tagIncest/TabooBest Friends Ch. 03

Best Friends Ch. 03


Here is part 3 of the story. For those of you looking for part 1, it was posted under the "First Time" section of this site. Thanks for those that have sent me feedback. I wasn't sure if these were being received well and if I should keep writing them until I got those, so keep sending them.


"Do you understand me boys?" asked Roni. She was talking to her 18 year old son, Jeremy and his best friend, Pat. "I'm serious. You two are now under my control. Anything I say, goes."

Roni had caught the boys giving each other a blow job the night before. She was a single mother, and while she was extremely attractive at what she considered a young 40 years old, she wasn't getting laid with enough consistency to fill her needs.

After she had spent the day seducing the boys, and surprising them in the middle of their blowjob that night, she wanted, and needed, more.

"Have either of you boys ever eaten pussy?" Shamefully, both shook their head "no". "Why do I get the feeling that we are going to have a lot of firsts together?" she replied.

With that, Roni laid-down on the floor and spread her legs. The boys could not help but stare.

"Jeremy, come taste your mom's sweet pussy."

Jeremy crawled over to his mother, nervous at the thought of eating out his own mother, even more nervous at disappointing her, and lowered his head to her shaved mound. He obviously had not been lying about this being the first pussy he had eaten, but what her son lacked in skill and experience, he more than made up for in his eagerness to please. Jeremy kept licking and sucking his mom's pussy. He couldn't believe how much he was enjoying this. His dick had not been touched yet, but it was hard as a rock.

"Oh, fuck! That's right, eat you mom's pussy!" yelled Roni. "Suck mommy's clit, oh, fuck yeah, that feels great."

Pat just sat there, watching Jeremy eat out his own mother. The sight was unbelievable and Pat just sat there, stroking his hardening cock. When Roni yelled out, "I'm cumming!" Pat thought he might as well.

Roni was now overflowing with lust, she couldn't have stopped herself from muttering her next words if she tried... "Jeremy, my pussy is soaked with your saliva. Come slide your cock inside me and feel how wet you have made me."

Like his mother, Jeremy couldn't stop now even if he wanted to. He positioned his body over-top of his mother. She reached out and helped guide him to her hole. In one quick thrust, Jeremy was now buried deep inside the very same hole he had come out of 18 years ago.

"That's it baby," said Roni. "Just fuck mommy nice and slow. No need to hurry, just keep sliding it in and out of me like that. Christ! This feels so good!"

Roni suddenly remembered that there was a second cock in the room, one that had been ignored for awhile. Roni's philosophy had always been "if one cock is good, then two cocks are great!"

"Pat, why don't you bring that nice prick over here for me to suck while Jeremy keeps fucking me."

Pat stood up, walked over to the mother and son screwing, and straddled Roni's chest; putting his cock right in front of her open lips. She took him in her mouth greedily, raising her neck up and down to take Pat's cock in her mouth as much as she could. The scene continued on, Roni taking her son in her bald pussy; his best friend in her mouth. The three of them found their rhythm, Roni lowering her body to have Pat's cock as deep in her mouth as possible and Jeremy's cock deep in her gut at the same time. The three kept their motion going until Roni suggested something new.

Pulling Pat's cock from her mouth, she looked in his eyes and asked, "How would you like to fuck my ass?"

She had Jeremy lay on the floor and straddled his cock. They waited in that position for Pat to kneel behind her and find her pink hole. She had been so wet from the licking and fucking of her son, that her juices had run down and coated her asshole. She was well lubed for Pat to slide into her butt. And he did, just his head in the first push, but then the whole length as Roni pushed back into the second thrust. She had not felt this full in a long time and it felt wonderful. The boys quickly were thrusting in unison, each slamming into their respective hole at the same time. She could tell that this would not last long, but she really couldn't complain. After all, they both were virgins up to this point and the first time anyone besides themselves had made them cum was the night before giving each other blow jobs...

She felt them pick up the pace and Roni knew she would have to concentrate if she wanted to achieve one last orgasm. Luckily for her, feeling two young, hard cocks inside of her was more than enough to do the trick. As they continued to slam into her soaking holes, she came again, setting off a chain reaction. The combination of Roni shuddering to an orgasm, the feeling of the two penises rubbing each other with just a slim film of skin separating the two holes, and the shear length of time Jeremy had been fucking his mother, caused him to spill his seed deep into her womb. This then caused Pat to take one final thrust and he came deep inside of her ass.

The boys exited their holes and Roni lay back down on the floor, spreading her legs and raising them a bit. She told the boys she had a treat for them and told them to lay-down on their stomachs and eat her pussy and ass for her. They did so, enjoying the taste of her sweet juices. But Roni began to push and, without warning the boys, their cum was released from her two holes. The boys eagerly lapped up the cum dripping from both her pussy and her asshole. She couldn't believe how much they were enjoying this all; how much she was enjoying it all. Roni knew now for sure that the boys were in her control and would do anything she told them to do. She wasn't ready for the night to end, but what was next? Suddenly, she had an idea!

"Pat, did you like fucking my tight little asshole?"

"My, God, it was amazing!"

"Good," she replied, smiling a devilish grin. "Let's see how much you enjoy having you ass fucked!"

To be continued...

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