tagSci-Fi & FantasyBerserker Child Ch. 04

Berserker Child Ch. 04


Hi everyone! Heres the 4th chapter. Hope you enjoy it. Ideas, comments, and votes are always welcome. Theres not much sex on this chapter, just little hints of it. Trust me in the next chapter is gets better.



The dark elvin king stared at the woman before him. Oh, she was very pretty, especially with the blood on her. His eyes had a tinge of blue about them when he slid of the bed towards Olivia. He walked passed her, noticing her cheeks flare red at his nakedness.

Olivia watched him like a mouse would watch a snake. Her brown eyes followed him to a small closet where he reached in with an unnatural grace. His hands pulled out silver tank top and a pair of black leather pants. He glanced at her and threw them in her direction, "Put them on and be quick about it."

She walked forward and picked the clothing up off the black, fur carpet before her. Olivia looked up and waited. He gave her a sharp look and asked harshly, "What are you waiting for, put them on now, before I do it myself."

She jumped to do as he ordered and shed her ruined shift, before she could dawn the other clothing he touched her skin, running his finger through her blood soaked hair.

"You have no idea how desirable to me you are right now." he whispered hotly in her ear.

Olivia whimpered in fear. What was he going to do with her? Her mind screamed as his hand slid across her neck slowly. Her skin tingled where his dark fingers traced the tattoo patterns, "Should I take you to my bed so you'll forget Kaane or would you kill me in my sleep?"

Olivia snapped her teeth as his fingers traced along her jaw line. His hand moved quickly, slapping her across the face, knocking her down. It didn't hurt; all it did was humiliate her further.

"Looks like your going to need house training." he scoffed loudly.

Olivia seethed inside at this powerful man, she watched his slender but powerful body glide across the room to the door. He opened it and spoke quietly to someone outside. The king shut the door and quickly walked over to her. Olivia hissed as his hand came into view.

He shoved his face in hers and kissed her vehemently, his tongue licked along her teeth and she moved to bite down, his hand encircled her throat above the copper ring and squeezed threateningly. "If you harm so much as skin cell on my body, I will skin you and keep you alive until I'm done."

Olivia shivered and completely let him have his way. His hand slipped lower, brushing down her stomach. Olivia brought her hands up to stop him, "Please don't," she mumbled against his mouth.

He glanced at her face and saw fear. Pure, irrational fear reflected in her endless brown eyes. His cock hardened, as his hands slipped into the dark curls at her stomach. "My, my, Olivia, looks like someone needs me." He stood up and grabbed her by her hair pulling her body against his.

Her shadows swirled close to the surface, and Olivia knew that if she didn't let them out she wouldn't survive this elf's touch.

He watched her eyes bleed crimson and a shiver passed down his back. A voice of utter evil issued from her pouty lips. "What should I call you?"

Masculine lips curled up in a cruel smile, "Just call me Master for now pet."

He turned her around walking behind her to the bed; he pushed her stomach down on the musky skins. Her Master flipped her over and seized her lips.

She could feel his hardness against her stomach. She started to laugh, maniacal laughter echoed through the room. He just stared at her, waiting until she finished.

Olivia bared her teeth at him and snapped. His eyes started to grow an eerie blue. Black claws shredded the furs beneath her. Her own claws lengthened in response.

"Stop while your able pet, you won't survive this." he gasped out between a generous amount of sharp teeth.

Olivia just faded into the back of her mind, agonizing at what she was being forced to do.

'I can have control?' the voice whispered, 'yes, go, do what you wish with him.' Olivia whimpered and completely faded into her memories of a better time.

Her voice issued harshly, "It's you that won't survive."

She suddenly dug her claws into his shoulder blades dragging his neck down for a strong bite. He yelled and bit her back. Olivia rolled putting the elvin king beneath her. She let his neck go and looked into his eyes.

The fear and arousal she saw in his azure gaze spurred her on; she impaled herself on his large member. A yell burst from his mouth as her tightness gripped him; she was too tight. Her head bent to his ear and whispered, "Do you want to die?"

His blue eyes widened and he realized just how little power he had in this situation. His arms acted without reason, grabbing her neck throwing her off him onto the floor. She laid there completely nude with black spikes growing slowly out of her back.

Her legs bent and she flipped backwards into a standing position. "I believe you're scared of me Master." she giggled, as she placed her hands on her hips.

He smiled and snapped his fingers, the copper bands around her neck and wrists tightened, electricity ran from one joint from the other cause her to convulse.

Her head hit the floor as her shrill scream was cut off from another bout of electricity. Her master slowly walked toward her and sneered, "You see my dear, I can control you like an animal. That precisely what you are, an animal in a human body." He snapped his fingers at her again and Olivia had an overwhelming urge to snap his fingers off one by one.

However, her thought process was interrupted by a stronger voltage then before. Her air cut off and black spots floated around her vision. When she could no longer stand it, her mind and body gave up and finally went quiet.


The murky shadow seeped under the door of the room Olivia had vacated. He found her scent mixed with two other elves. His panic grew, if they harmed her it would be hell to pay. Footsteps echoed down the hall and he had just enough time to slip under the small bed before Kaane walked in the door.

The bed groaned as he settled his heavy body down on the white sheets. The shadow sent out a tendril of power and touched the elf's mind intending on finding where Olivia had been taken. He saw flashes of blood splattered floors and an unreal creature holding bone in its hand. Olivia stood blood soaked in all her glory.

He licked his lips; he would enjoy this young one. She would supply him for a long time. His body fed on fear and pain and this female's aura just reeked of pain and sickness.

Another flash caught his mind, a black palace and a naked king. Now he knew his target.

His tendril was extracted very slowly as not to cause any alarm. He left the poor, tormented soul to his own thoughts as he oozed beneath the door and was gone.


A heavy-set woman with a large scowl pushed the young girl into a bath.

She hunkered down in the steaming water and scrubbed her body, she glanced up with happy eyes, "Thank you m'lady."

The woman grinned showing black teeth, "No need to call me a lady, I'm anything but, though you can call me Margret little one. What's your name?"

The girl's bright blue eyes dimmed and she hid her face in her long, dark brown hair, "I don't have a name Margret, you may call me what ever you wish."

Margret frowned as she thought, her smile brightened the room when she spoke, "I'll call you Joy."

The petite female looked up in confusion, "Why that name? I am not joyful."

A boisterous laugh came from sunken lips, "Why child you have many days of joy left, and that's to remind you not all in the world is dark and sad. Now I must go and fetch another bucket of hot water. You just relax and I'll come back in a few."

Joy watched the woman's skirts disappear through a curtained door. She finally let a smile grace her pink lips. Joy sighed, sinking down into the hot water. She hoped this wasn't a dream.


Olivia's eyes flashed open expecting to see a furious king standing above her, but there were only bars. They cast a dark shadows on her skin making it appear striped.

She sat up, banging her head on the top bars with a sharp clang. She frowned, was she in a cage?

Olivia turned in her cage and a shiver ran down her arms and legs.

She was in a kennel. Hounds were caged around her, some large and fearsome, others small and weak. All were looking right at her slobbering in hunger. That son-of-a-bitch put her in a kennel, as if she was a dog to do his bidding. Her scream started the dogs to howling. The hellish noise blending in harmony with her roars of fury.

Apprehension crawled into the mind of all the guards. What kind of demon was being kept in the King's kennel? They skirted the place with growing dread.

The king listened to the noise for several seconds and he turned back to the grey-skinned woman in his bed. She was cowering down between the blankets, nearing tears. He frowned, was she that weak?

He snapped at her when she started to sob, "Get out and go get me something to eat."

The girl jumped to do his bidding, causing another frown to grace his finely carved lips. She scurried out of the room and disappeared from view.

He threw back the sheets and walked to the window, yelling to the guards below to shut Olivia up. Terror filled eyes glanced in the direction of the noise. He looked back up and decided he would rather face the she-demon then the king's wrath.


Olivia kept her howling up, hoping someone might notice her. She heard rapid footsteps and quieted. The hounds stopped at the same time, filling the kennel with absolute silence.

She saw a pale-faced guard spring into view, she smiled at him and he threw a rock at her cage. It hit the bars with a loud clanging and Olivia scrabbled back from the door.

"Shut up bitch, the King demands it!" He yelled in a quivering yell.

Olivia smiled and shrieked again. The horrible noise was deafening as the scared solider ran form the darkened building.

'Let the king come deal with me himself, if he dares.' she thought as she grinned. After what seemed an eternity her voice finally gave out and she settled down on the cold bars to wait.

Olivia's mind meandered through her dreams. Flickers of faces crossed her vision, especially of one in particular. A huge, red headed man stared down at her with a look between sadness and disgust.

Who was this man, why did her hate her? Her dreams changed to a memory of when she was a small child. She was with Thomas in his small room.

'Child you must not do anything to smear your father's name.'

'Why Thomas?' a very, small Olivia asked.

'Because your father is a very powerful warrior and all warriors want obedient children.' Her master said gently, running his hands through Olivia's ash colored hair.

She climbed into Thomas's lap and asked, 'Can you tell me a story about papa?'

She saw Thomas's start to concentrate and knew a good story was coming up.

He jiggled his knee, bouncing her up and down, 'All right this one you've never heard before. I'll tell you the story of how your mama and papa met. Who you like that?'

Olivia squealed in delight, 'Oh, please do! Did mama look like me?'

He smiled down at the excited child below him, 'Yes, you do have the look of your mother; she had the same brown eyes as you.'

Olivia smiled, waiting for him to continue the story, 'Alright now your mama was a fierce fighter from a southern tribe. People whispered that she was part wildcat. All who met her in battle was cut down at the knees....'

'What tribe was she from?' Olivia interrupted.

'I'm not sure, just one of the many southern ones, they are known for their female warriors. Anyway stop interrupting or we won't ever get finished,' Thomas said as he frowned. Olivia hung her head, 'I'm sorry Thomas.'

He graced her with a quick smile and continued, 'Where was I....Oh yes, so one day, your papa decided he wanted a wife so he searched throughout the land for a suitable mate. One day he came across a small, but handsome woman.

He walked up to her and said, "Woman, you are my mate." well naturally your mama being high-spirited, rebelled and challenged your father to a contest of strength.'

'Papa needs to learn manners, you don't talk to a woman that way, or that's what I heard Alice say to Gregory in the village.' Olivia spoke up as Thomas paused.

'Alice is right little one, you must treat your woman with love and care. Now hush and let me continue. So they met in the arena, and to your father's surprise, she was covered in these beautiful tattoos."

" You see the barbarian women have tattoos on their bodies to mark which clan they are from and one tattoo in particular is enchanted when the tribe has female children.'

'It's a very ornate heart tattoo that's broken into two pieces, they're found here.' Thomas pointed to Olivia's lower back, 'When the female meets a suitable breeder the two heart pieces rope together. "

"Now then, your mother and father met in the arena and the fight was a close one, but your mother favored quick attacks with a sword over the more heavy strikes of the axe your father used. She danced around him like some eldritch spirit taking its revenge.'

'Finally when your father was gasping for breath, she tripped him and held the sword point to his throat." Thomas whispered. He looked down and saw Olivia's eyes closed with a smile on her face, picturing the battle.

He continued, 'Your mother was smiling and before your father could get up, she gave him a sound smack on the head, knocking him out cold.'

Olivia jerked from her sleep by a sharp tug on her hair. She looked around and saw one long tress being tugged and clawed by one of the dogs.

She swiped her hand at the animal, scaring it to the other side of his cage. Olivia frowned as she sat up, she didn't remember ever having a dream like that before.

She scooted into one corner of the barred cage and drifted back into a dreamless sleep.


Kaane wished he could just kill the King, but the guards would kill him before he could do anything. He still shuddered at Olivia's way of killing, the dark elves were ferocious but nothing compared to her suddenness for the attack.

She reminded him of a hawk, it looked for prey and when it found its victim, it would swoop in and completely decimate the quarry.

He turned over on his bed, thinking about how sweetly she responded that night in the woods. So soft and innocent, she was so very innocent.

Then he carried her to her doom. Why was he foolish enough to believe his king could help? His brow creased with a frown, he had to save her somehow. He could not let her become corrupted and evil because of him.

Kaane's feet hit the marble floor without a whisper of sound. If he knew who this Thomas was, he might be able to get the man to help. He slipped out the door as silently as a shadow and skirted the guards placed along the hall. They were stupid and fell asleep on their watch.

The only sound of Kaane's passing was a small creak of the door and then silence echoed throughout the house. His feet pounded into the cobbled stones of the main street, turning first left then right. He cut through alleys and jumped over sleeping urchins, who shivered in their sleep.

He ran and ran, never stopping, he had to talk to Olivia before sunrise or he might not ever be able to again.

Kaane's feet slid to a stop as he crossed the boundaries to the King's property. Tall, lush plants in every shade of red, purple, and black dotted the landscape. He searched for one plant in particular, it was know as the Carta weed. One whiff of the fumes and it would knock a bull troll senseless for hours.

A flash of a silver blade glinted in the darkness. Kaane slipped down through the plants, intent written over his entire face. He agilely avoided rocks and sentries posted, and made his was to the palace. Kaane figured that the King would keep Olivia in his rooms,

He crept down the dark, marble corridor, looking every which way. Kaane's upper torso peeked around a corner. He quickly pulled himself back when he saw a trio of guards walking up. Their voices echoed loudly down the hall, "Yeah, that demon scared me shitless.

If I was the King I wouldn't have kept her shut up in the kennels, I would have locked that little hell cat in the dungeon and let the criminals have at her."

"You know the King wants her alive." A short, squat man said, "She's suppose to be a playmate, but I heard she nearly ripped out the King's throat when he tried playing with her."

They passed Kaane's hiding spot without noticing a lumpy shadow move. The shadow chuckled in delight at the mental picture the soldiers put in his mind.

Kaane was oddly please that Olivia didn't respond to the bastard, he was known to bleed his woman dry. He stepped out of the shadows making a slow journey to the kennels.


The black mist followed Olivia's scent to a run down shack. It rolled around, slightly confused. When had her scent veer off the path to the palace? He swayed in between two blue colored bushes that stunk and thought of what he was going to do. Either he could capture her in his mist for or he could go corporeal and steal her.

An evil smile graced his emaciated lips, oh how nice would it be to have her right there on the floor moaning underneath him. The mist rolled in on itself and took the shape of a six foot seven, shadow sucker.

His race was nearly extinct, and he was proud to be the most powerful among the ones left. His purple hair streaked with red moved slightly in the breeze.

Long strides took him to the door, his foot kicked it in, heedless of anyone inside. A middle-aged woman ran at him with a broom in hand but stopped short when she caught a glimpse of his form.

She turned attempting to run; he moved quickly grabbing her by the throat. The moment his hands touched her bare skin, it started to glow with a black light.

Every shadow was being sucked out of her body. The man's eyes closed in ecstasy, this woman had seen some evil in her life.

Before long, she was crazed from the pain. His purple eyes glared at her slack face, they never lasted long enough. He heard a whimper behind him and he turned quickly. Blue eyes met his violet ones.

This was not Olivia, yet she was covered in her smell. His hiss filled the room, "You girl, where is the Berserker Olivia?"

Joy's eyes widened in fear as her feet took a step backward. Her face whipped toward the door, calculating how fast she could reach it.

The shadow sucker saw her movement and moved swiftly, cornering her against the wall.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Do you want to end up like that woman over on the floor?"

Joy glanced at Margret and saw her eyes rolling in her head with drool seeping from her mouth.

Azure eyes darted back to the man in front of her and gulp, "No I don't."

"Good," he purred at the girl, "then tell me where Olivia is."

Tears ran down Joy's face as she spoke, "She's at the palace with the King."

A whip of wind hit her face and she looked around, he had left. She ran to Margret and sobbed, "Oh, Margret wake up!"

Her legs pumped as she jumped up and ran out the door looking for any kind of help.


Olivia hissed at the guard that was staring at her from a safe distance. She was pleased when he looked slightly uncomfortable. The guard gulped and reached into the bag at his feet.

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