tagNonHumanBen'hamin Ch. 04

Ben'hamin Ch. 04


Avron took a chance and reached down between them. Derix's body jerked slightly as his hand closed around him. Derix stopped kissing him and rested their foreheads together. His breathing was slow and heavy and unmistakably aroused.

"Oh, baby, you keep doing that and I promise you I won't hesitate to fuck you," Derix whispered nearly groaning as he said it. Avron let his knees fall into the water and fell to the pool's floor dipping his head to drop below the surface of the water.

Just as his mouth closed over the tight skin, the loincloth floated free. Derix had undoubtedly snapped the side strap as it should have been lowered without being able to just fall free in such a way. The idea of him ruining his clothing in a moment of lust thrilled the boy as he slowly took in the thick meat of him.

Derix was full and uncut as most of the warlords were; his foreskin only shorn at the very base to allow pressure at the sensitive area where it connected to his groin, scrotum and thighs. Avron accidentally began to notice spots of flesh that were more sensitive than others by running his tongue over them repeatedly.

"Avron, pet, you can't keep doing that to me!" The words were blurred by the water, but Ben'hamin heard them. Derix's hands caught the sides of the boy's face and lifted up. "No more, precious, no more...please!"

He dragged him up and Avron looked down surprised to see tiny black stripes on his dick that literally coincided with the more sensitive bits of his desires. Avron grinned in pure carnal mischief, delighted to realize how easy it would be to drive Derix mad with lust.

"Uh, oh...Now you are in for it," Ben'hamin chuckled, "I recognize that face."

"Later," Derix growled as he lifted Avron up into his arms and carried him to the bed both of them still soaking wet from the pool. Ben'hamin got out and toweled off somewhat while grinning out the window. "Is Medr'ainder still out there?"

"Yep, he is still keeping everyone from being nosy about our business. Doesn't that earn him a few points to the good with you," Ben'hamin asked not glancing back at them as Derix looked up from Avron in annoyance.

"Yeah, sure...whatever you say, my lord," he snorted derisively. Ben'hamin gave Derix a dry, humorous look that told him he would learn to regret that comment, and someday soon at that. Derix shrugged it away and turned back to Avron.

Ignoring Ben'hamin in favor of his delicious pet, Derix focused down on the young man. He had been dying to sink his teeth into Avron since giving him to his best friend. Only he had to leave almost immediately for the coast.

Avron arched his body up nearly rubbing its lithe length along his bare skin like a wanton creature begging for attention.

Derix lowered his mouth for short, sweet sips at those lush, little lips of his. It nearly stole his breath just taking tiny nibbles from him.

Avron took hold of his head trying to pull the much larger and much stronger man down for more, but Derix denied him taking complete control.

Derix did not feel Ben'hamin's eyes on them as they lay together, yet Ben'hamin's stare was not entirely fond and amused. His eyes were narrowed in deep concern as he studied his best friend, Derix, with the eyes of one who had known the man for hundreds of years intimately.

He could tell something was very wrong with him, but only Avron's stricken eyes when he had apologized to him earlier gave him any clues as to what. Ben'hamin only knew a small portion of what had happened when Derix went to kidnap Kir'sis.

Derix had told him the short version of the story in a calmly, amused tone like it had been a fun, little lark to him, but clearly Derix had lied to him. Derix never lied...not to him...not like this.

Yet the obviousness of his lies stared Ben in the face, distressing him far more than he knew he could be disturbed about one of his men. Except this wasn't one of his men, this was Derix and he loved him!

Derix slid forward just far enough to reach far down between the bed and wall grabbing the silken ties that always lay there. Ben'hamin often used them on him.

They were not as fragile as they looked. He knew they would never break, no matter how hard Avron pulled upon them...or even Derix, if he were the one bound.

"Don't get scared, baby. I won't keep you in them long," he whispered to the boy as he drew them into sight. "I just want you to lie still a minute for me."

Avron went tense. The boy's eyes widened as he looked up. When he saw the gauzy scarf material, he relaxed against him. "It is alright. I don't mind," he said with an amused laugh, apparently not getting that they were enchanted.

Derix wrapped an end around the boy's wrist and it sealed together automatically. The boy jumped and looked at it more closely.

Derix began to wrap the other one, but Avron gasped and jerked at the first one in sudden fear now that he knew the binding would be for real! Derix hesitated.

"Derix," Avron called to stop him. "What are these things?"

Derix leaned down and kissed him gently. He kept kissing until he felt the boy relaxing beneath him. A longing groan rumbled out of Avron and his wide eyes fluttered closed.

"Change your mind," Derix asked him amused.

"No," the boy grumbled. His other hand was instantly wrapped up and sealed. "Oh, Gods, Derix," he gasped breathlessly his soft brown eyes wary with apprehension.

"I promise I won't hurt you, Avron."

His kisses drove them both crazy until the only time they remembered the binding was when Avron wanted to pull Derix down and wasn't allowed to do it. Derix kept chuckling happily as he tortured them both with little touches.

Then came the real torment, Derix began to trail slowly down his body. Avron's cries grew as he tried to free his hands. His struggles held only a little fear that grew and fell in direct proportion to whatever Derix was doing to him at the time.

When Derix got down to his upper chest, having licked and laved every spot of him in between, Avron was struggling pretty desperately. His voice heightened Derix's arousal as Avron made those little cries in the back of his throat!

When he got to the boy's taunt little nipples, Avron was crying, great tears just streaming down his face, in frustration. Yet, he loved every second of it!

Avron's erection was no longer contained within his clothing. Derix pulled the tiny scrap of linen away to stare down the unbroken line of the as yet unmuscled form below. A low animal growl of approval rumbled up from his throat vibrating the very air of the room in the stillness of the day.

Avron was tempted to beg him to skip the foreplay. He hadn't needed any to begin with and Derix was making matters far worse with his clever seduction.

The huge warrior was making love to him in a way no one else had ever done, except Ben'hamin. He was even better at it than his best friend. Derix had more patience, more control, and more passion; it was a heady combination! He also used all of the senses when arousing his chosen victim.

Not that Ben'hamin was bad, he thought suddenly in horror, but Derix was more skilled at the very same techniques.

Ben'hamin didn't move. He was afraid to even twitch a muscle.

Derix hadn't taken this much initiative with a pet in a very long time. Something about the boy, Avron, called to him until it stirred his great depths of passion from their usually slumberous ardor.

There was something he was missing. Until the Great War Chief figured it out, he did not want to draw attention to the fact that they were being watched by him. It seemed both had temporarily forgotten he was in the room.

Derix cupped the boy's upper back in his hands massaging his fingers into the meat of him as he preceded down to trace the ridges of exposed ribs. Having drawn Avron's arms above his head, they were very pronounced.

Derix drew his body down tugging on the wrist restraints and nearly lifting his light little form off of the bed. Avron's cry was one of complete distraction, not fear or pain, but desperate passions driven to the brink of his control.

Derix drew in a bite of the soft skin over his belly button and slowly sank his blunt teeth into the skin until he was certain it would leave a mark.

When Avron struggled, Derix's eyes flashed red and he growled low as his eyes rolled up to see Avron more clearly. The boy's head was thrown back; eyes squeezed shut as tightly as they would close.

"Derix," he whimpered shivering in obvious enjoyment. Then, his brown eyes opened and met the black gaze staring up at him. The heat in the boy's look as he marked him sent a surge of lust into the very marrow of Derix's bones.

"Patience," he whispered nuzzling the bite mark to lick away stray drops of blood. The bite wasn't deep, but deeper than he had intended. Avron gasped drawing in great gulps of air.

"I have none! Please," Avron begged. "Stop tormenting me!"

Derix chuckled looking up at him highly amused by his impatience. He faked a great big cat yawn of boredom. "I was enjoying taking my time, pet."

A ragged groan escaped the desperate boy. Derix nipped his side sharply in reprimand for not having the patience to take his attentions. "You need to work on that, love. I like to take my time."

Ben'hamin tilted his head slightly. Derix's idea of taking his time usually involved a slow screw for a few strokes before going back to fucking like mad! Since when had he decided he liked to take it slow, his best friend wondered in question.

"Turn over, precious," Derix whispered as he rolled off of the boy to the side. "You are not the only one in the room getting impatient, it seems."

Derix looked over at Ben'hamin who grinned wryly. The tilt of his head had been enough to distract his cautious friend. Avron glanced over as he rolled to his stomach and flushed a deep red as he caught sight of Ben'hamin still standing at the window. It was obvious he had forgotten him entirely.

"Yes, sir," Avron mumbled sheepishly as he hid his face in the silky sheets. Both men laughed at his embarrassment, only making it worse!

"It is perfectly alright to enjoy yourself, precious," Ben'hamin stated trying to ease his dismay. "Derix is very distracting on any normal day. On an abnormal day, it seems he is even more so..."

"You are just jealous," Derix teased. His black eyes were serious as he studied Ben'hamin's face. His best friend looked both amused and concerned, unable to decide what had changed Derix's attitude.

Then, Ben'hamin grinned suddenly. "Yes, maybe I am," he agreed. "You never wanted slow from me." Derix ducked his head. For just a moment, his cheeks flushed a touch pink. It pleased Ben to see it.

"Are you done distracting me?"

"Please, do not let me interfere! I was enjoying the show."

Derix chuckled and caught the boy's waist pulling him up to his knees. Avron looked away from Ben'hamin to the side that Derix was kneeling on. He looked like an angel, but a very unbalanced one.

"Release," Derix murmured and the silken ties fell away like they had just been tangled temporarily. Avron looked at them in startled amazement.

"Where can I get a pair of those," he asked in awe.

Both men burst out laughing, causing him to flush once more. "Plan to tie up someone?" Derix's question made Avron's eyes close. His face couldn't get any more red with embarrassment.

Ben'hamin couldn't resist adding, "You can use mine anytime you feel like it."

Avron decided he didn't like being teased by the playful pair, especially when they were ganging up on him! He turned around opening his dark, chocolate eyes with hot heat burning in them.

Derix stopped laughing. Avron grabbed his head in his now freed hands kissing him with every ounce of stored up frustration from his earlier teasing. Derix groaned and caught him closer as he deepened it wickedly.

Ben'hamin caught his breath suddenly, but definitely not to distract them. He decided once more to endeavor not to distract them again from their frivolously erotic pursuits. It was a good deal more entertaining to observe.

"Okay, Avron," Derix rasped as he came up for air, "you win, love."

Derix turned the amorous boy back towards the headboard positioning himself between the spread legs as he held him gently in place. Avron shivered at the feel of Derix's damp dick sliding over his buttocks.

"Still impatient," he teased against the boy's ear causing him to shiver again in added pleasure. Avron swallowed closing his eyes and breathing faster in anxious anticipation as Derix's hand moved over Avron's rump.

"Gods, yes, Derix," he growled too irritated by his stalling to bother with hiding his strong emotions. Derix moved both hands down his waist trailing his thumbs between his cheeks as he went.

To his surprise, Avron pushed back into his thumbs when he pressed them against his opening. Derix obliged him by pushing back and parting him to the tune of two thumbs. The boy gasped in delighted surprise.

As he pulled his thumbs back out, he used the rest of his hands to spread his ass as wide as he could manage.

The moment his thumbs left the hole, the moistened head of his thick erection pierced through it slamming home quicker than Avron could register it!

Avron cried out sharply nearly falling as his limbs went weak in sudden pleasure so intense he couldn't contain it.

Derix slid his hands up his body holding him up close to his chest. Avron's body trembled like the coat of a fly-bitten horse. It was nearly borderline convulsions.

"Are you alright, Avron? I didn't mean to hurt you," Derix whispered petting him soothingly as he waited for the shivering to stop. Several times the boy swallowed trying to muster up the ability to talk. His eyelids fluttered. When he spoke, it was barely air through his lips. "Could you say that again, pet?"

"You didn't hurt me," he rasped panting for a spare bit of air. Finally, a gentle laugh registered and a slow, soft purr as he spoke again filled his voice. "That felt better than anything all of my life." Avron raised his eyes and Derix's heart nearly stopped from the look held within them.

Derix hugged him closer and leaned down to erase that expression with delicate kisses that fed into more deliberate, fiercer and hungrier, ones. Avron met him step for step as the intensity swiftly grew yet again leaving both of them gasping for air.

Derix opened his eyes during their kiss and they flashed bright hot. A rumble of a deep-throated growl rose from the depths of his soul as his kiss deepened until he couldn't quite say if he was kissing him, or eating him alive. It wasn't enough! He wanted to push himself into every pore of his body. Derix was afraid the beast inside of him intended to try it.

His mind felt Avron being overwhelmed to near pain, but he couldn't control the fury of his passions. The sensations had risen out of his scope of feeling into something else entirely, something he did not recognize.

Hoping to drive out some of the intensity, he jerked his hips back only to be nearly overwhelmed himself. Trembling, his body took over slamming him home.

Again...and again...and again as the growling grew into a raging beast. Derix tried to stop himself, but before he could argue with his mind on the matter he felt his teeth lengthen and bite deep into the boy's neck!

Avron shrieked. It started as pain and fear and grew alongside the growl. It was no longer pain, and only a touch of fear. It was too intense! It was sheer heaven and hell. Neither seemed entirely certain if they enjoyed it, nor could they stop it.

The growls and screams almost drown out the sound of their movements. It was there if you listened very closely to it. Derix listened. He wanted to hear the sound, to focus on the rush of his body as he mechanically flexed his hips over and over with every single muscle being used to drive his body up!

No small wonder the boy was screaming! Derix tried to ease the power of his thrusts, but it was impossible. He was not in control of his own skin. Derix felt the fur flow over his body dragging his beast out.

The animal didn't bat an eyelash when it heard a soft intake of breath nearby. Avron stopped screaming suddenly. The snarls of the animal were much softer, but far more aggressive as it shifted the boy beneath its deadly flesh.

Avron fell to the bed under the suddenness of the added weight. The beast didn't seem to mind as it followed him down still pumping its hips forcefully into the tiny lad beneath it. Avron muffled a whimper of fright.

Ben'hamin wanted desperately to go to the boy, but the best option for this circumstance was to allow the huge creature to finish what it wanted first. Otherwise, it would see his interference as a challenge. It would meet that threat without consideration.

Ben really didn't want to kick Derix's ass just because he lost control during sex. The boy wasn't too afraid, or too hurt, so he waited.

All the while, he wondered why Derix had lost control. He never changed during sex. Not even to his half bestial form, he added thoughtfully. This whole cat version was not by choice, meaning he had not been able to stop it, or lessen the effects, once his control slid from his grasp.

His rich sable coat was banded by thick scarlet stripes and black-brown areas. His long tail was tufted and spiked with a sharp bone protrusion. His heavy black-brown and red-gold lion's mane was fully extended to its natural length. Sharp red claws were drawn back to keep from scoring the delicately soft skin; Derix only concession to lessening the damage he could do.

Gradually the animal began to grow less distinct. The predatory, leathery black wings disappeared first, followed closely by the lashing black tail. The fur remained, but the flesh beneath it began to alter, becoming more like a man than a beast. Impressions of Derix face gradually appeared within the animal's mask.

The paws that pushed Avron's arms up over his head, ended up as heavily furred hands that laced into the boy's, holding them into place as the creature buried its nose in the skin where Avron's neck and shoulder muscles met.

The growls changed to a purr that settled into the slower rhythm of his hips. Derix's face changed back to nearly normal. He began licking at the wounds bitten into Avron's neck almost immediately, no doubt contrite at having caused them.

"I am sorry, Avron. Are you alright?" The boy nodded limply beneath him. "I have never done that before," he admitted sheepishly.

Avron laughed low and slurred like he was drunk. "Are you sure you..."

"Yyyyyeeessss," he sighed slowly beneath him sounding languorous and sleepy.

Derix shifted a knee up and under the boy raising one side of him slightly and drew Avron's leg up until his knee was even with his waist. The fur began to recede as Derix's perfect, pale body reformed.

Avron's testis were scalding hot and hung loose beneath him jarring back into Derix as he moved strongly but slowly into his reddened behind. Derix curiously trailed a hand down the line of Avron's body and beneath him.

A startled bark of laughter jerked his body making his rhythm falter momentarily. "When did you cum, pet?" Derix raised a hand wet with thick white sperm rubbing in into the mattress beside them.

"Right after you changed inside of me," he mumbled embarrassed. "It felt so fucking good," he gasped moaning at the memory of the white-hot swelling that had filled him far more than most people could have taken willingly! "It is not the first time I have been taken by a male in cat form."

"Not Ben'hamin...who," Derix asked curiously. Avron hid his face turning his body onto his side and hooking his raised leg around Derix's waist to urge him deeper and faster again.

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