tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBest Friends Pt. 04: Naturism

Best Friends Pt. 04: Naturism


The story so far: Lisa has been helping her best friend Becky to explore the side of herself that likes to be naked and to be seen naked; but things got out of control with Becky admitting that she found being exposed to be sexually-arousing. Now the two best friends are going on holiday together by themselves for the first time...

Chapter 9: Into the Woods

They'd been planning the holiday for months -- even before this whole exhibitionist thing had come to the forefront of their friendship. Back when they had just been two regular eighteen-year-olds coming up to the end of sixth form, Becky and Lisa had been wondering about things to do once they had finished their exams. A camping trip had been a natural idea. Both girls had always been outdoorsy, and always liked hiking and biking and camping out - getting out of the town and into the hills and the woods and the fields.

The camping trip seemed a great way for them to reward themselves once their exams were finished. They'd always hiked and camped fairly locally before - this time they'd be heading for a proper holiday in the Lake District. They were both 18 and felt mature enough to travel and look after themselves without their parents to help, at least for a few days.

But they didn't have a lot of money and once they'd bought their train tickets the girls realised that paying fees on a campsite for the whole holiday was a bit beyond their meagre finances.

The solution, when it came to them, sounded perfect. They'd camped wild plenty of times locally over the past few years - they never bothered to ask permission, they'd just pitch their tent in a wooded area out of sight and be packed up again early the next day - so why not do the same for part of their Lakes holiday? They could wild camp for a couple of nights, then move to a campsite (with showers -- both of them agreed the showers were very important) for the last few nights, halving the cost of their holiday.

So it was they found themselves loaded up with their small tent and camping gear (packing as lightly as possible) and on a train to the beautiful, unparalleled countryside of Cumbria and the Lake District.

A train and bus ride later, they had arrived at a small and picturesque village. In the distance, rolling hills and woodland -- perfect for what they had in mind. A little research on Google Earth had found a particular wooded area at the edge of a steep-sided valley. It didn't appear to be on any major hiking route but didn't look to be part of any farmer's land, either. It looked like the perfect place and certainly worth investigating further once they arrived.

Upon arrival, they found it was a hike of three miles or so to get to the woodland -- easy enough for two experienced ramblers like Lisa and Becky, and they spent the afternoon exploring the scenic countryside before finally making their way towards where they had hoped to camp, choosing a good spot well into the woodland, away from any possible trail.

They hadn't discussed it, but privately both understood that Becky was going to indulge her particular predilection towards nudity quite often during this holiday. Indeed, she had started talking about how "private" their camping site was, and how they hadn't seen any people all afternoon, as soon as they arrived.

Gradually she gradually started to take off her clothes, starting with her shirt. To Lisa, watching, she seemed to be making a game of it; she'd do something to the campsite, then take off another article of clothing. But she had more jobs than items of clothing and she was soon working on putting up the tent and unrolling her sleeping bag wearing nothing but her hiking boots.

"So you're camping naked, then?" Lisa laughed -- as if she even needed to ask.

"Well, yeah," Becky said, "you don't mind do you? We're the only people around and, well, I've always wanted to do this! Just camp out in the woods with no clothes on, just getting back to nature!"

This was the first time that Becky had been naked for any length of time in Lisa's presence since the railway line incident. Since then, it had seemed that Becky had almost been uncomfortable with the idea of being naked around her friend, something Lisa had privately regretted. Even disregarding how much she liked seeing Becky in the nude, she'd never wanted her friend to feel as though she couldn't "be herself" around Lisa, and she still felt guilty about how she'd reacted. So it was a relief to Lisa in a way that Becky seemed to be back to her old -- naked -- self.

The prospect of spending a whole camping trip with a naked Becky in full naturist mode set Lisa's pulse a-flutter, though. She deeply loved "wood nymph" Becky, naked among the trees and greenery, and privately she wondered how exactly she would cope with the prolonged sight of her friend's body in such an intimate and beautiful location.

It was a warm afternoon and evening and Becky remained nude for a few hours at the campsite, until the setting sun finally brought the temperature down and, with an air of sadness, Becky delved into her bag and pulled out a baggy sweater, which she put on along with the jeans she had hiked up in. The girls cooked a simple supper and Lisa began, finally to relax, as at least now Becky was clothed, she didn't have to worry quite so much about someone suddenly walking up and find them in this wilderness -- she had been on edge, starting at every sound. That, and of course the effect Becky's nudity had on her also made it hard for her to feel calm when around her.

Lisa's comfort was short-lived, though. As it got cooler and darker they decided to retire to the tent and the comfort of their sleeping bags - and no sooner had they closed the tent flap than Becky was out of her clothes again, scrambling round naked to get into the warm sleeping bag. She obviously intended to sleep in the nude too, and the tent was not large - the two girls were bedded down almost touching, with only the fabric of their sleeping bags between them.

Without thinking, Lisa began herself to undress, in order to put on pajamas -- then she caught her breath, realizing she was wearing only panties and only a whisker from skin to bare skin contact with Becky. Suddenly she was overwhelmed with the desire to embrace her; to fling herself on her, to feel her warm and naked body pressed against her own; to kiss her soft lips hungrily; to taste her and smell her and touch her. Lisa felt dizzy and flushed, and she quickly pulled on her nightclothes and climbed into her sleeping bag, grateful that the light was poor and she alone knew how much she was blushing.

Becky lay on her side, propped up on one elbow, the sleeping bag gathered up beneath her breasts. They chatted away, as Lisa tried to ignore the white swells of her bare breasts, her nipples just visible in the half light. The atmosphere was incredibly intimate, almost confessional, and Lisa fought hard to hold her tongue, lest the conversation turn to the personal -- she might then find herself powerless to stop a confession of love and lust squeaking for her lips. Fortunately the day's adventure had tired Becky, and she was sleepy and soon snoring away.

Lisa alone remained awake. Her heart still drummed frantically in the darkness. She lay on her side, hand between her legs, and was finally was able to give herself some release. Her pussy was wet beyond belief and it took only the briefest and most subtle movement of her fingers to bring herself to that much yearned-for climax. She trembled as she came, and clamped her free hand over her mouth to stop her moans of ecstasy -- but Becky was fast asleep and barely stirred.

Her lust spent, Lisa looked over the sleeping form of her friend -- now in the pit of her stomach was a feeling of guilt. She'd been shocked to see Becky touching herself by the railway line, yet now Lisa had lain next to her and masturbated without any restraint of her own. What's worse, Becky had expressed true regret for crossing the boundary line of their friendship, and yet Lisa was at the very least no better for her own response to her own desires.

She lay worrying for a while until sleep finally came.


The next morning Lisa awoke somewhat later than she had expected to, and when she raised herself, fuzzy-headed and groggy, from the sleeping bag, she saw that Becky was no longer in the tent. She unzipped the flap and crawled out into the bright light of day.

It was sunny and again warm. There was no sign of Becky, but as soon as Lisa stood up she became aware badly of the need to relieve herself, so she decided that needed attention first before finding Becky would. She walked a short distance from the campsite to a small patch that seemed like a suitable toilet and, pulling down her shorts and panties, squatted and peed, feeling much better for it.

She had just pulled up her shorts when she saw movement off through the trees. It could have been an animal, or a person -- in which case it was most likely Becky. Still, though, she was curious, and decided to investigate.

The distance was deceptive and Lisa walked for a minute or two before she reached where she thought the movement and noise had come from. She trod as quietly as she could - she was hoping it was an animal, maybe even a deer or at least a badger, that she would be able to catch a glimpse of in the wild.

So it was no surprise Becky didn't hear her approach.

Once again, Becky was completely nude. She was reclining against a tree, lying back in the hollow of its roots. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back, her full lips parted and her mouth half open. One hand was lightly caressing her bare breast, the other was between her legs, which were spread wide. Lisa's view of what was happening was a little limited by her location, but it was fairly obvious that Becky was masturbating.

Lisa froze. Becky hadn't seen her, and at that point she could have have just turned and crept quietly back the way I had come. That would have been the polite thing to do.

But curiosity kept her rooted to the spot. Unlike by the railway, this time Becky wasn't ignoring Lisa -- in fact, she didn't know Lisa was there. This time, strangely, Lisa felt comfortable about watching Becky masturbate. She was hidden, concealed here. Becky would never know she had watched, and there would never be that awkward moment between them, the way the railway incident had ended, could have ended. Here, Lisa could observe this intimate act and then go about her day with nothing changed between the two of them except in her own knowledge of her friend as she reclined like some beautiful woodland nymph, naked and cradled by the roots of the tree, and unashamedly pleasured herself.

Becky was clearly in no hurry to reach orgasm - the strokes of her touch were slow and languorous and she would occasionally pause, bring her hand away (it may have been wishful thinking but Lisa fancied that once she saw her fingers glistening with wetness as she drew them from herself). But at the same time it was obvious to Lisa that the immense pleasure she was getting from committing this act nude and out of doors was leading her inevitably to an incredible climax. Sure enough, in the quiet morning air Lisa was able to hear as her breath quickened and little moans and sighs escaped her lips. She made no effort to quiet them, and the wordless squeaks gradually turned to breathy exclamations of "oh... oh... oh..."

Her cries became louder and more frantic as the pace of her fingers increased, until finally she arched her back, pushing her sex into her eager hand. Head thrown back, eyes closed, she cried out involuntarily as she came, a sound of pure passion, her whole body twitching and trembling, before sinking back into the hollow of the roots, the movement of her hand slowing to nothing - then all was still and quiet once more.

Lisa had experienced plenty of orgasms in her time, but she had never ever come as hard, or as long, or as satisfyingly as Becky looked to have then. Even Becky herself appeared surprised by the intensity, and she lay back, dazed and motionless, breathing hard. Lisa had also, occasional forays into internet porn aside, never seen another woman having an orgasm before. She was still a virgin, and felt herself woefully inexperienced.

She hadn't moved at all while watching Becky masturbate, but she hadn't needed to touch herself to know how aroused the sight had made her. She was breathing harshly, just like Becky had been, and between her legs her pussy ached. She felt wetness where her knickers pressed against her sex and her legs shook. Nonetheless there was no time for her to attend to any of these feelings - she had no idea how long Becky was going to lie there before getting up and heading back to the camp, and needed to slip away without her realising she had been there (or worse accidentally stumbling on my hiding place while walking back).

Lisa crept away and, when she felt she was a safe distance from Becky, stood up and walked quickly back to the tent. Ignoring her lingering sense of arousal she quickly stripped off her pajama shorts and moist panties and pulled on clean underwear and some hiking shorts. She then whipped off her t-shirt and donned a bra and tank top, hoping that fresh, unrevealing clothing would conceal any signs of how turned on she'd been. Five minutes or so later, as she busied herself tidying up and brushing her hair, Becky walked back into the camp.

"Oh, hey!" she said, tried to feign a little surprise that Becky wasn't wearing any clothes. "You're up!"

"Yeah, just got up," Lisa replied.

"Oh cool. I just... went for a walk," she said quickly, blushing. Lisa took a look at her. She had managed to regain a lot of her composure and aside from messy hair - oh and the fact she was naked -- there was no real sign of what she'd been doing. The fact she glossed over what Lisa knew to be the reality was, for her, a sign that Becky had made a decision that the sexual aspect of her exhibitionism was something that she wasn't going to force Lisa to share in.

In some ways, that was a relief to Lisa. It was easier for her to manage the complicated matter of her own feelings towards Becky if she wasn't confronted with constant reminders that Becky's nakedness was, for her, something of a sexy time, at least occasionally. But at the same time, she felt again that pang of guilt and sadness -- her friend had wanted to open up about that side of herself to Lisa, but Lisa had acted in a way that made her feel ashamed of it -- something she had never intended for.

Chapter 10: Naturism

After Becky came back to the camp, they fixed breakfast and discussed how to spend the day. It was turning into a lovely morning and so they decided to explore the woods and vale in which they were camping, then come back to the campsite for a bite to eat, before heading off to the nearby village for the afternoon, a pub supper then a twilight walk back to the campsite.

Lisa busied herself putting what she'd need for the morning into her backpack and lacing up her hiking boots, and didn't really pay attention to what Becky was doing. "Are you ready?" she called out to Becky, without looking up.

"Ready!" Becky laughed. Lisa turned. Becky was wearing hiking boots and socks and had her backpack on her back and sunglasses on - but otherwise she was still completely naked.

Lisa groaned good-naturedly. She should have guessed when they suggested exploring the woods and vale (rather than going further afield) that Becky was intending to hike in the nude -- it wouldn't be the first time she'd done it. And apart from briefly donning her sweater and jeans yesterday night she hadn't worn any clothes since the previous afternoon - now she was clearly looking to go as long as possible before dressing again.

"Naked?" Lisa asked.

Becky nodded, grinning. "There's nobody around. I don't think anyone ever comes here."

"Don't worry," she continued, "I've got some clothes in my bag. I'll put them on if there are lots of people around." Lisa rather doubted that she would, though.

They set off, and Lisa's misgivings about Becky hiking naked soon evaporated. It was a beautiful day and, true to Becky's prediction, they appeared to have the vale all to themselves.

They explored the woods and made an ascent up the steep sides of the vale. There were a few times where the terrain was a challenge and they had to more scramble than walk. This sometimes put Becky ahead of Lisa, giving the latter rather a revealing view of her friend as she stretched her legs across gaps and climbed up rocks. Lisa felt her pulse quicken, both at the intimate view she was getting of Becky, and Becky's own lack of embarrassment or even awareness that her nakedness was putting her so on display.

More than once Lisa's mind wandered, and she found herself imagining that it was her spreading Becky's legs in that way, to plunge her tongue toward the pinkness of her pussy lips - to eat her all up. She wanted Becky. She shook my head to rid herself of such thoughts. She wasn't ready to think like that, not yet.

Successfully keeping her focus on their journey, Lisa joined Becky as they eventually emerged from the woods to the top of the vale. It was a warm day and sweat glistened on Becky's bare skin -- Lisa's tank top was damp with perspiration.

They sat on the ground overlooking the vale - two 18 year old girls on their first holiday away from home. One dressed sensibly for a summer hike. The other stark naked.

They sat in silence for a moment, then Becky turned to her friend and smiled beatifically.

"You're the best, Lisa," she said.


"You're the best. I love you."

"Aw, what?"

"I mean it! I'm... I know I'm not the easiest person to be friends with. Being like I am. I mean, like this." She gestured downward, indicating her nakedness. "What I mean is, I know it must be weird sometimes for you, the way I behave. And I know at times I have done things you haven't been comfortable with and made you feel awkward. I guess I can be a little selfish, a little too focused on myself and what I want, and I don't always consider others and their own feelings."

Lisa put her arm around Becky's shoulder. "Don't beat yourself up, Becks. You're not as bad as you seem to think. I'll admit, the whole naked thing has been a bit of a challenge sometimes, but really, if it had been a huge problem for me, you know I would have said something? After all, I've really been encouraging you.

"I've said it before Becks -- I like this side of you. I can tell it makes you happy, you're so outgoing about it and so enthusiastic about it. You shouldn't... you shouldn't ever feel like you have to apologise to me for being yourself."

Becky smiled. "That's what I mean. You've been so great, so supportive. First you found out I was a nudist-"

"Is that what you're calling yourself then, a nudist?"

"I guess, yeah, I mean I don't know that it needs a label but if it does that'd be it. Anyway, as I was saying, first you found out that I'm a nudist and you didn't really bat an eyelid, you made me feel so accepted and normal. You've no idea how much that helped.

"Then you find out that not only am I a nudist but I'm also, um, I guess you'd call it an exhibitionist too? And you don't just support me, you actually start helping me to do these things that I have wanted to do for so long, even though there's nothing in it for you and in fact you're putting yourself at risk to help me. You're such an amazing friend."

"Well," Lisa blushed, "I'm not gonna say I get nothing out of it myself..." She said no more, and Becky didn't push her further -- but her own face went a little pink.

There was silence for a moment, then Lisa coughed. "So," she said, changing the subject slightly, "since you're the expert, what's the difference between a nudist, and an exhibitionist?"

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