images into Bill's brain and brought him back every night in the hope of a repeat.

On the first night in question Bill had heard Becky's husband, Tom, was going to be away on business but didn't think anything about it. At 11PM Becky entered the bedroom as usual. Bill soon sensed that Becky's bedtime ritual was off the usual timeline as she didn't change clothes quickly. Instead she lingered before her mirror while fully dressed. She turned her face from side to side and fiddled with her hair- apparently assessing her beauty in the mirror. With what he viewed as incredibly good luck her body was turned slightly toward the window giving him a pretty great side view of her body. Even fully dressed Bill could see how her breasts stood out prominently. She looked hot.

Bill could see that Becky was admiring her clothed body in the mirror as she posed in several sexy ways. Bill's cock got hard as he watched Becky bring her hands up to her covered tits- offering them in a lewd gesture to the mirror. Her hands then ran down her body- caressing her curves both on the trip down and then again as her hands came back to her breasts.

The scene got even hotter as Becky extended a forefinger and seemed to be tracing her left nipple through her blouse. She stared at her tits and blew a sexy kiss to herself. Her hands then fondled both breasts- squeezing them gently and sensuously. She seemed to be weighing them with her hands and then running her fingers over them as if appreciating their size and shape. Bill had never seen a woman touching herself like that and loved every second. To himself Bill said, "I love your tits Becky. Lose the shirt and show them to me."

As if she'd heard him Becky's fingers stared to unbutton her shirt. She tossed it to a nearby chair and slowly reached back to unhook her bra as Bill secretly stared. Her movements seemed deliberate and sexy- as if she was performing a strip tease for an audience in the mirror. His cock throbbed as he couldn't wait to see what she'd do when her tits were free.

In a few seconds her beautiful breasts were exposed. Bill got a nice long look. He was thrilled as Becky began to slowly fondle each breast. She repeated most of the hand movements she'd made when clothed. Watching the sensuous touching in the nude was a huge turn on for Bill. Bill loved how her small hands accentuated the size of her large mounds. He could practically feel her hands squeezing the soft flesh as she pushed her breasts up and together creating more cleavage than Bill had ever seen. He was in love.

Without thinking about it Bill's right hand was rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. It felt good but was also becoming somewhat uncomfortable. As he became aware of his cock he thought it felt like an itch that demanded a scratch. He'd never beat off before but from talk on the playground he knew that the itch he felt was sexual arousal. He also had an instinctual sense of roughly how to relieve it. In fact, he'd heard from other guys that if you didn't relieve it the itch would soon turn your balls blue and they'd hurt like hell.

Even through his pants his hand felt great; his left hand fumbled with his belt while his right stayed on his covered cock. He struggled to drop his pants knowing that touching himself nude would feel even better. As he fumbled with his pants his eyes stayed fixed on the sexy woman in the window; his cock would be available anytime but Becky might disappear or get dressed at any moment. He didn't want to miss a second of her topless exhibition. Eventually he got his pants down and could reach inside his briefs.

Of course, he'd touched his cock before while pissing and at other times but this had all been casual. He'd never played with himself sexually. His fingers felt great on his swollen prick. He explored and rubbed. It all felt fantastic and watching Becky caress her tits made the moment incredibly arousing. He wasn't even sure which he was enjoying more- seeing Becky's tits or the feelings he was generating with his hand.

It didn't take more than a minute or two for his cock to explode in his hand. He felt dirty and guilty that he'd cum while spying on his neighbor but he also knew he'd be back for more the next night. Having had his first cum at his own hand he also felt that he'd just become a man. He couldn't tell anyone but he was proud of his accomplishment. While some of his friends had beat off to pictures in magazines Bill felt superior since he'd had a very sexy real woman.

On the following night Bill had great hopes that Becky would repeat her sexy performance. The chances seemed good since Bill knew her husband was still away on business. Bill was at his window five minutes before Becky usually turned off the TV and moved into her bedroom. By the time she entered her room Bill's cock was hard and he had to work at not letting his hand drop below his waist.

Becky appeared carrying what appeared to be one or two pieces of white poster board. There seemed to be hand printed writing in large letters on one side. She leaned the posters against the wall with the print side to the wall. Becky moved to stand in front of her mirror. As he'd hoped Becky seemed to be a sexy mood- bringing her hand up to loosen her hair and then run her fingers through it. She then dropped both hands to cup her breasts lifting them slightly as she arched her back and turned slightly from side to side for the mirror. .His cock twitched in response to the gesture. She seemed to linger at the mirror moving her hands in a slow sensuous way through her hair and then returning to fondle her chest again as she watched her refection..

Becky turned and took two steps toward the window. Bill froze; he didn't think she'd seen him but with her so close to the window if he moved she might well pick up on any motion. As he stood in the dark he watched as Becky lifted a 12 by 18 inch poster to the inside of her window and rested it on the sill. Facing outward was some text which Bill read silently, "To see my tits again, light on, pants down, cock out. Our secret." He looked up from the poster. Becky was facing the window behind the poster, caressing her breasts through her clothes in the sexy way she'd done at the mirror. She stared straight ahead- definitely not looking at him. She seemed to be waiting for something.

Bill intuited that she was waiting for his light to come on. He could sense his face flush. His mind raced as he tried to grasp the meaning of the words she'd written. The sign had to be for him. Was she serious? Could there be any other interpretation? She'd told him to turn on his light and expose his cock. Was she laughing at him or was she serious about seeing his cock? He was frozen- not knowing what he should do. Should he continue to hide and pretend he hadn't been caught or should he turn on the light as she'd written?

As he stood in the dark he saw Becky turn away and take a step. She reached for a second piece of poster board and grabbed a marker pen off the dresser. Using the dresser for support she began printing something in large block letters. Bill hoped he hadn't blown it; if Becky had meant the first message he'd failed to perform and she probably thought he was an immature kid or that his cock was really small. He held his breath and stayed still while watching her return to the window and slide the new poster in front of the first so he could read the new message.

Bill read, "SECRET; tonight only; tease each other to climax. Light on. Jack cock for me." He read the words a second time to be sure.

Bill knew he was moving slowly but his mind kept stumbling over the words; could this sexy woman really mean it? If he wimped out and tried to fade into the dark he'd never see her tits again. If he did what she written it could be great. There really wasn't a choice. He stepped to the wall switch to flick on his desk lamp. He then moved nervously back toward the window and stood closer to the glass than where he'd previously been hiding.

He was thrilled to see Becky slowly unbuttoning her blouse while standing at her window. She'd obviously seen his light come on but didn't look at him; she seemed to be looking straight ahead. She was opening buttons and for the first time Bill felt sure she wasn't going to scream.

Was she going to laugh if he stripped or share her body visually as her poster suggested? She'd started this; he had to assume she was serious. He felt his cock was big enough to not trigger any laughing; in fact, he thought a horny woman would like it.

He was still very nervous but his hands went to his belt where he unbuckled and unzipped as confidently as he could. He lowered his pants and clumsily took them off as he tried to watch Becky remove her blouse. She turned slightly toward his window. She was watching him and not laughing. He left his briefs on but the bulge of his cock was quite evident. She wasn't trying to close her curtains or cover up. Her eyes seemed trained on his groin and she seemed to have a small smile on her lips. Bill was momentarily concerned that she was amused by his clumsiness or how looked in his briefs but this thought passed as her fingers traced her nipples through her bra for his pleasure.

Becky's eyes met Bill's for the first time. She smiled and ran her tongue around her lips in a lewd gesture. Bill's cock throbbed in his briefs. He'd never seen anybody make a sexual move like that and it was directed personally at him. Becky moved forward to stand just inches from the glass and moved the poster board to the floor. This gave Bill and unobstructed view of her from her knees up. He was enthralled.

Becky made a downward motion with both hands. Bill was momentarily confused but then deduced he was being told to drop his briefs which he nervously did. Becky nodded her approval as his hard cock bounced free. Her nod was exactly what Bill needed to feel confident. She was serious in wanting to play a sex game with him and his cock had met with her approval. Life was good. He'd never exposed his cock to anyone and certainly not to a hot woman in a sexy mood. This was an evening he'd remember for life.

The experience got even better as Becky reached back, unhooked her bra and teasingly removed it while pushing her chest out toward Bill's hungry eyes. There was no mistaking the intent; the poster had been serious and Becky was deliberately exhibiting herself to Bill. In exchange she apparently wanted to watch him beat off. For the moment Bill was too absorbed in staring at Becky's tits to think about his cock. Her breasts were beautiful and so close that he felt he could almost reach out and touch them.

Bill continued to drink in the beauty of Becky's tits but was aware that her fingers were trailing slowly down her shapely torso. His eyes flicked up and down from her chest to her panties. Her fingers were gliding over her hips and lightly touching her panty covered Venus Mound. Every move was sensuous and made to seduce him. He watched as she turned almost 180 degrees and ran her hands over her hip and ass -- exhibiting herself to him. He loved how her panties fit her like a second skin.

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