tagGroup SexBest Neighbor Ever! Ch. 01

Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 01


I'd love your FEEDBACK or COMMENTS telling me what you like and what you don't. It's knowing that people actually read my stories that inspires me to keep writing.


The Kirtland's moved into the house next to me a week ago. I met them out inspecting their yard while the moving truck was still in the drive. Or at least I met Kelly. It was around 11 AM Monday morning, and I had just gotten up, having worked my 10 hour grave shift at the data center until 4 AM. It's a great job for me, 10 hours a day, 4 days a week on a rotating schedule, and means I have 3 days off in a row plus virtually the entire daytime hours free. It also means I'm home, if I want to be, when most working people aren't.

That house had been empty for a while, and I was surprised to see the sudden activity there. When I walked into my back yard, a woman was inspecting the few sparse flower beds. She waved and yelled out a cheery "Hi" when she saw me and I responded, not sure what was going on. But I was sure I liked what I saw. She was rather short, maybe 5'4", mid-thirties like me. But she appeared to be pretty well built, curvy hips, even a little top heavy, and she had curly blonde hair down below her shoulders. I introduced myself as Ron, and she told me she was Kelly Kirtland. About that time, a man appeared from the back door and walked a little way towards us. Kelly said, "That's Kirk, my husband," and yelled to him, "this is Ron, our new neighbor."

I waved, and shouted, "Hi Kirk," and was a little taken aback when he half-heartedly waved and turned back to the house without a word.

She frowned and growled, "He's being his usual polite self, I see. Well you probably won't see much of him anyhow, he's away on business a lot, and doesn't spend much time socializing. We moved here because I wanted a yard I could garden in, and he could care less."

I gulped a bit at the strange contrast, but taking another look at her, I didn't really care. "Well, anyway, Kelly, I'm very glad to meet you, and hope you enjoy yourself here. And it will be great to see some bright flowers around here for a change. When you're done here, feel free to plant a few in my yard too," I kidded.

"I might take you up on that," she said with a smile, "but I can see I have quite a bit to do here first."

At that point, Kirk appeared again and shouted at her, "The movers are ready to leave, you better see if you need anything shifted."

"Oops, I suppose I better do that," she said, "but I'm sure I'll see you again soon!" With that she gave me a big smile and went trotting off to the house, as I admired the wiggle of her hips and ass all the way. I liked Kelly - a lot. But I already knew I didn't care for Kirk. Not only was he a little rude and distant, but I was jealous he had something I wanted - Kelly.

I had the next 3 days off, so I was up a little earlier the next morning, around 9, but when I looked out the window I saw she had beaten me. She was working at an old flower bed near my property line, energetically digging away with a spade. But I was much more interested to see that she had only short cut-offs and a halter top on, her dark skin showing she obviously spent a lot of time outdoors or tanning. There was about 6 inches of bare skin between the top and her shorts. I got my coffee and strolled out to see what she was doing, really more just to see her. But when she saw me she waved me over.

"Hi, Ron, you're just in time to give me a hand, if you don't mind. I dug up this big ol' boulder, but I can't get it into my wheelbarrow, would you see if you can move it for me?"

Eager to help, I lifted the mid-sized rock easily and we wheeled it off to the back of the shed. "Wow," she smiled, "I can see you may be very useful around here!"

"Just give me a call, anytime you have a problem," I replied. Our eyes made contact and couldn't break away for a moment. I was sure I saw something there more than gratitude.

As we walked back to the garden, I couldn't resist saying, "Wow, Kelly, you sure have a great tan; you must spend a lot of time outdoors."

"I do," she replied, "but the truth is, I go to a tanning salon regularly, I really love the feel of an all-over tan." With a big smile she put one hand on the waistband of her shorts and the other at the lower hem of her top, pushing the shorts down a bit, showing the beginning of the curve of her round ass, and pulling up the top. Whatever she intended, I could clearly see the under-curve of her breast, just as brown as the rest of her, and it was obvious she had no bra. Then I noticed the beginnings of a couple of little bumps under her top.

"Mmmmmmmm, beautiful," I smiled back, and we both knew I meant more than just the tan.

"I really want to get some work done before it gets too hot," she said, "but hopefully, I'll see you later."

"I'm sure you will," I replied, "and if it gets too hot, come on over and cool off in my pool. You're welcome to it any time, whether I'm home or not." I don't use it that much, and I figured she would be a great incentive to spend more time there.

"Oh, Ron, thanks so much, I'd love that! Maybe I can work on my tan a bit more." The more, the better, I thought.

I headed out to run some errands, but when I got home a couple of hours later, she was still at it, working on the garden. She even had a few pretty new flowers planted already. I was taking my bags into the house, when I heard her voice, "Ron, when you have a chance."

Of course I had a chance right then, so after setting my bags in the house, I walked over to the little garden. "Looks great," I said with a smile, and I wasn't looking at the garden, either.

But she had a worried expression on her face, and said, "The power's off in my kitchen, and I have no idea what to do. A fuse or something I suppose, but I don't even know where to look. Would you mind seeing if you can figure something out?"

We went in and I asked to see the basement. I checked the laundry room, but no panel there, so we went into the finished rec room. Apparently the previous owners had left the furniture, and it was well fitted out with overstuffed chairs and a sofa. I looked around and soon found a large gray door on the wall. Opening it, I found a clearly marked circuit breaker board, and I flipped the one labeled "Kitchen". Immediately we both heard the refrigerator overhead come on.

"Oh Ron!" She said, and reached to put her hand on my shoulder. Spontaneously, she went on tiptoe and kissed my cheek. "What can I do to thank you?"

Without answering, I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Her eyes closed and her hand slid from my shoulder to the back of my neck, and as she pulled me to her, I slid my arms around her. When I pulled her body against me she gasped, but her lips never left mine. When my tongue pressed, her lips opened and I felt the tip of her tongue say hello. Her body pressed tighter and tighter as the kiss lengthened, and I felt those gorgeous firm, tanned breasts push against me through the cloth. Since she showed no resistance, I slid my hands down her back, letting them come to rest over her full round ass cheeks. When I pulled, she could clearly feel my hard-on pressing against her. Her hips grinding against me told me that was the right move.

We kissed for minutes, and when we came up for air we were both gasping. She had a look of amazement on her face. "How the hell did you know I wanted that?"

"I knew I wanted that Kelly, and I had a feeling you did too. That circuit breaker could only have been shut off like that manually."

She giggled and gave me a big smile, "Oh dammit, you're too smart for me!"

With that, our lips immediately locked again, grinding hard. This time her tongue came into my mouth, almost to my throat, and the saliva flowed as the passion heightened, while my tongue tangled with hers. She moaned into my mouth, and our hands roamed over each other, until I finally pulled her onto the couch with me.

She was mostly on top of me, and my hands ran up and down her back and over her sweet ass once more. The halter she wore had only a loop around her neck and a tie in the middle of her back. When my hands found the tie I pulled and it easily came loose. I ran my hands up her sides and in between us, slipping under the loose halter until they found her luscious heavy round breasts. When I grasped them and squeezed, her head went back, pulling her lips from mine, and she gave out a combination of gasp and loud moan.

"Oh yes! I love that!" she gasped, and arched her back, pressing into my hands. I kneaded them, loving the feel, and when my fingertips grasped the rigid nipples, her breathing became ragged. Her hips were rolling, and her pussy was grinding against my swollen cock. I squeezed harder, pulling and twisting, and the more I did, the more she seemed to enjoy it. "My fucking husband never does that, the asshole!" she practically shouted.

The mention of Kirk suddenly reminded me, and I said, "Where is he, anyhow?"

"Don't worry, he's at work, and never comes home, it's an hour from here," she managed to gasp out between moans. "Just don't fucking stop!"

I didn't and pulled the halter over her head, while she tugged at my T-shirt. When her bare breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel those rock hard pointed nipples boring into me. She ground harder and harder against my cock, my hands on her ass now helping her with the rhythmic movements. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled, almost slamming her onto the couch, facing up, and I knelt on the floor beside her.

I growled as I rammed my lips down over one of the hard nipples, sucking it in. She whimpered in response, back arching. My lips squeezed, and my hot wet tongue ground against the tip. My hand found her other breast and started kneading again. Her hips were still rolling, her pussy lifting into the air under the shorts. I decided to fix that, and ran my hand down over her bare chest and stomach as she moaned. I yanked open the button and fly of her shorts and shoved my hands underneath, finding only a tiny bikini covering her.

My fingers slid over the smooth silky fabric and my hand cupped her, squeezing just as it had her breast. Now she ground against it as my mouth worked harder on her breast, sucking more of it in, teeth grazing the tip as my lips squeezed. She writhed on the couch making a constant stream of little high pitched sounds.

With my other hand, I reached down and undid my shorts, pushing them down as far as I could, along with my briefs. When I stood my cock sprang free, pointing at her. I felt her hand grasp it at the base and pull it to her mouth. After she licked the pre-cum off the tip she slipped her lips over the purple head and sucked - hard! As she licked and kissed, my hand did its best to push her shorts and panties away from her pussy, until they were around her knees. She started to kick her legs, and soon succeeded in shedding the last of her clothing. My shorts slid down my legs, and I stepped out of them, leaving us both naked.

She pushed herself up, and stared up at me while she slowly slipped me into her mouth, deeper and deeper. I put my hands on her head and encouraged her to take even more, and she tried, hard. She gagged, and pulled me back out for a moment, and when she slid me in again I pulled her towards me, and a look of surprise showed on her face when my tip slid into her throat. I could feel her throat muscles contracting, and she was making gurgling sounds, but did not fight me as I held her. When I released her she slid me out of her mouth, drooling copious amounts of saliva. When she caught her breath she just gasped, "Oh god!"

Her head came forward again, and this time, I slid right down, till her lips pressed into my pubic hair, and she ground her face against me, my hard cock moving in her throat. I held her head in both hands and started fucking her face, loving the sight of my cock disappearing into her. She was moaning, even with my cock in her throat, and her hands grasped my ass cheeks, pulling me even deeper. A constant stream of saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth. I smiled at her and said, "I love it when you slobber on my cock like that, it feels so smooth and slippery!"

"You made me slobber when you pushed it down my fucking throat!" she gasped as she sucked in more air. "But I didn't know I would like that so much!" She gave me a big smile.

I ran my hands softly over her curly hair, "You are a great cock sucker, Kelly, I whispered to her.

"Why thank you," she said, "but I need more practice!" And she inhaled my cock and swallowed it again. I swear she was giggling with it buried in her throat. Whatever she was doing, it felt great!

She really was loving it, and so was I, but before long I knew it was a little too good, and I had no intention of ending our session so quickly. I grabbed her hair and pulled her off of me, and bent down to kiss her runny face, as my hands ground against her tits. Then I pushed her back on the couch and knelt again, grabbing her ankles and putting them over my shoulders. I figured a great blow job deserved a reward.

I ran my tongue down the length of her left inside thigh, while my eyes never wavered from hers. Then back up the right thigh. I kissed inside her right knee, and then down again, sometimes nipping just hard enough that she gasped. When I had almost reached her pussy I suddenly moved left again, and bit down hard enough to leave a little red mark, and she squealed. But then I grabbed both her hips in my hands and rammed my face between her legs, pushing my tongue into her as far as it would go. She was dripping wet, and I ended up with a mouthful of her juices, which I swallowed in one gulp. My lips were moving against her pussy as my tongue swirled deep inside her cunt, and she was squirming on the couch, making little mewing sounds, head thrown back, eyes closed with the pleasure of it.

Her hands went to my head, and she mashed my face into herself even harder as I slid my tongue slowly up between her lips, my mouth grinding and sucking. When I found her large swollen clit I greedily sucked it in and she jumped and gave an absolute roar of pleasure. My lips squeezed and my tongue tip circled and ground against it. Her hips were pumping, her ass lifted off the couch, grinding against my face. I reached up and grabbed the hard tips of her breasts in my fingertips, and when I squeezed she screamed, a tremendous orgasm rippling through her body. My face was awash in her cum, and despite my best efforts some dripped onto the couch, off my chin. Her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath, and I softly kissed and licked, letting her down slowly.

Finally I lifted my cum-covered face from her sopping pussy and looked her. "Ronny, oh god!" was all she could manage to gasp.

I pushed her legs wide, one up the back of the couch and one with her foot on the floor, and pulled myself up over her. My cock was sliding over her pussy as I bent my head and kissed her once more. I felt her hand grasp me and she positioned my cock over her waiting cunt. When her hips lifted, trying to draw me in I pushed, and slid easily inside her. We groaned together at the tremendous pleasure of her tight cunt around my rigid shaft. I pulled back and pushed a couple of more times and ended up buried in her. I could feel her hips moving slowly as we lay locked together, staring at each other for just a moment.

I started fucking her with long slow strokes, enjoying the exquisite pleasure I felt. She had been holding her breath, but gradually relaxed, and her hips started moving in time with mine, and at last she wordlessly smiled at me. At some point, as our pace and effort slowly increased, we both started quietly moaning, each taking our own pleasure and trying to give it back. Soon the sound of my body slapping against hers filled the room, and the aging couch was creaking with every stroke.

When I bent my head down and sucked in her nipple she gasped, almost in pain, as her back arched and she ground her breast into my face. Her hips went into overdrive, forcing me to go faster and faster. I knew my cock would never stand the tingling sensation, and I shuddered. I pounded myself into her once more and ground against her, holding her impaled on my rigid shaft. She screamed and bucked and I felt her fiery cum welling up around my cock. I let go and my bucking hips pumped my cum deep inside her, spurt after spurt firing into her cunt, our combined juices overflowing and covering us both.

I fell on top of her and our lips ground together, kissing over and over as our moans and gasps tried to escape between them. Our bodies were soaked and slippery with sweat, and we slid back and forth as we could not lie still. We moved so I could lie beside her and our arms locked around each other.

"Welcome to the neighborhood," I whispered into her ear. "I'm so glad to see I have such a helpful neighbor," she giggled. "I know I'm just going to love living here!"

I wouldn't have minded just lying there with her, snuggling together, but finally she whispered, "You better get out of here, I need to clean up myself and the couch, and he will be home before too long. But the good news is, he leaves tomorrow on a business trip for 3 days, and won't be back till Saturday. Right now it looks like I may need your help quite a bit more before he gets back. We both laughed and smiled, and when we got up, I slapped her hard on the ass. She screamed and, laughing hard, yelled, "You mean bastard!" When I did it again she giggled and said, "Get out of here, before I don't let you go!"

We allowed ourselves one more long, tongue-filled kiss, and then I pulled on my Tee and shorts and headed for home. An hour later I saw Kirk's car pull in the drive.

I could hardly believe this afternoon even happened. Two days ago I didn't even know Kelly existed, and today, I spent a couple of hours trying to fuck her brains out, and having her return the favor. And the one thing I was certain of was, it was not a one time thing. She sounded like she couldn't wait to get her hands on me again, and I damn sure felt that way about her! The excitement of such a sudden sexual encounter was overwhelming! I only left her a few hours ago, and I was aching to be with her again. It was going to be a long night.

The next morning was sort of a bummer. I expected I would see Kelly in the yard, but not a sign of her by 10 AM. I contemplated going over there, but decided I didn't want to appear too anxious or too "uncool". At 10:15, a car I hadn't seen before pulled into her drive. A fairly tall, leggy redhead about Kelly's age got out and headed for the house. Company. A little relieved, I figured that's why Kelly hadn't showed.

But an hour later, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Kelly and the redhead came out the back door and headed right for my pool enclosure! They were both dressed in bikini swimsuits and carried towels and sundry gear for swimming and sunning. I couldn't imagine. I had told Kelly she could use my pool, but I found it hard to believe she would just invite someone else to join her and not even bother to tell me! Of course, I was also disappointed I apparently wouldn't be seeing Kelly for a while.

Just then there was a rap on the back door. Kelly! I let her in and she immediately wrapped herself around me and our lips locked. With all the bare skin, I was in instant heaven, and had the hard-on to prove it. As she pulled back a bit she said, "Hi baby, miss me?" she giggled and we locked lips again. A few moments later, she managed to free herself long enough to add, "I hope so, because I've been dying for more of you!"

Another long grinder of a kiss and she finally got to why she was here. "I know you saw me and my friend Alli coming over, I saw you in the window." She giggled. "I know it's a bit forward of me, and I hope you don't mind, but if you come out and join us in a little while, I really think you will be glad. I've known Alli since high school and I love her dearly."

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