Best Friends Forever Ch. 03


Holly lifted off my face and slid down my body so that she was lying on top of me, facing me. She gasped and smiled at me, as she saw the mess she had made all over my face.

"What are you smiling at?" I snarled playfully.

"Oh my God!" Holly replied. "I'm so sorry I made such a mess all over you."

"Why?" I replied. "I'm not! Now kiss me and taste our pussy juice!"

Holly's lips met mine and we kissed passionately. I loved the fact that my face was covered in her musky essence and wondered if she felt the same. My cock felt her wetness, as she purposefully ground her pussy against it.

"Come inside of me, Lover!" Holly pleaded. "I need to feel your manhood again!"

I didn't need to be asked twice. I told Holly to get off and lay on her stomach. Dutifully, she did as she was told and I spread her legs open. The sight of her slightly parted pussy almost made me shoot my load all over her ass. My cock pulsed as I knelt behind her with my engorged cock. I leaned forward onto my hands and lowered my cock between her legs. Holly twitched as she felt the wetness at the end of my cock touch her ass. I reached with one hand and guided my cock to the entrance to her pussy. Holly moaned as she felt my hardness against her pussy.

"Oh yeah!" Holly cried. "That's the spot! Come inside me!"

I moaned, as I thrust my pelvis forward and felt my cock enter Holly's pussy. It felt so warm and velvety as I slid inside her. Slowly, I began to slide my cock back and forth. Together we moaned at the pleasure and closeness we felt. I probed deeper, as I picked up the tempo. Holly's pussy was tight, but she was so wet that I was easily able to slide my cock back and forth.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Holly moaned, as I fucked her pussy with my throbbing cock.

Holly lifted her ass higher, to allow me better access, as my cock plunged deeper and deeper inside her pulsing pussy. I felt the muscles inside of Holly's cunt grip my cock, as I fucked her hard. I couldn't wait much longer! The feelings were so intense!

"Let me feel you shoot your cum inside of me!" Holly moaned. "Fill me with your love juice!"

I became frantic with my thrusting. Holly moaned as I pounded against her cunt. My cock was so deep inside her, that I could feel the head of my cock touch her cervix with each thrust. Suddenly, Holly's body tensed! Holly's pussy clamped hard against my cock as she exploded in a huge orgasm! I thrust once more and held myself against Holly, as my cock erupted deep within Holly's pussy.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed, as I shot spurt after spurt of cum deep inside Holly's pussy. It felt incredibly warm and satisfying.

Holly moaned loudly.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good!" Holly said. "I can feel you ejaculating inside of me. It's so warm!"

I gyrated against Holly as our orgasms subsided, both of us exhausted from the workout. As our breathing slowed, I began to gently thrust myself back and forth inside of Holly, savoring the moment. Holly moaned, satisfied and fulfilled. She reached back and held onto me, as she too enjoyed the afterglow of a satisfying orgasm.

Exhausted at last, I rolled onto my back to catch my breath. Holly rolled onto her side and snuggled against me. I put my arm under Holly as she draped her leg and arm around me and kissed me deeply. At that moment, the love that we felt for each other did not need words. Our hearts beat as one!

Contently, we cuddled together under the warm sun. I began to doze off as Holly ran her hand through my chest hair. It felt good to just lay there together, naked, under the wide open sky. I loved the closeness that we felt for each other.

I guess I must have dozed off, because suddenly I felt Holly pulling my hand and saying, "Come on! Get up and swim with me!"

Together we walked naked towards the water, hand in hand. The water was a little cool after having just been lying in the warm sun. But it felt good against our naked bodies. I remembered the many times we splashed around as kids in this very spot. Again, it felt like it was so long ago.

The water was only waist deep. We both squatted in the water and ran our hands over each others bodies, rubbing the remains of our body fluids from each other. This, in itself, felt very erotic. We kissed. Finally, we both put our heads under the water and rinsed our heads.

I felt reborn as I came for air, the old me was gone and a new life had begun. I sat on the sandy river bottom, where the water level came up to my neck and invited Holly to join me.

"Sit on my lap and face me," I suggested.

Holly did, and we were soon embracing each other, with only our heads poking up out of the water. Her naked body felt good against mine as we sat kissing and enjoying the feel of the water as it flowed past us. We rubbed each other backs and looked deeply into each other eyes."

I felt Holly's nipples poking against my chest and pushed back a bit from our embrace to look down into the water. My cock was already coming back to life as I admired the view before me. I lifted Holly up enough so that I could suck a nipple into my mouth. Holly responded by pulling my head against her chest and moaning. I cupped her free breast in my hand, as I continued to suck on her nipple. I changed sides and repeated my actions. Holly began to rub her pussy against my stomach as I made love to her breasts. My cock was soon fully erect.

Breaking free from her nipple, I asked, "Do you want to try it in the water?"

"Oh, yeah!" Holly replied enthusiastically. "How?"

"Just sit down and take me inside," I responded.

I held my cock, as Holly lowered her pussy onto it. The feeling was less intense at first, as the cool water seemed to take away some of the sensations, but it still was very pleasurable. I put my hands under Holly's legs and began to lift her up and down, just enough that my cock didn't slide out of her pussy. It began to feel really good as the heat we generated compensated for the coolness of the water. The buoyancy in the water made it easier to lift Holly up and down as we fucked. We began to feel an urgency. Holly held onto my shoulder with one hand and began to twist her nipples with the other. She began to moan deeply, as I pumped her faster on my cock. I felt the heat emanating in her pussy, as we desperately fucked each other.

"Oh, Yes!" Holly moaned. "You feel so good inside of me!"

I began to feel the pressure building in my balls as Holly began to squeeze my cock with her muscles. The added friction was too much. My cock exploded inside of cunt!

"Oh my God! That's so warm!" Holly screamed, as she exploded in her own orgasm! I felt the muscles in her pussy clamp down hard on my cock, as I continued to pump my seed into her. Together we moaned, as we let ourselves enjoy the sensations of our orgasms against each other. We hugged each other tightly and kissed.

"I love you with every fiber of my body," I whispered into Holly's ear, holding her close to me.

"I love you too," she responded. "You make me feel so complete!"

I smiled at her and we kissed again.

"Not to mention that you're a great lover too!" she continued. "You make me glad to be a woman!"

"I'm so happy right now," I stated. "I wish his moment would last forever!"

"Me too!" Holly responded, resting her head against my shoulder.

We sat in the water and continued the afterglow of another fuck for several more minutes. Not wanting to get up, I never the less had to, as I had to take a piss.

"Let me watch you," Holly asked, as I explained why I had to get up. "I've never seen a man urinate before."

I moved over to where the depth of the water was below my cock and balls and aimed myself down river. Holly watched, with a smile on her face, as I arched a strong stream of piss into the air. I moved my cock around to put on a bit of a show and then held it straight to see how far I could shoot it. Holly clapped, as I finished the task and I squatted back in the water to rinse any residual urine off.

"My turn!" Holly announced happily. "You do want to watch don't you?"

"Of course!" I replied. "I've never watched a woman pee either."

Holly stepped into the shallower water, exposing her trimmed pussy.

"Watch yourself!" she warned. "My control is not as good as yours!"

I laughed at her statement and looked on with interested as she stood with her legs slightly apart. Holly reached down with her fingers and spread her pussy lips wide open with one hand. She used the fingers on her other hand to direct her vulva and began to urinate. It was a bit messy at first, but I watched with interest. She managed to get her vulva situated enough to get an arch of urine about four or five feet out. We both laughed at the sight, like two little kids. It was sort of sick humor, but we felt free to try new things with each other.

"Bet you never played that game before?" Holly remarked, as she squatted in the water to rinse not only the urine, but the remnants of my orgasm from her pussy.

I laughed, as I replied, "You're right about that, but you make me wonder if you have? You did a pretty good job."

"Saw it in one of those magazines my brother has," Holly answered. "Thought I'd give it a try. Did you enjoy the show?"

"I don't know?" I replied. "Let me think on that one. Why?"

Holly had moved back over towards where I was standing. She took my cock and balls into her hand and rubbed me.

"Because I liked watching you urinate," she replied. "It made your penis seem so powerful!"

I looked at her, sort of surprised. I never expected to hear her tell me that.

My stomach let out a big growl.

Holly laughed, as it broke our train of thought.

"How about some energy for your manhood?" Holly asked.

Looking at my cock, she smiled and said, "I expect some dessert before we leave here today!"

I smiled.

With any luck, I'd soon be providing Holly with a creamy treat!

--- End of Chapter Three ---

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