tagInterracial LoveBethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 10

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 10

byrikki rocks©

The following evening Kristy's unwavering compulsion to see Foley again boiled over. Her young nineteen-year old body was nearly shuddering. She needed to see him again, or more accurately, needed to have that black cock of his. Ever since her friend, Bethany, the voluptuous high school cheerleader, introduced him to her, she had thought of little more than giving up her white flesh to his carnal desires. She loved the things he made her do.

And yet the poor girl was conflicted. One half of her knew their relationship could only lead her down a road of corruption. The other half physically craved being the black janitor's cum bucket. As an upper middle class white girl, she was somehow infatuated having an older black man interested in her. Perhaps it was some of the usual stereotypes about black men's sexual prowess that had occupied her imagination. And then to have Foley fulfill her curiosity beyond anything she thought possible. Whatever it was, her white-bread world had changed.

Fighting the compulsion, she dialed his number ten different times only to hang up, frustrated. Finally, in a cold sweat of desire, allowed the phone ring on the eleventh try. Foley answered in that husky black tone.

"Hi, it's Kristy."

"Dat uptight white bitch from last night?" It made her hot just to hear his crude, uncultured speech. She would never tolerate another lover to refer to her in such demeaning language. But after a short awkward conversation, they agreed on 7PM at his place.

After running some errands, she stopped at the beauty spa for a late appointment. She spent the last of her monthly budget on a new hair style, massage, manicure and pedicure. The new shorter cut made her resemble a sort of blonde Aeon Flux in the movie, only not as dramatic. She also had her long legs and bubble ass waxed. Later at home, she spent over an hour preparing herself for him.

She made-up her blue eyes with dark shadow and liner. Her full lips were accented with ruby lip gloss (which matched her toenails and long fingernails) bringing out the perfect smile of her whitened teeth.

After applying that expensive perfume she saved for special occasions, she strapped on a new lacy black bra from a lingerie shop that flawlessly framed her fleshy orbs. Choosing not to wear panties, the short black skirt she slipped into just barely covered her sweet behind. The black bra could easily be seen through a white button-down short-sleeved blouse she selected from her closet. A pair of glossy red high heels brought out the best of her shapely calves and gave that rounded rump of hers an extra boost. It was only 6:28.

Having checked herself one last time, she nervously lit up a joint to calm the jittery anticipation that had been welling up. Now the clock read 6:39. It was barely a 5 minute drive to Foley's but she couldn't bear waiting any longer. She extinguished the joint and scooted out the door to her car.

Hearing a knock, Foley peeked at his watch: "Hmmm...6:50," he thought to himself, "da bitch early." He let her knock again. On the third knock he rose from his sofa and slowly walked to the door, wearing only his sweat pants. "Hey, girl, come in come in. Yo' is a bit early...I didn't shave yet," he said rubbing his stubble, "but yo' shore lookin' damn hot, damn hot!"

Kristy grinned ear to ear, pleased her appearance pleased him. She walked right up to him, placing her hand at his crotch, her freshly polished nails grabbing at his manhood through the thin material. Being half a head taller, she bowed a bit and whispered in his ear, "Use me." She felt his response--a growing black hard-on.

He smiled, placed a hand on her shoulder with a light touch to suggest she kneel. She cheerfully reacted by stooping down before him on the kitchen floor. He turned and walked to bathroom. "Come, bitch! Crawl yo' way to it if yo' wants it dat bad."

Down on all fours, she crawled to the bathroom where Foley was splashing hot water on his face at a pedestal sink. He rubbed on shaving cream and began to shave his beard. She crawled to his side and reached for his crotch. "No, put yo' hands away," he said sternly. He backed away from the sink a bit and stretched his waistband out. "Stick yo' head in dare, bitch, but don't yo' put yo' slut mouth to it yet. I wants yo' to just breathe it in. Preten' it's dope and take deep hits and hold it in."

Kristy stuffed her head in and did exactly as he instructed. He pulled the waistband up over her head and held it tight to seal her in as best as possible. She hated being so close to the object she craved and not being allowed to suck or kiss or even to see it. The darkest of his pants was a new world, her only world in the moment. She began taking deep "hits" through her nose and his scent began to have an effect on her.

When he finished shaving and wiped his face, he pulled her head out and had her sit on the toilet. He smiled, "I bet yo' enjoyed getting dat buzz, huh slut?"

With his crotch only inches from her mouth, she looked up at him in an obvious state of lustful arousal, "Ah huh," confirming his comment as she slowly licked her lips. Kristy's mouth was partly agape, longing for a taste of what she'd been inhaling.

Foley reached down and began unbuttoning her white blouse. She took it off and sat there in her black lacy bra and shirt. "Time to wash yo' slut face, bitch..." he said, "now tilt yo' head up this way." He pulled down his sweatpants, gathered his huge balls in his hand and began rubbing them in circular motions all over her face. Kristy wanted him to put them in her mouth but he purposely avoided her lips and instead massaged her cheeks nose, eyes, and forehead. She grew even more excited as her pussy twitched. She reached to "scratch the itch" but Foley stopped her.

"Not yet, bitch, don't be getting' ahead a yo'se'f." His cock began swelling and pre-cum made its first appearance, peeking from the pee-hole. "Stand up and move to the side," he ordered. He bent down and wiped the pre-cum drops on the toilet seat. "There yo' go, have at it."

The lust-crazed co-ed knelt down at the toilet without so much as a hint of hesitation. Her pink tongue darted out and captured a dose of his offering; her tongue and lips lapped the spot until the flavor was gone.

There came a knock at the door. Kristy looked up tentatively. "Da door's open, come on in!" yelled Foley from the bathroom. "Hopes yo' like company," he said to her. Foley's friend, Monty the architect, stepped in with Bethany, Kristy's eighteen-year-old friend. They stood in the kitchen and waited for Foley. At 40, Monty dressed immaculately in expensive clothes, having the spoils of his success written all over him.

Bethany, too, was an immaculately dresser. The brunette had her hair in pigtails, wore a tightly fitting yellow summer dress, gold loop earrings, and sandals. Her scarlet toenails also matched her long glossy fingernails. Her body filled the dress perfectly, showcasing the roundness of her butt as well as her abundant breasts, hard nipples and cleavage.

Foley walked out with Kristy and the two girls knowingly smiled at on another. "Wow, Kristy, love your hair. It really suits you," commented an eager Bethany.

"Thank you."

The men also grinned. "Hey, Foley, seems like you started in bit early," said Monty.

"Yeah, well, I can't helps it if da bitch just can't waits da see me...heyheyhey.." he laughed. "Kristy, I hope yo' don't mind, but after we talked, I axed Bethany and Monty here to join us."

"Not at all," said the anxious blonde.

"Awright den, why don't we go in da bedroom and have us a real party!"

Bethany and Monty walked hand in hand into the bedroom. Bethany sat at the edge of the bed while Monty knelt down on the floor to embrace her. They Frenched kissed and groped at one another's bodies. Bethany undid his tie and helped him off with his shirt. She pulled her dress over her head to reveal a black thong. Other than the earrings and an ankle necklace, she was nude. Her milky white breasts appeared even more prized against her summer tan.

Monty stood. "What would you like today?" he posed.

"My choice? Wow!" said the overjoyed cheerleader.

He brought his hand to her chin, titled it upward, planted a tender kiss on her lips, and said with a knowing smirk, "Anything you want, as long as it's black."

"Well, that goes without saying. But I have been fantasizing about getting a true face-fuck. You know the kind, where the girl lays on her back and hangs her head over the edge of the bed and the guy hovers over her and fucks his black cock deep down in her throat. I want that."

"You got it, bitch." Monty pulled his zipper down and she fervently unbuttoned his trousers and yanked them down. He wore boxers. Meanwhile, Kristy knelt at Foley's crotch nearby, still prohibited from touching it.

"Wait 'til you get a load of this cock, Kristy. It's the smoothest, silkiest woman pleaser you'll ever see!" Bethany said. Reaching in his shorts, she played with his cock for a minute and then tugged down his shorts. He was nearly hard. Bethany kissed the head as if it were her lover's cheek. She took the shaft in one hand and pumped it while she continued kissing the head with little pecks. Her thick red lips lightly dusted the head all over--the crown, the underside, the pee-hole. He grew and grew like she knew he would until it was rock hard. She spat in her hand several times to lubricate the shaft and made it slippery as a black eel.

Then she stopped, turned her body around, worked her butt up the bed and hung her pretty head over the side so he his demonic staff could easily access her mouth with obstruction.

Bethany said, "I ready for my face-fuck, sir," and opened her mouth wide, "AHHhhhhhh...." He held his shaft just above it so her tongue could get a quick lick and then he plunged in it. He drove it hard and held her by the pigtails. The first time it went to the back of her throat causing her to wretch. She quickly learned that her throat needed to be completely open and ready. She wrapped her hands around his ass and pulled him near.

As Bethany took him down to the base this time, driving her innocent-looking face onto his silky cock, Kristy looked on in disbelief. Monty was in heaven, moaning, holding her hair and arching his back for better leverage. The sweet cheerleader was a natural as she accommodated the entire length, in and out again and again. Saliva dripped from her face, down his cock and balls as they smashed against her nose with each thrust.

Bethany brought her hands to her crotch now, fingering inside her thong, totally turned, as she allowed him pillage her gullet with that magical cock. Kristy, too, burned with desire. She looked up at Foley with pleading eyes and a panting mouth.

"Like what yo' be seein,' slut?" Foley asked.

"Oh, yeah," she responded in a breathless state.

"Go sit beside dem wit' yo' back to da bed."

Now sitting so close to the action, Kristy could not help but stare at the tantalizing vision of slick black shaft drilling in and out of the brunette's face. Kristy licked her lips as Foley walked to her and dropped his pants. "Open up, yo' waited long enough for dis. Now yo' goin' gets used!" Foley said.

She grabbed his semi-hard cock and opened wide to receive her long-awaited reward. As it broke the threshold of her mouth, she almost came. Her lips fluttered around the fleshy cylinder as she took more of him in. His cock was not smooth and silky like the one Bethany was getting blissfully stuffed with. No, Foley's cock was veiny, bumpy and full of wrinkled crevices that held flavors for her tongue to explore.

Kristy would have never believed she would have fallen into such a bad way, even a week ago. Black cock had never entered her mind, much less any orifice of her virtually flawless body. Foley began propelling his cock into her face. She moved her hand to allow the now completely erect taste-treat to slide into her mouth. With her head resting on the side of the mattress and Foley standing over her, rocking his hips into her face, she had little choice but to take down his ten inches of highly agitated black meat.

She took quick breaths when she could, never failing to accept a full stride of his fierce bucking. She gazed up through her watery eyes as he unmercifully fucked her throat full-force, her head being banged repeatedly although harmlessly against the cushion of the mattress. Used was what she wanted and that was exactly what she was getting. She pulled her shirt up and exposed her dripping wet pussy. Her fingers found her clit and she rubbed it with passion. Having a black cock lodged completely in her throat heightened the brewing orgasm in her love tunnel.

Meanwhile, Bethany continued to enjoy the face-fuck of her young life. Monty was trashing the poor girl's face. Mascara was tearing freely down the sides of her face, and yet she was getting off under his control. After dozens of thrusts, he pulled out to rest a moment. Bethany took the opportunity to take some long deserved breaths. "How you doing, girl, you still want more?" he asked.

"Yes, yes. In fact, Monty, stuff it down my throat and hold it there, I'm just about to cum and I want you to completely overpower me."

He plowed his silky cock back in her and bottomed out in her throat, lodging it there. She couldn't breathe but that's the feeling she was seeking. Her pussy squirted uncontrollably as she rubbed herself, soaking the bed sheets. He still held in down in her, even as her orgasm subsided and she was obviously needing air. Finally, she raised her hands to his chest and began to push him away. He pulled out bringing a long thick strand of saliva along with him, stretching about 12 inches from his cock to her lips.

Bethany coughed and gasped for oxygen, a bit dazed but none the worse for wear. She composed herself and sat up. Seeing her face in a wall mirror, she excused herself and went to the bathroom to clean up. She certainly didn't want his cum contaminated with eyeliner. Nor did she want to offer him a messy face as a target for him get off on.

As Bethany walked across the room toward the door, she caught Kristy's eye: "You go, girl! Take all of that black monster!" With a mouth jam packed with cock, she gave the "thumbs up" sign, unable to verbally respond. Monty enjoyed the view of Bethany's ass as it sashayed out the bedroom door before he walked around the bed and knelt at Kristy's open legs.

Bethany walked to the kitchen to retrieve her purse and quickly dashed into the bathroom. She washed her face, reached for a make-up kit in her purse, re-applied her eye liner and eye shadow and hastily re-combed her hair, adjusting the pigtails. Never before had she so quickly freshened herself.

In the bedroom, Monty began lightly lapping Kristy's sopping pussy which was nearing an orgasm triggered by the cock treatment Foley administered to her throat. After just a few of his probing licks on her tasty pink folds, her entire body began to buck and flail, causing her to not only squirt her fluids through multiple waves of ecstasy, but to lose the throat-thrusting rhythm she and Foley had established.

He pulled away from her--temporarily frustrated, as Monty licked her through the length of her ecstatic ride, held in place by both her hands--her nails lightly digging into the back of his head. Not one to waste time when there was sex to be had, Foley took hold of his insatiable snake and walked down the hallway where he found Bethany applying the finishing touches of her lipstick. 'Git down, girl, I gots to pop!"

Seeing the imminent release from his raging purple meanie, she dropped to her knees in the threshold of the door and held back her hair with her hands to offer his sperm barrel clear and direct access to her freshly made-up face. A wide welcoming smile on the gorgeous brunette's face, along with her lustfully pleading eyes were just enough encouragement to set Foley off as he manually pumped his hard-on.

Standing nearly three feet from her, his seed arched out like several geysers, turning her attention-getting face into a sperm-gotten one as thick streaks of splooge splattered it without any consideration that she had moments before re-applied her make-up. The bulky spunk hung still where it crashed. And crashed it did--covering her face like a white mask as she turned it ever so slowly, left then right, to be assured he sullied every part--eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, forehead, and chin. She counted seven expulsions fired from his cock and felt proud to have been the cause of his forceful orgasm. It made her feel sexy, womanly--and yes, dignified to wear the sperm of such a man on her face.

Foley then took his still hard cock in hand and used it to collect the thick goo he just spewed on the young girl. It rubbed it all over her face, leaving only the cum that had fallen on her lips and chin. That, he felt, she had earned, and watched as she cheerfully licked her lips and fingered in what her tongue couldn't reach. With his black cock nearly coated completely white from his own wad, he walked back to the bedroom to find that prissy bitch Kristy.

When he entered, he found her on all four getting reamed up the ass by Monty. "Oh, fuck, oh fuck, Monty, fuck my ass..." she pleaded. Monty was only too willing to comply with the wishes of a white co-ed with such a perfect bubble butt.

"All of it, Monty, fuck me with all of it," Kristy instructed when she spotted Foley. Waving him over, he presented his cum-covered cock to her and she gobbled it up, carefully stretching her lips over it, gathering every drop of cum she could find while Monty split her ass with pile-driving enthusiasm. Her butt cheeks felt so fucking good against him, he knew he couldn't last much longer.

After she finished eating her creamy treat, Monty pulled her back on top of himself as he lay down. Kristy fell back using her arms and hands for support, controlling the rhythm cowgirl style. She sank herself deeply, dropping herself into his mid-section, feeling his cock throb in her tight bunghole.

Groans of pleasure filled the room. Monty grabbed her hips, keeping her motionless as he speared the entire length of his cock in her and fired--filling her asshole with his hot joy cream.

When he lay still, expended, and exhausted, Kristy hovered above his manhood and forcibly squeezed out his cum from her bowels. The fluid dripped out of her back door and on his cock and balls. Satisfied she had emptied herself of all his sperm, she crawled off him, knelt between his legs and rubbed her face all over his goop covered crotch. "Gawd damn, that was great!" she exclaimed.

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