tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBetter the Second Time Around Ch. 02

Better the Second Time Around Ch. 02


Author's note:

If you have, time, read Chapter 1 first. I'm using the first few chapters to introduce Lisa & Dave and each chapter builds on the ones before it. The first line below was the last line of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 The photography session reveals more than Lisa expected.

Continued from Chapter 1...


Feeling her nipples tighten, Lisa opened the door.

Expecting to see Dave, she jumped when she saw Dave's son Chris setting up the camera and equipment. "What are you doing here?" she almost screamed. "I mean, I was expecting Dave to be the only one here." Looking around, she continued, "Where is he?"

When Lisa came through the door, Chris' eyes were immediately drawn to her cleavage. Quickly looking away and hoping she had not seen him staring, Chris replied, "Dad is in the house getting his suit on. He asked me to take the shots of you together. He's been teaching me the photography side of the business. He says he wants to be able to take more time off in the future." He continued with a grin, "I think you might have something to do with that."

Chris started checking the camera settings to avoid staring at her enticing cleavage again. He couldn't believe how sexy she looked. It would take a long time get the image of her cleavage and the outline of her breasts out of his mind. He knew her daughters were sexy, especially Stephanie, but he had never really considered the possibility that their mother, his future step mother, could look so, well, hot!

While Chris was entertaining thoughts that would shock her if she knew, Lisa concentrated on how to reduce the amount of cleavage she was showing. "Why didn't Dave tell me Chris was going to be here?" she thought as she turned and tried to adjust the dress without making it obvious what she was doing.

Seeing herself in a mirror on the wall, she realized that nothing short of changing bras was going to reduce the cleavage she was showing her future step son. "Besides," she thought, "If Dave asked him to take the pictures, he apparently was fine with his son seeing my breasts." Just a little miffed now, she continued her mental tirade, "If he didn't even bother to warn me that Chris was going to be here then why should I care if my boobs are practically falling out of my dress?" Fueling her annoyance at Dave was the worry that Chris would think it inappropriate for her to be wearing a dress with this much cleavage showing. After all, she was going to be his step mother.

Reluctantly, she turned around and said to Chris, "I'm sorry about the way I reacted when I saw you. I just wasn't expecting you to be here and well, um, I guess this dress shows a little more of me than I'm used to showing. Your Dad specifically asked me to wear it for the photos and so I just assumed that he would be taking the pictures. I hope you don't mind seeing an older woman dressed like this." She looked down and for the first time noticed her nipples pushing against the fabric of her dress. Mortified, she saw the pink tint of the skin on her chest and wondered if her face showed her embarrassment as much.

Now it was Chris' turn to be embarrassed. "No, no, of course not," he stammered. "I mean, you're not old. And in that dress? Well, Dad's a lucky man. I mean, you look beautiful in it. That shade of green compliments the color of your hair and will photograph well. That's probably why he wanted you to wear it and..."

Lisa took pity on him and interrupted, "How about we just admit that this is a little awkward and try to make the best of it, ok?"

Trying to get a little of his "cool" back, Chris grinned and said, "That sounds like a plan. Dad should be here any minute. Meanwhile, would you mind sitting there?" pointing to the stool in front of the black backdrop. "I want to check the lighting."

Lisa sat and despite her nervousness, her naughty side kicked in a bit. She leaned forward to smooth her dress, knowing that if he was looking, Chris would get quite a view of her breasts. She watched him fiddle with the lights, his face partially angled in her direction and was sure she saw a slight smile on his lips as she leaned down. She sat back up quickly and scolded herself, "He's about the same age as Stephanie," she thought, "and he's going to be your step son. Behave yourself!"

Just then Dave walked into the studio. He stopped when he saw Lisa and said, "Wow!" He stood there a moment, his eyes devouring her, and then moved, took her hands in his and lifted her to her feet. Leaning in to kiss her, he whispered, "You look amazing! Better than in my wildest imagination. And my imagination can be pretty wild!"

Her anger at him fading quickly, she pretended to adjust his tie and whispered back, "Thank you. You look great in that suit." Pulling him aside, she continued, "Why didn't you tell me Chris was going to be here? It's embarrassing to have him see me in a dress showing this much cleavage. I mean, look at me!"

"In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been able to take my eyes off you since I came in." His eyes swept down her body and then back up again. "But I'm sorry about Chris. It was kind of a last-minute thing. He stopped by to borrow a camera, not realizing we were taking photos today. Since he was already here, I asked him to stay and take the shots of us together. He's become a good photographer and the pictures will be more natural than if I used a tripod with a timer or remote." Dave continued, "I promise he will leave before I take the pictures of you alone. After all, we don't want him to see too much of his future step mother, do we?"

He turned to go give Chris some last minute instructions, leaving Lisa to wonder what he meant by "too much." Not giving her time to dwell on it, Dave pulled Lisa back to the stool and stood behind her, looking down the front of her dress as he did. Pulling his attention back to Chris, he told him they were ready. Chris nodded, and with some amusement, noticed how his Dad had taken the opportunity to enjoy a classic "down blouse" moment. He thought to himself, "You should have seen the view I got when she leaned over, Dad."


About an hour later, after shooting dozens of them together and several of each alone, Chris finally said, "I think that should do it. I got some good ones. You two look great together and if I may say so Dad, you have a beautiful fiancé." He continued with a wink, "A sexy one too!"

As Lisa blushed, Dave said with a smile, "Ok, that's enough young man. Thanks for your help but I think it's time for you to go."

Chris put the camera down and his Dad walked over to give him a hug. "Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Dad. You and Lisa have something special together." Choking up a little, he lowered his voice and for his father's ears only said, "Mom would like her."

Chris walked over to Lisa and as she stood, he surprised her with a hug. He whispered to her, "You remind me of a lot of Mom." A brief pause, with a glance at his dad, "He really loves you. I haven't seen him this happy in a long time." He finished with words that brought tears to Lisa's eyes, "I just wanted you to know; Melissa and I love you too. And we're excited to have you in the family."

As Chris left, Lisa turned to Dave and said, "That's a special young man. You and his mother did a good job raising him." She continued, "And he seems to be a pretty good photographer too." She smiled. "I may even forgive you for not warning me he was going to be the one taking pictures of me in this dress," she said, looking down at her significant cleavage.

Dave followed her gaze and said, "Oh, he just shot the ones suitable for family viewing. I get to shoot the good ones."

"Now just what do you mean by that?"

Ignoring her question, Dave replied, "Why don't you go touch up your make up while I get things ready for the rest of the photo shoot." He gently shoved her in the direction of the studio changing room.


While Lisa was out of the room, Dave changed the back drop, lowered the lighting a bit and moved in a love seat in to replace the stool. At Lisa's surprised look upon her return, Dave explained, "I wanted a more casual look. These will be for our eyes only, so if you show a little more—or even a lot more—don't worry," he said, his eyes roving, trying to convey his meaning. Lisa felt that familiar blush creep into her cheeks and chest as she realized the kind of photos Dave was talking about. "Just go with it," she told herself, "Dave would never ask you to do something that you're not comfortable doing." At this, her naughty side reminded her, "Remember what the sales clerk, Alexa saw. If you showed everything to her, then surely Dave deserves to see a bit of skin too, doesn't he?"

Lisa looked Dave in the eyes and said, "I trust you. Just tell me what to do." As she said this, she secretly hoped that he would tell her exactly what he wanted her to do. Then she would not be responsible for her actions and could, as Alexa suggested, "let her sexy side out to play."

His smile getting even bigger, Dave told her, "Why don't you sit on the love seat, leaning on one of the arms, slightly forward with your legs tucked under you?" "Your dress can cover your legs—for now."

Lisa did as Dave asked, realizing as she did that the combination of leaning on the arm of the love seat while also leaning forward served to uncover the curve of one breast almost to where her bra barely covered her nipple.

Dave quickly began to shoot, directing Lisa to move this way or that to show more of what he wanted to see; her luscious, full breasts. He then had her pull her dress up to expose more of her legs and even reached in to help occasionally. Lisa realized that the hem of her dress was now just inches below her panties. In fact, if taken at the right angle, she wondered if the camera might capture her panty covered mons.

Dave apparently was thinking the same thing, because he soon dropped to one knee to get a lower angle. Lisa slowly opened her legs more, wanting him to see the panties he had paid for.

In that moment, she knew that she would not be waiting until the honeymoon to show him the other dress. She wanted him to see it now. She wanted; no needed to show her body to him; to let him see the curve of her breasts bursting from a bra that struggled to contained them. She wanted him to see the way the thin, lacy fabric of the panties revealed the dark triangle that led to the wetness between her legs. Right now this dress was in the way. The other would offer less resistance.

And so, her decision was made. But it was not a decision made with her mind, rather it was her body that made it for her. And she could not have denied it if she wanted to.

Even so, she was a bundle of nerves. The only other man she had loved had rejected her; he had rejected her body for that of a younger woman. The fear of another rejection battled with her need to be desired. These last few weeks she had sensed Dave's desire for her growing. And she knew he desired not just her body, but her heart, her mind, her very soul. She had found with him a love that she had never known with John. With that love came the courage to overcome the fear; overcome the worry that he would somehow be disappointed when he saw her naked for the first time.

And so hesitantly, she asked, "Would you like me to try on the dress I bought that day at the store? Alexa, the clerk at the store, convinced me to buy it and insisted on a different bra and panties to go with it, too. She thought you might like them."

"I think Alexa was a good influence on you." Lowering his voice a bit to make it more sexy, "Or perhaps it was a bad influence? Either way; I like it. I would love to see the dress now if you want to show it to me. May I take more photos?" he asked eagerly.

Still feeling a bit shy, she said, "If you want to. Give me a few minutes. I'll be right back."

As Lisa left, Dave quickly reviewed the photos taken so far. He marveled at how the camera captured her beauty, just as it had at her daughter's wedding. But today it also captured a playful sexiness he had suspected was there, but had not yet seen. Today the camera captured the real Lisa, the one she had tried to deny.

By the time Lisa got to the dressing room and started removing her dress, anxiety was engaged in a battle with the lust that was raging through her. Fortunately, lust was winning. She removed her dress, quickly followed by her bra and soaked panties. She went to the adjoining bathroom and used toilet paper to blot some of the moisture between her legs.

Quickly checking her makeup, Lisa felt her confidence growing. She resisted the urge to masturbate to quench the raging fire and picked up the bra and panties with a determination to knock Dave's socks off. "Better yet, his pants," her naughty side suggested.

She smiled as she slipped the panties on.


Trying to keep busy, Dave checked and re-checked his camera, surprised at his nervousness. "This is not my first rodeo," he thought to himself. He had taken hundreds—no thousands—of pictures of his dear wife Nancy. Pictures much more explicit than those he would probably get to take of Lisa today. So why was this getting to him so much? Why were his hand shaking?

"Because I knew Nancy's body as well—no, better than my own", he answered himself. Lisa's body was unexplored, at least by him. "And maybe I'm going to see more of it today than I imagined possible," he thought as he felt his cock begin to firm. He might be 52 years old, but right now he felt like a teenager again. That was a pretty good feeling to have at his age.

His thoughts were interrupted by a soft, sultry voice. "Hey, handsome." Lisa stood in the doorway to the studio. She had one hand high on the doorframe and the other on her hip. She was wearing a short, light blue print dress with a scoop neckline and buttons down the front from top to bottom. Due to her raised arm, it did not show much of her breasts, yet it offered a promise that more would be revealed later. The shortness of the dress, especially with her arm raised, drew his eyes to shapely legs that made Dave dream of the treasures that lay between them.

As Lisa lowered her arm and leaned slightly forward, the neckline of the dress also lowered and Dave's eyes moved upward to discover heaven on earth. Lisa's beautiful auburn hair framed the face of an angel. It then flowed down to showcase amazing tits that were struggling to escape their confinement. And yes, they were tits. In another dress, they might have been breasts or even boobs. In this dress? They were tits. And they screamed, "Look at me!"

And so, he did.

He looked so long that Lisa's new found confidence began to falter. Sensing the change, Dave rushed forward, took her in his arms and kissed her with a passion that surprised them both. As their tongues danced, his hands grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. He wanted her to feel his hard cock against her. He wanted her to know what she was doing to him.

When the kiss finally ended, Lisa touched Dave's face and softly said. "Does that mean you like the dress?"

"The dress is beautiful, and on anyone else, it would be the focus. On you? It's—it's no more than a frame showcasing a masterpiece." After a pause he said, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For wearing it for me today. I know it wasn't easy for you. That makes it even more special."

"I hoped you would like it. Alexa assured me you would."

"I really have to meet this Alexa and thank her personally."

Dave noticed her forehead wrinkle for a moment and wondered if there was more to the story of her shopping day than she had told him. Lisa recovered quickly and said, "As much as I talked about you that day, she would probably like to meet you too." She paused and smiled, "I don't know if I'd like that. I want to keep you all to myself."

He held her face in his hands and said, "You have nothing to worry about, Lisa. You're the only one I want. The only one I need." A pause. "But hey, if you like her, well then..."

He was interrupted by a gentle push as Lisa retorted, a smile on her face, "Hey Buster, don't get smart with me. I dressed up like a tramp for you!"

Becoming serious, he said with tenderness, "First: you are not dressed like a tramp. You are dressed like a woman who wants to look beautiful and sexy for her fiancé—and you succeeded spectacularly. Second: no matter how you are dressed, or undressed for that matter, to me you will always be beautiful and sexy. Third: I don't want you to be sexy just for me. I want you to be sexy for yourself too." Smiling again he said, "And finally, we really need to start taking some photos before I say something else stupid and you change your mind about letting me take them."

Lisa laughed and said, "Ok, Mr. Photographer, I'm all yours. Tell me what to do."

"Well now that presents all kinds of possibilities," he joked.

Turning serious herself, Lisa replied, "I mean it, Dave. I love you and I trust you. Anything you want today; I'll do it."

In that moment, Dave understood that when she said "anything," she really meant "anything."

What he really wanted was to forget the stupid camera and take her right now. He wanted to free those beautiful, amazing tits and suck her nipples, feeling the firm softness on his tongue. He wanted to taste the sweet nectar that flowed from her pussy. He wanted to part her legs and spread her lips with his hard cock. He wanted to fuck her. And he would.

But not today.

He knew that Lisa wanted to wait until they were married to have sex and because he loved her with every fiber of his being, he planned to honor that; no matter how hard it got. "And right now, it is really hard," he thought, double meaning intended.

He took her in his arms and kissed her, his firm cock pressing against her abdomen.

"Let's just concentrate on the photos today, sweetheart," he said. "We've got a lifetime together for everything else."

In that moment, Lisa knew that she would spend the rest of her life loving this man. She also knew he deserved a reward for his selflessness.

And he was going to get it.

"Ok, let's do this. Tell me where you want me."

Dave directed her back to the loveseat and sat her down. "Let's begin with the same pose we started with before. I think this dress might make it a bit more interesting this time."

Lisa leaned on the arm of the loveseat and pulled her legs under her, the shortness of the dress showing more of her legs than the other dress did. She also knew her boobs were spilling out of her dress; and she wanted them to. She smiled as Dave picked up his camera, noticing that he adjusted the bulge in his pants first.

As Dave started shooting, he wondered how Lisa could ever doubt that she was sexy. She exuded sex. Maybe part of her allure was that she didn't see herself as being that sexy. Then again, perhaps that was beginning to change, because the way she was moving suggested that she might be enjoying showing off a bit. She posed without needing much direction, instinctively knowing what position would present her breasts and legs in the best possible way.

Any lingering doubts Dave might have had that Lisa was enjoying herself were resolved when she said, "Did you notice that this dress has buttons all down the front?" pausing to trail her hand down the front of the dress, directing him where to look. "Would you like for me to unbutton a few?" Without waiting for a reply, her fingers reached for the top button.

Oh, how he loved this woman!

To her surprise, Lisa was enjoying herself. And getting very turned on! She didn't know who was more surprised when she started unbuttoning the dress, she or Dave. She unbuttoned two at the top revealing her lacy bra and two at the bottom showing a hint of her panties.

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