tagLetters & TranscriptsBeginnings Ch. 01

Beginnings Ch. 01


*this is our 1st story so we hope that you people like it ^_^. This story is my (Johnny's) point of view of the beginnings of our sexy relationship. Send us feedback on what you think about this story and what u want us to write about*

Ok, so this is like really crazy. I never pictured myself to be going out with Katelin. She just never seemed like the person to want to fuck me the way she does now.

It is all because of our friend Victoria. Not that I'm blaming her, more like thanking her (even though she still doesn't approve of us and goes psycho-bitch on me all the time). I updated my status saying "I just found like $130 bucks from graduation... AWSOME!!" and everyone wanted some money. Victoria commented, saying "I'll give you Katelin-Slave (our group's nickname for her) for a week if you give me $10." Over the next couple weeks, we agreed on a final deal of me keeping Katelin for a month at my house if I gave her $110.

In my head I was thinking I highly doubt that Victoria's gonna let me have Katelin for a month... but what if she does? I started thinking about Katelin more, mostly thoughts of fucking her. I then noticed that Katelin was online, and I know that she doesn't really talk about sex and stuff, so I decided to talk to her. It was this convo that started everything.

"Hola Kaitlin-Slave"

"Hi Mexican't" (my nickname for our group)

"lol I'm bored"

"same here"

"lol great, now I'm stuck with you for a month. I'm gonna die"

"yes, die of pleasure =D"

"now I'm really gonna die"

See, Kaitlin isn't really a girl that talks about sex or is comfortable talking about it/ hearing people talk about it. So I'm laughing as I'm talking to her.

"great. And I can't run away either. Darn."

"don't worry Kaitlin-Slave, u'll enjoy the next month, I'll make sure of that =D"

"ok :D"

"u'll enjoy the month of my $5 foot long =D"

"lol :D"

"u know ur gonna enjoy the month"


"ur just dying on the inside"

"nooo im not dying, at least not yet..."

"yes you are"


"you can't wait for that month"

"no... yes... maybe... yes"

"so u admit it!"

"no... yes... fine!"

Lmfao I can't believe this! Kaitlin is actually excited for the next month. This is gonna be fun. Time to get some info out of Kaitlin I thought.

"this will make the month more interesting =D"

"lol :D"

"so slave, what part of the month will you enjoy the most?"

"hmmm idk"

"tell me =D"

"Fine you and your $5 foot long lolololololololol jk"

"excellent =D what else are you looking forward to?"

"lol wow Johnny ;D"

"well... answer me =D"

"lol what else is there?"


"oh lol ok :)"

"so what else?? You still didn't answer me"


At the moment, I was thinking wow, it's really hard to get info out of her.

"be specific =D"

"you being my master for a month, etc. there's a lot more, but I don't feel like writing all that cause im on facebook mobile. That's why im taking so long to respond"

"tell me! I don't care how long it takes =D"

"can I say everything? Cuz im too lazy to write all the stuff we could do..."

"too bad, do it =D"

"omg really? My thumbs are going to be so numb"

"don't worry, everything else during the month will be numb, now TYPE =D"

"we can play video games, you can do slave stuff to me, me running away (lol jk) and you doing whatever you want to me cause I can't think of anything else. Lol wow XD"

"what kind of slave stuff?"

I think I'm getting closer

"whatever masters do to their slaves. What would you enjoy during the month??"

"hey! I am the master here, I ask the questions! Now answer my question =D"

"no, ur not the master yet, not until you give Victoria the money and whenever the month begins. I don't even know the month ur going to do it"

"well too bad, answer this question and I will answer yours."

"well idk my tiny little slave-brain isn't working today, how many letters does it have?"

"no hints!"

"damn it!! The pleasure!!"

Success! I've broken her! Let's see how far I can go now.

"lololol the pleasure of what?"

"your $5 foot long. Now answer my question"

"fine, after you answer one last question- what's my $5 foot long doing?"

"omg do I really have to explain it? Im sure you already know what im about to say..."

"yes, but I want to hear you say it!"

"fine, did you mean sex?"

"idk do i?"

"I would never do it with you"

"sure you won't"

"now answer my question- what would you enjoy during the month?"

"taking your virginity =D"

"ok lol :D anything else?"

"having sex with you for a month =D"

"lol is that it or is there more?"

"eating ur pussy =D"

"LMFAO is there more?"

Whoa! She's not being all awkward about this convo? This is new... and different...

"ur enjoying this aren't you? And making you give me a blowjob =D"

"lol yea, maybe just a little. I have a feeling this will take all day"

"yep, anyways, there's also 69's =D"

"lolololol yepz :D"

"and anal sex =D"

"lol ok"

Does she even know that these things are???

"do u like butt sex?"

"lol I guess as long as it's not painful"

"don't worry, I'll make sure it doesn't hurt. There's also titti sex =D"

"lolololololol ok ;D"

"u'd like titti sex wouldn't you?"

"that seems fine to me ;) LMAO"

"let's see, what else is there to do..."


"what sex positions do you want to be in?"

"hmm I would say all of them, but probably butt sex"

"is that your favorite?"


"sexy, anyways, what other positions would you like to be in?"

"yep ;) and what other ones are there? Just give me a list and I'll choose my favorite ones from it"

"ok then... butt sex, titti sex, 69, doggie style, missionary, cowgirl sex, blowjob, handjob, pussy eating, tit sucking, standing sex... and that's all I can think of rite now"

"titti and 69"

"that's it?"

"ok, umm standing sex and tit sucking"

This is such a turn on, I never even thought she would ever say this to me.

"sexy, there's also some piss games, u interested?"

"yeah a little"

Turn on ^_^

"what piss games are you interested in?"

"what games are there?"

"hmm... me pissing on ur tits, me/u drinking ur piss, you pissing on yourself, me pissing on you, you pissing on things,... I guess that's it"

"eew, drinking piss, that's disgusting! I'll go with u pissing on my tits."

"ok, so... what do you do to please urself?"

"what do you mean?"

"masturbation =D"

"i never really masturbated before..."

"not even once?"

"I might have, I just don't remember..." (I later found out that she used to masturbate more than I thought she ever would)

"so im guessing u've never had an orgasm either"

"no I don't think I have"

"then I can't wait to give you your 1st orgasm =D"

"ok :D"

"so do u own any sex toys?"

If she does, I'll be really surprised

"lol noo but I want some"

"go to the back left corner in Spencer's in the mall, they have a lot of sex toys there =D but have u used any before?"

"no that's why I want some and you would know where they are lol"

"so what sex toys would you like to have?"

Does she know their names?

"hmm I only know like 1, I don't remember the names"

"lol there's vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, I can't remember the rest lol"

"oh right, lol dildos and vibrators... omfg my phone just vibrated it was so loud and violent"

"lol that's what a vibrator does to ur pussy, but instead of scaring you, it will please you. So which one is ur favorite?"

"vibrator lol"


"ikr!! Freaking sexy ;) This is gonna be one long month :)"

Ok, now to get even more personal.

"so... how big are your yum yums? =D" (my nickname for her boobs)

"omg Johnny, and they're big lololololol"

"how big? Lolol"

"big, hmm how should I put this, really big lolololol"

"lol gimme letters and numbers =D"


"are you lying???"

"nooooo... why would I lie?"

"idk u just seem like you'd lie to me lol"

OMFG did she really just tell me her bra size??? I can't believe she actually told me!! ^_^

"I never lie... ok sometimes I do, but im not lying about that"

"lol ok I believe you"

This is a really big turn on ^_^ let's see what else I can get out of her surprisingly sexy little mind.

"so what does ur pussy look like?"

"of course you would think of that, and how do I describe that?"

"idk, it's ur pussy, just tell me about it"

"lol it's kinda hairy" (but she's really not that hairy at all lolol)

"how hairy from a scale of 1-10"

"5 or 6" (it's actually like 1-2)

"k, have u shaved before?"

"yeah, but not in a while"

"why not? =D"

"lolololol idk I'll do it tomorrow"

"lol ok, describe more plz"

"lol a large opening, kinda small pussy..." (it's a really nice pussy :P)

"lol how large is the opening?"

Wow, I never thought that I'd hear Kaitlin would be telling me what her pussy looks like... this is a really sexy convo. ^_^

"large ;)"

"how large is large? =D"

"like 3-4 inches lol"

"very sexy =D"

"lol I know"

"so have u ever put anything in ur pussy before?"

"no I was going to, but I never did"

"what were you gonna put in your pussy?"

"lol I wish it was a dildo or vibrator, but no, it was a small hairbrush I have ;)"

"sexy =D have you ever fingered yourself before?"

"kinda like a while ago" (and by kinda she means A LOT :P I found that out later though)

"did it feel good? Lol"

"haha yea, I guess"

"lol is your pussy wet?"

"yeah, a little"

Yes!! This is perfect!! Weird talking to her like this, but still so sexy.

"sexy, finger urself, rite now =D"

"really lol alright"

Ok, now I feel accomplished! I just got her masturbating again. ^_^


"pulling down my shorts, pulling down my underwear,... lolol"

"sexy. Are your nipples hard?"

"yeah a little bit"

"sexy, go get ur hairbrush and put it in your pussy"

"lol ok ;D"

Again, I feel accomplished. ^_^

to be continued...

*i hope u guys liked this story, i know i did ^_^ we'll be posting the rest of our convo soon*

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