tagMatureBess Ch. 07

Bess Ch. 07


Bonnie and Bess were in the kitchen of the condo finishing the last of the pint of chocolate mint frozen yogurt. The first snow of the winter had created miniature drifts on the railing outside the window.

"Things seem to going well for you," Bonnie said.

"Yes, they are," Bess replied, licking the spoon. "Actually it seems that things are going well for both of us."

Bonnie had just finished telling Bess that one of her 'friends' was taking her to a conference in Florida, his treat. When Bess asked questions, all Bonnie would answer was she would fill her in upon her return.

Bess said, "Maybe I'll find a sugar daddy too."

"What about Mr. Dinner and Nothing Else? He might be it."

Bess laughed, "Maybe. Hey, I have new pictures for my album." She reached for it and opened it for Bonnie. Bess had added four new fantasies; One seemed to channel Jean Harlow. Bess had on a platinum blonde wig and white satin gown. It was plain that she was naked underneath. Another was fashioned after a 1950's pin-up girl. She was seated on her heels, dressed in a sheer baby-doll outfit, her hair and make-up straight from the '50's. The third one was French maid, complete with seamed stockings. The last one looked like anyone's next door neighbor.

Bonnie gave Bess a quizzical look.

"That was Tom's idea," Bess explained, "He said a lot of school boys fantasized about fucking their mom's best friend or next door neighbor. It sounded safe so I took it. I think it is more his fantasy."

"You have come a long way," Bonnie said tossing the yogurt container away. "Your album is definitely you. There are fantasies in here that I wouldn't dream of doing. We make a good team."

"Yes," Bess smiled, "I'm submissive for men and you like to dominate them."

"You have used 'The dungeon'," Bonnie said. "You know I have but I have never been tied up in there. Not my style but I have entertained in there. Just be careful in there."

"I'm not sure what you mean?" Bess asked.

"You know this is all about control. We have to keep it. In there, when the person is tied down, it is the other one who is in charge."

"I use the safe word and make sure they know it," Bess said.

"Yes," Bonnie continued, "I know you do but let me tell you a little secret. One night, I was in there and was dominated a man. We were totally into it. For the first time, I was going to orgasm myself as I continued to abuse him. I was so into my own pleasure that I didn't hear him say the safe word. It wasn't until he screamed it that I heard him."

"What happened?"

"Luckily, he was so into pain that he actually enjoyed it. He thought it was part of the fantasy. But it definitely taught me a lesson. So just be careful. I don't want anyone to hurt you."

"Me too!"

The two women sat in a corner booth at one of St Paul's better French restaurants. At quick glance you wouldn't pay them any notice. Perhaps two business associates or even sisters. The older one looked to be in her late 30's, with short chestnut hair. She was full figured but by no means fat. She was dressed in a matching black jacket and pants with a light blue shirt, open at the neck, showing a small gold chain.

The other was much younger through dressed very stylish. She wore a grey jacket and skirt that was tastefully short. Her burgundy shirt was opened lower, showing more cleavage and a beautiful string of pearls. Her earrings matched the necklace perfectly.

"I'm not really sure why I am doing this," say Nancy, the older woman, "I guess I just wanted company. A mutual friend, Tony Martin, said you might be right for me."

"No problem," Bess said, "Glad to be a help." This was the first time a woman had ever called but Bess was willing to see where it would go.

"I'm here on business from Chicago and I'm tired of room service, dinner alone, or with other business types," Nancy explained, "I thought it be nice to talk with a real woman." She looked around and sipped her wine. "Nice restaurant. You have excellent taste."

Part of the job Bess learned early was to get the 'client' to relax, to trust her. She would be a counselor, a friend, and confidante. Some had problems and no one to talk to about them.

Over dinner they talked about many things as Nancy found Bess very easy to talk to, almost as if this wasn't their first meeting. They both had vacationed in St. Martin and they lamented on the commercialism of what had been a quiet island with great French and native food. This restaurant was a great choice as they shared the same taste in the food. Nancy said she was happily married and had two children.

"Does that bother you?" Nancy asked.

"Not really," Bess answered.

"I understand you're a college graduate," Nancy said.

"Unusual for one in my business. Right?" Bess smiled.

Nancy stammered, "Sorry."

"No harm. And you?"

"I went to Michigan State and majored in business. I really wanted to be an English Lit. Major but no future in that."

Over coffee, Nancy began to open up. "My father ran a very large business and since he had no sons, someone had to take over the company when he left. So now he's retired and I'm in charge. Every day big decisions, big problems."

Bess just let her talk.

"Every day I'm the boss, a wife, a mommy, and I want to be someone else. I want others to make decisions. I'm a woman and I want to be treated like one. Does that surprise you?"

Bess took her hand, "If you want to, I can help you with that dream. It is up to you."

"I believe you can."

As they entered the condo, Bess took Nancy's coat. "Make yourself at home in the living room. I'll get some brandy and then show you around." Bess wasn't sure where it was going but right now she was enjoying herself. It seemed Nancy was too.

"Here, let me take your jacket then have a seat," Bess helped Nancy off with her jacket, brushing her bare arms. She swore Nancy gave a little shudder.

Sitting on the couch, the two talked some more. As the brandy warmed them, Nancy loosened up so when Bess's foot touched hers, she didn't pull it back.

"Tony said something about a photo album," Nancy said.

"Would you like to see it?"

"Yes, if you don't mind."

Bess went over the shelf and returned with the album. Handing it to Nancy she said, "These are pictures of some fantasies that I show to my 'friends'. Some are pretty explicit so please beware."

Nancy opened the book and began to look at the pictures. Bess slid over to sit next to her, their bodies touching. At some, Nancy stopped and Bess explained what she was looking at. Nancy drank her brandy as she looked. Refilling her glass, Bess made sure she touch Nancy's arm. Nancy's breathing seemed to increase as she looked at more pictures.

"So they pick one of these to act out and you dress up for them?"

"Yes, but sometimes they just make up their own."

"They pay you for it?" Nancy asked quietly.

"Yes they do. They put the cash in that envelope and bookmark the page."

Bess felt the moment was right. She took Nancy by the hand. "Let's go upstairs and see the rest of the house." She led her to the bedroom and had her sit on the bed. "You know, you have a great figure."

"You're just saying that. After 2 kids, I'm a little wide," Nancy laughed.

"Hey, I know men who would love to be with you, to make love to you."

Nancy lowered her head. "Have you ever been with a woman?" she said in a small voice.

"Yes," Bess said thinking of Carly. "As a matter of fact she's my best friend."

"Did you enjoy it with her," Nancy asked.

"Very much," Bess answered, "It was new and different and very sensual. I assume you've never done anything like that."

"Never," Nancy said sipping her brandy. "This is hard to admit but I've always been a little curious."

Bess looked Nancy in the eyes. "I'd love to show you."

"Would you?" Nancy asked, now curious at the prospect.

"If anything feels wrong, just tell me and I'll stop. Understand?"


Bess put her glass on the bed stand, then leaned over and whispered into Nancy's ear. "This will be wonderful."

Bess's breath on her ear made Nancy's heart beat faster and her breathing deepen. Her doubts began to dissolve and she relaxed.

"Close your eyes and just feel." Bess watched Nancy's eyes close. "Good. Like that. Don't move. Just feel." Bess touched the tip of her finger to Nancy's mouth and saw her lips part. "Your lips are so soft. So smooth and moist." She touched Nancy's teeth and brushed her nail against Nancy's tongue.

Nancy was awash in sensations. Nothing sexual had happened but her body tingled. She never had felt this way before. Bess's touch and voice was sending waves through her body. She pursed her lips around Bess's finger and sucked lightly.

"Oh yes," Bess whispered into Nancy's ear. "Suck my finger." She allowed Nancy to draw her finger into her mouth, and then pulled it slowly outward. In and out, mimicking the fucking motion. The rhythm was primitive and deeply sexual. Bess pressed the tip of her tongue into Nancy's ear, repeating the rhythm.

Nancy had never imagined that such simple things could be so deeply sensual. She was sucking Bess's finger as Bess fucked her ear with her tongue. She felt trapped by her clothing and her blouse was in her way. She wanted her breasts free.

Nancy reached for her buttons but Bess grabbed her hand. "Don't move at all. Relax. Let me be in charge of everything. No decisions. Enjoy." With a nip at Nancy's earlobe, Bess pulled her finger free and unbuttoned Nancy's blouse. "Your nipples are so swollen. Are they uncomfortable under your bra? Do you want me to free them?"

"Oh yes," Nancy moaned.

Bess parted the front of Nancy's blouse and stroked her palm over her erect nipples through the satiny fabric. "I can see how hard they are. Do you like my hand?"

Nancy could only moan.

Bess leaned over and took one nipple in her teeth. Although the sensation was diminished somewhat by the material, it drove Nancy wild.

"I like it that this bra fastens in the front," Bess said. "I can unfasten it without you moving. And I don't want you to move, even a little." With a deft flick of her fingers, Bess unclipped Nancy's bra and separated the cups so her breasts were free. "You have beautiful breasts," Bess whispered. "I can only imagine what your gorgeous nipples must taste like."

Bess cupped Nancy's breast. "So heavy and full." She drew her fingers from the outside of the breast in her hand to the pink center, pulling on the nipple. She repeated the motion over and over until Nancy thought she would go mad from pleasure.

"I want you," Nancy pleaded, "Please."

"You want me to do what? Give you pleasure? I'm doing that. Want me to increase the heat?" Bess leaned over and licked one erect nipple with the flat of her tongue. Then she drew back and blew on the wet tip. Alternately she wet the tight bud then cooled it with her breath. "Is that driving you crazy?" she asked as Nancy's hips began to move.

"Yes," she murmured, "I'm going to explode."

"No, you're not and that's the wonderful part. Your pussy will get hotter and hotter but you won't come until we're ready. And it will be so intense I'll be able to feel it, to share it with you." Bess quickly pulled off Nancy's slacks and panties, and then quickly removed her own clothes. "I want to be naked with you."

Nancy reached out to touch Bess's naked skin. "Not yet," Bess said. "This is for you. Later you can touch me but right now it is all for you."

Bess licked Nancy's nipple again, then drew it into her mouth. She sucked hard, causing a tightness to flow from Nancy's breast to her pussy. It was as if the sucking made a path through her body and she could feel the pull between her legs.

"Is your pussy wet?" Bess asked.

"Yes," Nancy moaned. "I'm so excited that I don't know what to do. I feel as if I could come right now but not quite."

Bess whispered, "Now spread your legs so I can see your magnificent pussy. Spread them wide. Put your feet on the edge of the bed and open your knees."

Nancy did exactly as Bess asked. She would do anything she said. She opened her body as Bess moved between her legs.

Bess watched Nancy's soaked pussy twitch with excitement. It was pink and swollen with some of her juices seeping out, flowing down the crack of her ass. She wanted to taste it but how long could she keep her on the edge of cumming without going over? She bent her head to one side and her hair brushed the inside of Nancy's thigh.

Nancy was going crazy. She was sure she would fly into a million pieces and she didn't think she would even feel the explosion. "You're torturing me."

"Is that a bad thing?"

Nancy groaned, "No, it's wonderful."

Bess used one finger of each hand to part Nancy's outer lips, and then slowly explored her folds with her tongue. "You taste delicious," she said, continuing her exploration. Then she found Nancy's clit with the tip of her tongue. "You're going to come soon," she said, flicking her tongue over the swollen bud.

"Yes," Nancy sighed.

Bess took one finger and slid it into Nancy's pussy, while she slid her other hand between her own legs, rubbing and circling her own clit. A second finger joined her first in Nancy's pussy. As she filled her pussy she flicked her tongue back and forth over Nancy's clit as she fingered herself.

Bess's own pussy was dripping juices as she continued to rub her clit. She wanted to come as Nancy did.

"Oh, God," Nancy screamed, "It feels so good!"

"Let it come, baby." Her tongue licked and her fingers drove in and out.

Pressure built in Nancy's pussy. Waves of pleasure began to crest. "Don't stop," Nancy cried, "Dear God, don't stop." Bess continued tonguing her clit. Then she switched her licking to her inner lips, around her fingers. She used her fingers to spread Nancy open, and then licked all the flesh her tongue could reach.

And then Nancy came. "Oh, God, yes," she said in one long continuous moan. The spasms continued, longer than Nancy thought possible. It was a different kind of orgasm than any she had ever experienced. It wasn't the hard, fast kind she had when she masturbated, nor was it the kind she had with her pussy filled with her husband's cock. It came from deep inside and it was wonderfully different.

Bess slowed her movements until Nancy's body calmed. She climbed onto the bed, took Nancy's hand and gently guided it to her own hot pussy. "Rub it gently, just the way you like to be touch." Nancy moved so she could watch her fingers while they explored and massaged Bess's hot, wet flesh. Bess held Nancy's hand and used it to bring herself to orgasm. "Like that," she cried, "Oh yes, just like that."

The bedroom was quiet for a time, then Nancy spoke, "Oh God, that was truly amazing."

"It was magic," Bess said.

Nancy kissed Bess, tasting herself on her lips. "Thank you," she whispered.

The next morning Bess awoke to find Nancy had gone. She left her card, five 100 dollar bills and a note. It read:

"Thank you for a truly special night. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call me."

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