tagNovels and NovellasBehind the Iron Curtain Ch. 05

Behind the Iron Curtain Ch. 05


Soon after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, I was in an Eastern European country. My business was in trouble, but would the new girl help me?


The next morning Lilya and Danica accompanied me to the office. Natalya saw us off like a good little housewife, handing Danica my briefcase and giving me an open-mouthed french kiss. She looked a little forlorn as the three of us left and I felt my heart lurch again with love for this beautiful girl who had come into my life so suddenly and unexpectedly.

I assigned Lilya the desk next to Danica and left the girls alone to settle themselves. I walked into my office and turned on my Pentium computer. As it went through its boot sequence, I sat back and thought about what I should do. I'd been here for a month now and had zero results. My head office in London was patient, but not that patient. I could imagine the political games being played there - people like Mike Bloody Thornwood, who had shafted me once and got me exiled here, would be sharpening their knives. They were probably dripping a steady flow of bad news into the senior partners' ears about how the Eastern European operation was a waste and should be shut down. The only thing that probably helped me was that my boss had some influence and even Mike probably didn't want me back in London until I had fully lost all credibility.

My depressing thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door opening. I looked up to see Danica at the door with a cup of coffee. She silently moved forward and put the cup on the table where I could reach it. She turned my chair until I was no longer facing the table and sank to her knees gracefully. She reached out to my waist and expertly undid my belt and my trouser waist hooks. I lifted my bum off the chair and she pulled my trousers down along with my pants. The operation had been enough to harden my dick and she held him with her soft hands and kissed the tip, while looking up at me. I lost myself in her beautiful eyes as she kissed my cock again and again. I stroked her lovely hair. 'Relax sir,' she whispered. 'It's too early in the day to get so worried.'

I lay back in my chair and closed my eyes. She was right. We'll find a way. I felt her lips form a seal round my erection and then felt her warmth slide down the pole until I was fully enveloped. I felt her nose against my pubic bone. What a good cock-sucker she was! I stretched my legs and held them tight against her warm hips while she bobbed up and down my rigid shaft. Occasionally, she stopped moving to swirl her tongue against the sensitive head. A few minutes later, I gripped the arms of the chair tight as I felt my balls churn. I opened my eyes to see her looking up at me while she continued sucking and that drove me over the edge. I put one hand on the back of her head and her eyes closed as she felt my cum shoot up my erect cock. She had gone down all the way and stayed there as I shot jets of cum into her throat. My hips jerked up driving my cock deeper into her and she made a choking sound but swallowed like a trooper until I had no more to give. I took my hand off her head and she came off my softening cock. Her eyes were streaming with tears from being choked and her mascara was running but she had a wide smile on her face. 'That was good, Danica,' I said.

She nodded. She gave my cock a kiss, sweeping up a last drop of cum from the tip. She stood up in a smooth motion and disappeared into the bathroom as I stared at her rippling haunches. She reappeared with a wet flannel and cleaned me up. I stood up from the chair on woozy legs and pulled up my trousers. When I looked up at the door, I saw Lilya standing there. When she caught my eye, she blushed and her eyes dropped to the ground. I knew she had seen everything. Well, she hadn't run away screaming, so I guessed it was all right. Also, I had fucked her a few times last night and that was another reason I was confident that she didn't have s problem with me getting a blowjob at ten in the morning in the office. 'Hi Lilya,' I said. 'Is everything okay?'

She was still blushing quite fetchingly as she nodded without meeting my eyes. 'Yes sir,' she said, and went back to her desk. I stared after her. I didn't want an awkward environment in the office. I'd have to get her to give me regular blowjobs too. It was a hard job, but I just had to do it - purely for office morale, you know. With a smirk, I turned to my desk.

A couple of hours later, I called a meeting. I moved my chair so that I faced the sofa and the girls sat there. They were both wearing skirts that ended well above the knee and I could see most of their legs from where I was sitting. This was work however and I tried to ignore their sexiness. I turned to Lilya. 'Have you settled down?' I asked.

She nodded brightly. 'Yes, sir,' she said. She opened the notebook she was holding and said, 'Danica gave me the list of beer makers you have compiled.'

'Fat lot of good it did us,' I said. 'Most of them won't even talk to us. They claim they don't have any spare capacity to sell to us. Georgi must have got to them.'

'Danica told me about your office manager. You were a real hero to protect her.' Lilya's admiration made me embarrassed. After all, I was fucking the girls. I just shrugged.

'Your list has all the big manufacturers. Their beer is good, but not great. And they really do sell everything they can make. You'll find it very difficult to get through to them, regardless of Georgi.'


Lilya put a paper on the table and bent forward. The action made the top of her shirt open and revealed her lovely creamy cleavage. My eyes couldn't help dart to that view. The feeling that I could just reach out and fondle her boobs if I so wished was like a shot of viagra (which hadn't yet been invented back in the day), but I controlled myself. What was wrong with me? I had just been the recipient of an awesome blowjob and this was serious business, we were discussing here. Lilya drew her finger down the list we had made. 'These manufacturers represent more than ninety percent of the market.There are two dozen other producers who make up the rest of the market, but they are all small and mostly local. But what you have to realise is that there is a twelve percent shortage of beer in this country, so they don't have to do any marketing. They know that every litre of beer they produce will be sold without problems.'

'So why don't they make more?' I asked.

'Lots of reasons. Their equipment is old and keeps breaking down. They don't have enough hops sometimes. The workers are lazy.' She shrugged. 'The big manufacturers are quite happy with the situation. They were all sold off to oligarchs for peanuts when the government fell and now they are raking in lots of money with no investment and little work.'

I nodded slowly as I absorbed what she said. This was hopeless. Beer would have made a good export but now it looked as if that was a busted flush. Was I going to be a failure before I even started? 'So we were always going to fail?' I asked. I glanced at Danica and she looked ready to cry.

Lilya nodded. 'Yes,' she said. 'But now you have me!' She was grinning. 'I know a small manufacturer in Pozen who fell out with one of the oligarchs and was frozen out. They make great beer but cannot sell it anywhere. I think they would be willing to do a deal.'

Hope surged through me. May be there was a way out after all! I closed my eyes and thought things through. 'Where is Pozen?' I asked.

'Not far,' said both girls simultaneously. 'It's about an hour outside the city. South east of us.'

I had a lot more questions but I suddenly felt I had enough sitting round in the office. 'Let's go,' I said. 'We'll visit this brewery.'

'Now?' asked Lilya.

'Why? Have you got something else to do?'

She shook her head.

'Good,' I said. 'You can tell me all the details about them as we are driving.'

The roads were not very good, but there wasn't much traffic either once we left the centre of the city. Lilya sat next to me and Danica behind us. I glanced at the young lady. The car was warm by now and her coat was unbuttoned all the way, revealing her legs. I casually put one hand on her thigh. She glanced at me but didn't say anything. I loved the warm feeling of her smooth skin as I drove along. I realised it was crazy to just drop everything and drive to a business I had just heard about. But on the other hand, I wasn't achieving anything in the office. And a ride with two willing beauties in a car isn't a great hardship, is it? 'Tell me more about this brewery,' I said.

Lilya thought for a moment. 'There has always been a brewing industry in Pozen since the middle ages, but the town resisted against the Nazis when the Germans occupied our country and the town was pretty much wiped out, including the beer industry. Then after limited reforms were introduced in the seventies, the brewery started. They came to us in the Alcohol Production Controller's office asking for support, but the commissar wasn't sure whether to support them.'

'Why wouldn't the commissar support them?' I asked.

'This was a private company. All the other companies we supported were government companies. My boss said the beer was good but he couldn't bring himself to help a capitalist.'

What a fucked-up system, I thought. Lilya continued, 'It's ironic because my boss ended up working for the biggest beer company for Comrade K after it was privatised.'

Pozen was a town without charm, full of grey concrete apartment buildings built after the war. There was a brutalist soviet-style statue of a man and a woman holding a sickle against a cowering Nazi soldier. Subtle it wasn't, but it made me look at the town in a new light. The medieval attraction of the town might have been erased, but these citizens had bravely resisted the Nazis when the easier thing would have been to go along with the occupation. How much more beautiful is that than some old cathedral? Lilya had been here before and she directed me across a small bridge and then I saw the brewery. My heart sank. It was ramshackle, a couple of brick buildings surrounded by a wall. The gate was rusted and and even the sign saying 'Staro Pozen Browar' had slipped down its nails on one side and leaned like a drunk against a wall.

A young man, clearly puzzled, greeted us as we got out of the car. I saw a few other men and women peering at us through grimy windows. Lilya spoke to the young man in rapid sentences that were well beyond my ability to follow. I assumed she was asking to be taken to their leader, like some alien who had just landed on a UFO. The Mercedes was certainly out of place here and I was suddenly worried about its safety. I whispered my concerns to Danica and she nodded before speaking to the young man and pointing several times to the car and to me. The young man looked at me and nodded. In a soft voice, Danica said, 'I think the car will be fine now. I've told him that you are a very brutal man and that you love your car more than you love your wife.'

'But I am not married,' I said.

'So I wasn't lying!' she said with a grin.

The boss was a bearded, balding man with, appropriately, a beer belly. His name was Pyotr. After introductions, Pyotr spoke in halting English. 'My family have been brewers in Pozen for at least three hundred years. We lost everything when the Nazis razed the town. The communists re-opened the brewery in the sixties. They kept the name but...' He shook his head. 'I used to feel sick to see the Staro Pozen name on that horsepiss.' He looked at the ladies and said, 'Sorry for my language.'

I waved my hand to tell him not to worry. I was impressed by the depth of his feeling. 'How did you get the brewery back?'

'The brewery eventually died, as it should have. Then some limited reforms were introduced in the late seventies allowing private people to own some businesses and I used all my savings to buy it. My friends and family tell me that I made a big mistake. I think they are right too. Everything is a struggle. I can't get enough barley, enough hops, enough bottles...' He sighed. 'I am going slowly bankrupt. He nodded towards Lilya, 'The Alcohol Kommissar's lady tells me that you may be interested in buying our beer?'

I nodded. 'I might be,' I said. 'Can we look through your plant?'

'Of course,' he said.

Despite myself, I was impressed by the tour. Unlike the exterior, the interior was spotless. Pyotr pointed at the things as we walked through, explaining. The floor was cemented well without any cracks for material to collect and rot. The plant was also laid out logically. The grain handling area was on one end of the plant by large gates that lorries could drive to. Next to that area was the kitchen, where the grain was mashed in the digester and through to a room filled with kegs. The process needed a lot of water and I could see why they were next to the river. There was a small bar in one corner with a couple of draught taps. Pyotr picked up one of the kegs from the exit area and plugged it into one of the taps. He pulled the handle of the tap and filled a glass. The beer was a deep golden honey with a nice white head. He pushed the glass to me and I picked it up. 'Cheers,' I said, and sniffed the beer. The aroma was clean and enticing. I took my first swallow and knew that Lilya had found me the perfect beer to export. I had absolutely no doubt that this elixir was going to be a hit back in England. Pyotr offered the drink to the girls and they took very tiny amounts. I was later to learn that unlike English women, Eastern European women rarely drank much in public.

We went back to Pyotr's office, with me still carrying my half-empty (or was it half-full?) glass. 'Let's talk commercials,' I said. 'I want a hundred barrels.'

Pyotr nodded. I wanted a good price, so I let him know that I was going to be a big customer. I said, 'If that sells as I think it will, I want a thousand barrels for the next shipment.'

Pyotr's face fell. Lilya immediately leaned forward and spoke to him rapidly. I waited patiently until they finished their conversation. I could sense that something was wrong. Lilya turned to me. 'There is a problem,' she said.

I nodded, having guessed as much. 'What is it?'

'He cannot supply us,' Lilya said.

I was shocked. 'Why not?'

Pyotr leaned forward. 'Sir, I don't want to make a promise that I cannot keep. I would love to supply you but I cannot. I can make barely a hundred barrels a week.'

This was a blow. Even if I took his entire production run, a hundred barrels a week was hardly worth my company's while. I'd be laughed at in London. I could imagine Mike bloody Thornwood, my nemesis, pushing for the whole Eastern European division to be shut and for me to be fired if this was the best that I could manage. I thought for a moment and then something struck me. 'Your brewery is quite big and we only saw one small plant in it. I am sure even that one plant seems as if you can make over a hundred barrels a day, let alone a week.'

Pyotr nodded. 'You are right. At its peak, my grandfather used to produce thousands of barrels of six different varieties here. Those days are gone.'


'I need more people, more grains, more barrels, more everything!'

'But you said that you were making a loss and going slowly bankrupt. If you increase production, you will start making a profit.'

'I know,' Pyotr said. He looked miserable. 'But I need money to ramp up production which I don't have.'

'Why don't you go to the bank?'

Pyotr laughed and even Danica and Lilya smiled at my naivety. 'Mr Fred, the banks in our country don't have any money. What little money they have is captured by oligarchs who take out loans and don't repay it. I have already put everything I have into the brewery. I can't ask my friends and family for any more investment because I don't want them to lose it all.'

I thought for a moment. I liked the fact that he had refused to take the contract. I knew many people who would have agreed to supply the beer and then let me down. 'If you had the investment, how long would it take to ramp up production?'

'Two or three months. A bit longer for the high gravity beers.'

'How much investment do you need?'

'It depends. To produce one thousand barrels on a regular basis, I'd need...' He went silent for a moment and I could almost hear the gears in his brain turning. 'Two hundred thousand Koruna.'

I did my own calculations in currencies that I was comfortable with. Thirty thousand pounds. Fifty thousand dollars. 'Let's not worry about that for the moment. Supply me the one hundred barrels and then we can talk about the rest.' I liked the beer but I wanted to be sure that it would really sell in England before I committed anything further. Lilya discussed the terms with Pyotr and I was pleasantly surprised by the deal she was able to get. I guess the fact that she knew the beer business inside out gave her, and by extension me, a great advantage.

The drive back was just as pleasant as the drive there. Danica sat in the front this time and she too unbuttoned her coat all the way. Her slim legs were just as inviting and one of my hands casually fondled them, running up her smooth thighs. She parted her legs willingly and I rubbed her knickers, feeling the fierce heat of her pussy. She looked at me with hooded eyes, her breathing growing ragged as my hand excited her relentlessly. It was lucky that there was hardly any traffic until we reached the city.

When we reached the office, I started finding out what it would take to import beer into England. There were forms to fill, duties to be paid and bonded warehouses to be used, but as an import-export company, this was our bread and butter. Danica went back to her search about local office rents and lease agreements. Lilya started organising the local logistics - lorries, ships and so on. The afternoon passed quickly and productively and we went home in high spirits. I was confident that the beer would sell well and the investment that Pyotr needed wasn't too difficult to fund.

The next couple of weeks passed quickly. In the morning, Natalya would see me off with a hug and a kiss. When we reached the office, Danica would give me a blowjob. We would work for the next couple of hours before it was Lilya's turn to suck me off. Both girls had slightly different techniques. Danica took me in deep and applied consistent pressure while Lilya used her tongue a lot more. She licked my hard cock like a popsicle. Needless to say both were quite enjoyable. I had no objections from either girl if I copped a feel of their tits or gave their bums a swat through the day. They would occasionally come over and give me a kiss or two as well. We'd go out for lunch at one of the four good restaurants in town. Back to work for a few hours before I fucked one or both the girls as my fancy took me. We left office at six because we were an hour ahead of London and I wanted to be in the office till it was five in the head office. I didn't want to give the impression that we were slacking!

Back home, Natalya usually had dinner almost ready. As soon as we changed, she would hand the final bits of dinner prep to one of the girls and would join me for 'our' time. I would sit on the sofa and watch as this beautiful lady in high heels, short skirt and a soft, almost-transparent top mixed a drink, usually scotch, but sometimes a gin and tonic. Despite the two blowjobs and one fuck during the day, I'd become hard just watching Natalya walk towards me with a smile and the glass in hand. I had tried to get her to drink as well, but she shook her head and said that she wanted this time to be about her serving her master.

I would raise my arm along the back of the sofa and she would sit next to me, snuggling up to me as my hand left the back of the sofa and hugged her shoulder. Natalya kissed me on the cheek, then took my hand, kissed my fingers and guided them on to her breast. I took a sip of the drink while fondling her boobs gently, wondering what I had done to get so lucky. We talked about her English lessons, practising her increasing vocabulary. I talked to her about my calls with the head office or about some new customs regulation that I had found out about. She didn't understand most of it, but she listened avidly, gazing up at me with adoring eyes. I would kiss her and her lips were always ready and willing. Eventually, she would slip down from the sofa in front of me. I would give her a cushion for her knees - no one could accuse me of being inconsiderate. Also, it stood to reason that I would get a better treatment if her knees weren't sore on the hard floor. Natalya would pull down my trousers and start with my feet - sucking my toes while looking into my eyes. Then she would move up my legs, slowly, so that it was ten or fifteen minutes before she reached my thighs. By this time I would be hard as steel. She would start licking my balls and take them gently in her mouth. I would slide forward and raise my legs. Natalya knew what I liked and she would move down from my balls and started fluttering her tongue against my hole. I would groan with pleasure and reach out to the back of her head and taking a grip on her silky hair, I pressed her hard against my ass. I then took control, guiding her to wherever gave me the most pleasure.

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