tagInterracial LoveBethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 07

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 07

byrikki rocks©

"I've got to hurry now, check in with my mother, take a shower, and get my ass to school," said the beautiful eighteen-year-old cheerleader, with Foley's cum still fresh on her breath. Bethany had never sucked off a cock that early in the morning before. It seemed like such a delightful and demented way to begin the day. If only she could wake to a black cock pointed in her face every morning, she mused, life would be so much more exciting!

Eager to hear the "blind" promise Foley made her agreed to do during the heat of their lustful encounter, she quickly phoned her mom on her cell to let her know she wasn't going to stop home. Yesterday she had lied to her, saying she'd be at a sleep-over at girl friend's house. She couldn't possibly tell her the truth--that she'd really be relishing black cock all night. Hell, they were Christians and her father a reverend, no less.

"So, Foley, what exactly did I promise you last night while you crammed me with your cock?" she asked while making her way to Foley's bathroom for a shower.

"Well, it's all explained here in dis envelope. I'll leave it on de kitchen table for yo'. Yo' kin look it over on yo' way to school. I gots to git myself to work right quick--be sure to locks de door, girl," and he scooted into to some work clothes and was practically out the door without ever brushing his teeth or washing.

The hot water felt heavenly falling on her voluptuous body. As she lathered off the night's sweat and cum from her skin and hair, she wondered what could possibly be in that envelope. Whatever it was, she hoped it involved being Foley's cum-rag again; having his stink on her breath made her feel utterly sexy. Her tongue was still finding little pockets of his cum between her cheeks.

After her shower, she dolled and preened herself. She retrieved a clean but punky-looking black t-shirt from her bag although she had to don the same underwear and skirt she wore yesterday. Once she was satisfied with her make-up and hair, she went to the kitchen and opened the envelope. It read:

"You have been selected for a six-month membership as an intern with the Black Bowling Congress, a group of four black men who invite you to engage in mutually agreed upon liaisons upon our request. When summoned, you will be instructed where and when an encounter will occur. You must then immediately set off to meet the member and follow his directives completely and willingly. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Congress and you will never again be allowed to meet with any of the members.

By signing below, you agree to (1) avail yourself to the members anytime your services are requested; (2) become unattached, meaning no boyfriends, husbands, fuck buddies, etc.; (3) appear sexy, clean, and elegant when presenting yourself to a member; (4) provide all members with your cell phone number; (5) not sleep or have sexual relations with anyone else while under contract.

The senior members (Foley, Monty, Virgil, and Ty) agree to (1) allow you to service and satisfy our sexual needs; (2) allow yourself to be video-taped during an encounter, if so instructed; (3) occasionally pay you for beauty salon visits, if a member makes an appointment for you; (4) keep our relationship a private matter, if you so request; (5) under no circumstances must you accept payment for your services.

It is understood that no contact with any of the parties will be made until on week has passed from the date of the contract.

It is also understood that either party may void this contract at any time and parties may mutually elect to re-new member at six-month intervals."

Bethany was shocked at what she'd read--shocked and elated like someone who just learned they'd won the lottery. She could scarcely believe her good fortune and quickly took a pen from her purse, signed and dated contract, provided her cell phone number, and checked the box requesting privacy.

The possibility of serving cocks of additional black strangers left her with a smile as wide as her pending "black" future. But could a jism junky like her bear a week without getting blackened? She was determined to hold out.

Leaving the contract behind on Foley's kitchen table, she scurried out of the apartment with a new bounce in her step and managed to beat the late bell. Her first order of business was to deal with Michael. She knew he'd be calling her soon.

As they shared the same lunch period, she planned to take care of it then. It went better than she had thought, explaining to Michael, with Foley's cum still pungent on her breath, that she needed more time for her studies and wanted a break things off for a while. It's not like it came as a complete shock to him--he had sensed some distraction on her part but remained clueless of her lustful black cock cravings.

It was a difficult week for her. Black cock dreams once again filled her lonely nights as her hunger grew more and more intense and impatient. Masturbation simply could not provide the satisfaction she needed. That could only be had by submitting to the sheer power and masculine dominance of a black cock. Her needs went unquenched.

Seeing Foley pass by in the school hallways was painful. Hwr knees would buckle and she would have to catch herself. By week's end she had become so fixated on black cock and lack thereof, she actually entertained the notion of rushing to Foley the next time she saw him school, and risk her reputation by dropping to her knees and blowing the janitor right in the hallway, even as fellow students and teachers passed between classes. She never knew frustration like this. But the contract rules strictly forbade any contact until a week had passed.

Finally, after a seven day hiatus, just as she was stepping out of the shower, her cell rang. She didn't recognize the number displayed but quickly answered it while toweling herself off. "Hello," she said with a hint of anticipation in her voice.

"Hello Bethany. This is Montezuma Vesuvius. You may remember me as Monty. I would like to see you in one hour--at 7:30. Drive or take a cab to my address at 437 Cherrywoods Lane. I'll pay for the taxi, if necessary. See you then." and he hung up.

Her heart became a Broadway musical on opening night--pounding, dancing almost bursting from her chest. He was the black stud she orally serviced at Foley's house while she wore a blindfold. She was never properly introduced to him although her tongue and his sperm were on very intimate terms.

The young brunette's anxiety had her shaking with expectation of being on the receiving end of that deliciously aggressive black cock again. She had difficulty applying her eyeliner and crimson nail polish, often missing her mark, as she daydreamed about their last encounter. She wanted to look ultra-sexy for him and took the time to get everything right.

Remembering that he had commented on her boobs, she decided to accent her nipples with a bit of rouge. She slipped into skin tight jeans that showcased her delectable ass and tossed on a red low-cut spaghetti string top, over which she put on white button-up blouse to conceal the revealing top from her parent's eyes. After fixing her hair, she dipped her toes into her black pumps and set out to ask her parent's for the car.

They were in the living watching television. "Mom...Dad, is it okay if I take the car to meet some friends for coffee?" she asked.

"Will you be long?" asked her father, the reverend.

"Maybe an hour or hour and a half."

"As long as you're back by ten. Remember it's a school night."

"I know. I will. See you later."

It was about a ten minute ride to the new sub-division and Cherrywoods Lane. Bethany found the address quickly enough, parking in the driveway. She took a deep breath and walked up to the imposing front door. She found an envelope on the doorstep with her name on it. The note inside instructed her to walk in, close and lock the door, and go directly to the kitchen. It was a beautiful home, immaculate, well furnished, and distinctive. The ceilings were high and the house still smelled new.

She found Monty sitting in a chair at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of wine. He wore a ski mask over his head, no shirt, and jeans. "Welcome," he said, "I thought I'd wear a mask as you seemed to enjoy it last time."

"Yes," she replied, and removed her white blouse to reveal her low-cut top.

"Tell me, Bethany, when was the last time you were pleasured by a cock?"

"Too long. A week ago."

"And how long since you've had that honor of being in the presence of a black cock in the flesh?"

"The same, one week. I only pleasure black cocks now."


Monty stood and faced her, handing her a bag. "I bought these for you..." She approached and reached out but he pulled it away at the last second. "First I have another question. How did you get here?"

"I drove."


He handed her the bag. Inside she found carpenter's kneepads. "Try them on," Monty suggested as he placed her keys in a drawer and locked it.

She attempted to get the Velcro straps around her knees but was all thumbs when it came to working the intricacy of adjusting them properly. "Here, allow me..." and Monty knelt before the voluptuous cheerleader and secured them to her both her knees. "Try kneeling to see how they fit."

She quickly knelt down as her knees were ready to buckle under just from anticipation. "Wow, these are really comfortable. Thank you soooo much, they'll really come in handy during blow jobs. I hope I'll get a lot of use out of them!" and she gave Monty a hug, crushing her breasts into his muscular chest. He could feel her trembling as they embraced as he breathed in her scented body.

"Are you nervous, Bethany, you seem to be shivering?"

"No not nervous, Monty. I've been frustrated and irritable and unhappy for a week now. It's seems like a fucking eternity since I've been black-cocked. It's like a drug addiction, only this is a habit that I would never consider giving up."

"Well, girlie, it won't be much longer until you have your desire." He took her hand, turned it palm-side up and gently kissed it. "You are such a beautiful young lady. I hope you will be able to honor your contract for the full six months."

They both stood up together. "Oh, I will. I'll do what ever is necessary to satisfy the members. It is my objective to become the best black-cock slut you guys have ever had under contract."

"Well, you've set quite a goal for yourself. Why don't you have a seat," Monty said as he opened the fridge. Bethany sat at the kitchen table. He took an orange out and quartered it with a knife. "Would you like some fruit?" he asked.

"Sure. You have a very beautiful home, Monty."

"Thank you. I've worked hard for it."

"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm an architect."

"How interesting."

He took a piece of the orange in hand and stuffed it in his crotch. He was obviously rubbing all over his cock and balls. She smiled as he handed her the "flavored" orange. Two pubic hairs stuck out conspicuously from the abused fruit. She bit into it, eating fruit and hair, leaving only the rind as juice flowed over her chin. "Come here and help me with me pants."

Bethany nearly crashed into him, her eager nails unhooking his belt, yanking down his zipper, pulling his jeans down to his ankles along with his black briefs. He stepped of the pant legs, freeing himself. "On your knees...slut!"

She knelt impatiently before his incredible black cock. (Her new kneepads were really welcome equipment. Any serious fellattress should have a pair, she thought). It wasn't quite fully erect yet, so he held it out toward her face. Her eagerness to wrap her thick hungry lips around it plainly showed in her starving eyes. "Slow down, girl. Just take some juice..." he said and he squeezed another piece of the orange above his cock so it squirted over his shaft and ran off as she frantically tried catching the sweet falling drops in her mouth.

Then he took another slice and rubbed it up and down his growing cock. "Do you like what you see, slut?"

"Ooooooo yes! It's so big and getting bigger...I love watching a black cock inflate! May I touch it and kiss it...lick it...oooo let me suck on it..."

"You may eat the orange..." Bethany quickly devoured the wedge right out of his hand, even lapping the juice in his palm. "Tell me why you want to suck it."

Bethany looked up with concern. He wasn't making this easy for her. She was nearly panting in heat for a taste of his gorgeous baby maker. And yet the eagerness of her words flowed like a stream of consciousness as she studied the greatness bestowed before her eyes.

"Ooooooo, Monty, it looks so much beautiful than I had imagined it when you were fucking my blindfolded face...the shaft is so smooth and the color so totally and majestically black...I'm so pleased to have been at the receiving end of its demands ...seeing how it protrudes proudly from your body like a horizontal icicle, one I would be privileged to have crammed down my white slut throat again...oooooo, Monty, your pulsing black snake of love simply overloads all my senses...it's an incredibly exquisite vision any girl would be fortunate to behold...its flavor compares to nothing my taste buds have ever been privileged to, such a full-bodied masculine tang, mmmmm, it's the nectar from the gods...I'm getting wet just from seeing it swell in my face...and it feels so wonderful when it's lodged deep in my throat, giving me that special feeling of being under its command...and of course, I get off as my ears fill with that special squish squish sound it makes when fucking my gullet.

"I know it longs to explode and expel its sweet luscious juice and I'm fortunate to be here in it's presence to catch all your mouthwatering cum, every precious drop...damn Monty, when it hits the back of my throat my pussy quivers...ooooo...I need to remove my top, baby, your cock's making me so fucking hot I'm sweating,...come on Monty, make my pussy quiver!" Bethany pleaded then quickly pulled it off and unsnapped her bra to reveal her big tits and rosy nipples.

"Oh, they are a lovely sight, girl."

"Not as lovely as the sight of your succulent black cock growing right before my eyes, Monty. Please, make me eat it lover, please I'm begging..."

"Alright, you may use your hand but no tasting, at least not yet..."

"Ooooo..." she cooed and took the shaft in her hands and began jerking it off, making certain it was aimed right at her mouth. His cock responded immediately and grew another inch reaching its full erect potential. She opened her mouth and extended her slut tongue just below the cock head--her heavy breath panting over it, welcoming it to do its thing. She vigorously pumped him, hoping to get him off, to make his seed jettison out, to catch it in her mouth, to savor its essence on her tongue before downing it like sweet honey.

A glistening pearl of pre-cum had appeared from his pee hole. "May I lick off that drop of pre-cum, Monty?" asked the anxious cheerleader.

He looked down and rubbed his own finger on his cock head to gather the drop. "No you may not, but look up here and pucker your lips." When she did, he painted the wetness across her lips. "I better not see you lick your lips!" he stated firmly.

"Yes, Monty," conceded the subjugated brunette. She continued to jerk him until she heard his deep moans. Her eyes were fixed on his penis as she laboriously beat it off. She opened wide, again offering a target for the majestic purple head fire upon. Just as he was about to cum, he took his wine glass from the table, gulped down the remaining contents and told her to catch his wad in it. She yanked him off, mesmerized by the act as he groaned then unleashed a torrent of cum shots directly in the flute. After he spewed off eight heaving gobs of molten cock snot, she shook off the few precious drops dangling from his piss hole. His pungent and viscous goo filled about a quarter of the glass. Monty stood back and produced a short straw for her. She held the lustrous gift up to the light, examining its fine body.

How utterly nasty, she thought to herself, he wants me to suck up his jism through a straw. But surprisingly, as she placed the straw to her lips, he stopped her. "No, no, girlie. You're going to snort that load. I want to see you take it in your nose."

Wow, he was demented, she thought again, as she inserted one end in her nostril and dipped the other into the bowl of cum. Exhaling completely, she plugged her open nostril and inhaled greedily through the other, drawing in an ample portion of the warm semen. It stung her sinuses and her eyes immediately watered. She sneezed and coughed. Some cum hung from her nose. Monty stepped out of his underwear, picked it up, wiped off his cock and offered the rag to her. She quickly wiped her runny face.

"Tell you what, my dear girl, for your unwavering obedience, I shall reward you with a courtesy since you probably didn't enjoy the experience. You may snort up the remainder of my load if you wish, or you may suck it up through your lips."

"Thank you, Monty. You're too kind," replied the recovering Bethany. Carefully bringing the wineglass to her mouth, her tongue reached out for the straw and drew it in. She greedily sucked up the rest of Monty's cum, which was now cold, until the straw made that empty cup sound. Although cold jism just didn't taste as good as when it's delivered hot and fresh to a mouth, she swallowed with a smile because it was offered to her from such an overpowering black cock.

"Okay, now you may use the bathroom down the hallway to freshen up. Hurry though, because your janitor friend is waiting for you by the pool."

In the bathroom, she found all the comforts of home. She took off her kneepads and fixed herself up using many of the cosmetic and grooming items that were made available to her, including a toothbrush, combs, eye shadow, etc. Fifteen minutes passed as she painstakingly worked on her face and hair. Monty knocked then opened the door, "Did you fall in girl?"

"Oh, no. I just want to look my best for Foley."

"I think you look great. Now get your ass out there and show the ugly bastard a good time."

"Yes, sir," she said, applying a final touch of lip liner. She was absolutely stunning as she walked passed Monty topless in heavy eye shadow, thick long lashes, overly glossed red blowjob lips, and a glow to her that would illuminate a dark alley. She made no bones about it: she was a sex toy for her black men and wanted to look the part. Her eyes sparkled along with her brilliant set of white teeth that couldn't keep from smiling knowing she was about to service another black cock.

Monty took in the vision then playfully slapped her bum as she swung it in her tight jeans. "Make him sore, slut!"

Bethany found Foley in swimming trunks lounging in a poolside chair, nursing a beer. "Hi, Foley!" she said brightly.

"Miss me?" he teased.

"You have no idea. How do I look, lover?"

"Like the fuckin' slut yo' is."

"You always know just what to say. How may I please this evening, lover?"

"Yo' kin start by gettin' outta those jeans..."

She quickly peeled them off. "Now come sit that young-ass snatch on ol' Foley's face." Bethany went to him, turned around so her ass faced his head, lifted a leg over the chair, and nestled her crotch into the nasty janitor's face. He softly licked her sweet pussy lips, slowly worked his tongue inside her and soon sucked her joy hole like he couldn't get enough of it while pawing her fully formed ass with his workman's hands. She moaned loudly, nearly cumming.

Taking a breath, he asked, "What 'chu thinkin' 'bout this moment, girl?"

"I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to have your cock pulsing deep in my throat, but you probably already know that."

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