tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBent Over In Front of the Window

Bent Over In Front of the Window


A few years back I was in a relationship that truly opened up the power of fantasy to me. Oh, I'd always been aware of how much my own fantasies could propel my sex life, but with her, I finally had partner completely willing to share her fantasies with me as well.

A year or so after the breakup of my marriage, I met Cassie through mutual friends. She was going through her own breakup, and we didn't begin dating for the first six months or so, while we each tried to get our lives together.

She was pretty, blond, slender, in her early 40s, and quite shy in social situations. It took quite a bit of pursuit by me before she succumbed to my flirtations. But once she did, I discovered she was a sexual partner like none I'd ever had before.

She liked sex everywhere and all the time – in the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, in the car, at the movies, the beach, and on airplanes. We did a lot of crazy things, and rarely worried about who knew what we were up to.

One night when we were engaged in some heavy foreplay she told me about something that had happened years before meeting me She and a girlfriend were living with a guy I'll call Bob. They both had casual sex with him from time to time. Their apartment was on a narrow street in the city and had large windows looking out at other nearby buildings.

Cassie, it was clear and also by her admission was an exhibitionist and from this particular apartment there was a man across the street who could see right in as she walked around dressed in skimpy clothes or naked.

She called him the "wanker," due to what he would do while gazing on her.

One day, Cassie said, she was sitting on her roommate Bob's lap in a chair in the middle of the room, making out. She was completely naked and he was kissing her, caressing her breasts and ass as her pussy got so wet she was wriggling around, feeling his cock get hard through his jeans.

Suddenly Bob said, "We've got company," and indicated the neighbor man.

He the picked Cassie up and carried her over to the window. He set her face down, bent over a desk with her ass high in the air.

"What happened next," I breathed in Cassie's ear. We were both naked now and she was facing away from me; my hands were all over her and especially in and out of her very wet pussy.

Reliving this memory and telling me about it was turning us both on.

"I turned my head and watched the man jacking himself off as he watched Bob fuck me doggie-style. I got so turned on I was moaning, maybe screaming. Bob's big cock was pounding into me, and the man could see everything so clearly. Probably other neighbors did as well, but I just stared into his eyes as he stroked himself.

"I tried to imagine what he was seeing – me bare naked, my breasts hanging down, my nipples erect as I braced myself with my arms. My bottom exposed like that and me being so forcefully fucked. Bob was a big guy and he was having his way with me just the way I like it most.

"As I felt Bob's orgasm approaching, mine did as well, and I just stared at that man and his eyes and his cock, and..." (at this point Cassie just moaned in a way I'd never heard...

"What happened?"

"I came with the biggest orgasm of my life, with my body shaking and lurching around. Bob pushed me back down and kept pounding and he came. The wanker came too – I saw his spurt. We all came!"

At that moment in her story, so did Cassie and so did I.

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