tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBetter the Second Time Around Ch. 05

Better the Second Time Around Ch. 05


Ch 05-Lisa and Alexa are Back Together Again.

For the readers anxiously waiting for the next chapter (both of you) I apologize for the long delay. Life got in the way of my writing these past couple of months. I'm healthy again and things have slowed down a lot so I should be back to the pace I had planned on—about every three weeks or so.

To paraphrase a quote attributed to Blaise Pascal, I'm sorry this chapter is so long, I didn't have time to write a shorter one. In my limited foray into writing, I've learned editing for clarity and brevity is the most difficult aspect of writing. That being said, once again in this chapter, it takes a while to get into the sexier parts. I hope you like the character development and setup in the first part enough to keep reading. If not, just skip ahead, I'll never know.


What a day! When it began, Lisa would never have imagined it ending with her on the road to Indianapolis to meet Alexa to pick out lingerie for her wedding night, which was now going to be—tomorrow! She had even brought with her the album Dave had created for her, showing her in the most intimate of poses, intending to show it to Alexa. Alexa! The woman who just a week ago had kissed her, likely watched her masturbate and then urged her to let her sexy side out to play for Dave. How had her world gotten so crazy so quickly?

She thought back to her morning and afternoon with Dave and how it had ended with them falling asleep together, naked in bed after Dave had used his tongue and fingers to give her the most amazing orgasm of her life. When she had taken her clothes off, climbed into the bed and called for him after looking at both photo albums, she had planned to make love to him. Instead she ended up agreeing to marry him tomorrow.

They had left the cabin and quickly returned to the house where Dave made the call to Pastor Tom. Dave had asked him if he was available right after church, but Tom reminded him that Dave had mentioned something about their kids getting together tomorrow afternoon for a cookout at Dave's house. It was to be the first time all of them were together since the engagement. A flustered Dave thanked him for remembering. They had forgotten in their rush to make wedding plans. After a quick discussion, they agreed to a 5:00 P.M. wedding at the cabin with all the family there, although none of them would know about the wedding ahead of time. It was going to be a surprise. Lisa smiled as she thought about it.

That meant she couldn't wear the dress she had planned on, it was much too formal, but Dave gave her his credit card and told her to pick out a nice spring dress that would not seem out of place at a cookout. Pastor Tom and his wife were coming around 3:00 and Dave was going to take them back to the cabin to wait. The kids were arriving around 4:00. Sometime around 5:00 Dave was going to make up some excuse, such as showing the cabin to Lisa's children, to get everyone back to the cabin. Then when they all got back there, Tom & Sally would come out of the cabin and surprise! A wedding!

Tom had liked the idea of having a couple of hours of peace and quiet with Sally in the cabin before everyone arrived, especially when Dave reminded him there was a bed there. After they hung up, Lisa had said, "I can't believe you said that to him! Now you go right back there and change the sheets just in case he thinks you were serious."

"I was serious. Pastors have sex too, you know."

"Men! You're all insatiable."

"From what I've seen these last few days, it's not just men who are insatiable."

"Well, that's just... That's not the point," she replied, but her outrage was gone, realizing he was right. It seemed like all she thought about right now was sex. She really couldn't wait for tomorrow night.

She glanced over at the album on the seat and remembered the conversation she and Dave had just before she left. It started when she remembered that she had not washed out the bra. She had insisted to Dave that she had to go home to get another one before meeting Alexa but he reminded her that she would be late if she did. They looked it over and although he assured her the residue from his orgasm was not noticeable, she could see it and she feared Alexa would too.

"Listen," Dave had said. "Even if she does notice the stains, you've got nothing to be ashamed of. She told you to let your sexy side out to play and you did! You even have evidence to prove it. In fact, I think you should take the album with you and show it to her," he said as he took Lisa's album out of the bag they had brought it back to the house in. "Let her see what she inspired you to do."

"Oh, I could never show her that."

"Why not? Are you telling me you don't see the beauty in these photos?"

"No, of course not. They are beautiful! It still seems a bit surreal that they are of me, but even I can see that you have captured a sexy side to me I didn't even know existed."

"And Alexa helped you find that sexiness.

"But I was being sexy for you!"

"Yes, but be honest, isn't there a part of you that likes the idea that someone else thinks you're sexy too?"

"Well, I suppose so. But show her the album? That just doesn't seem right, somehow."

"It's right if you and I decide together that it is right and I don't think it is wrong for you to show Alexa these photos. It will make her feel good to see that she was able to help you look and act so sexy.

"But what if she thinks I'm showing them to her as a come on. That I want to... That I want to be with her?"

"I don't see her thinking that, especially when she looks at the photos." He opened the album and began to go through the pages. "Tell me what you see when you look at these."

"Well, I see a 50-year-old woman."


"She's has nice hair, and considering her age, is not in bad shape."

"What else?"

"She's got big boobs."

"And they are beautiful. But look at her face. What do you see?"

Lisa looked for a while and finally said, "I see a woman deeply in love with the person taking the photos."

"Exactly! You see a sexy woman with a great body who is madly in love with her fiancé. That is what I tried to capture and if I do say so myself, I succeeded spectacularly. Show them to Alexa and see if she sees what we both see."

Her reply came softly, "Ok."


Lisa looked at the GPS on her phone and saw she was about 10 minutes from the coffee shop. The conversation she had with Alexa an hour ago was still fresh in her mind...

"Hello, Alexa?"


"This is Lisa Williamson. You may not remember me but I..."

"Lisa! How could I ever forget you? How are you? How did the photo shoot go? Did Dave like what you were wearing under the dress?"

"Um, yes I guess you could say he liked it."

"Ooh, I have to hear more."

"Yes, well, I was wondering if your store would be open this evening and if, um... I was wondering if you were working tonight?"

"I had the day off, but neither of the girls working tonight can close the store so I'm going to go in an hour before closing to help. The store closes at 8:00 and so I'll be there at 7:00. Why? Were you planning on coming down?"

"I thought maybe if you were working, you could help me pick out something for my wedding night. The, uh, the things you helped me pick out for the photo session were... Well, Dave liked them a lot and it was actually he that suggested I go to Indy to have you help me pick out something for tomorrow night."

"For tomorrow night? I thought you said you wanted something for your wedding night?"

"Well, the thing is, we, um, we decided to get married tomorrow afternoon."

"What? You're getting married tomorrow? I thought your wedding was like a month away."

"Well, it was, I mean it is... We just decided this afternoon that we wanted to get married tomorrow so we're having a small wedding with family tomorrow and the bigger one in late May like we had planned."

"Oh, I have to hear this story. How soon can you be here?"

"I guess if I leave now, I could be there by about 5:30."

"Great! Let's meet at a coffee & sandwich shop I go to near the mall. I want to hear all about the photo shoot and your quickie wedding. Wait, you're not pregnant, are you?" She laughed.

"Oh, no, of course not. We haven't even done it..." Flustered and realizing Dave was listening intently to the conversation, Lisa stopped mid-sentence.

Alexa picked up on her hesitancy and said, "You can tell me all about it when we meet. I've got some news to tell you too."

"Oh, what?"

"I'll tell you when we meet. Ok, 5:30 at..."

Alexa had texted Lisa the name and address of the coffee and sandwich shop. Just five minutes away now, she could feel her anxiety level rise as she wondered how it would go; seeing Alexa again. She also wondered how she would ever get up the nerve to show the album to her. Of course, Alexa had already seen her naked, but the pictures in the album were more...more intimate than just nudity.

Lisa arrived at the coffee shop to find Alexa outside waiting for her. She ran to the car and nearly pulled Lisa out to give her a hug. "I'm so glad you called! I've been thinking about you and wondering how the photo shoot went. Where's the album?" she asked, looking in the car.

"How... How did you know I brought it?"

"Dave called me."

"Dave called you?"

"Yeah. He said you left my card on the kitchen table and so he decided to call me to thank me for helping you with your first shopping trip and for agreeing to help you again tonight. He told me how much he enjoyed the things you bought before and assured me that you did not have a budget you needed to stick to tonight. He said that I helped you build your confidence before and hoped I would again. He was really sweet about it. He even said that if we had time, you should look for some things for the honeymoon cruise. Then he told me he suggested you bring the album with you. He thought you might be hesitant to show it to me and told me that I was to remind you that he said it was ok."

"Ok, wow. The album is on the car seat."

"Get it and bring it in."

"In there? It's uh, it's not very private in there is it?"

"No worries. I've got a booth in the corner. It's my usual place when I'm here. The owner is a good friend of mine."

"Ok, if you think it's alright."

Lisa leaned in and picked up the album and put it under her arm. She made sure to keep it there as they entered the shop and walked to a booth in the back. She was sure that everyone in the coffee shop knew exactly what kind of album she was carrying and felt her face get red as they passed a young couple. The man had looked up and Lisa thought his eyes were focused on the album under her arm—until she noticed his gaze was slightly higher. He was looking at her boobs! She looked down and realized her blouse was not buttoned as high as she usually wore it in public. In her hurry to get her bra on when she and Dave got to the house, she had left the top few buttons undone. She wondered if he could see her breast peeking out of the minimal coverage of the bra. Any doubt about that was resolved when Alexa, following the young man's gaze, leaned over and whispered, "I see you wore the bra you bought last week. It looks you've got an admirer." She nodded her head in the man's direction.

Lisa whispered back, "I'm sure he was looking at you."

They arrived at the booth and as Lisa leaned forward to slide into it, Alexa watched her blouse open and said, "No, I'm pretty sure it was your boobs he was focused on, not mine."

Lisa reached to button a couple of buttons and Alexa stopped her. "No, leave it that way. You're really not showing that much anyway but why not keep the guy's hopes up." She winked at her.

Lisa was starting to realize how difficult it was to say no to Alexa and left the buttons as they were.

Alexa said, "Now, tell me all about the photo shoot. I want to hear all the naughty details."

Just as Lisa was about to try to convince Alexa there was not that much to tell, a young woman about Alexa's age came to the booth to say hi to Alexa and take their order.

"Hi Claudia. This is my friend Lisa. Lisa, this is Claudia. She's the owner of this fine establishment and she puts up with me hanging out here a lot."

"You know you're always welcome. Having you here helps bring the guys in." She turned to Lisa, "It's nice to meet you, Lisa."

"Thank you, it' nice to meet you too. You have a nice place here."

"Thanks. Is this your first time here?"

"Yes, I'm not from Indy. I live about an hour north of here."

"Well, you are welcome to come back anytime. With both of you beauties here, it's sure to bring the guys in. So, what can I get you?"

Lisa and Alexa placed an order for sandwiches and coffee. As soon as Claudia left, Alexa quickly said, "Ok, tell me about the photo shoot. And don't try to tell me nothing happened. I can tell from the look on your face when I asked you about it that something did."

Lisa told Alexa about walking into the studio and being surprised and embarrassed by Chris' presence. She talked about how handsome Dave looked in his suit and about the pictures Chris took of them together. Then she began to tell her about the photos Dave took of her alone.

Alexa interrupted her to ask, "Can I see them?"

Still somewhat reluctant, Lisa started to push the album over to Alexa when she stopped her with, "I'll come over to your side, that way we can look at them together while you tell me about it."

Lisa was hesitant to move over, worried about what people would think about them sitting on the same side together, but she had no choice when Alexa left her side and stood, waiting for Lisa to move over. When Alexa was seated close to Lisa, she said, "Ok, now let's see them."

Lisa opened the album to the first page and Alexa exclaimed, "You told me Dave was good looking, but woman, he's hot! Wait, you said he had a son. How old is he? Does he look like his father?"

Yes, I suppose Chris does look a lot like his father."

"How old?"

"He just turned 23 last month."

"Too bad. That's a little young for me."

"If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

"I just hit the big 3-0. Thirty years old, no boyfriend and no prospects. Am I pathetic or what?"

"No, of course not! You are a beautiful, vivacious young woman. But, um, so you are interested in guys?"

"Of course. Wait, did you think I was a lesbian?"

Embarrassed now, Lisa replied, "I'm sorry! I guess I just assumed that because you..." She looked around to make sure no one could hear them. "I just assumed that since you kissed me that you were—into women."

Alexa's smile suggested both amusement and embarrassment. She said, "I'm not a lesbian. I'm into guys, I just haven't found the right one yet. As for kissing you, I'm still kind of embarrassed about that. I'm not sure what got into me that day. You looked so beautiful and so sexy, and I... I just acted on an impulse. I played around a little with girls in college, kissing and a little bit of touching. You know, the I'm on my own and I'm going to try new things kind of thing." Her face turned a darker shade of red. "And, um, sometimes when we are both between boyfriends, a uh, a friend of mine and I, well, we help each other out if you understand my meaning."

Lisa nodded as she worked her way through conflicting emotions. She was relieved that she would not likely have to deal with any advances by Alexa but if she was honest with herself, she was also a little disappointed too.

Trying to get past the awkwardness of the moment, Alexa asked to see more photos. Lisa let her turn the pages and as she went through the photos of Dave & Lisa together, she continued to make comments about how handsome Dave was and how perfect they looked together. She turned the page to the first one of Lisa alone and said, "Wow! You look beautiful. I mean I knew you were beautiful, but Dave really captured it here. And look at that cleavage! We definitely picked out the right bra for that dress."

As Alexa continued turning the pages, oohing and aahing over each new photo, Lisa was enjoying the confirmation she was receiving but was also nervous, knowing what photos were still ahead. When Alexa began to turn the page to the first photo of Lisa wearing the new dress, Lisa tensed. Alexa said, "Oh my..." and just stared.

Now worried, Lisa said, "You don't have to look at the rest if you don't want to." She started to reach for the album.

Alexa pulled he album closer and said, "Oh, no. You're not taking this away from me now. You look amazing. And the look on your face... You were enjoying this weren't you?" Lisa's blush confirmed the gentle accusation.

"But you weren't just posing for the camera, were you? You were showing off for Dave, you hussy!" Alexa's smile encouraged Lisa to tell more.

"I guess I got a little carried away. Like you said, he looked really handsome and he seemed to like the new dress."

"I told you he would. Now, tell me I was right."

Lisa laughed, "You were right." A pause then, "You were right about the other thing too."

"What other thing?"

"You know, when you told me to let my sexy side out to play and that Dave would love it."

Alexa turned the next page. "Oh girl, I've got to see this. You realize I'm living vicariously through you right now, don't you? Tell me about changing dresses."

"I wasn't really planning to, although I had it and the bra and panties with me. But I guess the way Dave was looking at me when he took the photos made me feel good and I, uh I decided to show him a bit more, so I asked him if we could take a break while I changed."

"Did his eyes pop out when he saw you in it?"

"Well, he did seem to like it."

"Of course he did. You look gorgeous in that dress."

Just then, Claudia came over with their order. Lisa had not seen her coming and didn't have time to close the album.

"Wow, that's hot! Is that you?" She was looking at a photo of Lisa sitting on the loveseat, showing lots of leg and leaning forward enough to show the curves of her boobs and deep cleavage.

Lisa's face turned pink as she said, "Yes, um, my fiancé Dave took them."

Alexa piped up, "I talked her into buying the dress. You should see the bra and panties she had on."

"Scoot over. I want to see these."

Alexa looked at Lisa, "Do you mind?"

"I, uh, I guess that's alright." She dared a look at Claudia and continued, "That is if you don't mind seeing pictures of an old woman."

"My mother is an old woman and she usually looks like it. You, my friend, are gorgeous. These are most defiantly not the photos of an old woman."

Lisa and Alexa scooted over and soon the three women were turning the pages, oblivious to anything going on around them. Alexa and Claudia commented on each photo, telling Lisa how great she looked and praising her for having the nerve to pose like that. Lisa's anxiety grew as they got to the photos taken after she had removed her bra and panties.

They continued turning the pages, each revealing more skin than the last. When they got to the last picture before the one of her naked and touching herself, she put her hand on the album and said, "The last one is a little more... It's a little more explicit than the others. Would you mind if we don't look at it now?"

With compassion, Alexa said, "Of course not. We understand. Thank you though for letting us see these. They were amazing! You were amazing!"

Claudia added, "And your fiancé is an amazing photographer too. Is he a professional?"

"Yes, but only part time. He owns a printing business too."

Alexa added, "Dave was the photographer at Lisa's daughter's wedding. That's how they met. Isn't that romantic?"

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