tagGay MaleBefore We Go Home Ch. 01

Before We Go Home Ch. 01


We both have the same Christian name, which we had found out about when we attended the same boarding School, where normally you only called somebody by their surname. Masturbating oneself was the normal way to relieve the sexual tension there. Some though were with the company of another boy whilst thinking of your relative girlfriends; some however, went beyond that, finding the company of another male less hassle and more attractive than some 'maybe' quick grope with a naïve and virgin girlfriend of the same age. Both of us fell into the last category, and spent a lot of time together, becoming not just close mates, but lovers too.

As it happened after we left the School, we had both found jobs on the same Industrial Estate, although with separate firms. We both still lived with our respective parents, but used any opportunity to be together. On some of these occasions, we would phone each other at work, to arrange a 'meet up' at the end of the day. It was quite usual for us to go in the one car to a local beauty spot to indulge ourselves, especially in the summer months when it was dry and the trees gave us plenty of cover.

This was one of those evenings, when unusually we had not seen each other for a few days because of various other engagements. We were both 'dying for it', and duly arranged to meet this night. We met and drove off in his car, then parked up in the normal lay-by a few minutes away. Excitedly we walked off into the woods behind, trying to look 'casual' to the passing traffic. It was all very quiet once away from the road, and without any more vehicles there, we knew we would not be disturbed on this occasion. We looked and smiled at each other as we walked, and I soon slipped my hand over your lovely cock bulge.

"Mmmmmm!" I moan softly as you are already hard and aroused. Without us stopping, you reach for me too, find my zip and pull it down. It was slightly difficult to feel me as we were still walking, but with my heart pounding, you finally eased my hot hard length out into the evening air.

"Oh yeah!" I moan softly as you stroke up my shaft, and our lips meet for a gentle lover's kiss. I now unzip you too and ease out your own fabulous hard cock, and now we feel happy we are holding each other's hard cocks as we go deeper and deeper into the wood. We were at that gorgeous moment of feeling another's hand on our cocks, and we relish it as our fists gently but firmly, stroke up our throbbing meat. We stop for a moment, bringing the leaking and gleaming wet cock heads together, and kiss with lust and passion with open mouths.

"God, am I ready for you!" I tell you, and so we go on again until finally we come to 'our' secluded spot. Slowly we slip down onto the grass in the small clearing, and we are quite alone. It is off the beaten track, and we had found it by accident when we first came here. Now it is our regular haunt, well hidden in amongst the trees and bushes, now in full leaf. Our mouths again meet, though now more passionate, rising to another level in our dedicated meeting for such acts. We kiss and fondle until we separate reluctantly, but only to lie on our sides and move into a 69. One of our hands is round our throbbing cocks, the other is clasping a firm shapely ass cheek for purchase. The cocks soon disappear from sight down the willing throat of the other, and gentle firm sucking takes place with bobbing heads.

"Mmmmmm!" we both moan in ecstasy, as almost like magnets our mouths find each other's stiff cock, and we begin to pleasure them. Both of us now set to our thirsty work, bobbing and twisting our heads up and down on the cocks, until the bulbous heads are deep in our throats. We know it can't last too much longer, as it has been a few days since the last time. We both desperately want to drink the other's hot thick sperm, as it is like a drug we must obtain and relieve the other of. We both alternate between ramming our mouths down on the throbbing cocks, then taking a breath and masturbating each other hard. We both tell the other how we love it, how we want the other's thick cum slipping down in our bellies.

"Cum for me! Cum in my throat!" Nothing will stop us finishing each other off, and we listen to each other to gauge when to cum together. Now we both worm a finger through each other's wanton ass rings, something we know always heightens the pleasure and inevitable larger orgasms.

"Oh yes!" we moan out together so near now, as our culminating destiny is again secure now. Knowing what is soon to happen, we were both groaning louder and more determined, our straining cocks are so stiffly throbbing, the veins standing out on the fine lengths of cock meat. Both sets of balls are now lifted and tight along the flanks of our rock hard shafts, it sure will not be long now. We are both so horny and hungry for it, looking forward to such exchanging events. We judge each other to perfection, our moans and breathing showing that the time is here.

"Oh god! Now!" you stiffen as I do, and both our cocks begin to jerk, our young bodies stiffly posed in spasm. We both finger each other more rapidly, deeper and harder as our bodies began to shudder in climax. Our mouths quickly go right down on each other's now spurting shaft, until the ejecting domed cock heads are deep in our fast swallowing throats.

"MMMMMMMMM!" we both groan loudly as the spurts of pent up hot semen, erupt simultaneously into our gulping mouths. With lustful desires we work hard to taste and empty each other's balls of their precious hot and thick cargo. It is our ultimate display of showing our commitment to the other, and our hands and mouths are 'loving' in the care we take with each other at such times. Waves of pleasure sweep aside the rigidity and extreme of the acute orgasms, our bodies slowly relaxing and feeling tired as the dregs of our cum loads are taken down inside our stomachs.

"Oh my god! I was so ready for that!" We comment and smile, our eyes flashing with sexual desire as slowly we separate. We both lick our lips, tasting and marveling at the amount we have saved and now exchanged with each other. We lie there gasping for breath in the grass, our drooling cocks still remain incredibly hard and throbbing, still being stroked slowly. They are glistening wet with our saliva and cum mixture, and neither seems ready to go limp. We have unleashed a pent up lust and it is so satisfying for us both to be pleasuring the other again. Within a minute, you are leaning over me, kissing me in thanks, and we share the taste of our own sperm.

"That was so good! I can hardly wait to do that again!" you say in almost a whisper.

"Mmmm, me too!" I reply, kissing you back as our hands move unerringly on each other's rampant cocks again. With our free hand we hold each other waists, as we gently stroke the cocks ready for the next inevitable round.

"I want to get fucked up good by you today!" I coo with passion between our French kisses, the need to have your gorgeous cum elsewhere now uppermost for us. We both love the other's cum inside our bodies, wherever that is, and I get in first to have yours not only in my belly, but deeply planted up in my gut too. It is a risky deed these days, but the perverse need to feel it pumping in, the smooth coating and feel of the stiff cock sliding in your spasming colon, is too addictive not to give yourself to your lover in that way. Anyway, we have only been with each other, and been doing so for years now.

"Oh god yes!" you groan as you want that too, and whilst we continue to kiss, we remove each other's clothes. We want to be naked, to be as close to each other as possible as such times, whether we are outside in public or not. The urge to be fucked and take your lover's sperm inside us deep, is too compelling not to do it. Our wide open and aroused eyes stare at each other to share our desperate perverse need, and finally are now both naked. I lie on my back then reach an arm up around your neck, and pull you down in between my raised open thighs.

"Fuck me, baby! Make me cum on you, ..and then seed me!" I kiss you passionately as you gather up my bent knees in your arms, and roll over me. It is a favourite position for me, and one you are happy to oblige me with. I keep looking up into your sexy blue eyes, as with my free hand I guide your throbbing cock meat to my stretched sphincter.

"Take me then!" I whisper to you with my heart pounding again, nearly taking my breath away with desire. We pause for a brief second as we connect and I ready myself for the invasion.

"Ooooooooh!". I stiffen and hold my breath as I first feel the bulbous head of your cock touch my open pucker ring. We always 'ready' our asses before we leave are respective firms for such activities, and know there will be no need to take care.

"Oooooooooh yeah!" I then sigh out as you ease it just inside me, and then you compassionately pause for me. I smile up at you, showing I am so happy once again to take you, and I nod my willingness to be sodomised.

"Do it! ...Right up me!" I sigh and relax, reaching both hands under us and peel my stretched ass cheeks wide apart to give you every access. The act is one we have practiced many times, then we both sigh loudly as you slowly slide it up inside my eager hole.

"Oh yes!" I moan louder, again my heart is pounding with such desire, and we both moan out as you slowly start to slide up in me, loving every inch until we make sure a cock is fully embedded.

"Ooooooooh yeah! Do it to me!" I keep myself still in my open sacrificial pose, having felt your glorious vein ridged length slowly sliding up my backbone. It is almost like a splint, straightening my body in line with your hard shaft. The act of buggery is so good when you feel such clear penetrive actions take place within you. You gently but firmly push in more, and we both moan as your stiff meat lodges so nice and deep inside me.

"Oh fuck yes!" we both exclaim, staying still and loving this blatant moment of impalement. Once again we are joined together as we both so love, enjoying the feel of stiff flesh being accepted inside another.

"Give it me!" I whisper up to you, my ass high and your head bending down to mine as you begin to work those thick inches gradually back and forth in me. I reach a hand round to your ass to pull you into me, the other comes round and hold my own stiffness, rubbing and stroking it as yours does so wonderfully inside me greasing anal tract. Soon the buggery is easier, I am more open and now lubed for your deeper urgent thrusts.

"Oh god yes, fuck me!" I moan now, feeling you right up in me, you are up to your balls in my ass, and where we know you will soon have me spasming on you.

"Oh god yes! Harder, baby!" I half close my eyes in the wanton pleasure, you need no second invitation. Your searching cock withdraws and then thrusts back up to seek out and then deliberately stab at my 'sweet spot'. The thrusts get longer and more accurate, 'long dicking' my greedy sensitive asshole so accurately now. You are so beautifully 'finding' me, that as usual I am cumming on you already.

"Oh yes! There baby, ..there!" I goad you on to so crudely stimulate my colon, to make my anus so perversely go into spasm. It is so addictive and my body is opening and answering your quickening thrusts, almost to guide you now.

"Don't stop! Don't stop now, baby! Ooooh yeah! You've got me now!" I swoon, and both my arms come up and wind through under yours. Then my hands cup around behind your shoulders to pull on you, to encourage and help the powerful and gut stabbing thrusts you begin to wonderfully give me.

"Oooooooh fuck yes!" I strain out, raising and widely opening my knees even more, tilting up my rectal passage for the abuse we both know it so loves. The act of our love-making is so debauched and so needy every time, more especially when we have been apart a few days. It's as if we need to show, to prove our undying commitment to the other in our deviant sexual pleasures. Our break is showing neither of us will last long, and our eyes show each other how close we are.

"I want all of you, ..deep inside my ass!" our dirty minds are working overtime, arousing and bating the other in the climax to our sodomy.

"Oh fuck, ...yes! Do me!" I swoon over and over. I am in lustful heaven as you thrust deep and jack yourself up me furiously, jamming me right on the end of your stabbing rod. You are putting my juicing asshole on the end of your huge inflamed shaft, like some pig on a spit. I feel your balls no longer smacking me, as they are now rising, almost boiling to release another bucketful of sperm into my wanking anus. We deftly hold the position and draw closer to the climax we want. Suddenly you stiffen and shudder, tenting over me to get it deep, and grip my tilted hips.

"Oh fuck! ...Take it then! ...I'm cumming! ..I'm cumming up in your gut!" you strain out the words through gritted teeth.

"Oh yes! Do it to me!" I swoon again, and dutifully hold my breath and body waiting expectantly for it. Then suddenly, as you continue slamming into me, bolts of thick semen feel red hot as they shoot off into my belly from the other way. You are seeding my barren hole, and I just love the very idea, let alone the gorgeous feel of it. It always tips me over the edge, and I join you in orgasm.

"Oh god yes, fill me! ...Give it to me, baby! ...Oh yes, fuck it up me deep! ...Oh god, ...I'm cumming too!" I crave for it and my whole body tenses up, crudely going into spasm everywhere, the pleasure complete and so rewarding. My own semen begins hotly bursting forth between us as yours continues to fill up my straining out passage. Our stomachs are coated and slide together so easy now.

"Take it deep, you fucking slut!" you hiss with each gorgeous sperm injecting thrust, so copiously seeding up my willing colon.

"Give it to me! Right up deep in me, you dirty fucker!" I swoon in sheer bliss, as everything is now suddenly going all slimy and slippery inside me. I am masturbating your cock meat furiously with my ass ring, which grips tightly around your erupting shaft, to milk it all from your tight balls. It's so clearly jetting off in massive spurts from your twitching and jerking cock, showing you have saved it up for me. You gasp with each almost painful thick pulse, as my rectal passage is seemingly jacking you off inside me. My anal tract feels like some well oiled rubber glove clasping around to make you spew your hot thick load off in me.

"Oh god yes! Cum! Make it yours and seed me!" I feel weak at the thought and feel of it all being exchanged inside my wanton passage.

"You love it up you, don't you?" you hiss with venom.

"Oh god yes! Nice and deep! Do it really deep inside my belly!" I nod and gasp. "How deep?" you snarl and deliberate thrust and hook your rock hard spurting cock up in me, to test my limits.

"Deep! ...Every fucking inch, baby!" I close my eyes as I am taken over by another acute anal orgasm brought on by your brutal deliberations.

"Uuuuuuuugh!" I try to clasp the unfaltering spewing thrusts with all my anal muscles, but we are too slippery now, and it just makes me basically strain out in another depraved spasm around you. I reach my head up to yours and we kiss, our tongues fencing like your cock does wickedly inside my sperm filled gut. I cannot deny your needs and offer no resistance as you work out your now wild lust in my so willing body. The world is our only witness to our depraved act of sodomy, one bent doubled and openly posed, beneath the deeply penetrating upper one, that is in such obvious needy orgasm. The juice and sperm covered shaft is glistening and flashing in and out as it brutally stabs and hooks up inside the other, who welcomes the attention as if in a suicidal need to be bludgeoned to death by it.

You are still shuddering in me as you finish me off so expertly, our kisses as succulent as our spermy coupling with the minutes passing by. Our bodies are slowing in the mutual act of the seeding, our strength and needs satisfied for now. Groaning and gasping for breath, we both finally slow and collapse together. We stay still in a tightly held embrace, still kissing though more gently and passionate as the coupling is savoured. My slimy anal tract spasms occasionally in continuing flutters, clutching your deeply embedded shaft up around your empty balls. We smile weakly and acknowledge my anal muscles now gently stroking and milking your drooling cock for every drop of precious semen.

"Oh god, that was so good!" we both moan in accord, feeling the always smooth feel of cock in a well spermed asshole. We kiss some more until the day is passing all too quickly, and know we must soon go to our separate homes. You ease off me slightly, looking down at my own drooling cock, seeing the load I have shared with you on our chests and stomachs.

"Mmmmm! You came nice too!" you smile and peck me again, before very gently sliding out of my stretched anal ring.

"Oh no!" I close my eyes and try to clench to keep your cock and your cum in me. I don't want you to come out as always, and certainly lose none of your thick cum.

"You slut!" you whisper and pause until I look up at you again, then I reluctantly I allow your big helmet to escape it's clutches.

"OH!" I arch up and squeeze my ass ring tightly to keep your precious load in my anus, and you lean over to bring our mouths together, our spermy cock heads rub together. You kiss me as if in sympathy, smiling at my obvious struggle.

"You bastard!" I mouth off to him, but loving the games we play like that.

"Yes, but you love it, don't you!" he laughs and begins putting his shirt on. I can only nod and smile back, slowly reaching for my clothes too.

Minutes later, our illicit meeting is over, and reluctantly we head back to the car hand in hand until we reach the road.

"It's my turn tomorrow!" you smile with mischief, as we climb in and begin to belt up.

Continued in Chapter 2 Sirkillabutt

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