tagLoving WivesBetter Not Pout Ch. 6

Better Not Pout Ch. 6

byBob Peale©

©December 2001 by Bob Peale

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She didn't even have time for a shower. She quickly pulled on some sweats and ran to her car. Almost out of her driveway, she remembered that she needed to bring another costume, and she had to pull back in and run in the house. By the time she was suited up and got in position it was 2pm, an hour after her shift was supposed to start. Lana had stood in for her, directing the few children that happened by to see Santa Claus.

At 5pm she flopped onto the sofa in the break room exhausted, more from the adrenaline rush than from any exertion. Keith came over and stood in front of her.

"What's the matter Stacy, trouble getting motivated today?"

Stacy looked down and mumbled an apology.

"We are a unit here, and you have a responsibility to the group!"

She didn't understand why he was making such a big deal. She messed up – it wouldn't happen again.

"And if you can't do your part, maybe we need to find some who can," he added menacingly.

Find someone else? "Now wait a minute Keith," she began, raising her head to look at him.

The rest of her statement stuck in her throat. Keith's pants were open, and a thick brown tube hung out through the opening, level with her eyes and accented by the bright red of his Santa Claus costume.

He may have been older, but he was far from wrinkled. His cock was long and smooth, thick although clearly not hard. His pubic hair, unlike the hair on his head, was all gray, sparse and very tight. His hands were on his hips as if he was addressing a recalcitrant child.

"Lana tells me you're good with your mouth."

She blushed crimson, feeling betrayed.

"I know you're married, so I know you like dick. Why don't you show me how sorry you are that you made us look bad."

She stared at his cock, the veins sheathed in tight brown casing. She could see it twitch subtly, on the brink of arousal. Under normal circumstances she'd push him away, stand up, leave this room and this place, and never come back. But this wasn't normal.

The events of the last 24 hours had set something in motion that was gradually taking over, consuming her. She had wished for a cock; she just hadn't realized her prayers would be answered this way. Everyone in the room stared at her expectantly, curious about what she would do.

She reached out and grabbed his cock, seeing the scene unwind as if she were an observer. He pulsed warmly in her hand as she guided him closer, angling it up until the hood of his foreskin touched her lips. She extended her tongue and worked it inside, tasting him, the salt and musk combining to form a taste unique to the male anatomy.

She'd never seen an uncircumcised cock up close, and was surprised by how warm it felt inside the fleshy cave of foreskin. She explored it, wetly bathing his covered cock head with her tongue, delighting at the satisfied grunts and groans she heard.

Sliding the skin back and stroking him hard, freeing the head from its hidden place, she marveled at how round and impossibly big it was, like a small fist. Her eyes bulged – he looked twice as large uncovered as he had before she skinned him back. She trapped the head gently between her teeth and worked her tongue into his slit, reveling in the sharp taste of precum. She knew she was gone now, no way to turn back.

She spread her legs and slid a finger into her pussy, working up both her nerve and her state of arousal. She stroked him at the same pace she fingered herself, making him hard and straight. Fully erect his cock was intimidating – just looking at it caused her pussy to squeeze tight around her hand.

She stretched her lips as wide as she could and worked his cock head into her mouth, letting it rest on her tongue. Almost immediately, he put his hand on her head and pushed her farther on him, forcing more of his cock into her mouth. She snorted, trying to catch her breath, fighting the feeling of choking as it moved deeper.

He moved his hips, fucking her mouth, and the sight of his dark cock disappearing in her white face made his cock twitch hard. She moaned, stroking it and fingering herself furiously. He grabbed hold of her head with both hands and pushed harder, feeling his cock head worm its way down her throat.

"Just relax," he said soothingly. "It'll fit. Just let your throat do the work."

She swallowed (actually, more like gulped) and his head moved down. She started to cough and he withdrew slightly, tears running down her face, but she took a deep breath and let him resume. She placed both of her hands on his ass and pulled him closer, squeezing her eyes shut and leaning in until his pelvis stopped her. The whole thing was in her mouth! Carefully she pulled back and then fell forward again, letting his cock stretch her mouth and throat wide.

She could feel blood rushing through the veins in his shaft, could feel his cock harden, and it was the most incredible feeling she'd ever felt. With one hand she reached into his pants and cupped and squeezed his balls as her mouth slid up and down along his shaft.

He groaned loudly and she felt the warm splash of cum shoot down her throat. She let him withdraw, sucking greedily, milking his cock, not wanting to lose even a drop. She sucked and swallowed for several minutes, ensuring that she'd gotten it all, before she fell back and let his cock pop free. He looked down at her, half amazed.

"This ain't over yet," he said, maneuvering his still hard cock back into his pants. "But we have work to do."

Stacy's ears were ringing and her pussy was pounding; as bad as it was yesterday, today was 10 times worse. Fingering herself wasn't going to do it – she needed to get fucked!

For the rest of the night she couldn't control her body. She got warmer and wetter, until her every thought revolved around sex. She kept bending down in front of Teddie, hoping her would slip her the finger, practically begging him to cop a feel when days ago she was appalled at him taking the liberty.

By the time 9pm came she was so hot she probably would have come if someone just blew hard on her pussy. She was the last one back to the break room and was annoyed to find the door locked. She tried unsuccessfully to open it, finally giving up in frustration. She knew from experience that maintenance was busy securing the store and no one would be available for another two or three hours.

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