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Bend Over Boyfriend


*Sorry it's been so long ya'll! But I'm back...with a present for my darling boyfriend. I thought I'd try something new and go with a different format and genre so I need feedback! There will be a second part to this story in a few days but I hope ya'll enjoy. Same rules apply, if you don't like it, don't read it, all participants are over the age of 18, yada yada. Happy cummings!!!*


He received the text a few minutes past midnight. Panicking slightly, he threw on trousers and a hoodie and reread the text. 'I need you in my room ASAP.' There was only one reason she would send a text this late after already sending him home and that was if something was wrong. Racing down the steps and past the porters he walked quickly to then building next door and grabbed his phone to text her to let him in but found that the door had been propped open with a bit of folded paper. Still confused and slightly panicked he let himself in and made his way to her room. When he reached the door he smiled slightly at the chalkboard that still bore the words 'Welcome to Wonderland.' He knocked but there was no answer so he paused a moment before thinking what if something was actually wrong, then opened the door slowly. "Hey baby," she murmured through the dark. "Come on in and shut the door...you can turn on the sink light too."

"Hey...what's going on? Are you ok? I was worri..." He stopped dead as he flicked on the light. There she was...lying on the bed looking...delicious. Her full breasts encased in a red bra with matching crotchless panties, of course, covering her perfect ass; a black garter belt held up black thigh high stockings and on her feet were her famous leather 'hooker boots'. A silver ring sparkled in her belly button and her blonde hair was loose and wild; her big green eyes sparked with her mischievous plan and her lush lips were curled in a teasing smile. She smiled up at him coyly as she continued stroking her long hard thick...cock? Over her panties was a strap on! His own thick cock immediately began to harden in his trousers; it was all he could do not to strip himself down and ravage her then and there.

"I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to worry you...it's just I was thinking about what we had talked about a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to surprise you," she pouted up at him. "I'm sorry baby...are you mad at me?" He shook his head...absently rubbing the growing bulge in his trousers. "But it seems from the look of it you are just as excited as I am...wanna feel just how wet and ready for this I am?"

"You are gorgeous..." he murmured...moving towards her.

"Yes, but that's not an answer," she replied smirking and standing up in front of him. "Now...I asked...do you want to feel how excited I am?"

"Yess..." he nodded, breathlessly, nearly quivering with excitement.


"Yes Mistress," he moved closer to her but she put out a hand to stop him.

"On your knees, pet." He knelt down in front of her...now eye level with her strap-on covered pussy. She bent level with him and grasped his chin. "Now...usually you get to be somewhat in charge of fucking me. But tonight...tonight you're going to get the fucking of your life, if you behave yourself and do as I say. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress...I would love for you to fuck me with your huge dick." His own cock was straining against his zipper, begging to be set free.

"That's a good boy," she said, pressing her lips to his and feeling a tingle spread from her lips all the way down to her pussy. She stood up, tall and imposing before him and slowly slid a finger inside her panties and into her dripping wet slit. He moaned softly as she arched her back with pleasure, never taking his eyes off her huge dick. Then she slid her finger, wet with her juices, under his nose and spread the wetness on his lips which closed around her finger as he moaned and sucked hungrily. "That's enough, pet." She removed her hand and grasped his collar, "stand up."

"Yes, Mistress," he said as she sat down on the bed, knees spread and breasts thrust out as to torture him more. "What would you have me do, Mistress?"

"Strip, first, I think...do you like my new toy" She asked as resumed stroking her strap on cock, every few moments using some of her own wetness to lubricate it making it wet and ready for his ass. He nodded brethlessly as he slowly removed his t-shirt revealing his smooth, hard chest, then he doffed his shoes and socks. He slid his trousers down exposing the large tent in his boxers; last he freed his aching cock and dropped his boxers into the pile next to her bed. "Mmm...that looks quite hard, pet," she said, eyeing his massive erection.

"Yes, Mistress...please...may I masturbate for you?" He walked to stand before her gently running a finger down his shaft. "Please let me touch myself in front of you, Mistress...I'll do anything you ask." She looked thoughtful for a moment...gazing at the massive piece of delicious man meat in front of her.

"Yes, you may touch yourself...but," she stood up and put a hand on his chest, raking her nails down his chest. "If you cum before I give you permission you will be punished. Do you understand me?" She took his chin in her hand, forcing him to look at her.

"Yes, Mistress....I only want to please you."

"That's my good boy." She said smiling as she stood on tiptoes to kiss him. His arms came around her has he pulled her close, his tongue meeting hers and tracing fire in her mouth. She moaned slightly before pulling away and smiling. "Now...let me see you masturbate your huge, thick cock for your Mistress."

He took a step back from her as he began to slowly slide his fingers up and down his shaft causing him to shiver in pleasure. His hand wrapped around his massive dick as he pumped himself slowly up and down causing precum to ooze out; he wet his fingers and rubbed the precum around the swollen mushroom head, a loud moan escaping his lips. She sat back on her elbows watching him slowly begin to pump himself up and down, every once a while fondling his balls with his other hand, his head tipped back in pleasure. Her hand strayed down under the strap on to gently toy with her pussy over top her panties which were soaked through with her juices. She watched him as his breathing grew more ragged and he began to toy with his ass and she knew he was so so close. She wanted him to cum, she wanted to see the look of ecstasy as he brought himself to orgasm in front of her...but she had plans for him tonight.

"Stop now," she said loudly. He removed his hands obediently and clenched them into fists at his sides breathing heavily. "Did you enjoy that, pet? Was it very hard to stop yourself from cumming for me?" She stood up and moved towards him, taking a firm grasp on his dick and finding it hard as iron.

"Yes, Mistress...it felt so wonderful that I didn't want to stop." He moaned slightly at her hand on his dick. She removed her hands and placed them on his chest as she reached up to kiss him. When she pulled back he looked down at her large cock swinging between her legs. "What will you do to me now Mistress?"


"Now, my pet...you will learn how to suck dick," She smiled at him sweetly. "On your knees." He knelt obediently, looking lustfully at her 7 inch long, thick cock.

"Mistress, may I please try sucking your cock?" He began rubbing his hands up and down her inner thighs, giving her goose bumps and making her moan slightly. She nodded and he slipped is head down slowly tracing his tongue around the large head of her strap on. She combed her fingers through his hair, toying with the back of his neck causing him to moan.

"Take it all, baby. I want to see my cock disappear down your throat," she murmured softly, forcing his head down a bit. He sucked her deeper into his mouth, gagging slightly but then growing accustomed the thick intruder. "That's it, baby. You're such a good cocksucker...I am sure you'd make any man very happy." He moaned at this comment and she could see his cock grow even harder if possible. "So you like that idea?" She asked, stroking his hair as he sucked on her cock. He nodded and looked up at her.

"Please, Mistress...please fuck me with your big hard cock. Take my virgin ass and make me feel so good!" He looked up at her, pleading.

"Stand up," she ordered. "And bend over my desk." Obediently he bent over and stuck out this ass towards her. She admired it as she reached down and turned on the vibrator that was attached to the inside of the harness of her strap on and pushed it deeper into her pussy. It wasn't big but it made her pussy and clit tingle wonderfully. She stood behind him, slowly rubbing his back and ass. Pouring a bit of lube on her fingers she warmed it between her hands and began rubbing over his virgin hole making him moan and whimper as he trust his ass out for her, silently begging for her cock. When she lubed him up she aligned the head of her cock with his hole and put only the slightest pressure on him to tease him.

"Are you ready, pet?" She asked, stroking his back gently. "Are you ready for Mistress to fuck your sweet virgin ass with her huge cock?"

"Yes, Mistress!!" He moaned, "Fuck me with your huge cock, let me take it deep inside me. Fuck me please! Will it hurt me very much?"

"Yes, pet...at the beginning it will, but then you will learn to enjoy riding my huge cock." With that she slowly began to slide into his tight ass.

He hissed in pain as she slid deeper...inch by inch until all 7 inches was buried inside him. She paused for a moment letting him grow accustomed to the new feeling as she looked around him and saw his cock grow harder. Smiling to herself she began to slowly slide in and back out and after a few moments his groans of pain were replaced by moans of intense pleasure.

"How does that feel, baby?" She bent down to whisper in his ear. "How does it feel to have your Mistress inside you, fucking you hard?"

"Oh gods yes! It feels so good, Mistress!" He moaned, pushing his ass back into her to take more of her cock. "Fuck me....please fuck me!" His hand reached around to grab her hip and thrust her deeper into his tight ass. "But Mistress," he panted. "How does it make you feel? To be fucking me? To know that you have total control and that I will do whatever you ask of me?"

"Mmmm...baby. It makes me so hot knowing how much power over you I have. My pussy is on fire right now and I think I might cum soon."

"How?" He asked between moans.

"I have a vibrator attached to the harness that is shoved deep inside my pussy." She murmured into his ear, thrusting deep and making him cry out in pleasure. "It's not nearly as big as your delicious cock but makes my pussy tingle!"

"Fuck me please!" He begged, "I'm going to cum soon...I can feel it, please Mistress, let me cum for you. Let me cum from you fucking my ass!"

"You have my permission to cum, pet," she whispered in his ear. "Let me cum with you, I'm so close to cumming now."

"Fuck me....fuck me hard Mistress. Yes. Yes. Oh god yes!" He moaned, thrusting back to meet her thrusts, bracing himself with his hands on the desk. "I'm going to cum!"

"Cum for me, baby....let me make you cum with me!" She arched her back to get a better angle and in a second felt her pussy throb as her orgasm overtook her just as he grabbed his cock and jacked it a few times before he came with a loud moan, his cum spurting all over her desktop, stream after stream.

Slowly, panting, she removed her dick from his ass and he moaned at the empty feeling, desperately wanting it back inside him. He pulled on his boxers as she removed the strap on and set it in the sink. Laying down in bed his arms came around her and her head rested on her chest.

"So much cum, baby," she smiled at him. "I'm so proud of you...you did well, my pet. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Fuck yes!" He moaned. "Having you inside me was so amazing, Mistress." He shivered slightly with the memory of it.

"Well now," she said smiling coyly. "The question is...would you do that with a real man?"

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