tagSci-Fi & FantasyBetrothed to a Xelian Warrior

Betrothed to a Xelian Warrior


This is a follow on from 3 of my other stories. If you read them before or after this, it will give you a little more context as to what Tara is thinking about. I hope you enjoy this story, it's a little more of a stand alone.


The first thing I noticed when the blind fold was gently pulled from my eyes was the pushing movement of the phallic shaped object in front of me. It was almost graceful as it moved up and down, and up and down. It was moments before I could tear my eyes away and look up into the eyes of the man my father had forced me to marry. I had told him I would not yield to him. I supposed now he was showing me I had little choice.

He was darkly handsome and at first I had been flattered with his interest in me, and him seeking out my fathers' favour and asking to spend time with me. That was until I realised that he was a warrior, and how his tastes ran. Warriors in Xel like their women to be submissive and pliant. I was neither, and I had no intention of learning any different. I had told him this from early on, but he had chuckled away my warnings. Now I was here, in his and who else's company, I did not know.

"Rape? This is how you wish to break me in? With a machine?" I sounded incredulous even as my heart thundered in my ears. I knew that panic would not save me, neither would tears. He would not believe them. He would only see it as a delay.

"How can it be rape, when I am your betrothed?"

"I do not want this, therefore it is unlawful..."

"Don't you want it? Have not the gentle caresses I have been rubbing over your smooth mound, made you throb with longing?" He knew his dirty talk embarrassed me, and in this instant it did no different. A rush so strong welled up, and rushed over me so devastatingly I had to turn my face and close my eyes to escape.

He drew my face gently back to his, but I refused to give him my eyes. I pulled at the bindings behind my back, and struggled to gain some height upon my knees. I was barely covered, as I had been stolen from my slumber, cast across a broad shoulder and taken who knew where.

"I desire you, my beloved. I desire your pleasure, and your abandon. I wish only to witness your tight slit opened and penetrated from a distance. So your pleasure is only yours, and I can watch you with utter focus."

Candles flickered around me, casting gentle shadows upon the ground. When I did not respond immediately he took it as his queue to begin. He bent to kiss me, but I turned my face away from him. He slid a hand down my spine, to the curve of my ass and trailed it from the top of my crack all the way down to feminine folds. I was wet already and he knew it. He did not gloat but instead took my ear lobe in between his teeth, and bit down gently. At the same time his fingers found their way into my slickness. Shuddering was all I could do. His finger found my clit with a skill he had not previously shown me. He felt my clit fully engorged within seconds, and my white juices coating his fingers as the brief moments barely skimmed by.

"I'm scared." I whimpered into hotly into his ear.

His eyes came to mine and focused sharply. I regretted my words because they turned him on even more. The wicked smile he gave me made my stomach drop. He kissed me long and slow with his eyes open. I felt his rough stubble graze my soft skin, and tasted as his tongue dipped erotically into my mouth to taste me. The blacks of his eyes had grown enormous, making him seem less man and more demon.

He kissed me once more sucking my tongue into his mouth, and then he callously withdrew his fingers from my over ripened pussy. I groaned like an animal in frustration, unable to stifle my need.

I had not meant to give him what he wanted so easily... My breathing came in sharp little gasps, beginning to panic. He shushed me, and stroked my hair tenderly. He kissed me again even though he began softly soon it began to change and the gentle stroking got stronger, and once more he had to pull his mouth from mine. His breathing ragged, I saw with a little satisfaction he struggled for control.

He took the bottom of my short red night dress by the hem and was about to pull it over my head, but suddenly stilled as he saw the panic again rising in my eyes. Instead he moved behind me and tied it in a knot under my hands. It made little difference but he knew it made me feel an iota less self conscious. I could almost feel a pair of eyes on the curve of my crudely bared ass.

I was unprepared for what came next, when he easily lifted me so the thrusting object rested against my mound. It had stopped silently. I realised we were not alone. I whimpered, and tried to struggle away. His fingers were back on my clit, tapping, and circling, tapping and circling.

He knew how to torment me, and he knew I was impatient for his sexual command. He had taken me twice before, each times lengthy and drawn out. I was no longer a virgin, but he knew I still found his man hood uncomfortable without a lot of pre sex stimuli.

I looked deep into his eyes to find something I recognised, my heart sank and pussy clenched as I came to the conclusion he knew exactly what he was doing. Without any further discussion, he lifted me around the waist, and suspended me above the shaft for along moment. He held me still. It was hot against my slickness, and I moaned helplessly. I screamed in alarm when it began to rise! And my pussy began to be stretched, and stretched and stretched. I could not raise myself any higher on my knees. My knees had begun to sink into a soft cushioned surface, so that my ass was cupped securely. When it stopped rising, I tried to wriggle and found myself stuck. I looked up and saw him grinning at me. My fear fled, and anger flashed in its wake.

"I am not a whore. You dishonour me in doing this..."

Before he could answer the phallus began to slowly pump inside of me. I shrieked when I thought I could take no more, and it seemed to continue on regardless. When it stopped again I was entirely filled. I ached from the fullness, my pussy stretched open more than it had ever been.

It began to recede almost fully, and then it slid back into me a little less deeply. It thrust again and again. It had found its rhythm and I groaned after a moment. It's bulbous head, slid against the front wall of womb, and then ascended steady and firm to my cervix. It was so deep inside me, my eyes bugged in my face.

"What does it feel like?" His voice caught me by surprise, but when I opened my eyes to look at him, the expression of lust on his face wiped any trace of anger from my body. The force between my legs washed all rebellion from my being.

"I can't believe this is...." I didn't finish the sentence.

Wanton lust is the only emotion I can use to describe what surged through my system. In my mind I knew I should fight, but I was so helpless and receiving so much pleasure that all I could do was throw back my head as the thrusts came harder and deeper. My pussy was being worked by a machine. The thought of being left there for the enjoyment of other warriors made my pussy clench again, and then again. I needed more stimulation to cum and soon, my engorged nubbin was aching. My nipples were so hard and sensitised when I writhed they rubbed against my night dress. My betrothed came forward and pulled the string straps down my shoulders so my pointed breasts were exposed to their eyes. I thought he would move away again, but instead he pulled something from his pocket. I moaned as he rolled my nipples, eyes closed I was in heaven and my tight slit got stretched and then I yelped as my soft nipple was clamped with hard cold gold. Then he did the same to the other one. The sharpness added new depth and height to my agony and I cried out in despair. His fingers went to my clit and he began to rub me firmly.

"Let's give her, her first climax." He spoke to someone behind him, and the shaft got ever faster, and my pussy was pounded was beneath. I screamed and bucked as his fingers rubbed my over sensitised clit until I came. The wave started in my feet and shot over my body in wave after wave.

I screamed out his name, again and again. The pseudo cock inside me slowed but it did not stop completely. I raised my fatigued eye to his and opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn't find the right words.

"Did you like yielding to a Xelian warrior after all?" He chuckled smugly, and supported my bent form over his muscled arm.

"Please, I can't take anymore..."

"I think you could, but the hard part is over my beautiful bride." Finally the phallus stopped, and I sat there impaled resting.

"Tara my love, you've met Damian before. Say hello." I looked up to see Damians darkly tanned skin, and solid form moving out of the shadows. I whimpered as he smiled lecherously at me. I felt my pussy clench and I moved a little to catch another spasm of pleasure.

"She does like it." Damian laughed.

"Please, no more. I just want you to take me home." I searched into my betrotheds eyes.

"When I ask you from now on, will you deny or play games with me again?"

I couldn't help the sly smile that crept onto my face. Damians beguiling eyes held mine. They both knew my real answer without me having to say it. "If I do, will you punish me again?"

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