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Behind The Bathroom Door


I suppose I deserved this... I mean had cheated on her first with her best friend. Sarah and my girlfriend, Charlotte had known each other for eight years and that's how it ended. With Charlotte walking into our kitchen while Sarah was pulling me off inside my trousers. There was no kinky orgy and for months she didn't speak to me. She cried and was hurt by both of us. Our flirtations had built up to the point where Sarah would tease me in front of Charley. Now it has happened to me and I don't know how I feel.

Thursday night Charlotte and myself went to a bar for an after work drink. Since that dreaded incident a year ago with Sarah we found that we had very little to talk about in public. So here we were 8.00 p.m. at a chic little midtown Manhattan bar.

After finishing our first drinks I happened to bump into my work mate Nathan. He was with his girlfriend Neve who I had met the week before. I introduced them both to my girlfriend who was at this point of yawning. We sat together and ordered some more drinks. At first I was relieved because the conversation was new and it saved Charlotte and me from the awkward small talk.

Charlotte seemed very aware that Neve was a little flirtatious, and this lead me to stop responding and to take a back seat. An hour had passed and I noticed that Charlotte was annoyed at me for some reason. She was being sarcastic whilst at the same time praising and complementing Nathan and Neve. They responded by flattering her back and there seemed to be a bit a flirty friendship beginning. Charlotte started joking about wild sex acts with the couple in a way that she normally wouldn't. I started to feel uncomfortable so I went to the men's room to take a break from chat.

When I came back, after having to queue for ten minutes to take whiz, I was annoyed to see her tickling Nathan in a playful way to get him to admit that he was kinky. I asked what about and all three seemed to ignore my question and carry on sharing jokes. I sat back on my seat and started to knock the drinks back faster.

At midnight the happy chatters on the other side of the table had decided to come back to our new apartment to check out the views of the city. I didn't say a word more due to the fact that the whiskey was making me feel slow and tired. In the cab home I sat in the front as the three sat in the back giggling and tickling Nathan.

'OK here is our home Nathan, Can I call you Nat?'

'You can call him anything you want honey, so long as you call me Nevie, that's what my friends call me.'

'Yeah Charlotte Nats fine. Say, what happened to your guided tour?'

'I know, Jamie can do it and I will pretend I am a guest too'

As she said this they all giggled as if they were in on a secret joke. So to show good humor I decided to give a tour. I started in the kitchen and ran through the features as if I was an estate agent. As I turned to go to the next room I noticed that Nathan had his hand around one of Charlotte's buttocks whilst Neve tried to shield this by standing in front of me. I knew that something sexual was going on. So on to the bedroom where I stood behind the large windows and looked out into the night. Then I checked the reflection in the mirror and saw my work mate digging is fingers into her panties whilst Neve held her skirt. All three of them seemed to be looking at the back of my head as they fumbled with each other. How could I get mad at her. I had got done the same thing her a year ago. I just have to bare with this for as long as it lasts.

I turned around slowly and they pulled their hands back to pretend that nothing was going on. This was too much so I told them that I was going to have a shower, as I was feeling very sweaty. I went into the bathroom and sat on the lavatory and listened to them giggling on the couch in the living room;

'Are you two guys trying to seduce me?'

'Hey you were the one rubbing my erection in the cab here!'

'Ok Charley, how about a foursome sometime?'

'How about a threesome right now with you and your man?'

All of sudden I heard kissing and the sounds of the leather couch with people moving around on it.

'Charley, get his cock out'

'Yeah Charley lets make this quick before your boyfriend comes out'

'Fuck that you two. We can take our time. I don't have to answer to him. Now pull it out for me... Mmmhh slllick mmhhh... you have a great cock'

I could not return into the room to see this. I was imprisoned in the lavatory and all I could do was listen to their fun. Nathan started to moan and grunt as the sucks and pops of two mouths sounded to be worshipping his cock.

'Nathan cum in my mouth, I want to kiss Nevie with it in my mouth.'

'You like my boyfriends' cock you sexy slut bitch Charley?'

'Nevie lick my balls while she sucks'

The noises of sucks and licks carried on until Nathan let out a relieved and long moan. Then I heard kissing. All of a sudden I was hard and wanted to see this. I knelt down and looked through the keyhole. On the couch I could see Nathan's cock being massaged by Neve and Charley's hands while they French kissed with cum strings in between them. Nathan then joined the kissing. I saw all three of them playing with the gism on their tongues. Charley didn't take her hand off of his large cock once as he tongued away at both of them.

Nathan looked worked up and his face was red. He pushed Neve out of the way and pulled Charley onto the floor with him. He shoved his cock in her and they began to pump and press like lovers.

'Please Charley I really need to fuck your wet pussy'

'Don't use a condom I want to feel you'

'Oh my god this feels so good, Nevie make sure that her man doesn't come in the room'

'OK but save some spunk for when we get home'

She started to button her blouse up as the two cruel lovers fucked and kissed. They both seemed to climax at the same time. Charlotte spent a few minutes on his chest slowly pulling his superior cock out of her warm and wet pussy. They dressed and sat on the couch. Then the three way kissing started again. This time Charlotte insisted on just 'one more quick fuck' and Nathan followed her to our bed. I was sitting behind the bathroom door on my knee jerking myself off.

Ten minutes later they return to Neve on the couch fully dressed but very flushed. Again the three way kisses began and Charlotte that slut gave him a final blow job with the help of Neve. This time they seemed to be tongue wrestling for his gism. After this final display they left to go home after some communal kissing at the door where Charlotte unsuccessfully got his cock out.

'Look calm down you cock monster! If you can get out of the house tomorrow night you can have my cock for a few hours. OK?'

'Nevie, I think I want your man'

'Well the only way to settle this is if we both pleasure him at our place. The winner gets his cum the loser get to watch'

With that they engaged in one more communal kiss and then they walked out. Charlotte walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door;

'I know you saw us together, I don't love him so don't get upset. But if I want cock then from now on I will get it. By the way you may want to change the sheets in the bedroom baby'

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