tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife Ch. 01

Watching My Wife Ch. 01


My wife's first Christmas party with her new employers was looming and she was worried. It was fancy dress and the theme was vicars and tarts. She told me she didn't feel too comfortable dressing like a tart in front of people she had barely got to know yet, so I gallantly offered to go as a tart leaving her free to attend dressed as a vicar. That did it, she might feel a bit apprehensive about dressing slutty in front of her new workmates but having them think I was a tranny was apparently even worse. She left for work that morning still looking troubled, the party was a week away.

That night in bed she turned to me looking worried again, "My boss has been talking about nothing but the party all day."

"Well, I suppose he's looking forward to letting his hair down. Maybe he's had a tough year?" I suggested.

"Yeah maybe." She turned over leaving something unsaid, I know my wife and know when she's holding something back but I left it as I needed some sleep.

The next morning nothing was mentioned and we got on with our day, but the next night she turned to me again looking bothered. "He's been going on about it again all day" she said.

"Who? Your boss?" She nodded not looking at me. "What's he been saying that you're so bothered about?"

She took a few minutes to say anything and even then it was hesitant, "He keeps asking me what I'm going to wear and saying he hopes it's something short and sexy."

I felt my cock twitch under the covers and moved away from her hand slightly just in case she noticed, we'd had 'chats' about involving other guys which included everything from a quick feel to full blown sex, she'd told me that fantasies were fine but the real thing was a definite no-no.

"Well, he probably thinks you've got nice legs, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, but he's been saying I should leave you at home as well." I could hear she was getting a little angry now, so I tried to pacify the situation a bit.

"I'm sure he was only joking, maybe h..."

"No he wasn't!" she exclaimed and turned over away from me, thumping her pillow into the mattress as she lay back down. "Or maybe he was for the first couple of times, I lost count of the times he said it today."

So Mr Lenson fancied my wife did he? I readjusted myself a bit, my by now raging hard on had got a bit wrapped up in the sheets. God what I wouldn't give to see him on top of Mel, pumping his rock hard old cock up her tight cunt. Mr Lenson was a gruff, middle aged bear of a man, I'd only met him once but he'd made a big impression in a very short time. He had a large belly, large hands and a large personality. At sixty he was pretty active too, always taking part in madcap charity stunts like climbing mountains, jumping out of planes and cycling huge distances.

"Ok so he's a dirty old bugger who fancies you, so what? And who wouldn't?" All the while I was saying this my brain was in overdrive, picturing the dirty old sod on top of my wife, his huge hairy arse going up and down, up and down between her wide open thighs. Her mouth hanging open, her glazed eyes and flushed face as she clung onto his heaving body, the panting and moaning, the squeaking of the bed...I was snapped back to reality by my wife's voice.


"Well, what I mean is that he's just looking forward to seeing some sexy younger women dressed up at the Christmas party for a change. His wife is about the same age as him isn't she? Yeah? And anyway, she'll be there so it's not as if he's going to try it on or anything, you'll probably have to give him a quick peck under the mistletoe."

She seemed to have calmed down so I tried "And it won't do your job prospects any harm if you do dress up a bit dirty for the old perv will it?" But that got me a punch in the stomach, which in turn led her to discovering my erection. Oops.

"Oh I see, you don't mind him perving over me do you? We've been through this before and I've told you I'm not going there."

I sighed deflated in more ways than one I turned over to get some sleep wondering if we'd even go to the party now.

But go to the party we did, it wasn't mentioned again until the day before when it came time to sort out our costumes. My wife came into the living room while I was watching TV "What do you think?" she asked.

I turned to look at her, wondering what she was talking about and my jaw nearly hit the floor. "Erm wow" I said.

She smiled, "Do you think it's too revealing?" She was wearing her eight inch high heels, fishnet suspenders and a little maid's uniform I'd bought online for her a few years back and that had barely been used. She looked a bit wobbly on her heels and I guessed she'd had a few drinks while trying on her outfit.

"No it looks great" I tried to hide my excitement at the outfit, Mr Lenson was going to get a right eyeful at the party and I intended to stand back and watch while he did. Mel just smiled and tottered back out and upstairs to change. I was hard as a rock all evening at the thought of her boss seeing her in that outfit and we had a really good shag that night.

"I'll have to start wearing that outfit to work if the thought of my boss eyeing me up is going to have that effect on you" Mel cooed.

"I think he might take that as a signal to get a bit more 'hands on' with his staff don't you?" I laughed. My wife just giggled. "You know you're going to get your arse pinched in that outfit don't you?" I warned her. You might wonder why, but I didn't want to be in the middle of a fight at my wife's Christmas party when she'd reacted badly to some pissed up guy grabbing her arse, so I thought I'd test the water first and make sure she was ok with it.

"Like you say, it won't do my job prospects any harm will it?" With that she laughed, turned over and went to sleep, leaving me wondering at her apparent change of heart.

The night of the party finally arrived. I got one last glimpse of my wife's sexy outfit as she buttoned up her long winter coat. Or tried to. In the end I had to do it, she'd obviously been building up her courage with my whiskey while she was getting ready. The taxi ride was silent, I guess we were both nervous. At least I know I was, the anticipation, the hope of seeing my wife's arse caressed by strange hands...my mind was wandering again. I was interrupted in my reverie by our arrival at the party.

I paid the driver while my wife went inside where it was warm. Getting impatient waiting for the change I told him just to keep the tip in the end even though it was far too large, I guess that's what he'd planned for. Hopping out of the cab I took in my surroundings, to my untrained eye it looked like a bloody huge mansion, so this is where her boss lives. Wow.

Inside it was just as spectacular, I couldn't see my wife anywhere so dropped off my coat grabbed a drink and went off in search. It didn't take too long to find her she was standing next to Mr Lenson -- just another vicar in a room full of vicars like me. He had his arm round my wife's waist and was talking and laughing with a number of other men of about the same age and bearing. Mel was drinking quickly and she was almost at the end of her second drink by the time I reached them.

My wife certainly stood out. The party was full of young to middle aged women in varying degrees of tarty dress. The amount of thigh and cleavage on show was enough to make any man adjust his pants in a hurry. But my wife's outfit won the slutty prize hands down, it was no wonder she was downing the drinks.

"I'm thinking of making this the new office uniform!" Mr Lenson bellowed, pulling my wife closer into his ample frame. His friends laughed along as they ogled her barely concealed breasts and upper thighs, she just giggled like a silly schoolgirl and started on her third drink in quick succession.

"Ah you must be Mel's husband!" I turned around and was faced by a middle aged French courtesan. "I'm Hugh's wife, Mary". I must have looked blank, because she went on "Mr Lenson. Of course your wife has only been with him a short time hasn't she? We're not on first name terms yet. Come and get a drink and tell me all about yourself." She took my arm and guided me away from my wife and the group of perving old men and towards the bar.

We talked for what seemed like ages but was in fact only about ten minutes and she did seem genuinely interested in me. That is until one of the waiters gave her an urgent message and then she seemed distracted and got my name wrong as she assured me she'd be back shortly. I took the opportunity to get another drink and went to see how my wife was getting on.

Her group had moved and I looked around a little lost until I heard Mr Lenson's bellowing laugh from another room. I quickly made my way over there and found a smaller and somewhat quieter room, where much the same group as before were all stood around Mr Lenson engaged in conversation. Then I noticed my wife and realised my prayers had been answered at least in part. She stood close to Lenson still, another drink in her hand but instead of his arm being around her waist, it had moved south and now his huge hairy hand was underneath my wife's maid's uniform and was gently caressing her arse though her lacy black knickers.

I stepped back into the shadows so as not to disturb this erotic scene and quickly went off to grab a more substantial drink so I could take my time and enjoy the show. When I got back I felt a sudden shock like a jolt of electricity as I saw Mr Lensons hand was now inside my wife's knickers. He had obviously pulled the waistband out and slipped his hand down between her buttocks and I could see the outline of his large fat fingers now moving rhythmically between her legs. Mel still had hold of her drink, but by now her arm was as far around her boss's copious waist as she could get it and her head was resting on his shoulder. She was obviously enjoying being felt up by her old boss as I could see her subtly pushing her arse back into his hand.

The old rogue's friends weren't oblivious either, I saw some of them laugh to each other and nod towards Mr Lensons hand in Mel's knickers. One or two of them were sharing a joke with my wife as well and went as far as to pop an ice cube down her cleavage while they were laughing. She squealed, "You'll have to get it back out for her now!" the old man guffawed and I stood spellbound as one of his friends, a large grey haired chap stepped forward and slipped his hand straight down her top. She was laughing and squirming as he did it but was in no way fighting him off. I looked down briefly at something that had caught my eye...and saw the ice cube was now on the floor between my wife's feet, but Mr Lenson's fat friend continued his 'search' around my wife's breasts, now quite clearly fondling them beneath her skimpy outfit.

I looked back down to where Mr Lenson was groping my wife and saw the bulge of his hand in the back of her knickers now moving rhythmically and quite quickly, Mel wasn't laughing now she was holding onto her boss, her head back on his shoulder. The room had now gone very quiet, the only noise was my wife's gasps which were increasing in volume as her fingering and breast groping continued. Just then something else caught my eye and with a struggle looked past the scene before me and at something in the background.

With a shock I realised it was a mirror and in one corner I could see the bearded face of Mr Lenson, looking directly at me and smiling as he fingered my drunken wife. It wasn't an eye smile, it was a genuine cold eyed shark smile, he had my young wife just where he wanted her and he knew I wouldn't stop him.

A quick word from Mr Lenson and his friend reluctantly withdrew his hand from Mel's tits giving them one last squeeze on the way past as the old man guided my wife through his circle of friends and out via a door in the far wall, his hand still in her knickers. I sensed that if I just barged straight in and tried to follow them that I'd be stopped by his friends so I bided my time and got myself another drink. By the time I'd sidled past the drunken group of men without them batting so much as an eyelid, about 10 minutes had passed by and I just hoped I hadn't missed anything.

At first I couldn't find them and got a bit lost in the maze of corridors and stairs, but then I heard a stifled moan from the end of one of the corridors and headed towards it as quietly as I could.

The door had swung slightly ajar and I found myself looking into a storeroom of some kind. There was a table against the wall, my wife was bent over it face first, her short dress pulled up over her arse and her knickers around her ankles. Meanwhile Mr Lenson was behind her, trousers down and one hand over her mouth stifling her moans, the other gripping her hip as he pounded his stiff old cock into her from behind. They'd obviously been going at it for a good few minutes as he was very red in the face and breathing heavily, his breath hissing from between clenched teeth. I watched breathless for a few moments, listening to the grunts and the sound of his skin slapping against my wife's backside as he did her, my cock was now unbearably stiff.

"Fuck yes, you little slut" the old man cried out, he pulled my wife upright burying his face in her hair as he drove his cock deep into her once, twice and then finally a third time and held it there deep. Her stifled moans became louder as he shuddered and emptied himself inside my wife, his buttocks clenching and unclenching as spurt after spurt of his spunk filled her ravaged cunt.

Finally Mr Lenson's hand dropped from my wife's mouth and breathing heavily she leant on the table for support. "Oh God I've never cum so much," she gasped "I can barely stand up."

Mr Lenson pulled up his pants and tidied himself up before brushing the hair away from my wife's neck and kissing it deeply. "Next time I'll really make you cum you dirty little tart" he laughed as he nuzzled her and slid his hand over her naked breast.

My wife put her hand over his and pressed it into her flesh as the old man continued to lick and suck at her neck. "Mmmm" she moaned, her eyes closed obviously enjoying the feel of his rough old hands on her smooth skin.

I left them like this and slipped back to the bar before I was discovered, the party was still in full swing and no-one seemed to notice that I'd been absent, although Mary Lenson did give me a very strange smile and a wink. I took it from her expression that she knew all about her husband and my wife or at least his intentions. Rich folk huh?

A little while later Mr Lenson and my wife reappeared. They both looked as fresh as a daisy, drink in hand as they strolled over to where I was standing at the bar. I looked down and saw that his hand was on my wife's arse again but for the moment outside her knickers, I wondered how long that would last.

"Hugh said we can stay the night, there's no need to get a taxi. Isn't that kind?" my wife giggled drunkenly as she clung onto her boss.

Mr Lenson ordered a round of drinks and passed one to me, "Thank you so much for coming dear boy. Bottoms up!" My wife giggled as Lenson gulped his drink back, his steely eyes never leaving mine. I sipped at mine nervously as he thumped his glass down on the bar and took his leave. "I must introduce your little wife to some more of my friends, she'll need to get to know them a lot better if she's going to be my new PA!"

My head was spinning now, "Oh I forgot to tell you..." was all my wife could manage before she was whisked away once more by her boss, his hand openly groping her arse once more. I decided to follow but kept a discreet distance.

It seemed that everyone left at the party knew what was going on. One or two looked embarrassed for me, but the rest just looked at me either in scorn or with a slight smirk. There was no sign of Mr Lenson's wife.

They stopped at a closed door, which was evidently locked as well as Mr Lenson took a key from his pocket and quickly unlocked it. From what I only briefly saw the room was semi dark and smoky, shadowy figures were lit by what I imagined to be a large video screen just out of sight on one side of the room. I heard a woman moaning several times before Mr Lenson ushered my wife inside patting her on the bottom as he did so and slipped in behind her. The door closed and I heard him lock it behind them.

During the evening I had nothing else to do but watch wait and drink, a few more couples entered the room, usually older men with younger women in various states of undress. Every time the door opened I tried to see more but failed, hearing just a few more moans. I could only imagine what Mr Lenson or in fact any of the other men were doing to my wife in that dark room.

By three or four in the morning the party had wound down and people were either leaving or climbing up to bed. I'd managed to rescue a couple of bottles of champagne and was slouched over a sofa drinking steadily waiting for the door to open. When it did a man I didn't recognise staggered out and dashed towards the toilets retching, he'd left the door open so I got up and nervously moved towards it.

The room was empty, there was another door in the far wall which I opened to find yet another corridor and silence. Going back into the room I saw that I had been right, there was a huge screen on one wall and a DVD player set into the wall beneath it, the rest of the room seemed to be filled with armchairs, floor cushions and empty champagne bottles. I hit play and sat back to watch, the film menu came on and I saw it was a collection of GGG titles, I selected 'Sperma whores' and watched a young girl get covered in cum whilst fucked repeatedly by a roomful of men.

I loved this kind of porn but was sure that my wife would never want to watch it...then I looked down and saw something dark on the floor. The light from the screen lit up her discarded knickers. I picked them up and noticed that they were soaking. Looking at them closer I could see the spunk stains all over them, I looked down to where I had found them and saw more huge wet stains on the floor, there was cum everywhere and it looked like my wife had been the centre of attention, 'getting to know' Mr Lenson's business associates I suppose.

I didn't expect I'd be seeing my wife again that night so I took her knickers and my bottles of champagne off to a quiet corner. The crotch of her knickers stank of sex and spunk, I greedily licked it of the material and swallowed as much of the cold gooey cum as I could while I wanked myself frantically, finally spurting into her dirty knickers and eventually falling happily into a booze fuelled dream.

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