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Being Teacher's Pet


Last summer my lover came up with the wildest idea to play out one of his fantasies...

He was working nights as a janitor in the local school building, to make some extra dough. One night, we were cuddling and making out and we started discussing fantasies. After some hesitation, he told me about one about a high school teacher and an 18-year-old student. As he started relating his fantasy I finally told him how hot and wet it was making me... Needless to say we stopped talking and finished making out.

Later that week he suggested I come to work with him at the school the next evening. I grinned and agreed. I went to the bedroom and dressed up in a white blouse and tight short navy skirt. Underneath I put on deceptively virginal white lace bra and panties. On my legs I slid white lace top thigh highs and then navy pumps. As a finishing touch I slid his old class ring on a chain around my neck.

His jaw dropped and his pants bulged when I came out to tell him I was ready. He could tell I was as into this as he was. He stepped towards me but I stopped him by asking, "Shall we go to school?"

At the school, he took me to one of the class rooms. It had rows of desks and a teachers desk in the front center of the room, behind which was a blackboard. I went up to the front center student desk and he went to the teachers desk. I crossed my legs, my skirt sliding up my thigh. My boyfriend eyed the lace on my thigh and smiled. Then he frowned.

"Miss Smith, I have asked you to stay after class today to discuss your grades."

I grimaced and rolled my eyes.

"Why Mr. Jones?"

"Well, Miss Smith, your grades are very poor. Right now it is near the end of the year and you can expect a D at best for this class."

"I can't get a "D", my parents will kill me!!!"

"Miss Smith, you should have thought of that when you did not turn in your assignments..." He sighed.

"Mr. Jones, I had better things to do than that stuff. Geeeez."

He lifted an eyebrow and shifted in his seat as I uncrossed and recrossed my legs under the desk. "What kind of things, Miss Smith?"

I smiled secretly... and twirled my hair. "Oh... you know... Mr. Jones..."

He sat back and placed his hands on his desk. "No, Miss Smith, maybe you can tell me..." He paused. "Or show me..."

I was quiet for a moment and then gave him a calculating stare.

"Maybe, um, Mr. Jones, we can reconsider my final grade?" I asked as I uncrossed my legs and lifted one foot to brace on the nearby chair. This left my white lace covered crotch open to his view.

He swallowed and looked me straight in the eye. "That may certainly be possible, Miss Smith."

I stood up and walked up to the desk. "Mr. Jones, I really can't afford to fail this class," I began as I reached up to unbutton the top button of my white blouse. "I really would do anything for a better grade." I continued unbuttoning the next few buttons.

Mr. Jones, (I was now into the fantasy), watched my hands.

"I'm glad to hear that." Then he looked me hard in the eyes again... his eyes were hot and hungry. I shivered. "Anything, Miss Smith?"

I faltered briefly and my fingers fumbled. I swallowed hard and noticed I was starting to sweat a bit. But then I answered as I undid the last button. I let my blouse fall over my shoulder and to the floor as I leaned over the desk and replied, "Yes Mister Jones, anything."

Mr. Jones sat back and drawled, "I might reconsider your grade... if you were to show an interest in learning something."

I smiled, "Why... Mr. Jones," I sighed. "Would you teach me something... interesting? But not too hard."

Mr. Jones smiled. "Oh, Miss Smith. I'm afraid it may be hard."

I swallowed and returned, "Well then, you will have to go slow with me, and gently..."

Mr. Jones smiled and stood up to walk towards me. I could see the bulge in the front of his trousers... such a big bulge. As he came near I unconsciously stepped back. He was tall and big.

He continued to move forwards... until I felt my legs hit the desk behind me. And his body so close before me, radiating tremendous heat and excitement. He lifted a hand and traced my cheek and my chin.

"Such lovely lips, Miss Smith," he breathed. Then he continued to draw his hand down my neck... slowly, sending shivers along my spine. I drew my eyes from his to watch his hand move lower. His hand slowly moved down along the lace edge of my bra and slid along it to the clasp in the middle of my breasts. I inhaled sharply as both his hands cupped my breasts over the soft lace cups pushing them upwards. When his thumbs rubbed lightly over my nipples, I closed my eyes and moaned. His hands continued to caress my breasts as I heard him chuckle. My eyes flashed open to meet his hot gaze.

"Miss Smith, I want to see these beautiful breasts. Undo your bra for me." His hands fell from me and he stood back slightly.

My hands shook as I raised them to unclasp the bra. I lifted my arms, sliding off the bra, and letting it fall to the floor. Before I could lower my arms, Mr. Jones grabbed them and held them up. Then he leaned down and kissed my neck and my shoulders. I couldn't believe how strong and soft his lips felt on my skin. I felt his lips moving lower, my eyes closed. His arms slid down mine and wrapped behind my back as his lips moved over my breasts. I moaned out loud when his warm lips covered my nipple. He held me steady as he licked and sucked the tightening peak and it was all I could feel. I felt myself growing weak and didn't resist when he lifted me and laid me down on the desk. I looked up and saw a smile tugging the edge of his lips.

I watched as his hands slid down my stomach to the edge of my skirt. He tugged the spandex down my legs and to the floor. I held my breath, watching him trace the edge of my panties with his fingers. Abruptly he began to peel them off and down my legs, until I was left in my stockings and pumps.

I was hot and excited now and I sat up to reach forward. He stood still as I undid his shirt and slid it off. I leaned forward placing soft kisses down his neck and across his chest. Curious... I stopped at his nipples... sucking lightly... I felt him sharply inhale and tried licking my tongue on them. He stiffened and I heard his first moans. I let my fingers slide down to his trousers and felt for the button at the front.

I stopped briefly, running my hands of the bulge through his pants. He ground his hips slightly as I rubbed his hardness. He rested his hands on my shoulders, molding them with his strong hands... rubbing them as he leaned down to kiss my hair. I finally undid the button to his trousers and slid the zipper down. I looked down and saw him bulging against his underwear.... a drop of wetness staining the front. I groaned.

Mr. Jones stepped back slightly and helped me remove his pants and then stepped forward so I could slide my fingers inside the waist band of his briefs and slide them down over his hard cock. Once I got them to his thighs, he sprung out hard and long. I licked my lips and his cock jumped.

"Miss Smith," he addressed me with a hot look. "Now a test of your oral skills..."

I smiled and slid off the desk to my knees on the floor. He watched as I reached for his cock and held its hardness in my hands. I lifted him to rub it across my lips. I stuck my tongue out to taste him. I licked a drop of precum off the tip of his cock and tasted its salty tang. Then I slid his cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I heard him groan and I rubbed his length with my hands... slowly increasing the pressure of my fingers. I felt him begin to throb against my tongue and slid my fingers down to stroke his balls...

After sucking on his wonderfully hard cock for a few minutes he pushed me back onto the desk so I was laying down. He leaned forward and started sucking my nipples again. I felt his hand slide up my legs. First caressing my calves, then rubbing the back of my knees. Finally I felt his fingers tease their way up the insides of my thighs... moving up higher and higher until he reached my wet pussy.

He slid his fingers inside to find me already moist and warm. I felt him sliding his fingers in and out slowly as he kissed my stomach. I gasped when his lips reach the top of my crotch and his tongue started to trace the wet lips of my pussy. I moaned loudly as his tongue slid lower and then pushed inside me. His hands grasped my ass cheeks and held me close as his mouth worked on me.

I felt waves start to crash over me and knew I was about to come and I couldn't stop it, didn't want to stop it. My legs tensed around his back and I poured my wetness over his face buried deep between my legs. When he felt the tremors slow down and I had finished shaking, and moaning, he rose up and slid his hard cock over my pussy as he stood before the desk.

I meet his eyes and groan deeply when he starts pushing his cock inside, stretching me wide. I can feel him filling every inch of my wet cunt. I beg him to pound inside me harder and faster.... rubbing my sensitive pussy with his hard penis. I reach up to rub my breasts... holding them up to his view as he rubs a thumb over my clit. I scream out "Oh my- Ohhhhhh!!!" as he pounds harder and I start to grow weak and as he shoots his load up my convulsing cunt I moan loudly as I come and come drenching his hard cock. For a moment I lose my senses and then I am back... his body lowering to mine, finally kissing my deeply, still connected at the hips... not ready to move, weak and sated, lying on the teacher's desk.

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