tagFetishBeing Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 04

Being Jack's Milk Cow Ch. 04

bySuzanne James©

The tour--what can I say? Alex and Robin had designed an amazing retreat that catered especially to people with our multiple...interests. Robin was in charge of showing us around; Joanne and Eric had arrive early enough in the day to already have gotten the whole tour. We followed Robin as she waddled down the hall to the play rooms, giving us a running commentary.

"We've built three rooms dedicated to pleasure--first I'll show you the Playroom, then the Milking Parlor and finally the Nursery." Robin looked at me flirtatiously. "Jack told us about your interest in being a harem girl, and I hope you'll like the first room especially!"

As she showed us around, Robin continued to stroke her enormous belly. This turned me on, not only from her obvious enjoyment of her swollen body; I couldn't help imagining myself in the same condition. I could feel my pussy tingling and my nipples stiffening. Jack seemed to sense my arousal; his hand strayed down to my ass, stroking it and teasing me with his forefinger in the crack of my ass cheeks. Hopefully this time next year, I'd also be sporting a hugely gravid belly and even larger breasts. I couldn't wait.

Robin brought us into the Playroom, which was equipped with a variety of erotic furnishings. A very large bed--more than king sized--was suspended from the wall by chains, so it could be raised up to create more room. Lowered for use, it was equipped with many cushions and other pleasurable accoutrements. I imagined myself spread among the cushions, a very pregnant harem girl awaiting her master's attentions. Jack pulled me close to him, as I whimpered a bit, aroused by my fantasy, and knowing Jack felt my heat.

"This room is new since I was here last," Jack said to Alex, as he pulled me closer, continuing to fondle me. "I think this will be Suzanne's favorite space--right, baby?" Jack was stroking my hard, silk-clad nipples with one hand as he fondled my ass with the other. I knew he was turned on by the tour, even though he had seen much of it before. His response to my arousal turned me on further, as I arched my back, feeling Jack's hands caressing my long, hard nipples. Mentally, I tried to avoid letting down milk right at that moment, knowing that there would be plenty of time later to be milked to my heart's content, and trying to prolong my pleasure. I was incredibly turned on, imagining Jack and his friends sucking my enormously swollen tits and thrusting their hard cocks into my dripping pussy and ass.

"Oh, yes, please," I responded, pressing my body against Jack, as I imagined strangers' hands and mouths teasing my breasts.

Robin grinned. "I'd tell you to get a room, but we really ought to finish the tour, don't you think? You never know what else is down the hall," she said playfully.

As we were leaving the room, Robin's cell phone chimed, alerting her to a text. "Alex is looking for me--can you entertain yourselves for awhile? Go ahead and look around and enjoy yourselves. We'll meet before dinner for cocktails around 5 in the living room, so you're free until then."

Jack and I exchanged a look. "Don't mind us, I think we'll find a way to occupy the time," he said, smiling slyly.

Jack pulled me back into the playroom and closed the door. Embracing me, he kissed me deeply. I pressed against him, feeling his hard cock against me and wanting it inside me very soon. As one, we moved toward the bed, not breaking our kiss. Jack laid me back on the bed, unwrapping my sarong as he did so. I lay back, exposed, while he began to unbutton his jeans. I reached for his cock, but he pulled back. "All in good time," he said, reaching for the restraints at the head of the bed. I whimpered with anticipation as he bound my wrists above my head. My back arched, and my heavy tits ached for relief. I could feel my milk letting down, the warm fluid beginning to leak from my oh-so-sensitive nipples. Jack stood over me, admiring what he saw. "You're going to make an excellent harem girl, aren't you? In a few days we'll have you trained to feed everyone here. I want to see those tits even heavier than they are now, and I want you to beg us all to milk you."

I moaned, feeling completely exposed and completely aroused by what Jack was saying. He stood over me, stroking his cock thoughtfully, as he told me what he had planned for me. My leaking nipples ached for attention, and I arched my back even further to entice Jack to touch me, lick me, anything that would bring me some relief. Jack began to finger my pussy, teasing me. "Look how wet you are. I want you to moo for me, like the little milk cow you're turning into."

"Moo....moo," I replied, as Jack plunged his cock fiercely into me.

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