tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBet You My Wife! Ch. 01

Bet You My Wife! Ch. 01


I have been married to Amy for gone 4 years, 3 years after she started working as my secretary. It would be impossible to rule out that I hired her for her willingness to please and her fine athletic figure, therefore it didn't take long before I began to find out exactly how willing she really was.

I manage a law firm in Middlesbrough, quite a large Victorian style place with my own office and Amy's desk just outside. She always wears sexy underwear for me to spice up our 'private meetings', not to mention her wardrobe full of short skirts and blouses, she cant resist but show off her fine cleavage. 32 years old and stunning if I may say so.

We regularly go to the gym and Amy does boxercise classes – a tense aerobics class with boxing moves in it - so as you can imagine, her toned body keeps her tits nice and pert and her bum just begging to be filled with hot semen. Office hours start at 7:30am for me, and obviously Amy comes too, giving us half an hour before the rest of the staff arrive at 8:00. I can never resist calling Amy in for a quick session while we have the building to ourselves; capturing the picture in my mind of her bent over my desk with her skirt hiked up, in the midst of orgasm helps me keep going throughout the day.

The workplace is very social and we have regular nights out. I'm not too much of a dancer so I generally stand by the bar, watching Amy dancing seductively with other men from the office, letting their hands roam over her body, teasing their cocks as she rubs against them. They glance at me occasionally, knowing they are touching my wife, but I pretend not to notice. The desperate men from the office ogle her as she bumps and grinds them; some dare to run their hands over the outline of her bra and the bottom of her skirt, trying to accidentally rub her breasts or panties. What goes on doesn't bother me. Amy doesn't let them go too far but says she always makes sure she gets the man's penis hard before moving on to dance with his workmate.

One night we were all out, just sat around a pub table, quite drunk. I was keeping out of the conversation as the men were forever making passes at Amy - something that doesn't bother me too much therefore I'd rather keep friends with my staff than start disrupting the mood. Then they started on me, joking I wasn't good enough for her and couldn't even run the company.

"You need someone younger, Amy," they would say, "someone who can actually do their job." I roll my eyes as they prod me, being right 'jack the lads'.

"You're no good are ya, John? The firm is goin under, haha", they were joking, but realistically just looking like right wankers. I continued pretending not to listen.

"Bet old Johnny boy can't even secure this Rogers Simpson case!"

That was it! Fuckin losers! Rogers vs Simpson was the biggest case we were looking into, something my mind was set on, something I was going to succeed in pulling off.

"Yeah?! Bet you my wife I do", I blasted.

The table went quiet, everyone looking round to me.

"What?" said Tim

"I'm not joking," I said, "I bet you my wife for a day that we confirm the Rogers Simpson and it's the biggest success in our company's history"

Ray, Tim and Danny who I was talking to were desperately trying to hide their grins, wanting to pursue the bet further, Amy looked me in the eye but after seeing I was serious, looked at the floor and rubbed her fingers gently on my hand. She knew I was confident about this case so did not question my statement.

There was still silence as the men deliberated the moment, and glancing up and down Amy's body, probably stripping her clothes off in their minds and thinking of the many ways they could take her.

Tim continued, "So we actually get your wife's services for a whole day if this case falls through?"

There was a brief pause.

"A whole day", I replied.

"I get to take her home," said Ray, "seeing as though I'm team leader"


The group continued to discuss the matter, suggesting how she could file their papers, answer their phones, and cook dinner for Ray after work. They seemed to miss points of Amy's real value, that she has a stunning body, that she could compete nationally for cock sucking, and that most of all, she was the best lay of my life, taking it in any hole.

We left shortly after and I talked to Amy on the way home, telling her how confident I was that we were going to get this case. She said she didn't mind, filing papers for someone else might be quite fun, and laughing at the fact that Ray was so old and chubby he probably only cooked beans on toast anyway so she would have it easy. I took her hand and led her to our bedroom, our mouths met as we stood fully clothed. She opened my shirt, and kissed her way to the buckle on my trousers. Slowly opening it and tugging down my trousers and pants, she took my hard cock into her mouth. As soon as my cock filled her mouth I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled out, picked her up and we fell onto the bed, ripping each others clothes off. I pressed down on top of her as I pistoned my cock into her soaked pussy. In no more than 30 seconds of wild love making I erupted inside her and fell on the bed. Wrapped in each others arms, we fell asleep.

Weeks past at work and the thought of my workmates having Amy's services was turning me on constantly. She would have to submit to whatever they please, although by the sound of the conversation in the pub that would only include manual work! I would regularly call her into my office, ordering her beneath my desk where she would suck me while I worked. Most days this resulted in bending her over my desk and shooting my load deep in her arse or pussy. Sex at work was regular and we both enjoyed every minute of it, especially excited when people would knock at the door, causing us to quickly tidy ourselves up and look unsuspicious before the person entered. One day Danny came in and handed me some papers, placing them directly next to the cum that had recently leaked from Amy's pussy onto the desk, he glanced at her knowingly before leaving, looking through the open button on her blouse as she sat innocently in the clients chair.

Being in a law firm, Tim brought me a contract to sign, ensuring I would not be backing out of this deal. I signed immediately knowing I would win but not bothered too much by losing anyway. Not much was said about the bet, but my signature ensured that things were going ahead regardless. He left with a smug look on his face and I continued my work.

I was working overtime getting the background on this case, forming arguments that could not possibly be lost, when Danny came into my office.

"Rogers has backed out of the case", he grinned.

There was an air of disbelief, and it struck my mind that the bet must be off. Then why was he grinning? I questioned him further.

"What? They just pulled out?"

"Yeah, said he had pressure from a third party to drop the case"

"Right." He left me in my office to get over the news. Within minutes, he came running back in with Danny.

"So when do we get her?!", blurted Danny.


"Amy – we won the bet!"

"There was no bet. No one won the case, no one lost"

"Yeah but you signed the contract." He handed me the contract and continued, "Line 21, 'outcome other than that of Rogers winning the case in Rogers vs Simpson, the team (Ray, Tim and Danny) win the bet', and line 3, 'prize, as stated in this contract, consists of full use of Amy's services for a period of no more and no less than 24 hours'."

Fuck. It hadn't crossed my mind that the case wouldn't go ahead, therefore classed as 'other outcome'. I couldn't believe it. I was more bothered about losing the case than the judgement it brought on my wife - that for 24 hours from the minute Ray's team walked into the office the following day, she was theirs. We'd just lost the potential for so much publicity standing in such a big case but now I'd have to file my own papers, send my own faxes, take my own calls and worst of all – see to my own erections!

They left the room in merry banter and shortly Amy entered.

"So you actually went ahead with it?"

I leaned back in my chair, knowing I was in the shit but there was nothing I could do about it.

"Yeah, I'd signed the contract and because Rogers pulled out, we lost."

"Why did you sign the contract in the first place?!"

"You didn't seemed to have any qualms about it in the pub that night, not to mention you saying you wouldn't mind doing the faxes and cooking beans on toast for someone else!" I took my frustration out no her slightly more than she deserved as she sat on the chair opposite my desk, staring out the window.

"So do you think they'll want to fuck me?"

"Fat Ray? Fat chance of that! Mind it would be a change to him jacking himself off every night over computer porn. Plus, the other guys aren't exactly going to do anything in the office so I wouldn't worry about it."

We sat in silence, both debating in our minds the idea of Amy pleasuring the other men in the office until eventually we cut the day short and went home.

We discussed what Amy should wear, and after I made it clear I wouldn't hold it against her if she had to fuck my workmates in this instance, we arrived at the office the following day with Amy in her shortest cotton skirt accompanied by a tight fitting blouse, leaving 3 buttons open to give a clear view of the lace bra coating her fine breasts. She wore high heels with suspenders that crept up to a pair of satin and lace French knickers. The clothing was just perfect, keeping a look of sophistication and elegance about her but showing off just enough of her curves and flesh to provoke even the least sexually orientated man. We stood by her desk, locked in a passionate kiss, my hands roaming her body, beginning to roll her skirt up as she groped my cock filled trousers, preparing to take her over her desk when suddenly the lift doors began to open. We broke off immediately and tried to look innocent.

"Ah, Amy! Just the person I want to see" Ray called out, knowing fine well what he had interrupted, he had came in almost 20 minutes early! "I've got a buy day and need your assistance so if you don't mind, John, we've got things to be getting on with."

I walked into my office, noticing Ray lingering his fingers on her waistline as he directed her,

"Yesterday I took the liberty of setting you up a desk just next to mine," he went on, "you should be able to operate fully from there when I need you" As his hand trailed off he made sure to run it over her curved bum. I knew he couldn't resist, no man could, and to know she was going home with him after work, he must be hard already!

After showing Amy her desk for the day, and knowing I was tucked away in my office, he led her to the photocopying suite and ordered her to copy certain pages from select law books for reference that day. Even though she had her back to him, she could feel his eyes looking her over, stripping her in his mind and probably taking her body as he wished. As she replaced the book in the copier she felt his hands on her waist,

"So what exactly can you offer me other than photocopying?"

He was going to have his way with her and she knew it, he wanted her body and she had to comply. She felt like a slut, not particularly wanting to have this old, heavily built man touch her up, but there was little she could do about it. She would try to evade anything directing towards sex but knew eventually she would just have to relax and hope it passed quickly.

"I don't know exactly, faxing? Answering calls? Arranging meetings?" she replied.

"I think you know that's not what I mean," he said, his hands pulling her closer until she felt him pressing against her back. She was trapped between him and the photocopier as he pressed against her, his hands playing with the waistline of her skirt.

"You don't think you can come into work looking like this and not expect me to want more than just faxing," he whispered, "I want your body."

She had her hands on the photocopier trying to steady her self as he pressed her against it, his fingers now began to move round to her front, tracing up to her breasts as she felt his hardness pushing into her clothed bum. He cupped her breasts in his hands before sliding one hand inside her blouse. She gasped as he made contact with her flesh.

"'I've dreamt of this," he said, "but never knew you could feel this good. Touch me. Feel my hardness in my trousers."

He moved back slightly as she reluctantly allowed one hands to touch the tent in pants.

"Turn around, he wants to come out to play, you can't just leave him inside."

It seemed even more sick that he was trying to turn this into a game but she slid around, her back now to the photocopier, knowing she was his. Her eyes were on his chubby belly as she fumbled at the button on his trousers, guessing he must be around 15 stone trying to take her mind from the duty she was bound to. She slid down his zip and pulled his pants aside, revealing his erection. Her hands stopped still, holding either side of the zip on his trousers, not wanting to take this any further.

"Touch it," he said, "run your fingers over it and play with my balls." He took the liberty of lowering his trousers further as she put her hands on his cock, not being able to bring herself to pleasure this man who was at least 15 years older than her. He began to grind his cock into her hands,

"Get down on your knees," he ordered sternly as she didn't seem to be putting much effort in, "I want you to taste me. Taste my cock and lick my balls, I want to shoot my load inside of your mouth."

Amy looked down in silence before slowly lowering her self to her knees. Tears welled up in her eyes, knowing she had no choice other than to perform oral sex by order of the ugliest man in the office. He grabbed her hair to steady her head and guided it towards the tip of his hard penis. She borked as the tip touched her tongue. Deciding that the only way out was to finish him off as soon as possible, she began to lick his pisshole and tickled his balls with her fingers. Licking the whole length of his hard cock she cupped his balls in her hand and took him deep inside her mouth. He was now controlling her head, gripping her hair, now overwhelmed by the sensations he slammed his cock into her mouth.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna cum so hard and I want you to swallow every drop like the cum hungry bitch that you are!"

She was sucking hard, wanting this to end. Her prayers were answered with streams of hot salty cum bursting into her waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly, almost choking on the river of cum running down her throat, trying to get the salty mixture out of her mouth as he kept pounding into her.

His rhythms began to slow down before eventually his limping cock slopped out of her mouth as she gasped for air. He grinned down at her as he tucked himself in and left the room. Amy was left kneeling on the floor with her head bowed in disgust, she knew this was the first time of many she would have to pleasure him today. Finding it hard to get to her feet she got a cup of water from the dispenser at the side of the room, washing away the last of his cum from her mouth. The time was now almost 8:00am and no doubt there would be another 2 cocks arriving for her services. She left the room and headed past Ray towards the toilet where she could claim sanctuary for at least a few minutes, he winked at her and grinned at her as she walked by, eyes to the floor.

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