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Best Seat on the Plane


John was sitting in the Chicago airport at his gate waiting patiently for his flight to Washington D.C. He had a conference he was going to attend the next day and was flying in the night before. It wasn't very busy fortunately, he always hated it when the flights were packed.

He was looking around at all the people waiting when he spotted a woman that stood out to him. He immediately got excited at the idea that a bodybuilder was near by.

John had a secret love for very muscular women, the bigger the better. He had no idea why he loved women with muscles so much, but he learned over time not to fight his passion but embrace it.

He had never met a female bodybuilder before, his only experience was looking at pictures on the internet. He always dreamed about what it would be like and always kept his eyes open if he ever saw a woman like that.

The woman he spotted was standing at the end of one of the aisles of seats looking at her phone. She was definitely a bodybuilder, she looked huge from where he was sitting.

What John noticed first was the size of her legs which were visible because she was wearing a black athletic skirt. Her legs were very smooth and shiny with huge quad muscles. Just from standing there he could see incredible definition. When she would shift her weight from one leg to the other her muscles would bulge and harden.

He could see her calves were also very defined and bulged out with incredible size. She was wearing a lightweight long sleeve jacket, but he could see the big round shoulders and beefy arms.

Without even thinking John got up to get a better view of her. He was pretending to do something with his phone as he got within a couple feet of her. Just being this close to her incredible size was getting John excited as he positioned himself so he was behind her.

She looked bigger than any woman he had ever seen, or maybe it was because he had never seen a bodybuilder in person before. John was a tall man by normal standards, he stood 6 feet tall and weighed 190 pounds. Standing this close to her he felt very small, she must have been at least 2 inches taller than him.

She was very beautiful, with dark brown skin and beautiful silky black hair that came down to the middle of her back. Her facial features were very fine and feminine with big hazel eyes. John couldn't place her nationality and guessed she must be a mix of things which gave her a very exotic look.

John could see she was holding her ticket in one hand. He looked closely and could just make out they were on the same flight and her seat was 1A.

He was so disappointed that their seats weren't even close. He was back in coach and she was in first class. All of a sudden John got an idea, it was a long shot but he thought it was worth giving it a try.

He quickly walked over to the airline attendant counter for his flight.

"Hi may I help you?" The woman behind the counter asked.

"Hi I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade my seat to first class?" John asked.

"Let me see." The attendant started punching on her keyboard.

"The farther up the better, something like 1A." John was hoping this would be enough to get close.

"1A is taken but how about 1B. The upgrade fee is $199." The attendant offered.

John's heart nearly leapt out of his chest it was beating so fast. He tried his best to calm himself so he didn't look crazy.

"That would be perfect." He said.

"Can I have your ticket please." The attendant asked.

John gave her his ticket and waited patiently for her to arrange his upgrade.

"All right, there you go sir." She handed John his new ticket.

"Thank you very much." He said.

What a small price to pay to get the best seat on the plane he thought to himself. He walked back over to the seats to sit down and calm himself.

He made sure that he could still see the muscular woman from his vantage point. As she held her phone still looking at it, he could definitely see massive mounds under her sleeves. There was no denying that she was a bodybuilder.

The wait to board the plane seemed like it took forever as John sat impatiently sneaking peaks at the woman of his dreams. Finally the announcement was made that pre-boarding would begin.

He looked over to see that his muscle fantasy was making her way to get on the plane. John tried to casually get up and fall in behind her in line. The way his heart was racing he was sure it was less than casual.

He was directly behind her taking in her massive frame. Her shoulders were so wide and round he couldn't believe it. She must have been in off season shape but looking at how defined and hard her legs were it didn't seem the case.

It didn't take long to get through the line and soon they were making their way down the jet bridge to the plane. She walked with long confident strides in front of him. John couldn't take his eyes off her huge calves that flexed with every step.

They boarded the plane and were immediately greeted by the flight attendants. John had never flown first class before and felt like royalty. In front of him she was already putting her carry-on in the overhead compartment and taking her seat by the window.

John put his luggage above as well and looked down to see she was taking off her jacket. What an amazing sight that was seated before him. She looked hard as a rock and ready to take the stage. She had no visible fat on her and was covered in huge thick muscles.

Underneath the jacket she had on a tight fitting white spaghetti strap workout top. Her arms, shoulders, and chest were fully exposed. She must have felt him staring because she looked up and gave him a nice smile.

"Is this your seat?" She asked.

John realized he was staring and snapped out of his trance to take the seat next to her. Her voice was feminine and smooth which was the opposite of how John expected her to sound.

He didn't know what to say or do and just sat in his seat looking straight ahead.

"Can I get you something to drink?" The flight attendant bent down to ask us.

"Sure I will have a water."

"I'll also have a water." John reflexively responded.

John was so nervous as he was sitting there looking straight ahead. He realized that she must be thinking he is one of those close minded people that disagree with her lifestyle because of the way he was acting. He was trying to think of anything but his mind was blank.

The flight attendant came back with their waters and John and the women thanked her.

The seats in first class were much bigger than back in coach yet the muscular woman was so big she filled the entire seat and still managed to push up against John's shoulder and arm. He found himself leaning away because he was so nervous to even touch her.

"I'm Laura." She had her hand extended toward John in a greeting.

It was a big hand yet still very feminine with short nails that were perfectly manicured. He took her hand and she gave him a firm but still gentle shake. "um..John."

"Nice to meet you John, are you heading to D.C for business or pleasure." She asked.

John was so thankful she was breaking the ice with casual conversation. Her big hazel eyes had a kindness to them that instantly made John relax a little.

"Business, I am attending a conference tomorrow." He offered.

"What is your business?" She asked.

"I am a software engineer for a mid-sized company. We provide contracting services for telecom companies mostly."

"Interesting." She said.

John was sure this must have been the most boring conversation to her, but she had an honesty to her that made even his boring job sound like it was fascinating.

John was doing everything in his power to maintain eye contact. He wanted so badly to sneak a peek at her physique but knew that he needed to play it cool.

"How about you? Business or pleasure?" He asked.

"A little of both, I have never been to D.C. so I am hoping to see the sights. The company I work for has it's headquarters there and I will be doing some training on Monday."

"Oh, so you have the whole weekend to enjoy the city."

"Yup, that's the plan." She said.

"I lived in D.C. for about 5 years, it is a great city to explore." John offered.

"Any suggestions? I really didn't plan at all, I just decided to fly in early and wing it."

John was totally relaxed now as he was talking to Laura about something he was educated on. People were still boarding the plane as John started telling her all his favorite little spots around the D.C. area.

He actually thought there might be a connection between the two of them as she listened to everything John was saying with rapt attention.

John was 28 and he was pretty sure Laura was around the same age. Her skin had that youthful look to it with no visible signs of aging, yet given her muscle size she must have been bodybuilding for a long time.

The cabin doors were closed now and John felt the familiar feeling of the plane backing up away from the terminal.

"John, I have a confession to make." Laura said.

"What?" John asked confused.

"I don't fly very much and I get nervous when the plane is taking off. I am usually fine when we are in the air, I just need to get through the first part." She was gripping the armrest showing cords of muscle popping out of her forearm.

His eyes were wide with the sight as he snuck a look when she wasn't looking. He must have lingered too long because when he looked up she was looking at him through the corner of her eyes with interest.

"It helps me to talk. It takes my mind off it." She continued.

"Okay." John said.

"You can ask me about my muscles, it's okay. Most people don't know what to make of me and are too scared to ask."

She was so forward and honest. John wasn't sure how to respond. Should he come clean and be honest himself or should he hide his true self. He decided to be honest.

"I have a confession as well." John said.

"What is it?" She asked with authentic interest.

"I am a huge fan of female bodybuilders." John admitted.

"That explains it, how big of a fan? Who was the last woman to win the Miss Olympia?" She quizzed him.

"That's easy, I could list every women who won the Miss Olympia." John retorted.

"Okay smarty pants, list them for me."

"Rachel McLish, Carla Dunlap, Cory Everson, Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky, Valentina Chepiga and Andrulla Blanchette shared it. It got a little messy for a couple years with Juliette Bergmann and Iris Kyle winning, then Yaxeni, and then the reign of Iris Kyle winning 8 or 9 in a row." John finished confidently.

"Wow, that's better than I can do, I think you proved your point." She looked at him surprised. "So when you were giving me those funny looks..."

"Sorry about that. It's just that clearly you are a bodybuilder and I was kind of awe struck." John admitted.

She nodded her head in understanding. "I am a bodybuilder, I have been training hard core for over 12 years now."

"Wow, that's incredible. I have the most respect for your discipline. I workout with weights on and off but can never keep the focus to achieve what you have. Have you ever competed?" John asked.

"No, I do it for myself. I have never had the courage to get up in front of a huge crowd like that."

"I am sure if you did you would be incredible."

She looked over at him and smiled. "Thanks. What else do you want to know." She offered.

"How strong are you?"

Her smile got even wider. "Very strong." She said confidently leaning toward him as she said it.

John just stared back into her beautiful eyes and gulped. All this talk about her muscles was getting him excited, but the way she leaned toward him sent him over the top giving him the hardest erection.

"I have never completely maxed myself out because it can be dangerous, but I don't think there is a woman who is even close to my strength."

"Really." John was looking at her with his mouth open.

"Really." She said.

"How much are we talking about?" John asked.

"I have pushed out over 500 lbs. I had spotters, but I did it completely unassisted."

"Whoaaa." John was completely shocked.

"I can squat 700 lbs. safely, but I wouldn't want to go higher."

"That's incredible." John managed to say.

He looked down at her massive legs. They were like tree trunks and dwarfed his legs by comparison. They were silky smooth looking with what looked like paper thin skin. Three large mounds were visible on the top of each leg and he could only imagine how they would look if she flexed.

She listed off some of her other accomplishments which were just incredible. Laura had the strength of a powerlifter but had the definition of a bodybuilder, which made for the most amazing combination.

The airplane was lining up on the runway and getting ready to rev the engines for take off. Up to this point Laura hadn't noticed and had been completely relaxed talking to John.

The plane started to accelerate and Laura couldn't help but notice the plane was taking off. She closed her eyes and pushed her head back in the head rest. Her entire body seemed to tense up and John couldn't help but notice how much bigger her arms got.

She had a vice grip on the armrest again causing her forearms to harden and show incredible definition seeming to double in size.

Her upper body exploded with muscle as she tensed up. Her biceps hardened up showing massive size and forming into a huge mountain that was the size of a softball. Her pecs looked amazing as they pushed outward showing deep grooves.

Her tight white top didn't hide much and John could see she had small breasts, but they hung down nicely with big hard nipples poking out. With pecs as big as hers it would make any boobs look small. John liked that she didn't have big implants which allowed her defined pecs to be more visible.

John was drinking in every second he had to get a good look at her body. Her shoulders were massive and looked like they were carved out of stone.

The plane was almost done climbing as it started to level out. He looked up at her beautiful face and could see her full luscious lips were slightly parted with controlled breaths.

Her muscles started to relax as she started to calm down. She lowered her head and opened her eyes looking over to John and gave him a warm smile.

"Thank you for taking my mind off flying. I would have been a mess if it wasn't for you." She said as she reached over and squeezed John's hand.

John's hands were in his lap trying desperately to cover up the raging erection he had from the sight of Laura. Her hand lingered on his for a couple minutes as she looked into his eyes until finally she removed her hand.

"It was my pleasure, I enjoy talking to you." John said as he returned a smile.

"So tell me, when did you become a fan of bodybuilding?" She asked.

"Uh...since I was born I guess. I have memories of admiring muscle on women as far back as I can remember." John admitted.


"Yeah, it's kind of a rare thing so there are a couple vivid memories that stand out. For example I remember being at a restaurant when I was very young maybe 10 or 11 and there was a waitress that had a visible bicep. It wasn't very big, but I noticed it when she was carrying the drinks around. I remember watching her the whole time just waiting to see if I could get another view of her bicep."

Laura was nodding her head in understanding as she looked at him with interest.

John continued, it was almost therapeutic having never talked to anyone about this. "I also remember the Olympics at a young age. The women athletes looked amazing to me, the track and field athletes especially were really fit."

John paused not sure if he should continue. He didn't want to scare Laura off.

"I know what you mean, I had the exact same thoughts. As a girl that was the first time I remember seeing really athletic women and I found their strength fascinating. So when was the first time you saw a female bodybuilder?" Laura asked.

"I was a teenager and I was flipping through the channels and I stumbled upon a Ms Olympia competition. It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. The women were amazing, like art. I remember seeing Lisa Lewis for the first time and being in complete awe that a woman could have muscle development like that."

"Who won that year?" Laura asked.

"I remember like it was yesterday, it was a very interesting time that I came in the middle of. It was Valentina Chepiga and Andrulla Blanchette. Remember, I had never seen women with muscle like this before and I remember being very confused. To me it seemed obvious that Lisa Lewis or Vickie Gates should have won, their muscles were unreal, like nothing I had ever seen."

"Oh yeah, that was the time they were trying to shift away from the more muscular." Laura added.

"Yeah, I didn't know that, I just saw what looked like to me the 3rd or 4th best physique win the heavyweight. All I knew at that moment was how incredibly muscled and beautiful they all were."

"Then what?" She prodded.

"As a teenager I had just seen the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Now I was looking for more. I found a store that sold what I think was the greatest magazine at the time. It was Women's Physique World. It was really hard to find and only came out 4 times a year, but it was awesome."

John didn't tell her about another magazine he loved at that time called Muscle Elegance. It was like Playboy for bodybuilding admirers.

"I kept my eye open for anything else on TV, but it was like the well dried up. There were a couple smaller shows that I found, but that was pretty much it. Now years later I know that I came in at the very end of it's popularity or at least it's exposure was all but eliminated." John finished.

John was quiet, he felt like he had done a lot of talking and was curious what Laura had to say about what he said.

"I love how you describe your passion. So simple and pure. I agree with you, it's like art. I feel like I am an artist molding my body. For me I didn't see a female bodybuilder till I was almost twenty. I already knew it was something I wanted and seeing it for real changed my life. At the gym they had pictures of men bodybuilders and I would look at that and dream of having muscles like that for myself. It's hard to explain, I have just always wanted to be strong and built."

"It's just who we are so why fight it." John commented.

"So what about you, you look like you are in shape, do you lift weights?" She asked.

"I have been lifting on and off for about 5 years. I would love to be huge myself but just can't stay disciplined." He said very dejected.

"Maybe you just need the right teacher, who have you worked with?" She asked.

"Nobody, I just do my own research and try to figure it out myself." He admitted.

"I think we just found the problem. I have always had people helping me at my gym, nothing beats someone with experience."

"How long have you been training?" John asked.

"I have been hard-core training for about 12 years now. I had a pretty good base when I started, I was already a pretty strong girl. I was always in sports and started lifting when I was a teenager. When I was about 18, a bodybuilder at my gym started to help me train and I got the right diet and exercise program and started to really make gains." She said proudly.

She really liked talking about her gym regimen and John was hanging on every word. To hear how Laura was able to transform her body into the goddess he saw before him was the most fascinating thing to him.

While Laura was talking she would move her hands around for emphasis, John would try to catch a glimpse here and there when he thought she wasn't looking. She either didn't notice or didn't care because she didn't react at all. It was incredible to watch her biceps grow and form as she moved her arms around.

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