Benefits of a University Education

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Education can be quite fun with the right study partner.
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I couldn't hear a thing from Ellen's private room over the din of the pseudo rave that had broken out on our shared university residence floor. People were coming and going in and out of other peoples rooms seemingly at random with no clue where the music was coming from and each resident doing a very good job of holding their drinks still despite their gyrating hips and shoulders.

I knocked, but got no reply, I reasoned she'd had no way to hear over the chaos echoing around me. I settled for trying my luck with the door handle and smiled as it easily gave way for me. I eased my way inside, trying to keep the door as narrow as possible in what I figured was a futile bid to not disturb Ellen in case she was asleep. If she was somehow off in the land of nod, I figured I'd settle for continuing our study date alone in my own room.

But Ellen was not asleep, though she looked somewhat nearly dressed for bed. She stood in front of the window, opposite the door, hands resting on the widow sill just above her hips, long dark hair loose and flowing around her shoulder blades, naked bar her thigh high stockings. Fishnets, or maybe some other pattern like them, it was hard to tell with the lights off.

Ellen was admiring the view, and what a view it was. Somehow we'd both scored top floor room at the halls of residence, I could just about recall seeing her moving into her room on our arrivals and feeling my heart skip a couple of beats when I saw her slim, round face, almost hidden by her hair. Her eyes literally seemed to be like fireworks going off in the night sky, various shades of beautiful blues.

I'd just stood there like a mannequin, blocking up the hallway until someone else bumped into me.

When I'd actually gotten to my first class the next day and saw we were classmates, I had to contend with my nerves. Every time I saw her, it was pretty much the same experience. but as the classes drove on, and I saw how dedicated she was to our shared subject, I knew I had found my dream woman.

Even better we'd got put on the same groups to study and discuss topics, and realised just like I was feeling tongue tied about her, the feeling was very mutual. That helped break the ice a little, though it took a little nudging from one of her friends to get us to sort things out and get us together.

And right now, I had that same sensation of watching fireworks going off, even though I was only looking at her from behind. Naked from behind. Except for those stockings. That had been something new in her arsenal for the last month, going to more and more classes in some style of the things. Even mixing up the colours, one leg red, the other yellow, with skirts so short I wasn't sure if she had just taken a pair of Daisy Dukes and cut the seat bit out.

I slowly closed the door, put my books down on the dressing table in front of the door, then came up behind Ellen, wrapping my arms around her slender waist and pulled her towards me as my lips locked onto her neck like an airlock, teasing the trapped skin with my tongue while my hands roamed upwards to cover both her naked nipples.

"Ow!" she squeaked as I squeezed her unusually hard nipples. "What's going on?" I realised I could feel a draft, and then noticed the window was open. One of those old half and half window panels, either could be pulled up or down to get some air inside, and Ellen had elected to open the bottom half as she gazed outwards. I doubted anyone could see us up here, they'd have had to know she was up here and doing this, and I had never known her to go anywhere near her window without being clothed to some degree.

For a brief second I thought if someone was looking this way, they'd be being treated to a scene worthy of an ancient Greek statue. They'd probably not be able to make out her face, even if her hair wasn't covering so much of her beauty. I wanted to give them more than just that.

"Missed me?" I asked, giving her tiny little buds another squeeze before twisting them cruelly in different directions. Ellen winced before pain gave way to pleasure before one of my hands wandered down south. That was different my fingers told me, she'd shaved her pubes. Usually she just settled for a close enough trim, but this time, she'd gone the whole hog and gone for a mass deforestation. Maybe even a waxing. I used two fingers to playfully split her labia lips apart before gentle tapping the full length of her pussy with them. "You've been naughty, Ellen," I teased her ear as I whispered. "You told me you'd never shave the lot off, but I bet it looks even lovely down there now."

I was getting intoxicated with her scent, the fragrance of her shampoo seemed to linger for hours and while I never cared to recall the name of the scent, it always seemed to make me think of nature, and her, naked in all her glory.

"Wait," came the voice, slightly protesting as I kissed her neck once more, but not resisting as I slipped a finger slowly inside her slickness. "Ugh!" she moaned as my finger slid in further. "Oh," she uttered as my fingertip found her g-spot. "Ahhhhh," she almost gurgled when my thumb weighed in, gently pressing against her tiny clit which was already poking out between her folds.

"Was this your idea?" I asked, bring my free hand up from nipple twisting duty to her head to push her lips towards my own, clumsily moving some of her hair away with my own face. "Be ready for me like this?" I teased her lips with the briefest of touches. "Don't think we've tried anything like this position, yet."

"Lights are out," Ellen mumbled as she kissed me. "And then I- Ahh!" Either my thumb or finger did a fine job of distracting her. "I... I found I had a visitor."

"A visitor? Other than me?"

"My Aunty," she sounded a little unsure in own admission here, like she was holding something back. I kissed her gently, my way of letting her know she could tell my anything.

"Your aunty?"


Ahhh, that certainly explained it. One thing, or possible two things depending on your frame of refence, that I've not mentioned about Ellen is that she was utterly blessed up top. She had brains and beauty enough to rival all the angels of heaven and most of the goddesses of any pantheon, a silky smooth voice, a fantastically unique sense of humour about most things, and of course, the two things I've not yet really mentioned, a rack that you could loose your head between. And lord knows I had tried. Of course the drawback to being so blessed up top in the chest department (along with specially fitted bras and back pain that I was quickly learning how to soothe away with some rather interesting back rubbing techniques we'd worked on) meant that once a month, for a few days, her pussy was pretty much off limits.

I'd no idea what she tasted like down there during that time, she'd not dare let me even try, but she had been very willing to letting me try something else out with her. Something I'd been a bit shocked about to be honest, and frankly unsure about, but she'd convinced me.

I glanced over to her dresser, recalling just how surprised I'd been at the time to see anyone bring in sex toys to what was essentially a school. But not half as surprised to see how easily she could take a butt plug with only the lightest lathering of lube! But she made me an anal convert, I'd never taken a woman that way before, so technically I'd given her my virginity of a sort, and much to my own delight, she'd never had a man take her that way until me, so it was a gift returned so to speak.

Eventually we'd experimented with her trying a toy in one hole and my cock in another, but we both agreed it wasn't a comfortable feeling for either of us. But here we were, my cock already harder than a flagpole, pressed against the crack of her tasty backside, only held back by my clothes. Ellen reached back with her hands and ruffled my hair as she pulled me towards her for a deeper kiss as our tongues played around some more.

"Let me get my trousers off," I muttered as I used my feet to kick my shoes off and away, I heard one of them slam against the wall while I felt Ellen's hands fall away from my head then reappear to unbuckle my belt. Once the trousers were around my ankles I slipped them off and pushed them away.

"You're still finger me," Ellen noted, not in protest or disgust, but did try to push herself away from the window.

"You still feel good to me down there," I replied, pushing her back towards the window with my free hand. "But we're not moving from here," I informed her as I removed my pussy teasing hand and used her juices to lube up my cock, slapping it against both her butt cheeks as if I were making a tune. "Pull your cheeks open for me, pull them apart, wide, wider, that's good." I lined up the bulbous purple head of my cock against her brown eye, then spat downwards. A large amount of spittle, more then I'd intended, just splattered all over my tip, and most of her bum hole. I rubbed it all in against it, then slowly pushed.

"God, go slow," Ellen almost whispered as her starfish was poked open.

"Go slow? You love anal," I replied as more of my purple helmet worked it's way past the tight grip of her rectum. God, this always looked so good to me. The first time I'd gotten my cock inside her pussy, all the way to the hilt, I'd stopped for a minute to admire our achievement, and thought to myself how perfect a coupling that had looked. Like it was always meant that my cock and her pussy were meant to be together like that, and no one else's body parts would ever come into it. I had to admit, it wasn't like Ellen to be so submissive in sex. Usually everything was an equal partnership between us, in the sheets, onto of them, outside of them or any way you could imagine. The best bit of any sex we had was the fact I got fill her up with my cum. The pill was an amazing invention. 'Just you try and breed me' Ellen would jest as we rutted like pigs in heat.

I spat on my hard length a bit more then pushed it all into the hilt. Ellen squealed with delight, and maybe a bit of pain, but she seemed to be fighting it back, trying to hold it in. She even used both hands to cover her mouth. We couldn't be having that, so I grabbed both her hands, freed them from their position around her mouth and forced them open, planting them against each side of the window frame. I gave her one forceful kiss before I started rutting away at her arsehole as if I was possessed.

"UGH!" she called out as I thrust in without a care. "AHH" she moaned as I pushed in to the hilt on the next thrust. "UMPFH!" she cried, trying to muffle her mouth against her shoulder. "ACK!" I held myself deeply inside her rectum as I started groping her massive breasts yet again. "OH!" she cried as she started to get a rhythm of her own. "YES!" I was quite sure she had orgasmed from all the fun we'd had, which seemed a bit early for her. I still had quite a bit of time left before I was going to cum, so I decided to make things a bit more risqué. I'd seen how powerfully her breasts had been jumping to and fro and we'd fucked, the open window gave me an idea. I grabbed her by the wrists once more, forcefully guided them out and under the window, then pushed her head down to follow.

"What the?" she started to protest as her breasts were pushed against the widow sill. "Jesus! That's cold!"

"So you're tits will get all the harder!" I jeered as I pushed her back down, then slammed my cock into with ever increasingly fast thrusts. I could hear the slapping noises as I worked her arse into a frenzy. "How's the view?" I could imagine her, almost panicked as she took in the night time view of the grounds spread out below us, having to fight back her urge to scream from pleasure for fear of being seen in one of the most compromising positions ever.

I slapped her butt cheeks a few times, not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to make her yip with each strike. I got a rather evil idea come into my mind as I watched her body be pushed back and forth as she lay across the window sill. I lowered one of the panes above, leaving it on her back.

"GOD! WHAT? GET THAT OFF? GET THAT OFF ME!" she bellowed in horror. I just ploughed on.

"Carefully, you'll let everyone know what you're doing," I laughed.

"Let me back in!" she whimpered. "Please, let me back in! I'm afraid of heights."

"What? No you're not."

"I am! I'm mortified of them!" That wasn't like Ellen to be afraid of heights. One of our first nights together she'd confessed she had precious little in the way of fears of anything. Maybe that had just been hyperbole after all.

"What's the safeword?"

"Beetroot! Beetroot!" I relented, and pulled the window pane back up and helped Ellen back in. She was shaking a little, but that could have just been from the cold. To my surprise, she held onto the window sill with one hand, then grabbed one of mine, before she picked up where we'd left off, her hips doing an expert job of milking my cock as I neared my climax.

I started to feel the explosions going off inside my balls as the walls to her tightest space started to contract around my cock. I felt the first spurt shoot out, then another, and another, and Ellen moaned in delight as she felt my cum splatter around inside her. I sighed out in pleasure as I stopped my humping, but Ellen continued pushing back, keeping me buried to the hilt.

"What the hell is going on here?" I whirled around as I heard the voice behind me. The door to Ellen's room was now wide open, the party noises that had faded into the background were now back in full swing, and to my confused horror, there stood Ellen, looking like she was going to kill someone.

"Ellen?" I staggered. "But... you were in the window when I came in..." I looked back at the woman who's arse I had just filled with hot, sticky cum. Her face was still hidden in the dark amongst all the shadows. I pulled out as I stepped back in bewilderment, my still rock hard cock swung wildly as I did, and much to everyone's surprise, the other girl, the girl whose arse was the second I'd ever buggered, turned around, smiled at me, then smiled at Ellen, then with not a hint on her face of what she was going to do, sank to her knees, quickly grabbed my cock and started slurping up all my juices.

Somehow I managed to look back towards Ellen, trying to apologise but my brain was still struggling to process just what had happened.

Down on her knees before me, was Ellen's best friend, Alex, showing she had all the suction skills of a vacuum cleaner. Here before me was the very friend who had managed to get me and Ellen together.

"What the hell is going on?" I managed to ask as Alex unashamedly pushed the head of my cock further insider her tight mouth. I was pretty sure I could feel the entrance to her throat already pushing up against me.

Ellen slammed her door shut, electing a painful squeal of pain from a nosey neighbour who'd poked his head in for a quick look. Meanwhile, I felt what I could only call a popping sensation as more of my length slipped past Alex's luscious lips, from her gagging noises I had to guess she was deepthroating me, something despite her best efforts, Ellen had never been able to do without almost being sick from the effort. By now Alex had both her hands around my butt cheeks and was using them as leverage to pull the pair of us closer.

"I... I don't think I can explain," I managed to say, unsure how I could possible salvage the relationship with Ellen, who just stood in front of her door as she made sure she locked it. She took off her coat, I'd barely taken notice of what she was wearing. Just a long coat, a rain coat, and little else, save thigh high stockings. Similar to what Alex had worn.

"Which of you idiots didn't close the door?" Ellen said as she threw her coat to one side with not a care, before she strode over to her bed.

"You said his cum was delicious," Alex said after pulling herself free of my cock. "You never mentioned how addictive his taste was." And with that, Alex forced her throat back down around my cock and held herself down there for a full minute. I could feel her fingers making a play for my own starfish, and as I looked over towards Ellen, I could see a rather devilishly devious, almost deviant smile cross her face. She pulled out a double headed dildo hidden between her bed and the wall, that she quickly lubed up a part of before sliding so much of it into trimmed pussy.

"Relax," she said after taking a second to get her breath back. "This was a setup." She swung her legs over to the edge of the bed, the long lubed up rod that dangled out of her pussy slapped against both of her sexy legs as she glared at me in an increasingly naughty manner. "Truth is, Alex has had the hots for you for awhile, and I knew you'd never cheat on me, so I decided we'd have to trick you into fucking her."

"Jesus," I muttered as Alex continued to show her expertise in playing on my skin flute. "You might have asked."

"Would you have agreed?"

"No, you know why..." Ellen smiled sweetly.

"I know why, I do. I just wish we could clone you or something, find a man like you for Alex." Ellen glanced over at her friend suctioning my cock. "God, Alex, where did you learn to suck cock like that?" Alex just looked up at me and winked conspiratorially. "I don't think she'll ever tell. Oh well, time for part two of the plan. One of you bring the other over here, the dildo of doom wants in on the action too."

"Huh?" I asked, as I felt Alex stand up, but stay bent over as she pulled me towards the bed by means of suction alone while Ellen vacated the bed. "What's the idea here?" Alex returned to her kneeling position, this time on top of the bed, then rose till she was on all fours. Ellen winked at me, gave the massive doubled headed dildo that was nearly a third of the way buried inside her own snatch a playful flick, then lined it up with Alex's pussy and pushed it in.

"HMMMMMMMMUGH!" Alex manged to gurgle out despite the obstacle of my cock filling up her mouth and throat as the solid slab of fake cock was pushed into her tight pussy. Ellen hadn't lubed up much beyond what she'd pushed into herself. "MAAAAH!"

"Not her pussy, it's her time of the month!" I warned Ellen.

"No, it's not," Ellen replied. "That was part of the setup."

"For a threesome?"

"To pop her anal cherry," Ellen said, then thrusted again. Alex somehow managed to fight any urge to bite down in pain from the not so tender ministrations my girlfriend was administering to her, an act I was very much in appreciation of given what she might have ended up biting into.

"Just go easy on her, okay?"

"Why not? She LOVES it hard, didn't you notice?" Another hard thrust left Alex moaning ever harder, while I was sure both girls had far more than a third each buried inside their own cunts. "Besides, she's not on the pill, couldn't risk you two cooking up a baby. Speaking of which," with that, Ellen gripped the long fake cock with both hands and gave an almighty pull that freed it from her friends tight snatch as if it was a sword imbedded in a stone. Alex's eyes shot wide open as her mouth seemed to open enough to let some drool out, before everything slammed shut as I saw Ellen mercilessly thrust the phallic intruder deep into Alex's bowels.

Alex's dedication to sucking me off was unwavering, diligent even, but Ellen pulled her away from my cock till Alex was lying on her back on top of Ellen, who in turn lay on her back on top of the bed. The dildo was buried ever further into Alex's abused anus, and in turn deeper inside Ellen's dripping cunt. Alex's expression showed she'd lost the plot. Whatever scheme the two had cooked up had deviated some time ago. I had an idea where Ellen was going to go with this as she just looked at me.

"Breed her," she nodded at Alex, whose eyes shot open in horror. "She's not on her period, and I know she's wanted to be fucked like this, she's told me about it before. We've played it out before, but she's never found the right guy, till now." I glanced at Alex, looking for any sign she might be able to give me. Ellen was always a demanding little minx, but she knew neither she or I had found the idea of double penetration was our thing when we'd experimented.