tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBernon's Trip Ch. 01

Bernon's Trip Ch. 01


This story is fictional.


As I awoke, I glanced at the clock hanging on my bedroom wall. Although it was another lazy Sunday morning, I decided to get up even if it was only 7:30 a.m., as I was having a problem sleeping due to the events of last night. I had tossed and turned all night as I tried to fall asleep, but the horrible memories kept playing in my mind like an extremely bad movie.

Rather than lying there unable to relax and fall asleep, I decided to drag myself out of bed and start my day. I pulled the curtain aside and gazed out at another foggy morning. The sight of fog hanging over the trees in the back yard seemed haunting to me, but the terrible situation I had been involved in yesterday evening haunted me even more than the early morning fog.

As I became wide awake and made my way to the shower, I was not able to shake off the thoughts which were laying heavy on my mind. I could not believe what I had done to my big sister last night. For a lot of my life, I had been filled with rage and envy towards my big sister. My plan to have her degraded and humiliated last night had played out better than I had expected, but my feelings of rage and envy were still inside me and gnawing away at my soul. I was filled with self-loathing.

"Why did I give in and make that terrible plan to have my big sister subjected to humiliation, abuse, and then gang-raped?" I moaned to myself as the water from the shower head massaged my scalp. It was at that moment that I realized I needed professional help. The anger and hatred I felt towards her had to be dealt with, and I would need a professional counselor to talk to and discuss a plan to rid my life of the hatred I felt towards my big sister.

Looking back on the events of that Sunday, little did I know that time was running out for me. Personal freedom would soon be nothing more than a distant memory. The ability to make my own choices and direct my own life plans would be cut short. Only with hindsight, would I come to realize that at the precise time I was showering and mulling over the events of the previous evening, two City Police SUVs were making their way to my home.

As the two police SUVs snaked their way through the winding roads leading up to the home where I lived with my parents and my big sister, my fate was being sealed by the police officers as they discussed their own plans for dealing with me. Yet, in an odd turn of events, what was about to happen to me would show me who I really was as a person. This was to be an event which would build my character and turn me into who I was meant to be.

As I was about to turn off the shower, I decided to give myself a thrill. Removing the showerhead from where it was fastened with a clamp to the wall, I brought it down to my ass. Bending over and pushing out my hips, I held the showerhead right up to my ass, and I settled in enjoying the wonderful feeling of the water pushing up against my hole.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm," I moaned to myself, but then I was filled with confusion because I did not know why, as a 21 year-old man, I enjoyed that feeling against my ass so much. I pushed the thought out of my mind and decided to just go with it and continued enjoying the sensation of the water rushing against my bum hole.

I finished showering and began toweling off. I gave my short hair a quick fluffing with the dampened towel, and shaved my face.

Then I walked into my bedroom and got dressed pulling on a T shirt with my lucky number "77" on the front and my name "Bernon" on the back, and then I decided to wear shorts instead of tight jeans.

Wearing shorts would make it easier to masturbate myself, as I knew I would get the urge at various times throughout the day. No point in making things difficult for myself.

My cock was becoming semi-erect while thinking of what had happened to my big sister last night, and because of those memories, my feelings of self-loathing also returned. Taking a shower only cleaned the outside, but deep within my soul, I felt like a douche bag and no amount of soaping up would wash away those feelings.

Inside, I was a mess. Again, I asked myself, "How could I have practically destroyed my big sister by having her gang-raped?" I hung my head in shame as a single tear rolled down my cheek.

Jogging down the stairs and entering the kitchen, I decided I would go to a drive-thru and pick up breakfast. After what happened last night, the thought of seeing big sister and possibly having breakfast with her was not something I was looking forward to this morning.

How could I bring myself to look into her vulnerable eyes ever again? I simply had to get into my F-150 and head out and spend some time alone. Again, almost instinctively, I hung my head in shame as the memories of last night washed over me like waves off the Pacific Ocean.

While slipping on my shoes and lacing them up, eager to make my escape, I heard a quick knock on the backdoor. I did not have time to react before I heard the booming sound of a woman's voice coming through a megaphone.

"Bernon, Bernon, come out with your hands in the air, hands in the air!"

Immediately, my body began to react as I started to shake uncontrollably. Completely stunned and confused, I opened the back door slowly. To my shock and horror, there stood four lady police officers with the fog partially covering their bodies.

As they stood in a semi-circle formation, I noticed as I glanced down that a beam of red light was dancing around the area of my cock. I quickly realized one of the officers had a gun laser aimed at my manhood. I began pissing myself.

All four ladies were brunettes and I guessed them to be in their late 30's, and I could not help but think of them each as being fitness females. They all looked angry, and then the memories of what I had done to my big sister filled my mind and fear took over, as I continued to shake uncontrollably while feeling the wetness of my urine in my underwear. I could not speak I was so shaken. Again, I hung my head in shame and felt a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Bernon! Keep your hands in the air and get down on your knees! Keep your hands in the air or we will shoot!"

I obeyed, and I slowly managed to get down on my knees. My hands, while still held high in the air, were shaking like leaves in the wind. I'm not feeling quite as tough as I was last night when I let all those young men practically destroy my big sister, I thought to myself.

The all too familiar feeling of self-loathing started flooding my mind. Suddenly, feeling sick to my stomach, I tried to keep down the bile that wanted to work its way up into my throat.

Moving slowly towards me and sounding like a drill sergeant, she demanded, "Are you Bernon? Do you live in this residence and are you Bernon? Is your sister's name Tammy?"

"Yes, I am Bernon and my sister is named Tammy. I live here with my parents and my sister, Tammy," I managed to spit the words out, as I continued to shake like a leaf in the wind.

She gave my ass a swift kick with her boot, and I fell forward with my face landing on the soft, cool grass. I turned my head to the left and watched them as I continued to lay with my body on the sidewalk, but my face on the lawn. I could feel my ass trembling and my cock throbbing.

By this time, the other three ladies were just a few feet away from me as they had moved in towards me, and I realized they had me circled. Sensing movement from the officer who first spoke to me, I could tell she was putting her handgun back in her waistband holster. Then from out of my side-vision, I saw a straight object coming down fast, and I felt the painful sting of her police-issued baton hitting my ass hard.

"Give it to him again, Laurie. Teach that asshole douche bag a lesson he will never forget. You know what he did to his sister. He and an entire basketball team almost destroyed a 110-pound defenceless woman. You know how he lured her into a bedroom and initiated an assault."

"Let's give him the punishment the justice system fails to handout. Here in British Columbia, he will only get a slap on the wrist, so let's give his ass cheeks a good beating and his asshole a good pounding," I hear another officer's voice urging Laurie on.

My heart begins racing as I feel the baton coming down on my ass cheeks a second, third, and fourth time. I cannot deny to myself that I feel an erection starting to build in my urine soaked shorts. I never expected that having a woman or several women beating on me would be so sexually stimulating.

"It is your turn, Karen. Give this douche bag a lesson. Let's see how tough he is. Show him what your thick, muscular thighs are good for."

I can hear the sound of the ladies as they high-five each other and begin laughing at me while I lay helpless and on the ground in my urine soaked underwear and shorts.

Laurie knelt down by my left shoulder and grabbed at my short hair. She managed to get enough of a grip on my hair and then lifted my head up while continuing to grasp my hair tightly. Speaking loudly, she said, "By the way, we won't be telling you your rights and you will not be calling a lawyer. Your ass is ours and right now, you have the same rights as your big sister did last night when you assisted in gang-raping her." She then let go of my hair and shoved my head towards the lawn.

I felt spit flying from her mouth and landing on the side of my face as she practically yelled into my ear. The situation was out of my control, and I had all sorts of strange feelings building up inside of me that were also out of control. I felt my cock enlarging, and I could not deny how much I was enjoying this situation. I realized how much I enjoyed being controlled, humiliated, and beaten by this gang of lady police officers.

Then without any warning, the four of them lifted me up. Two took hold of my legs and the other two officers took hold of my arms, and they carried me to the side of the house. They laid me down on the ground, and I realized I would be hidden as the house and the fence blocked the view from the surrounding homes. The fog seemed to be getting thicker, and I realized I was at their mercy as no one else could witness what was happening to me.

"Get on your knees with the palms of your hands firmly on the ground, asshole," Laurie shouts at me.

"Karen, come over here and work your magic."

As I catch a view of Karen's legs, I could see she had very thick thighs. My body continues to tremble uncontrollably as I deal with my feelings of helplessness.

I can feel Karen as she stands alongside my neck with a leg on either side, and suddenly she uses her powerful thighs to start squeezing my neck tightly as she brings her thighs together. She is cutting off my air and I know my face must be turning red.

Then I feel Laurie's baton hitting my ass again, and again, and again. I feel so helpless, as my cock begins throbbing and wanting to be released from my underwear and shorts as intense arousal builds inside me.

Karen released the grip of her thighs on my neck and I gasped for air. She continued standing in her position for a minute while one of the other officers placed restraints on my ankles.

"Good job, Barbara. Glad to see you brought along the ankle restraints," I heard Laurie offer her words of praise to a fellow officer.

"Aaaagh, oh that hurts bad. Please stop," I screamed as I felt Laurie's baton come swinging down on my ass another six times in quick succession.

"Karen, work your magic again."

Almost immediately, I feel Karen's thick thighs choking me as I am gasping for air. I've never been in this position before, and I admitted to myself that this was where I belonged and where I was meant to be. I have finally found my place on this earth! A warm feeling is filling what was once a cold heart.

Suddenly, I feel hands pulling down my shorts and underwear, as my clothing comes to rest above my shackled ankles. My ass cheeks are spread apart roughly as I feel at least four hands around my cheeks and poking around my asshole.

Laurie begins counting loudly, "One, two, three, four," and then I feel the searing pain as numerous fingers are shoved up my ass in one quick thrust. I hear the sound of the ladies high-fiving each other and laughing. The numerous fingers move in and out of my asshole like they are working a saw.

"Masturbate yourself, douche bag," I am ordered.

Complying to the order, I begin pleasuring myself with my hand while many fingers are still working their way in my ass.

My cock is fully erect as a big load of cum squirts out of my cock hitting my own arms and hands. The feeling of having all those fingers shoved in and out of my asshole causes me to have the best orgasm of my life. Their fingers keep opening my ass wide and stretching my bum hole. I think to myself that I will have a gaping wide asshole when the ladies are finished with me, as a smile quickly spreads across my face.

Laurie then commanded, "Feed him his own cum. Bernon, you are going to swallow your own cum. Think of how you abused and humiliated your big sister while you suck up your own cum. Enjoy!"

As many fingers keep sawing in and out of my abused asshole, Karen bends down and scoops her fingers along my hands and arms and collects up my cum. Forcing her fingers into my mouth and rubbing her fingers all over my tongue, I begin slurping and swallowing my own cum. After swallowing, I licked my lips.

The ladies removed their fingers from my gaping asshole, and then the four of them flipped me over so I was on my back and looking into their eyes. They smiled down at me as I looked up at them with a helpless look in my eyes.

"Clean our fingers. Suck and lick up your own shit, douche bag."

I felt invigorated and excited as I looked at their fingers. I had finally discovered my true self. I knew that all the abuse I had put my big sister through was actually what I wanted to have happening to me. For once in my life, I was at peace with the world, as I opened my mouth wide and eagerly and passionately sucked my own shit off their fingers.

The fog cleared, and I watched a Robin fly across the sky, as I continued licking and cleaning their fingers. A broad smile worked its way across my face.

...to be continued, as needed.

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