tagGay MaleBefore We Go Home Ch. 02

Before We Go Home Ch. 02


It is obvious we are in no rush to get off home, still enjoying our rather rushed coupling.

"Tomorrow I want you up in me doing that!" you say it quite casually, as if daydreaming about it already.

"Mmmm, ..I might!" I play you up, my 'itching' ring so nicely squeezing, as my well lubricated anus struggles to keep in your week's load of hot thick sperm. I too am not yet recovered from the wonderful fucking I have just been given by you.

"I might want you to take me back in there, and have you do me again, right now!" I almost whisper as I really do want you again. Then quietly I look meekly up at you, almost guilty for being so addicted to you. You are about to start the engine when you stare back at me, and our eyes say it all. Our bodies still hopelessly want the other, and it is clear you are thinking about it too.

"C'mon then!" you reply, and we quickly get out again. I wait for you with another pounding heart, until we walk back off into the shrubs again, before reaching a particular Oak tree still virtually in sight from the road. You have grabbed my hand again, and as we approach the tree, you throw me forwards up against it.

"Drop them!" your snarl, and twisting my head, I see you too are undoing your fly. I see your urgent need and your dominating voice, as you too are still in need of more.

"Step out of them!" he smacks my cheeks, as I quickly shuffle them aside, and part my feet wide, ready to be taken again.

"Oh please!" I whimper, as you place my hands above my head on the trunk, and make me stick my willing ass out for your purpose.

"You want another load up there, don't you slut?" you whisper in my ear this time. I nod as you step in and place an arm around my waist.

"Oh yes!" I gasp as I ready myself, feeling you guiding your cock's domed head to my leaking sphincter.

"Push back on me, slut!" you tell me, and then we both groan loudly as it jerks in.

"Oh god yes!" I swoon and cry out, willingly forcing myself back on your probing stiff flesh. We both moan as it slips straight up my well lubricated and seeded anal tract, bathing and lubricating it in the first deep thrust. I almost spasm on you immediately, as you take no care this time in possessing me. This is just an urgent primevil act of buggery we both want, hard and fast. Because of the break of a week, the first session had been relatively quick, but now this is going to take longer. I am so pleasured and used, and with the added excitement of being so close to the road and the continuous flow of traffic, which all adds to the excitement and urgency. The buggery is again being played out fully, the blatant stimulation of my rectal passage soon has your lovely thick cock finding my 'sweet spot' once again. I am hopelessly made to spasm, to basically push and 'flower' wetly around your rutting shaft.

"Oh yes! Give it to me! Fuck me hard and deep!" I try to remain still and arched back to you, but my body jerks away each time you slam into me, as you forcibly thrust up in my leaking and spasming gut.

"Oh god, cumming! Uuuuuuuugh!" I sob and struggle to stay standing as I am again made to basically push out my anal muscles wetly around your deeply thrusting cock meat.

"Oh you bastard!" I sob and shake my head from side to side as you deliberately and gorgeously stimulate my already aroused sensitive anus, into more pushing spasms. It is not long where we connect for it to become covered and then 'slap' in the veritable sperm laced juice that leaks profusely from my abused hole.

"Oh god, there's loads!" I whimper as I am taken over completely by your cock, and just become an object to be abused. Our mixed juices slowly trickle down the backs of my legs, as you pound up in me and make more. I struggle to stay standing as my strength is taken away by each easily stimulated crude spasm. "God you just love it, don't you?" you snarl in my ear, nipping my neck with your teeth. You are like an animal in the way you are fucking me, so deliberate and forceful in your actions. Then suddenly we hear a vehicle slowing and stopping by our car. The need for us to have your cum in me is mutual as it is desperate, and I cry out in my lusting depraved need.

"Don't stop now! I need you to cum in me again!" I tilt my head back to yours, and we kiss with agreement. Our fencing tongues show the need is the same, and our destiny is taken.

"Don't worry, just get ready for it!" you show you are not about to stop at this juncture either, whether we are caught or not.

"Oh god yes! Do me it to me again then!" I gasp out, and pull you up inside me with both hands behind me holding your naked pumping hips. It becomes a race to finish our urgent act of sodomy before whoever comes into the wood and finds us. Our bodies now frantically work together with a renewed strength and determination, your thighs and belly slapping into my stretched spread cheeks. I make sure I help you in every way, now reaching under us with one hand to cup and hold your heavy swinging balls to goad them into release.

"Mmmmm!" I smile as I notice them begin to tighten and lift, and I lust at the thought of you seeding up me again soon. We hear a vehicle door close, but we are too far gone to stop the unrelenting thrusting and arching.

"Get ready!" you whisper with urgency, and I eliminate all other thoughts as I wait for your precious sperm.

"Do it! Cum in me! Give it me now!" I am desperate to take it, and moan as each of his big balls is so tight either side of the really stiff shaft of your cock as it pounds up in my depths.

"Nooooooooow!" you groan out, the deeper faster penetrations now coming that always tell me when you are unloading.

"Cum, baby! Cum right up me!" I sob almost such is my perverse desire, and obediently hold myself still and openly arched back for your second outpouring. The fingers of both your hands dig into my waist, as you begin hosing volley after volley of hot seed into my gut.

"Oh yes, baby!"", I close my eyes and concentrate on the gorgeous change in the feel of your cock thrusts. Sure enough I can feel you flooding my anus, trying to seed up in my belly with each deep stab your cock blissfully gives me. My body stiffens with another anal spasm, and rectal passage pushes out then clasps tightly around your injecting cock meat. The dirty deed is culminating again in another wonderful shared orgasm, as my cock spits out another cum load over the bark of the tree.

"Oh my god! Uuuuugh!" I groan and shudder all over, as I look down and see the volume, my cock stiffly jerking at each amazing spurt. I am so acutely cumming in my ass, it is making me cum big through my cock. The hairs on my neck stand on end, a sharp shooting feeling going up my spine to my scalp form your cock. As I stand there in bewildered wonder, you take another few pumps then quickly withdraw.

"Oh, you bastard!" I almost fall to the ground with weakness, and the fact I am no longer supported and straightened by your cock shaft. There is a sudden rush of ass juice and your cum copiously running down my legs, showing not only how much cum you have given me, but that I was not ready to clench up and stop it.

"Quick, someone is here!" you gasp out in strained whisper, and as if mesmerised, I reach to slide my trousers back on and up my juice covered legs. You stand behind me to hide me, as I shiver at the cold feel of it all, and that I know will show up on my trousers.

"Hi!" this guy says as he walks by twenty feet away with a dog on a lead.

"Hi there!" you mumble, pretending there is nothing going on. I freeze clutching my waistband as I have not been able to zip up my fly or 'button' up. I am still shaking in after shocks, still enjoying the spasms my ass is twitching through. I cannot believe we were not caught, as he disappears from view and follows the path into the taller trees.

"You Ok?" you whisper and come close to my side. I nod my head and then turn it to yours, and breath again.

"Oh my god! You fucked me so good! I can still feel you inside me!" I sigh softly back to you, and raise my eyes to yours. We kiss gently and passionately, and you put an arm around my waist as I still jerk and twitch in sensitive after shocks. My knees tremble and I put out a hand to support myself, as our tongues delve deep into our mouths.

"Do you want me again then?" he teases me and smiles.

"You bastard!" I smile weakly back, and then we kiss passionately. I turn around and lean back against the tree, bringing you with me so that both our arms are around each other. We care about nothing as we settle into a passionate embrace, and I feel you press your body against mine.

"Mmmmmm!" we moan softly together, wishing we had not been so abruptly interrupted. Then we break the kiss and rest our foreheads together.

"Did you cum up me nice again then?" I ask you.

"Mmmm, yeah! Did you like that?" you whisper back. My trousers are still not done up, so I move one of your hands inside, and feel you palm my drooling cock.

"Mmmm, you did then!" you smile as I do, then I open my feet to let you slip it beneath me.

"Oh fucking hell!" you frown and seem amazed as your fingers slip and slide through the leaking juice on the back of my thighs. Then you slip a finger up inside me, through my well used sphincter and feel all our goo.

"Ugh!" I moan and quickly kiss you to smother it, tilting my crotch to you instinctively, and let you wind it around in my leaking anus. It is soon followed by another and you moan into my mouth as they are bathed in our combined juices.

"You bastard!" I groan, but loving it.

"Oh fuck! There's loads, you little slut!" you shake your head from side to side as if about to punish me, yet you still work your fingers in me.

"Oh god! You're going to make me cum!" I gasp out, and we quickly kiss as you work them deliberately to bring me off.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" I convulse basically on them as they deeply probe and fuck me. Your action is so blatant and the result is that I almost slump down the trunk, splaying my knees wantonly. I am letting you crudely bring me off, I just can't get enough. I cannot believe the aroused and addicted state you have me in, but I can't get enough.

"God, you just can't get enough, can you?" you look evil, and I notice a change in you, but I show you how right you are.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, you bastard!" I uncontrollably push my anal muscles out and flood your thrusting fingers. Taking the depraved opportunity, you now stiffen and curl all your fingers tightly, and try and ream them all through my flowering and bulging wet anus. I give you every access and willingly accept the consequences of such a filthy deed.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!" I spasm and convulse so crudely, my juice leaking opened asshole allowing your fist to be forced up into my swallowing rectal passage. I cannot cope with the gut wrenching spasm, and we both fall to the ground, where I bring up both knees to my chest.

"Oh you slut! Take my fist, you pervert!" you speak with hatred almost, your deviant hand writhing and pulling back and forth in the juicing and spasming turmoil of my anus. I can hardly get my breath as I am made to convulse, jerk and basically heave in reaction to this mind blowing invasion. I am full and my body is vainly trying to expel my lover's evil fist.

"Oh god! No!" I am shaking my head from side to side as my senses are overloaded, and I feel my heart must burst from the effort of spasming so big. As if to kill me, you help by smothering my mouth with yours, your wicked tongue diving in my throat. I am torn between heaven and hell, between wanting it all to stop and yet wanting more of your balled writhing fist. I care about nothing, and let you do with me what you want, and I answer your kiss with lust. I hold you tightly with my arms around your neck and cannot breathe anymore as I let you continue. I don't care anymore as you bring me into another stiff breath taking anal orgasm, the like I have never experienced before by such perverted means.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!" your mouth smothers the noisy tell tale sounds of a crude acute orgasm, and yet you just keep twisting and balling your fist as you deliberately make me violently convulse. Your hand is squelching in the sperm and ass juice, easily able to pull back and stretch my sphincter so wide, and then force it deep up my totally violated rectal passage. I know you are wrecking my asshole, and yet I love what you are doing because it is you doing it.

I feel faint and so mixed up mentally, feeling so sore and full in my ass and yet still so utterly pleasured. I let you take my life and freely give it up for you, as I slowly slip into unconsciousness. My body is stiffly bent up double, your arm slowly but firmly moving around as it protrudes wetly from my stretched asshole. The last thing I remember is you smiling down at me, then kissing as I try to breathe.

"God, what a slut!" I hear you say as I close my eyes and limply let go of your neck, feeling myself falling back at the base of the tree with you following me down.

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