tagNon-EroticBeginning Again Ch. 02

Beginning Again Ch. 02


Frantic week! No other way to say it, just every single minute was filled with something to do.

I had just left my home of nearly 14 happy years in the Portland suburbs. I had packed up the Corvette and drove like a fool to be with a new man.

Jon, the man I had met a bit by accident, seemed to like me. He had told me he loved me, in fact. Important things for a woman to hear.

I had quit my job at the Health Analysis clinic, the job I wanted so badly for so many years. Somehow it didn't matter, I couldn't stay in my home, alone. The walls closed in, the memories were too strong. It was just a matter of time before I missed something obvious with a patient, I knew that.

I also knew I would never be able to live with that if it happened. I had to change.

So when Jon asked me to come and be with him, it wasn't a difficult decision. He did not suggest the word, "married." I wasn't prepared for that yet, I am not sure I would have gone had he said it.

Perfect. Still perfect.

Jon moved me into his quarters, way up on the 26th floor at the Casino hotel he and his family own. I had come to realize that this was not a poor or simple man. My first notice of him was a simple security man, he fit the part. Then he was a massuer, and good at it. He also fit the part. Then I watched as he expertly worked the bar in the executive lounge, next he was organizing staff in one of the restaurants.

Yes, more than a first glance would suggest.

I managed make it just one day in the huge apartment. Meals came with a doorbell, beds were made daily by staff, everything scrubbed and done for us. No stove, I couldn't even poach an egg. If I wanted a poached egg, I pushed a button. No washing machine, no dryer.

There was no outside, no windows to open. Even the air we breathed came to us through a pipe.

That would not work, I have taken care of myself and my man for a lifetime. Normal was gone. I felt my chest tighten, the old fear begin to grasp me. I called Jonathan in panic, he was almost instantly by my side.

Jon tried to tell me I would get used to it, I knew I wouldn't. I was fighting tears and panic as he held me.

Finally he told me, "Do what you think is right, I will live with it."

So I bought a house, one of those spur of the moment decisions that sometimes work out and sometimes don't.

There was 2100 square feet, a wonderful kitchen, vaulted ceilings in the living room. The yard was well tended, it even had a small lawn, although most was rock landscaping in deference to this being a dry area. There was a pool and deck, the garage will hold 4 vehicles with room left over. A full laundry room with builtin appliances, tied in nicely with a spare room. I looked in the spare room, skylights and huge windows facing west, well lit. Perfect for a writing room or a massage table.

I even checked the roof, it was all red tiles, the kind they make from what looks like little pipes cut in half. The surprise was the price, it was way less than what a comparable place in the Portland area would go for. It just about cleaned out my savings, but I also knew the check was due in a couple of months from the Casino for a huge jackpot that Ted had won several years earlier.

I made a mental note to ask Jon about that, after all, the check would come from the annuity company the Casino used. I also made a mental note to research the relationship, after all, money is involved and no need to be foolish.

I checked the bedrooms, spotting the evidence of children, easy to repair with some paint and drywall work. There were 4 tall barstools alongside the bar extension off the kitchen that would have to go, a couple had upholstery rips and the legs were wobbly. I also found what looked like a damp spot with some stains under the sink in the kitchen, and wrote a postit to call a plumber. Other than a huge chunk of rock missing from the wall alongside the front door, all was in shape and worked.

Jon had been hesitant when I told him about the house. When I mentioned almost teasing that he had to mow grass on Saturdays, he got even more hesitant.

"Lord." he had said, the tone in his voice uncertain.

Then a long pause, "We shall see."

I had expected him to be overjoyed, it hit me after some thinking that Jon was used to someone else taking care of all the day to day chores. He helped to run a major business, it took up all his time.

"We shall see." He had said.

Those words were in my head as I stepped off the plane in Portland, heading back to my house to gather some more clothes and belongings.

It felt odd somehow to ride in a noisy and smelly taxi the 40 mile ride to my house. The driver spoke little English, and used the gas and the brakes like a madman. I finally just closed my eyes and braced my legs, trusting in some higher power to get us there safely.

I got right on the phone, hired a driver to move Ted's old truck and boat down to Nevada. I had already sold the other vehicles, but somehow I just couldn't part with that old beatup pickup.

My husband had built the engine in it with his own hands. The rest of it could use some TLC no doubt, Ted never bothered. The dents and scrapes and rust just stayed, he wasn't concerned about that. One touch of the key and it started with a roar, and the huge tires made it a madhouse to ride in.

I had driven it just once, it felt like it would fly off the road at any second. Ted just said, "Don't fight it, just go with it, it will come back." It did, too, still frightening to drive.

He loved the thing, so there it sat. It hadn't been started for several months. I climbed up on the step and dragged myself up into it. Touching the key, it was running, just like that.

The young man arrived in a few hours to take the truck and boat down to Reno, he took one look and said, "Cool!" I just grinned and handed him the keys and paperwork.

He started the engine, sat there for a moment. Then he touched the throttle several times, obviously enjoying the sound. My mind flashed back to Ted doing the same thing as I sat in the house, every window in the building vibrating.

For a few seconds, some kind of peace came over me, then I was back to here and now.

I checked the house, everything was normal, except for some cereal scattered all over one of the counters where a Mouse had been busy.

I giggled at that, when Kitty and I were around, no Mouse dared venture in, they didn't last long if they did.

I turned on the PC and checked my emails, just spam, about then the phone rang. Expecting Jon, I picked it up and said, "Hi, honey."

It was Sally, my supervisor from the Health clinic.

"I didn't realize you felt that way." she giggled. We laughed, I love Sally. She asked a jillion questions about Reno and Jon, then she asked me what I was going to do with the house here.

I wasn't sure, she asked if I would rent it to her.


I jumped at that, told her an impossible figure, about half the market rate. It would be worth it to me, I knew all would be cared for.

I added, "If things go all to Hell in Reno, you might end up with a roommate!"

Sally was even more pleased at that idea, we get along famously. Men have almost no chance when the two of us are together.

I drove the Van over to the clinic and dropped off the spare keys, one more problem solved.

Back at the house, I called a cab. Off to the airport. I was back in Reno just three hours later.

Nathan was waiting as I came down the concourse. Nathan is one of the security staff at the casino, a huge black man with a constant smile on his face. He grabbed my bags, looked at them, and called a driver to take them to the house.

I thought that was odd, until we stepped outside. There sat my Corvette (see, I am getting better, I said "MY" Corvette, not "Ted's" Corvette.)

It was buffed up to almost show quality, except for a few streaks of road dirt on the sides. Nathan caught my look, and said, "I will take care of that, miss."

"Lee, please." I smiled at him, keeping a straight face at the word, "miss". I am 51 years old, being called "miss" strikes my funnybone.

Nathan opened and held the door for me, I just held out my hand. He looked puzzled for a moment, but gave up the keys, rolling his huge frame into the passenger seat.

I slid in, touched the button on the door. The machine adjusts to my settings. The engine came to life instantly, were off with a rumble.

I asked Nathan to call for a car since I wanted to keep the Corvette at the house, he picked up his phone and spoke briefly to the Limo driver to have him wait at the house.

We passed the limousine on the freeway, though, I was zipping along pretty fast.

I stored the car, Nathan brought the bags in from the Limo that was right behind us and set them down.

"Do you need anything?" he asked.

"No, I will be fine."

"All right, Lee." He handed me a little mobile phone. "You have the numbers in the program." and he nodded and was gone.

Then I was alone. I looked around, took a deep breath, and busied myself putting everything away.

A few hours later, I went out to the garage to clean up the Corvette, it sat there completely polished, Nathan had beaten me to it.

I went back inside and checked the fridge and kitchen, everything was stocked. I had given Nathan a shopping list and spare set of keys, all taken care of, like always. I turned on my new stove, to poach some eggs. That felt good somehow.

The phone rang as I was finishing the eggs, it was Jon. "Can you come over to the Hotel?" he asked.


"Car is on the way already."


"Well, I guess I can get used to some pampering," I thought.

I stripped and put on a soft white blouse and pair of snug tan slacks, pulling one of my shawls around me. It was cold outside. I did leave an extra button undone, Jon seems to like that.

I just barely finished dressing when one of the Casino's big white limousines pulled up. Nathan was driving. We made the 8 mile trip to the Hotel in short order, Jon was waiting at the entrance.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Something to show you."

We went down the stairs and into a set of offices in the rear.

"Your clinic." he said.

I looked around, receptionist area, waiting room, 4 offices in the back. Tables, equipment, everything I would need, all on hand. There was a elevator just outside that goes directly to the entrance if I had to transport.


I turned and hugged Jon, he wrapped his arms around me, suddenly we were kissing. His hands began to roam my body, then he was tugging at the buttons on my blouse.

In seconds he had me naked to the waist, his face buried in my breasts. I could feel him as he pressed against me.

Giggling, I slipped off my shoes and slacks, I was wearing nothing else. Teasing, I lay back on the medical table, spread my legs and said, "Check me Doctor." Jon leaned forward and pressed one finger, then two into me, I threw my head back with a moan at the sensation.

Just then I heard a voice say, "Jon, I nee...Excuse me!" It was Nathan, we both had forgotten he had walked down right behind us, doing something in one of the other rooms.

I jumped up and reached for my clothes as Nathan beat a hasty retreat. I was pulling my slacks on when Jon started laughing, that got me to laughing.

"Well, no secrets now." I said.

"No, I guess not."

Jon and I went out to the receptionist room, Nathan was standing there. If it is possible for a black man to blush, he was.

He was having a tough time meeting my eyes as he explained to Jon that he needed to know where to store some cartons of supplies.

I walked over, put my hand on his shoulder. "No problem, Nathan, I am not bashful."

He seemed to perk up a little at that.

Jon and I went up to his quarters. In no time at all, Jon had me naked again, his face buried between my legs as I tugged at his hair.

I fantasized about Nathan looking at me the whole time, I had a crashing orgasm.

Then Jon and I made sweet love, he was like a bull, I realized after his first orgasm that he didn't soften, and began again.

Something was different with Jon this time, I sensed it in the back of my mind.

It had always excited Ted wonderfully if someone got a glimpse of me, he liked that. This reaction was the same. Nathan had caught us, it turned Jon on, I was sure of it.

Later, Jon took a quick shower. I watched as he dried his hair, naked, his erection still evident. I leaned down and wrapped my lips around him, he stopped me with a laugh. "I have to get downstairs, the slot tournament is starting."

I grinned at him, told him I would be at the house, dinner was at 8. He looked at me, then smiled and nodded, realizing I had taken the time to check his schedule.

I was just finishing up with my own shower when the maids came in.

Again, they busied themselves and chattered away in Spanish the entire time.

At one point, the older maid asked, "Does Mr. Jon still come to see you?"

"No, not for weeks now."

"Do you think he will?"

"Maybe, he has just been busy with the lady."

They both giggled and went about their work. I decided to keep my ability to speak Spanish my little secret.

I was thinking about that as I pushed the button to call Nathan to take me home. I glanced at the maids as I walked by, the younger one is very beautiful. I could understand Jon having some action on the side, although it did surprise me. I had always thought that management was careful to not have a relationship with staff. Then I thought about how the clinic back home had been, I guess people are people everywhere.

I was quiet on the ride back to my new home. So Jon liked me being sexy, got turned on by us being caught playing, and had a few extra ladies around.

I understood perfectly. It could let me be in control, I love being in control.

I started laughing, Nathan looked up at me in the mirror, then back to the road. I kissed his cheek as I got out of the car, I swear, he blushed again.

Then I was home. What was it Jon had said?

Oh yes. "We shall see."

Yes, we sure will.

I busied myself in my new kitchen, thinking of what Jon would say when he saw what I can do in a kitchen. My late husband was a wizard in a kitchen, and a good teacher. I already had my new Peach dress laid out on my bed, Jon still hadn't seen that.

I planned on changing this wonderful man's entire life.

We shall see.


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